by Mike

Karen was leaving church, it was early and she liked to attend the early mass. For the last couple months she has been chatting with Mark before mass and she kind of liked him; he was cute but a little different; there was something about him that made Karen not ask him out.

Karen stood 6 feet tall with an athletic build, blonde hair and blue eyes. Karen looked very attractive for a woman in her thirties. Karen got to her car and put the keys in the door when she felt a hand on her shoulder and she heard a familiar voice.

"Would you like to go get some breakfast or a cup of coffee?" Mark asked her.

Karen did have a busy day planned and responded, "I have plans maybe next Sunday."

He gently squeezed her shoulder and left. Karen quickly got in her car, locked the door turned on the ignition and left church.

A week went by and the following Sunday same scenario as she put her key in the door he put his hand on her shoulder and asked the same question and this time Karen had no immediate plans for herself so she told him.

"We can go get a cup of coffee. Hop in; Iíll drive."

Karen thought if she drove that she could have a cup or two and drop him off with that being the end of it. Karen was driving to the coffee shop a couple blocks down and around the corner. As she stopped at a light she felt something sharp in her side. She looked down to see a shiny knife. Mark reached under her sweater and untucked her t-shirt under the sweater and touched the knife to Karenís skin.

"Donít turn at the next light -- go straight."

Karen replied, "OK. I will please donít hurt me."

Karen drove straight and then was directed to pull into a big shopping centerís empty parking lot. He told her to park far away from the store, Karen did as instructed then when she stopped he turned off the car, took the keys then spoke to her. "Hands up!"

Karen raised her hands and he exited the car coming around to her side. He opened her door then the back door and instructed her to lay on her stomach with her wrists behind her. Karen again did as asked. He pushed up her sleeves a little and started tying her wrists together with a small rope just big enough to go around Karenís wrists twice and knot with very little extra. He took a handkerchief and stuffed it in her mouth gagging her.

He lay on top of her touching his knife to her cheek and spoke again. "Do not spit that gag out or I will have to make your gag worse."

Digging through her purse he discovered a couple scarves. He used one to tie her ankles together and the other he hung onto. Then he looked at her license and discovered that they lived not too far apart. Before leaving Karen alone he untucked her sweater and t-shirt all around tickling her tummy a little. He gave a quick tug on her slacks and panties pulling them down a little bit.

Mark started the car then turned around and used the extra scarf to blindfold Karen. He checked her gag stuffing it a little further into her mouth. As he drove Karen tried to remember the turns he took but was having trouble concentrating on the turns as she was playing with what extra there was to the rope binding her wrists. He pulled into a driveway and Karen heard a garage door open then close. Mark turned off the engine and opened the back door picking up his pretty bound friend and placing her on a couch just inside his house.

"I have to go get some stuff then itís on to your house to get some clothes for you to take with us."

Karenís eyes went wide with that statement. Before leaving he pulled out her gag and kissed her, Mark got a face full of spit for that action and back in went the gag. After about fifteen minutes he returned with a small bag and after placing the bag on the front seat he again placed Karen on the back seat and drove to a parking lot to a park about halfway between their places. He reached back and untied Karen ordering her into the driverís seat, he kissed her and got spit on again. Mark clamped his hand tightly over her mouth and spoke to her. "Drive to your house and no tricks."

Using his knife he played with her bellybutton when speaking and Karen carefully replied. "No more kisses and I will do as you say."

Mark responded by kissing Karen hard and deep then clamped his hand again over her mouth. "Next time you spit out a kiss you ride naked."

Karen gulped and when he kissed her again she didnít spit it out. Karen drove home and when the garage door was closed he forced her out and into the house. Karenís den is attached to house and in the den Mark proceeded to tie her wrists behind her again and he also tied her ankles with rope then made Karen hop over to her stairs. Mark then carried her upstairs placing her on her bed.

Mark untied her ankles and took her slacks and panties off replacing the panties with black bikini bottoms, he then retied her ankles and untied her wrists and told her to change into the bikini top and warned her about talking. Karen did as requested and she had her wrists tied behind her again.† Mark dug around in her drawers and then Karen was gagged with her own ball gag and a scarf pulled over it.

Mark again blindfolded Karen picked up his bag and Karen and carried her downstairs and placed her on the couch while he placed a blanket on the floor then laid her on it and rolled her up in it. Mark added a rope around the blanket about where her waist was and one around her chest area. He lifted her up over the shoulder and placed her in the trunk of the car and lifted her bound ankles behind her and hogtied them to the rope around her waist.

"I have friends that want to see you." He spoke to her.

That made Karen gulp and wonder what was going to happen to her. Mark got in the driverís seat and started the car. When the car started moving slowly Karen started to struggle until she realized she couldnít free herself. Mark backed out of the driveway slowly and carefully so Karen wouldnít feel the bump at the end of her driveway too much.

After about ten minutes she felt him pull onto the highway. Mark drove carefully so as to not to throw her body around much. Karen was almost asleep when she felt the car pull off the highway. After a few turns it stopped and Mark honked the horn twice. Karen then heard a huge garage door open. After the car pulled forward a little Mark turned off the car and popped the trunk. Somebody cut the hogtie, then cut the rope holding the blanket and finally Karen felt these big hands pick her up and she was placed on a big shoulder.

Mark spoke to her again. "Listen carefully. Do as youíre told and you wonít get hurt."

Karen nodded and was carried for a few minutes before being placed sitting on a cot. She heard a finger snap a couple times and her gag was carefully removed.

"Thank you for taking out my gag." Karen said and a big hand quickly covered her mouth tightly.

After a minute the hand was removed and Karen heard a light male voice speak to her. "What is your name?"

Karen sat there quietly for a few minutes and then replied, "May I have a drink of water?"

"What is your name?" The voice said again then Karen heard Markís voice

"Karen her name is Karen"

"No water until you answer the question and make sure you answer nicely."

"What is your name?"

Karen took a deep breath and replied, "My name is Karen."

Again she heard a finger snap and she felt a bottle touch her lips. Karen opened her mouth enough to take a drink. When she was finished somebody picked up what she had spilled onto her chin and chest with a cloth. She sat there and heard them chatting quietly but couldnít understand what they were saying so she went to work on her wrists and was having a little success when the voices stopped. A cloth was held to Karenís mouth and she was instructed to just breathe deeply; she was familiar with the odor so she did as instructed.

Karen awoke. She was naked on a bed and untied almost completely except that her left ankle was chained to a bedpost. Looking around the room she saw a bathrobe without a belt hanging on the back of the door she stood and tried to reach it but it was just barely out of her reach. She picked up the receiver on the phone but it had no dial tone. After she hung it up the phone rang and she heard the familiar voice that spoke to her when she was brought here.

"Karen I ask two things of you."

She wondered what he could want with her.

"When I hang up you are to go into the drawer and pull out the bandana and the roll of tape."

Karen opened the drawer and pulled out the items.

"First you will smooth out a piece of tape over your mouth then you will blindfold yourself and it had better be a good blindfold."

Karen gulped and decided to get in a quick question.

"May I use the restroom?"

After a pause she got a response and her final instructions.

"That is a reasonable request. I will see to it. Now after we hang up and you have gagged and blindfolded yourself, pick up the receiver once and place it down and my big friend will be in to see you."

Karen heard the click of the phone before she could say anything else, so she ripped off a piece of tape and carefully gagged herself then blindfolded herself and picked up the receiver and put it down.

Karen heard the door open and the guy checked her blindfold and even tightened it more and then he added a scarf over her tape gag. After playing with Karenís nipples, pinching and squeezing them a little, he released her ankle and rubbed it for her. Karen was amazed he hadnít tied her up yet. She wondered too soon as he tied her wrists together in front of her palm to palm and then tied her ankles together.

Karen was lifted onto his shoulders and he carried her into the washroom and set her down on the toilet. He removed her gag and told her to call out when she was finished.

"Excuse me sir may I ask a small favor?"

He came back to her and responded with a one word. "What?"

"Will you kiss me, you smell so nice and you played with me so gently. I know youíre not supposed to but I am going to be gagged so who am I going to tell?"

He thought about it for a minute and told her to finish her business first. After Karen called out to him that she was finished he came in and kissed her gently.

"Thank you. Do you have a mfmf..." Karenís question was cut off by something stuffed in her mouth followed by another piece of tape over her lips.

"You may call me Bob, but only when we are alone."

Karen smiled behind her gag, but she was wondering what was next for her. Again he picked her up and carried her back to the same cot where she was seated before. This time he laid her down and proceeded to tie her hands above her head to the bar. He untied her ankles and retied them spread eagle. Karen knew what was coming next she wondered how many times and how gentle they would be.

After about ten minutes Karen felt the cold tip of a knife touch both of her nipples then trace her bellybutton. The knife peeled off the tape from her mouth and a gloved hand took the cloth out of her mouth. Karen wanted to start screaming angrily but she figured it would only get her gagged worse or killed and she wanted to live.

She heard Bobís voice. "I have some breakfast here if you are interested; itís not much just some cereal. NO TALKING between bites or the gag goes back."

Karen nodded she understood and enjoyed her breakfast. She wanted to ask Bob what was next but she remembered his warning.

When she was finished she spoke quietly, "Bob are they going to?"

"Iím not sure but probably. Take it and make like youíre enjoying it and they wonít be so rough. There will be a lot of guys though."

"Are you one of the guys Bob? If not will you come by later after they are finished?"

With that question Bob stuffed her napkin in her mouth followed by a couple scarves and sealed them in with tape. Before Bob left he spoke to his gagged friend. "I told you too many questions would get you gagged. If I am one of the guys I will be as gentle as I can be, depending on your behavior."

After about ten minutes of waiting Karen heard somebody approach and a zipper unzipping. She knew what was next but she still gasped into her gag when the human tool was inserted into her and the guy rode her. The guy riding her was gentle for the most part; he played with her nipples pinching and squeezing them he also pushed up on her breasts and that did help a lot as it sped up her juices and it didnít take long after that for Karen to cover his tool. He pulled out and licked her clean.

Between guys she fought with the knots on her wrists. Each guy rode her the same way.† Finally the second to last guy inserted himself and rubbed her tummy before they started and actually kissed her tummy. Whe tried to say hi to Bob but couldnít. Not even a sound came out and she was then ridden harder than the rest -- no pushing on her breasts or playing with her nipples. It seemed like forever before she covered his tool. Karen figured it must have been Mark and not Bob.

The last guy was very gentle and after he licked her clean he applied come cold cream on her wet area. Karen was left alone for about twenty minutes then somebody untied her ankles only to retie her ankles together. Next her wrists were released and Karen was laid on her stomach and her wrists crossed and tied tightly together. This time the knot was cinched and there was a rope added around her elbows and a rope on her thighs and one last one around her chest both above and below her breasts. Finally she was sat up on the cot and the boss spoke to her.

"Karen since you were so helpful no chloroform this time but you will be taken back to your bedroom and I know you will fall asleep right away after all this."

Karen thought how right he was. She was so tired it was amazing that she was sitting up.

"When you wake knock on your door twice and you will be taken care of."

Karen nodded and Bob carried her back to the bedroom. When he laid her down she looked at him wanting him to remove the gag and kiss her, but he didnít; instead Bob just left after laying Karenís bound body down.

Karen awoke again and she was naked but no chain holding her to the bed, instead there was a note on the phone.

"Karen, open the drawer take out the small ropes and handcuffs. If you can tie your ankles to the bedposts and cuff your wrists above your head if you are unable to tie your ankles then grab the scarf, blindfold yourself and call out for help. Somebody will be in to assist you."

Karen opened the drawer and took out the ropes and cuffs also the scarf, she was able to tie one ankle but not the other so she cuffed one wrist, blindfolded herself then cuffed the other wrist and called out for help. She heard the door open and somebody quickly tied her other ankle and quietly ordered her to open her mouth. When she did a big bandana was stuffed into her mouth and Karen was warned about not spitting out her gag.

Karen was left there for a few more minutes when she heard the door open again and somebody climbed onto the bed and inserted his big tool inside of her. Karen had never felt this big tool inside of her as she would have remembered the size. After riding her slowly and gently the person picked up their speed and power a little. Karen cried out into her gag with every rough thrust just as she was going to cover his tool he stopped. She then felt the cold steel of both a gun and a knife playing with her nipples. She was just about to spit out her gag and start yelling when she heard an old familiar voice of an old boyfriend from a few years ago.

"Iím going to remove your gag but donít scream honey. You are going to cover my tool and then clean it without trying anything or your life will end."

Karen gulped and when he inserted again it didnít take long for her to cover his tool several times. Then somebody uncuffed her wrists and recuffed them behind her back and then tied her ankles together and forced her onto her knees. Out came her gag and in went his tool. Karen licked chewed and sucked on until she got a familiar warm sweet taste.

"Hogtie her in my trunk and put some of her skimpy clothes out of the closet in there."

Karen heard this and started screaming and yelling. "IíM NOT GOING WITH YOU. I WILL NEVEMFMFMF..."

Her words were cut short by the still sodden bandana stuffed into her mouth completely and a couple pieces of tape sealing it in. As ordered Karen was picked up and hogtied in his trunk with a blindfold and a few extra ropes. She wondered what was next.