Candyís World
by Mike

Hi Iím name is Candice, but everybody calls me Candy. I am very attractive so Iím told.† I guess guys and girls like my 6-foot tall athletic build, long blonde hair and very light blue eyes. I get a lot of both guys and girls asking me the usual questions.

"Can I taste you?"

"Are you as sweet as candy?"

Most of my last few boyfriends and girlfriends were into bondage like me. They tied me to the bed, stuck a ball gag in my mouth (or some of the guys used a ring gag), & told me they too taste like candy then they Fíd me through my mouth and usually they were correct about the sweetness.

One day last week, it was beautiful outside so I decided to cut out of work early to go home and sit in the sun. Iíd put in high wooden fences at the beginning of the summer because I liked to sunbathe topless and the nosy elderly man next door would watch me and I could tell he was getting off on watching me. I had an old boyfriend put it in. It only cost me a couple of bondage sex sessions with him.

Anyhow, I was sitting out there when my phone rang. It was my neighbor on the other side, Ricardo, who wanted to borrow some sugar. Usually his wife came by to borrow something, but today he came over. I was on my stomach when the gate opened. I told him where to find the sugar. He came out and asked if he could pull up a chair. I told him I would rather be alone. Ricardo left, so I thought. I heard the gate open and then close. Next thing I knew heíd cuffed my wrists above my head to the lawn chair; he then pulled off my bikini bottoms and pulled them over my eyes. He then shoved his big hardness in my back door a couple times. I was biting my lip to keep from screaming. Ricardo saw this and left me for a minute to go in my house. He returned with three scarves: the first one he blindfolded me with after taking my bottoms off my head; with the second he pulled my hair and when my mouth opened he shoved the balled up scarf in my mouth; then he pulled the third between my teeth and knotted it at the base of my neck. He then lifted my waist and entered my normal door hitting my g-spot sending my insides crazy. I tried to scream, but with my gag no sound came out. It didnít take long for me to pleasure his cock, but he kept going harder and harder until he shot his heat inside of me. Again I screamed but no sound. After he was finished he slowly licked my inner thighs clean. Next he removed my gag and I opened my mouth to yell at him, but all I got to do was lick and suck his cock clean. He didnít stop after it was clean, he started going in and out of my mouth with it. It wasnít long until he came inside my mouth.

Ricardo then handed me the key to the cuffs and cleave gagged me with one of the sodden scarves. Ricardo asked me three questions. First he asked if I was angry or mad at him. I shook my head no. Then he asked if I was going to tell his wife Maria again I shook my head no. Then he asked me to please wait a few seconds before freeing myself, I nodded that I would.

After a few seconds I unlocked the cuffs, removed the blindfold and gag, then I flipped over on my back for almost a half hour before I went to shower. I was dried off when I decided to take myself out for dinner since I didnít have a date and all my friends were busy. After what had happened to me, I didnít want to stay home. I went to this local little restaurant where they know me and hung out there for a while. After dinner I had one of the guys walk me to my car. When we arrived at my car I kissed him. We had gone out a couple times last year. He walked away as I unlocked my car door; then I heard his voice and felt his hand over my mouth.

"Get in your back seat and donít make a sound Candy."

I did as he requested; then he told me to take my clothes off and I ignored his request until he started to get in the car and pulled out a knife.

I took off my clothes, first my blouse then my bra. He reached in and started to unzip my skirt. I stopped him and did it myself. I was not sorry that I didnít wear panties as I never wear panties with this skirt.

He opened the compartment where I keep a spare set of panties. I made a mental note, to never again show a date that. He tossed me the panties and told me to gag myself with them. I tossed them back but he then balled them up and pinched my nipple hard making me open my mouth so he could shove them in.† Then he added a piece of tape over my mouth to keep them inside. Next he tossed me cuffs and ordered me to cuff my wrists to the door handle.

He then shoved his big hard friend in my pussy and he started to pound away inside me. I couldnít do anything about it with my hands cuffed to the door handle.

It didnít take long for me to pleasure him. He kept going and going until he gave me a good hot shot of himself, then he removed the cuffs and the gag and then he kissed me passionately. He asked me to roll onto my stomach. I obeyed after that kiss so he then pulled out a small rope from his shirt pocket and proceeded to tie my wrists together.† Then he taped my ankles together. I tried to ask what he was doing, but I was rewarded with a couple of pieces of tape over my mouth and a small piece of tape over each eye for a blindfold.

My car started moving and I tried to untie myself, but with the moving and the bumping it was difficult.† He pulled over and parked then I heard him get out of the car and get into my trunk. I realized that I keep an overnight bag in there just in case I need it. Usually I keep some night clothes if necessary. I also carry spare underwear and a couple scarves. The back door opened and I felt my ankles lifted to meet my wrists as a scarf was tied around them to hogtie me and make it more difficult to untie myself.

After about 10 more minutes of driving around the car stopped and he opened the back door then spoke, "Iím going to take the tape off your eyes. DO NOT OPEN them, as I am going to replace the tape with a scarf to blindfold you, then Iím going to untie your ankles but leave your wrists tied and leave you gagged for now."

I nodded and he kissed my taped lips.

When he untied my ankles he rubbed them for me. When he carefully removed the tape from my eyes he kissed them both. I thought it was a sweet gesture, but I still wondered what he was up to since we hadnít seen each other for a few months. He sat me up with my feet dangling outside the car as he removed my shoes and then helped me walk into somebodyís house because I felt carpeting on my bare feet that tickled a little.

I was sat in a chair and a rope was tied around my ankles, then one on my calves and thighs. He left me there for what seemed like an hour and I couldnít budge the knot at my wrists. I felt something cold scrape against my hard erect nipples and I jumped a little. Finally the tape was removed from my mouth and after I stretched my jaw he kissed me.

"Where am I?" I asked, but didnít get a response, instead I was silenced again with a kiss from what felt like female lips.

She kissed me many more times. her purring got louder with every kiss. I tried to ask who she was but couldnít form the words with her tongue constantly in my mouth.

"Enough kissing gag her!" I heard him say loudly.

With that statement I opened my mouth and what felt like silk panties were shoved in my mouth followed by a couple scarves. The last scarf was pulled between my teeth and knotted at my neck. The ropes around my calves and thighs and the rope on my ankles were removed. The ropes on my calves and thighs were used to tie my ankles apart, with one ankle tied and the rope wrapped around the chair then tied to the other. Next I felt him shove his very hard self inside me and I screamed into my gag but no sound came out. He rode me very hard and fast, until we both came; then she cleaned us both.

I was then chloroformed after that.

I woke up at home untied and in bed.† I showered myself clean. It had been a long trying day of bondage and cumming that I thought was over. I went into my kitchen to cook some dinner when a gloved hand clamped over my mouth and I felt a cold knife touch my nipple through my robe. The person pulled out the belt and tied my wrists behind my back. Before I could speak at all a bandana was pulled tightly between my teeth and knotted at the back of my neck. He traced my now very erect nipples with his knife then did the same to my bellybutton. He then sat me in one of my high back kitchen chairs. He took another scarf and blindfolded me. I heard him take off his pants then he shoved himself inside me and pounded as hard as he could, it didnít take long for me to shower his hardness with my heat, but he kept going until he did the same to me. Then we walked to the bedroom and he untied my wrists and ordered me to lose the robe. I did as he asked, then he tied me spread eagle to my bed and after going through my drawers he inserted the biggest toy I had inside me and turned it on high. He left me like that while he looked thru the rest of my house. After about 20 minutes he returned and after turning the toy off, he inserted his tongue inside me and drank all I had to offer him.

After he left me there tied like that I was wondering who would find me. I guessed it would be either Ricardo or his wife Maria and wondered what they would do once they found me.