Bar Talk 2, Josie’s Turn
by Mike

When Josie got to Jessica’s that morning she knocked loudly but since there was no answer she guessed where Jess kept a spare key.  She let herself in and preceded upstairs figuring Jessica was still sleeping.  Upon hitting the top stair she heard moaning. Josie saw Jessica laying there spread eagle on the bed. She thought Jess has begun without her and so she decided to join in by starting to slowly lick Jessica’s inner thighs.  Only then did she notice writing on her belly.   Josie looked up at Jessica who shrugged her shoulders as best she could considering her situation. Josie straightened up and started to stroke Jessica’s hair, Josie asked Jessica, “Are you alright?”  Jessica nodded her head yes, Josie responded by kissing Jessica’s gagged lips and explained to Jessica, “I will remove the gag and untie you eventually but since you are tied I’m going to play with you some more.”  So Josie slowly removed her blouse.  Jessica’s eyes opened wide when she saw Josie wasn’t wearing a bra and her nipples hardened immediately upon removal of the blouse.

Josie then slowly slid off her shorts and panties then removed the tape from Jessica’s mouth only to add her own panties that she just took off to Jessica’s mouth before replacing the tape, next Josie climbed on top of Jessica and started to chew on her nipples.  She then started to kiss down her body but stopped when she reached the note.  Josie climbed off and went into her bag and pulled out a vibrator then shoved it inside Jessica and turned it on medium, then walked towards the bathroom to return with a wet washcloth and some soap to wash Jessica’s tummy. Once the tummy was cleaned Josie dried it with a towel she brought over.  Jessica moaned loudly into her gag when the vibrator was removed, her moans got louder when Josie started to chew on her very wet sex. Josie then slid her tongue inside Jessica and was greeted with a rush of Jessica’s cum.  When Josie was finished cleaning Jessica as promised she untied Jessica who rubbed her wrists for five minutes before hugging Josie.  She then explained her adventure and the small problem of having feelings for him.

They both put on bikinis and walk downstairs then out Jessica’s back door to sit in the sun for a bit.  While outside neither Jessica nor Josie heard the front door open.  Sam entered and saw the girls sitting outside; he figured they had to come inside eventually. Sam couldn’t believe when he saw Josie’s hand wander over and caress Jessica’s tummy then Jessica’s hand did the same to Josie only her hand went a little further south making Sam very anxious.  Just as he was about to make his presence known Jessica got up leaned over and kissed Josie, then she walked inside towards the kitchen.  She took two steps when Sam grabbed her, clamped his hand tightly over her lips and whispered to Jessica, “I told you I would be back; now call your friend inside.”  Once the hand was removed Jessica just stood there in silence but then she felt a cold blade against her tummy and Sam repeated the request only with a little anger, so Jessica complied only to have Sam’s hand clamp tightly over her mouth again.

Josie walked in and called out for Jessica.  She turned towards the kitchen and then she saw Sam and Jessica in the doorway, his hand over her mouth with his knife caressing her tummy.  Josie put her hands up and asked, “What do you want?”  Sam replied, “Two things: first your name.” Josie told him.  “Second you upstairs.”  So all three of them walked upstairs.  Once in the bedroom Sam took a rope and tied Jessica’s wrists behind her again then smoothed a piece of tape over her mouth ordering her to sit on the bed.  She obeyed.  Then he turned towards Josie whose hands were still up.  Sam told her to “lose the bikini.”  After she took off the bottoms Sam spoke again, “Put the bottoms in your mouth and come over here.”  Josie reluctantly did as asked then Sam ordered her to remove Jessica’s bottom and do the same to her.  Again Josie did as asked.  Now she was standing there naked with her own bikini bottom and Jessica’s bottoms in her mouth.  Sam then tossed her the roll of tape and she smoothed a piece over her mouth.  After Josie was completely naked, Sam helped Jessica stand up and walked her over to her vanity and sat her down in it.  He took another rope from his pocket and tied her ankles together, kissed her taped mouth saw her hard nipples and pinched each one making Jessica cry out a loud moan after each pinch. Sam informed her he was going to play with Josie a lot and asked, “Do you want to watch or should I blindfold you?”  Jessica tried to ask for a blindfold but it came out mmmmmmm.  Sam told her to shake her head for a blindfold or not, she shook her head yes so Sam took a big black silk scarf and wrapped it a couple times over her eyes then kissed her gagged lips again before caressing Jess’s nipples again making her moan loudly.  He quickly decided to untie her ankles then retie them to each leg of the chair so her wet bald sex was showing. Sam licked her clean but then shoved a vibrator inside of her making Jessica gasp loudly.  Sam didn’t turn it on though.

Walking back over to the naked but gagged Josie standing there with her hands up, Sam took her wrists crossing them in front of her then tied them with a small length of rope, raising her arms above her head.  Sam started to lick and chew on Josie’s hard nipples.  Then noticing her looking up he looked at the ceiling and saw a little hook so he looked at Jessica and asked her was there any rope up there.  She shook her head yes, he then asked, “Is it in this room?”  She did nothing so Sam ordered Josie not to move.  She didn’t.  He then ripped the piece of tape off of Jessica’s mouth clamping his hand over it to cover her scream. When she was done he removed his hand and she swallowed then spoke calmly, “It’s in my dresser top drawer.”  He started to walk away when Jessica called out “Sam!”  Realizing he forgot to gag her again he turned and started to walk towards Jessica when she spoke again, “If you’re going to gag me again please kiss me first.”  Sam looked at Josie.  She was still standing there with her arms raised above her head, then Sam grabbed the roll of tape, holding it like he was just going to gag her again when he stopped and kissed Jessica passionately on the mouth.  She opened her mouth gladly allowing his tongue inside.  After they broke the kiss she pursed her lips for the tape.  Sam smoothed a piece gently over her mouth looking deep into her eyes.  He turned to look at Jessica who tried to mouth him a kiss with very little luck.

Sam then walked over to Jessica, pulled the vibrator out of her, untied her ankles, stood her up, leaned her against the vanity as he then takes the longer piece of rope and threaded it through the hook in the ceiling then tied it around Josie’s crossed wrists.  He then put Jessica back into the chair, again tying her ankles to the legs and shoving the vibrator inside making her cry out into the gag.  This time he turned it on low, making Jessica moan louder.  Next Sam walked back over to Josie and started to slowly caress her body with small deep kisses, letting his tongue barely touch her skin each time.  After about ten minutes he decided to check to see how wet she was and saw that Josie was very wet.  He asked if she would like to cum now, she yelled yes but it was only a muffled mmmmmmmm.  Sam said to her, “Oh you want me to play some more ok.”  So he started by tracing her nipples with his tongue, then letting his teeth slowly scrape over them he then slowly licked a big circle around her belly button.  As he was doing that Josie spread her legs in anticipation hoping that he would get the idea.  Sam noticed and took a lick of her juices.  He enjoyed the taste but stood up and tells the ladies, “I’ll be right back girls don’t move.”  Both Josie and Jessica looked at each other.  A few minutes later Sam came running back up the steps with some cold whipped cream.  He walked over to Jessica and sprayed some around each nipple then dotted each nipple.  He again kissed her gagged lips then whispered in her ear, “When I’m done with Josie I’m going to hogtie her in your bathroom so we can have sex.”  Her eyes opened wide as she tried to smile under her gag.  Sam then walked back over to Josie and did the usual spreading it all over her nipples and licking it off.  Then he stuck the nozzle in her sex and sprayed making her cry out loudly at the cold.  Placing the can on the floor he slid his tongue inside her licking up all the cream then on the second lick getting a mouthful of Josie’s cum.  When she was finished cumming Sam licked her clean then untied the long rope from her wrists. Next he untied her wrists letting her rub them for a minute before retying them behind her back.  Taking another rope and tying her ankles together he made her hop into the bathroom.  He untied her ankles helping her go, then retied them and helped her into the bathroom lying her face down in the tub.  He left to go get the big rope which he used to hogtie her tightly and then whispered in her ear. “I’m sorry about this but I want to have sex with Jessica and I think she wants the same. I will untie you when we are done, I hope you understand.” Josie shook her head yes saying she understood thinking to herself she was happy for Jessica but he could have just let her go.

Sam then went back over to Jessica and immediately ripped the tape quickly kissing Jessica to muffle her scream then licked the cream off of her.  Jessica panted heavy and asked, “Is Josie ok in there?”  Sam replied, “Yes she is hogtied tightly and I promised to untie her when we are through.”  She nodded that she understood.  Sam then untied Jess’ ankles.  She showed him her wrists making Sam laugh and say, “Not yet sweetheart, you have to earn that.”  So Jessica dropped to her knees as Sam dropped his jeans and underwear Jessica took Sam’s hard-on in her mouth and started to lick and caress it.  She sucked on it a few times and it didn’t take long before he started cumming in her mouth.  When she was finished swallowing all of his cum and cleaning him Sam then untied her wrists and they fell onto the bed kissing.

When they were finished with the sex, they lay there kissing when Jessica remembered about Josie and asked Sam to go untie her.  He did.  After rubbing her wrists Josie hugged Jessica and Sam; she gathered her stuff and started to leave when Sam stopped her and said to her, “Josie you can’t leave yet the fun has just started.”  After looking at Jessica who blew her a kiss, Josie dropped her bag and asked if she could get dressed.  Sam allowed both girls to get dressed.

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