Bar Talk
by Mike

Jessica left work one Friday after finalizing plans to meet her girlfriend Josie from work for dinner & drinks. Now Jessica was about 5ft 9in very thin girl with long black hair, which she usually wore in a braided ponytail; and she had very light blue eyes. She went home washed her face and changed from her business suit to tight blue jeans and a new black blouse with a tight black t-shirt underneath; she almost decided to go without panties since she wasn’t wearing a bra but she decided on black lace panties. Jessica showed up at the restaurant to find her friend Josie, who is about the same build as Jessica only Josie had very short blonde hair & big brown eyes.

The two girls had met about three months ago when Jessica started at the company and they clicked immediately. They had decided to eat in the bar and were chatting when Josie shared some details of her last date telling Jessica how her date had tied her up and gagged her tightly then played with her for hours. Jessica asked her, “Did you like it?” The question made Josie giggle, and nod her head yes, then Josie asked Jessica if she were into bondage and Jessica responded, “I like to watch the movies but have never had anybody tie me up before for sex.” Little did they know but the guy sitting at the bar near their table was listening to their conversation with a big grin on his face. After dinner when they left the restaurant Josie offered Jessica a ride since it was raining and Jessica had walked to the restaurant.

When Josie dropped her off she grabbed Jessica’s hand as she was turning to get out of the car and pulled Jessica in for a soft kiss on the lips and told her, “I will come by tomorrow and tie you up so you can see how good it feels.”

Jessica replied, “Ok I’m looking forward to it.”

Jessica got out of the car mouthed a kiss at Josie and went into her house. The guy from the bar that had followed them waited until he saw a light on upstairs he approached her front door and tried the handle it was unlocked, looking around for watchers he quietly turned the handle and let himself in. Once inside he heard the shower running, so he followed the sound of the shower, as he entered Jessica’s bedroom, he heard the water stop so he waited behind the bathroom door, when she entered the bedroom wearing only a towel, he started to approach her but she left the room and went downstairs, so he searched her room quickly found some scarves in her panty drawer. He decided to go downstairs and see where she was. He reached the bottom step and saw her watching television; then she turned it off and walked almost right into him making him duck behind a curtain as she entered the kitchen.

When she came back out and was heading for the stairs he grabbed her from behind and tightly clamped his hand over her mouth and told her, “I’m going to remove my hand, if you don’t want to get hurt you will do as I say.” Jessica nodded that she understood.

When he removed his hand Jessica gulped and quietly asked, “What do you want?”

He replied, “Two things for right now – first your name.”

“Jessica,” she replied.

“You can call me Sam for now. Second, do you have any rope down here?”

Again Jessica gulped and answered, “In the kitchen.”

Next he ordered her to lose the towel. Not wanting to get hurt she did and then Jessica covered her surprisingly hard nipples with one hand and her almost completely shaven sex with the other. Once in the kitchen he asked which drawer, Jessica shyly pointed to the drawer next to the fridge. He opened the drawer and found pieces of rope just the right size and length to tie her up with then he said to her, “It’s not nice to lie to your friends, I heard you tell your friend nobody has ever tied you up before for sex.”

After Jessica looked awkwardly at Sam he pulled out a chair and turned it around then sat down. Then Jessica recognized him. “Do you always make a habit of eavesdropping on women and then robbing  them?”

He turned towards her and replied, “No I don’t and I never said I was going to rob you.” With that statement he ordered Jessica to place her wrists behind her back. Reluctantly she obeyed his wish then he crossed her wrists and tied them cinching the knot, next he kissed her deeply. Being naked she couldn’t hide her hard nipples that were telling him how turned on she was now. He took Jessica by the arm and walked her over to the stairs then slowly up the stairs. Once at the bedroom doorway he tied her ankles together and made her hop over to the bed. Then he pinched a hard nipple making Jessica moan loudly when she did Sam shoved a pair of her panties in her mouth then a scarf; followed by pulling another scarf tightly between her teeth and knotting it tightly at the base of her neck. Untying her ankles he helped her onto the bed and spread her legs open wide. Sam could see but not believe how wet she was so he decided to play with her a little more. He tickled her belly making her laugh into her gag, and then he asked if she wanted a blindfold Jessica shook her head no. After about five minutes of tickling he then kissed her bellybutton softly letting his tongue barely touch her. Sam could hear her moaning so he decided to slide his tongue deeply inside of Jessica who arched her back the best she could with her hands tied, allowing Sam’s tongue in farther. He was rewarded with a gushing flow on Jessica’s cum. When she was finished, Sam licked her sex clean then since it was still early decided to remove her gag.

Once the gag was removed Jessica thanked Sam and asked to be untied or at least to change the bondage, Sam thought about it and looking at her bed he untied her wrists let her rub them, then tying her ankles together helping her hop to the bathroom, when she was finished he helped her back onto the bed and proceeded to tie each wrist to a bedpost and each ankle to a bedpost leaving her tied spread eagle, but he didn’t gag her instead he got undressed and laid on top of her. He kissed her and talked to her before inserting himself inside of her and riding her. At the beginning of the ride she asked to be gagged again so he popped her already sodden panties in her mouth this time he smoothed out a piece of tape over her mouth to keep them in. When he left a few hours later she was still gagged and he wrote a note to Josie on Jessica’s belly saying, “Hi Josie ask Jessica about me. See you soon… Sam”