Ball Park
by Mike

Hi, my name is Bob. I work as a vendor at the local ballpark. A single A affiliate of one of the major league teams plays here. For those of you who donít follow baseball, single A means like rookie ball.

I took a job here because the office I was working in closed down and I figured I could get a good tan over the summer then start working again in the fall. I also thought maybe I could meet one of the many women that come here over the summer.

A month went by in the season and nothing really exiting happened, until the last week in May. She came into my section. This girl was all blonde hair, tan skin and blue eyes. Normally she sits with her friends in the lawn seats. They do the whole barbeque thing and make a picnic of it. Today she was in my section and all I could think about was getting her alone at some point of the game.

She left the group she was sitting with and I figured she was probably going to the washroom or out onto the terrace to smoke. She sat in one of the seats by the refreshment stand and I wandered over and offered her a diet pop on the house if she told me her name.

"My name is Lisa." She spoke and her voice was so beautiful. I had to have her today I thought to myself. I told her my name and we discussed how Lisa and her friends usually sit in the lawn seats. She explained she got the seats today from work.

She got up from her seat and I got up the nerve and asked her for a kiss, she agreed but only for another diet coke, I kissed her passionately and she let my tongue enter her mouth. I gave her cokes and diet cokes for all her friends on me. The rest of the game went on and after the game she came over to me and pecked my lips and left with her friends. I was so blown away by the peck I didnít ask about calling her.

The team went on a road trip and I was at a local bar watching the game and in came Lisa by herself, when she saw me sitting at the bar she came over and sat next to me. My mind started to race with ideas. Iíd been friends with the owner of the bar since high school and if I needed to use his pad above the bar itís never a problem. He even usually keeps some ropes and bondage toys around.

When Lisa went to the ladies room I talked to my buddy and got the ok. After the game was over I turned to Lisa who kissed my lips and apologized that she had to leave, but would see me at the ballpark.

The next home game got rained out and the team went on another road trip, making me think and wonder if I would see Lisa again. A few days later the road trip was over and I was back at the park, but didnít see Lisa. I described her to a few of the other vendors in hopes she was sitting in the little upper deck they do have.

A very hot looking brunette with a low cut halter top came up to me and introduced herself as Rachel a friend of Lisaís and handed me a note from Lisa.

"Hi Bob,

Sorry Iím not there today



I took Rachel by the hand and asked her to come with me. Rachel did not know what was in store for her.

I took Rachel by the hand and led her to the vendorís storage room. "We can talk in private in here without the distractions of the game and it was either here or the mascotís room."

Rachel giggled at the last comment, but was shocked when I cuffed her wrists above her head to the metal shelving unit, she opened her mouth to scream, but I stuffed a clean rag in her mouth while I tied a rope around her ankles loosely.

"Iím going to remove the gag and we are going to have a little truth session. If you answer my questions truthfully then I will release you and it will be a round of food and drinks on me for you and whoever you are with here, if you donít tell the truth then I will gag you again and let the other vendors know you are here and want to be played with..."

Rachel gulped and nodded that she understood. I took out the gag.

"Weíll start simple. Does Lisa like me?"

Rachel nodded yes

I waited a few seconds

"Where is Lisa today?"

Rachel said nothing. I looked outside the door for a friend and saw one but then Rachel spoke. "Ok I will talk. Lisa is on a date. She likes you, but made this date last week before she met you."

I looked at Rachel and responded, "Are you telling me the truth or just talking to avoid people playing with you?"

"I am telling you the truth if I am lying I will show up to the ballpark, wearing only a trench coat, and you and your friends can play with and eat me."

I smiled and pecked Rachelís cheek then released her and apologized for the bondage. I held the door closed as Rachel reached for it. "Will you give Lisa a message for me?"

Rachel nodded her head yes and I proceeded to kiss her passionately. "That is a preview of what I would like to do to her, but you have to kiss her."

After catching her breath Rachel responded, "I will kiss her and tell her what a good kisser you are."

We shared a hug and left the room. The game was now almost over and Rachel left.

The next day it was supposed to rain, but I was hoping that Lisa would show and we could make out during the rain delay. Or if it gets postponed we can go have sex or at least go on a date. It was the Fourth inning and no sign of Lisa, instead Rachel stopped by where I was and wanted to talk in private. So I had somebody watch my stand and we went back into the same room.† I was a little miffed that Rachel was here and not Lisa. I handed Rachel the handcuffs and she cuffed herself like yesterday. I gagged her again and this time I used two ropes and tied her ankles separately.

I took out the gag out and kissed her with passion and lust. "Where is she today?"

Rachel doesnít answer. I stepped back and looked at the t-shirt and jeans she was wearing, I walked to the side of the shelving and could see that under her t-shirt Rachel was wearing a bra... and I could see the lines on panties. I unbuttoned her jeans and lowered them to see very skimpy black panties almost thong-like. Rachelís nipples reacted immediately to the coldness of the shelving on her ass.

"Where is Lisa today? Is she out with the same guy again? Next come the panties then if you still donít answer I gag you and fuck you as hard as I can against the shelving."

She responded, "She sent another note it is in the back pocket of my jeans."

I stuffed the gag back in her mouth, didnít pull the jeans up, either. Instead I kneeled down and got out the note.


I like you, but I fell for the guy I went out with yesterday and woke up with today. I donít usually sleep with a guy on the first date, but I couldnít help myself. With what you did to Rachel yesterday and probably today Iím glad I didnít show because I am not into bondage, but she is and I think you guys would make a good couple.



I removed Rachelís cuffs and asked her to watch the game near my stand. She agreed and then I asked her out after the game and again she agreed but only if during the Seventh inning stretch weíd go back in the room and make out, I didnít have to think twice about that answer since I knew what a great kisser Rachel was.