Adventures of Angela, Private Eye
by Mike

Private Eye Angela Punch had just received an interesting fax from an old friend, needing her assistance. Angela Punch is one of the sexiest private eyes at 6 ft tall, big blue eyes, long jet-black hair and very pale skin. Her athletic build made her so sexy. Her old friend’s fax said that her boss was trying to rip off their employees but she had no proof, so she asked for Angela’s help. So Angela thought about it for a second and called a cab to take her to the airport. She was nervous of the cab driver as he took his time going to the airport and he kept looking at her long legs and trying to look under her dress to see if she was wearing panties.

The cab stopped a few blocks from the airport and the cabbie turned around. He looked directly into her eyes and told her there wouldn’t be any charge for the ride if he could see either her tits or her sex, Angela had never been a shy person but she did have her morals and she told the cabbie, “That’s ok I will pay the fair please just go to the airport.”

He drove about as half a block when the back door opened and a couple friends of his got in on either side of Angela. When she opened her mouth to scream a big red bandana was shoved into it, then another bandana was wrapped around her mouth to secure the other one. Next one of the guys tied Angela’s wrists behind her back while the other guy was reaching under her skirt and pulling down her panties, Angela knew what was going to happen but couldn’t do anything about it considering her hands were tied. The guy who pulled down her panties then unzipped his jeans and pulled out his big toy. Angela could not believe how big it was and how much it would hurt if he inserted himself which is exactly what he did, he shoved himself inside of Angela again and again until she came all over his toy, she felt a cold knife against her cheek and the guy behind her told her, “I’m going to remove your gag and you are going to clean him and then make him cum, do you understand?”

Angela nodded her head yes that she understood, and as promised they removed her gag and untied her. Angela then took his cum covered toy and slowly started to lick it clean then she started to chew and suck on it. Much to her pleasant surprise it didn’t take long for him to cum, then she was spun around and made the guy behind her cum the same way. When she was finished they shoved the bandana back into her mouth caressed her cheek with the knife and said to her, “This never happened.”

Angela nodded her head in agreement and the rest of the ride was smooth and as promised the cabbie didn’t charge her for the ride, but he didn’t apologize either for his friends.

The plane ride was a smooth one, when she got off her friend Amy was waiting for her. Amy was 5 ft 8 in tall with pretty blue eyes shoulder length blonde hair. The two friends hugged Angela explained to Amy about her cab ride and the size of the guy.

Once they got back to Amy’s apartment and Angela had a chance to shower, Amy explained that her boss was somehow getting away with not paying the insurance companies that cover their employees. She explained that the boss went to lunch at the same time everyday and asked Angela to check out his office for her.

Angela told Amy, “You can show me your desk and his office; then I will go do some research and come back at lunchtime.”

“Ok sounds good to me.”

It was getting late so they had a quick dinner and then took a drive to Amy’s office building, Amy pointed out her boss’ office being the one with the light on. Then they drove back home. In the morning Angela gave Amy a ride to work, then went to the library to do some research. Lunchtime came and Angela headed over to Amy’s office. She thought it was odd that Amy wasn’t at her desk since she said she would meet her there. Angela heard a noise in the boss’ office, like someone trying to scream. When Angela opened the door she saw Amy sitting in a chair in her bra and panties, her wrists securely tied behind her with rope. When she walked around she saw Amy’s ankles also tied together with rope and a rope wrapped several times around her thighs and calves tying her to the chair. Amy was gagged with something in her mouth and a scarf tied between her teeth to secure what was in her mouth. Angela untied the gag, took out the very sodden scarf in Amy’s mouth and asked her what happened.

Amy answered, “I’m not sure, I was at my desk and my boss was on the phone, I had to deliver a message that was given to me, when I walked in somebody grabbed me from behind and clamped his hand tightly over my mouth, and put a gun to my side. My boss then ordered me to strip, so with no choice I stripped then they both tied me up, only they made me put that sodden scarf in my own mouth before tying me up.”

Amy took a breath & continued, “My boss said he would be back shortly and that was a half-hour ago, I think.”

Angela then felt the same gun in her back making her raise her hands. A voice told her to strip, but to put the gag back in Amy’s mouth first. After apologizing to Amy, she placed the sodden scarf back in Amy’s mouth followed by another scarf before pulling a third scarf between Amy’s teeth and knotting at the base of her neck. Next Angela was reordered to strip only no bra and panties they wanted it all off. So Angela slowly started to unbutton her blouse letting it fall to the floor then she unzipped her skirt letting it fall to the floor. She felt a little push of the gun as a reminder to lose the bra and panties, so she unhooked her bra and slowly slid down her panties and stepped out of them then putting her hands up.

The goon standing behind her then frisked her, making Angela ask sarcastically, “Did you enjoy that”?

Her remark was rewarded with her own panties being held in front of her. Angela reluctantly opened her mouth allowing them to be shoved deep into her mouth and held in place with a piece of taped smoothed over her mouth. Next she felt her hands pulled behind her and tied together palm to palm. She was no stranger to being tied up being a private eye, but she preferred to have her wrists crossed making escape easier. Next she was forced to sit in a chair placed behind Amy’s chair so they were sitting back to back. Angela had noticed that they did cross Amy’s wrists before tying them. Next they tied each of Angela’s ankles to a chair leg so her legs were spread apart, unlike Amy’s whose ankles were tied together.

After they were done tying Angela up, Amy’s boss & his goon left, leaving the naked Angela and almost naked Amy to fend for themselves. Before Angela could do anything the two men came back; both had vibrators in their hands. The bigger vibrator was inserted inside of Angela and turned on high, the other inside of Amy and turned on high. The men left laughing.

After sitting there for a few minutes waiting to see if they were coming back Angela started to play with the rope around Amy’s wrists the best she could in-between the sexual throbs she was getting from the vibrator. Angela had Amy’s wrists almost free when the two guys returned grabbed some papers and played with both of Angela’s nipples pinching them and caressing them. Then they checked to see if the women had tried to free themselves, noticing Amy’s wrists the goon retied her wrists and took another short rope and tied both Amy’s and Angela’s wrists together.

The boss stopped at the door with a match in his hand and said to both women, “At least with those vibrators you two will die happy.”

With that remark the boss lit the match & threw it into the garbage can full of papers. Angela worked quickly, luckily for her the goon tied the knot holding her to Amy loosely, so she undid that rope first; then she worked quickly on Amy’s wrists and had them free in a few minutes. Amy, once her wrists were free untied the rope on her calves and thighs then the one on her ankles. After she was completely free she found the fire extinguisher and put out the fire. She removed her gag and took out the vibrator out of Angela. Before untying Angela she licked up Angela’s juices then Amy inserted her tongue inside of Angela letting her cum inside her mouth swallowing all of Angela’s cum, before untying her. Once free Angela did the same for Amy. After they got dressed the women headed back to Amy’s to regroup.

Once back at Amy’s the girls looked at some of the files Amy had and noticed an invoice with the name of a warehouse on it.

“You stay here if I’m not back in an hour call the police.” Angela said as she finished getting ready to go to the warehouse.

Angela stopped her car across the street from the warehouse and watched it for about 45 minutes then went back home and told Amy she would go back that evening to investigate the warehouse more. Angela then took a nap.

While she was napping Amy took it upon herself to check out the warehouse. As she approached the warehouse she had the cab let her out a block away. She quietly approached the door looking around to see if anybody was watching her Amy was reaching for the doorknob when she heard voices approaching. Ducking quickly around the corner so she wouldn’t be seen, as the two men left Amy rushed and caught the door before it closed. Quietly sneaking in, she looked around for the office, after seeing where it was she took a step towards it when she was grabbed from behind.

A big hand was clamped over her mouth, and a big strong arm was wrapped around her, a voice told her, “I’m going to remove my hand from your mouth don’t scream & open your mouth wide.”

Amy, not wanting to get hurt, did exactly as told when the hand was removed and when she opened her mouth as she expected she was gagged with a cloth shoved into her mouth followed by a scarf tightly pulled between her teeth then knotted at the base of her neck. Next she was told to put her hands up and was shoved forward by the nozzle of a small pistol, walking towards the office. As she approached it, the door to the office opened and when she entered she was blindfolded with a scarf wrapped over her eyes.

Again a voice spoke to her in a loud forceful tone, “STRIP!”

Amy just stood there, the goon behind her started to caress her body with his pistol and again told her with more force, “STRIP & YOU WILL GET TO LIVE!”

This time Amy slowly pulled off her sweatshirt, then her bra was unhooked for her so she let that slide off, she pulled off her sweat pants and then the goon tugged at her panties waistband so she slowly lowered them and stepped out of both the sweat pants and panties. Her hands were tied in front of her then tied to the coat hook on the office door. Amy heard her boss’ voice say something to his goons, then he came back into the office and she heard him unbuckle his belt and she knew what was coming. He took of his slacks and underwear then with great force inserted himself inside of Amy, banging himself in and out several times. Amy kept yelling loudly into her gag but it was a muffled mfmfmf after about fifteen minutes finally she came all over him.

Meanwhile back at the house Angela woke from her nap, saw the note on her luggage that read, “Angela I went to check out the warehouse myself.”

It was signed love Amy. Angela quickly got dressed she pulled on black jeans and a black t-shirt. She hurried outside and was glad to see the car so she got in and drove in a hurry over to the warehouse. Parking across the street again Angela sat there looking for any signs of life finally she saw a van pull up and what looked like a very tied up naked Amy being ushered into the van. From what Angela saw Amy now had her hands tied behind her and was still gagged and blindfolded, her ankles were also tied together.

She followed the van it went back to the office. The boss went inside but he left Amy behind in the van. He was gone for a few minutes so Angela decided to look into the van. She saw Amy lying there with the goon fondling Amy’s hard nipples and stroking her freshly shaven sex. When Angela heard the office door close she hurried back to her car and followed the van again. This time it went to a different warehouse and she again watched as Amy was carried inside. Angela waited for ten minutes then she went to the warehouse door and tried it. When she was able to open it Angela became suspicious and pulled out her little revolver. She saw Amy now tied securely to a chair; her wrists were tied behind and her ankles were tied together and there was a second rope around her ankles that went around the chair legs. The goon was sitting at a table nearby playing solitaire. Angela snuck up to Amy removed her blindfold and put her finger to her mouth, then Angela snuck over to the goon and pointed her revolver at him. When he saw it he started laughing, when Angela questioned his laughter a hand with a cloth in it covered her mouth after taking a big whiff of it Angela fainted.

When Angela came too she was naked her legs were tied apart and each was tied to the leg of the cot she was tied to and her wrists were tied together above her head. She tried to scream for help but the bandana tied between her teeth made that impossible. She looked around and realized she was in an office of some kind. Then the door to the office opened and there was Amy’s boss standing there with a tied up Amy next to him he was holding Angela’s revolver to Amy’s head. The goon came in and removed Angela’s gag and kissed her, Angela spit out the taste of the goon’s tongue.

Angela said, “I want to talk to Amy.”

The boss thought about it, and then pulled the gag out of Amy’s mouth and Amy worked her jaw a little. “Do as they ask, please Angela.”

“What have they done to you”?

“I have cum several times from both my boss and his goon sticking their little, and I mean little, toys inside of me.”

With that remark the boss placed the gag back into Amy’s mouth and retied it so it was nice and tight. Then the goon chloroformed Angela again. This time she woke up at Amy’s place several hours later with her wrists tied behind her back, her ankles were tied together in a tight hogtie. Also it felt like she had her own panties in her mouth.

She was feeling the fabric when the boss walked in and spoke to Angela. “If you’re looking for Amy she is safely bound back at the office. She will remain safe as long as you promise to stay out of our business, which will be done in a few days.”

Angela wanted to answer but it would be very muffled so she just nodded her head yes that she understood.

The boss then said, “My friend wants to play with you now.”

Angela yelled back to the boss. “I WANT TO MAKE SURE AMY IS ALRIGHT!”

The boss stopped when he heard the loud mfmfmfmfm from Angela, so the boss pulled out a little tape recorder and hit play: “Angela it’s Amy I am ok. I’m just tied up they haven’t hurt me mfmf…”

“I hope that satisfies you, my dear”

With that he left and his goon came in. He untied the hogtie and then took out her gag and kissed Angela deeply on her lips. Again she spit out his kiss, he then started to chew on her nipples and Angela tried to reason with him. “Please untie me and let me go, I will pleasure you many ways after I am free I promise.”

He looked at her with a quizzical look on his face and finally spoke, “Lady if I let you go can you arrange for your friend to pleasure me? I find you attractive and all but I like her.”

Without hesitating Angela answered, “Yes I can arrange that.”

Next the goon shoved her panties back in her mouth then shoved his toy inside of Angela and banged himself inside her until finally she came. But he kept going until he came also, then he removed the gag and shoved his toy in Angela’s mouth. She then proceeded to clean him.

Once he was clean he again gagged her with her panties but untied her ankles and spoke hard to Angela, “I’m going to untie your wrists for now, but the gag stays in.”

Angela gulped and nodded that she understood. Once her wrists were untied he led her into the kitchen then he handed her a small rag and ordered it in her mouth. Angela did as asked, he then pulled out the phone cord and tied her wrists behind her back tying her to a kitchen chair with the extra cord he was able to wrap it around her ankles a couple times. Next he left the room and came back with a roll of medical tape and a roll of duct tape. Ripping off two pieces of the medical tape making an X over Angela’s mouth with them, then adding a piece of duct tape over all of that, before speaking to her, “I want to eat first then I will untie and release you, but until then don’t try to move or our deal is off”

Angela again nodded she understood and hoped it would be a short snack as the cord was starting to hurt her wrists. After looking hard at Angela the goon searched the drawer for something and finally pulled out a couple of clothespins and attached each one to a nipple making sure Angela didn’t move.

As he was making himself a sandwich his phone rang. Angela watched him get nervous and hoped he wouldn’t forget their deal since the cord was hurting more and the clamps were making her very wet. After hanging up the phone he walked over to her with his sandwich dripping mayo, some did drip on Angela. He removed the clamps slowly, making Angela take a couple of big breaths of relief. He then licked the mayo off of her and helped her by sliding his tongue inside of her letting her cum in his mouth then licking her clean. Angela thanked him but nothing came out since she was very gagged.

He spoke to her softly while pinching her nipple with his mayo covered fingers, “I’m going to untie the knot around your wrists and unwrap the cord a couple times but I want you to wait a few seconds before trying to free yourself.”

He turned to leave but stopped with one more warning, “Our conversation never happened and you’d better set me up with your friend our earlier sex session will seem like a soft session.”

Angela thought to herself that her sex was still hurting from earlier so she would talk to Amy when she got free.

It took Angela about 10 minutes to free herself from the cord. Before taking off the tape she peeked outside and saw the goon sitting on the porch. So she went into the bathroom on the other side of the house and carefully peeled off the tape. Once it was all off she just stood there letting the pain from the tape subside a little before removing the rag and her panties from her mouth. Once they were out Angela got dressed. Before leaving out the back door she sneaked out the front and from behind caressed the goon’s toy a little, kissed him on the neck letting her tongue barely touch his skin and whispered in his ear, “Is Amy being held at the warehouse?”

He nodded yes.

“Will you help me free her? I can bet she will definitely pleasure you and have sex with you for that.”

“I will help on two conditions. 1st call me Tom.”

Angela shrugged her shoulders showed him the ok sign with her fingers, Tom continued, “2nd finish what you started with my toy, or the deal’s off and back into the kitchen you go.”

So Angela kneeled down in front of Tom who stood up for her and undid his jeans letting them drop to his knees. She pulled down his drawers to his jeans and sexily but quickly pleasured him. Once they were finished Angela started towards the warehouse. Upon arriving she looked around and smiled when she saw Tom coming behind her. Tom gave her the thumbs up from his car. When Angela entered the warehouse she could see Amy sitting in the office still naked, bound and gagged, but this time she was also blindfolded. As she approached the office Angela was careful to be quiet but when she entered the office she raised her hands when she felt a pistol at her side but lowered them at the sound of the second pistol and turned to see Tom standing there. Quickly she removed the blindfold from Amy’s eyes so she could see Tom. Once the gag was finally removed Angela explained the deal to Amy who nodded that she understood and would pleasure Tom.

A few days passed since Amy’s boss was arrested and Amy had seen Tom a few times and was starting to have feelings for him. When Angela came home from the store Amy asked her a question. “Angela would you stay here with me? I could help you with your private eye business.”

Angela replied by hugging Amy and kissing her cheek then hugging her again…

Stay tuned for the further adventures of private eye Angela and her new sidekick Amy.