The Sorceress' Garden
by Michael Alexander

The afternoon sun streamed downward through the azure sky, striking the lush verdant garden with life giving warmth. A soft breeze rustled through the swaying stalks of yellowed grass and leaves fluttered, pulling against vine and branch. Exotic flowers, in hues and shades never seen before, rose upward through the soft grass to smile at the sun.

The garden was surrounded by a shale and limestone wall, thick and monstrous in its unnatural beauty. It ringed the garden and separated it from the outside grounds of the castle, looming like a mountain behind it. In some places large evergreens and fir hid its gray paler from view, but it could easily be seen that no gate nor opening broke its continuity of imprisonment. And prison the garden was.

The servant girls feared it and only the Sorceress herself, or her guard captain with drawn sword would venture out into the vine entangled snarls. Strange plants and creatures roamed freely through the bushes and the combining of magic and nature was to be seen throughout the lush beauty. And many had disappeared into its twining branches, punished by the Sorceress for unnamed transgressions.

Two voices penetrated the sound of rustling leaves as the guard captain stepped warily through an opening between branches. She was tall, and wore a silver colored breastplate, capped with gold trim. Her hair was cut short, blonde to the roots, and her face was smooth lined and trim. Her eyes darted across her field of view constantly, always watching. Crouched like a tiger, tightly wound, she was wearing a short leather kilt and her boots rode high upon her thigh, strapped tightly with leather trews. Her sword danced with light, as the sun sparkle glittered in flashes out into the garden.

"Damn. Where is it?" she asked herself, her voice seething with tense irritation.

"Didn't you tell me that it was near the center of the garden, Captain?" asked a wary voice from behind the tree.

The Captain scowled. "I did, Dana. Is your plant food getting too heavy?"

Dana stepped out from behind the tree to follow her captain. Dressed similarly to the Captain, but lacking the intricate designs upon her armor, Dana was nonetheless, much more muscular. Her muscles rippled as she resettled the large burlap covered bundle over her shoulder. A faint squeal came from the bundle but both women ignored it. The Captain continued to step gingerly to the left and then gave a triumphant grunt as her eyes came to rest on her goal.

In the center of a small clearing sat a plant, colored dark green with shoots of crimson sliding along its leaves and stems. Both women watched as tendrils of vine twitched and twirled, looking almost like grasping fingers of a wanton hand. They stood there, looking at the magic warped monstrosity.

"Is that it?" asked Dana. Her voice wavered nervously.

The Captain nodded. "Yes. She made it."

Dana glanced at the Captain, registering her steely coolness. "I gathered that, Captain. When was it last fed?"

The Captain looked at her. "Two weeks ago. The Sorceress decided Angelica had failed in her duties."

Dana frowned. "That seems to happen a lot."

The Captain glared at her. "Don't say things like that or you'll find your self in the same position!"

Dana swallowed hard. "Sorry, Captain."

"You'd better be."

Dana took a step forward, looking at the quivering vines.

The Captain laughed ruthlessly. "I wouldn't go close enough to look if I were you, Dana." The Captain sheathed her sword. None of the other creatures of the garden would enter the clearing. "You can put her down."

Dana sighed and carefully lowered the bundle to the ground. With a flick of her wrist she slipped the burlap from its knot. A frightened gasp came from the sack and Dana reached downward and pulled the terrified girl upward.

She was diminutive, but well figured and her ample breasts filled out the soft blue colored smock she wore. It was tied around her neck and swelled outward, covering her bosom and then belly. When it reached her loins it stopped just short of the tops of her thighs and pulled around her backside to cover her buttocks. Her face was a startling white, but her cheeks were smudged and stained from the tears that still flowed down her face.

Dana pulled her out of the sack cloth and set her bare feet down upon the grass. The girl clung to her desperately and Dana patted her gently.

"I'm sorry Gwennie, but you know the Sorceress' commands."

"P-p-p-please! I'm sorry! I won't do it again!" begged the girl.

The Captain looked at her in disgust. "Oh, we know you won't."

Gwennie collapsed and began sobbing. The Captain walked over to her and knelt.

"Now listen girl. There's still a chance for you. Listen. In three days Dana and I will come back. If you're still alive we pull you out. Some have survived. Just be strong. That's all it takes. Its an ordeal you must survive. Understand?"

But Gwennie was lost in her own misery and she barely heard the words of the Captain. Dana knelt down as her captain stood and Dana wrapped her arms around the blue clad servant girl. She rocked the frightened beauty in her arms.

"How old are you, darling?" Dana asked softly.

Gwennie sobbed her response. "Eighteen."

Dana sighed. "I wish I could let this cup pass you, Gwen. But I can't."

The Captain grunted again. "It's time. Her clothes, Dana."

Dana nodded. "Gwen, I need you to take off your clothes. It would be pointless to ruin a perfectly good smock." Dana saw the bright and sudden terror in the girl's eyes. "I'll keep it for you until you're done," she said in quick sympathy.

Dana stood up and pulled Gwennie upward. Dana reached behind Gwen's waist and quickly found the simple tie that held the cloth around the girl's buttocks. With a single pull the knot came loose and the front of the smock dangled around the servant girl's loins. Dana moved around behind her and up to the back of her neck. Another simple bow was loosened and Dana caught the smock as it dropped from the girl's body.

Gwen's skin was very pale, a soft white. Her breasts and buttocks perfectly matched in shape and size to her diminutive frame. Her nipples were large and a soft pink, outlined against a white field of creamy marble. Yet as perfect as her skin was in color, the soft outlines of marks against her breasts and buttocks, thighs and calves, showed the result of old whippings.

Dana sighed. "You're beautiful, Gwen. If I had known, I would have picked you out for my own!"

"All right, Gwen," said the Captain. "Just walk right on over there to that plant." The Captain motioned toward the odd looking, moving plant.

Gwen's eyes bored straight at the center of the plant and she took an involuntary step back, bumping into Dana. Dana's hands quickly grabbed Gwen's forearms, locking her in a vise like grip and preventing her from bolting.

The Captain's eyes narrowed and she stepped close to the girl.

"Are you going to do what I told you?" the Captain demanded.

Gwen's eyes held no comprehension of the Captain's words and the Captain snarled an oath. With a quick movement, she grabbed the girl's wrist and yanked her forward away from Dana. Gwen stumbled forward and the Captain swung the girl toward the plant with a strong swirl. Dana jumped forward, almost as if to catch her, but then held back with a frightened stare.

Gwen fell to her knees in the soft grass before the odd looking plant. Soft tears fell from her cheeks, soaking into the carpet of green below her. Out of the corners of her eyes she saw the tendrils of vine creeping forward toward her.

Dana watched in fascinated horror as the vines moved in on the girl, like flies to meat. In a matter of seconds, the first vine reached the girl, twining itself around her ankle in a tight bond. A second vine took her wrist and Gwen was suddenly pulled upright to her feet. More tendrils moved toward her and wrapped themselves around her arms and thighs, dragging her forward to the center stalk.

The two soldiers watched in wonder as Gwen was positioned over the center stalk, legs spread wide, arms behind her back and tied near her buttocks. Gwen's body wavered and bent, and it was obvious that it was the plant holding her up, keeping her spread. After what seemed like only a minute, the central stalk parted and Dana saw a huge tan colored protrudence emerge from the plant core.

"My God! What is it?" exclaimed Dana.

The Captain smiled. "That's the feeding tube, Dana. The feeding tube."

Slowly, the feeding stalk moved upward, weaving and jerking as it sought the perfectly formed flower of Gwen's body. It's surface glistened with a mixture of water and sap. Gwen's muscles rippled and strained against the vines, but she was held fast. Finally the feeding tube reached Gwen's loins, finding her exposed and open sex. With a soft push and a squelching sound, it forced its way into the servant girl's body.

Dana looked up at Gwen's face. It held an unspeakable mixture of fear and loathing, but on the edges, deep down, there was the beginning sensation of extreme pleasure. Gwen moaned loudly and began to shake. Dana saw the protrudence begin to ripple and Dana could see a what looked like veins pulsing along the outside edge. It was obvious something was being drawn downward into the plant.

"What's it doing, Captain? Eating her?" demanded Dana.

The Captain laughed. "Not like you're thinking, Dana. But it's eating her all right."

"I don't understand," said Dana, confused.

The Captain sighed. "The Sorceress created this thing, Dana. It feeds off of certain body fluids. Sexual body fluids."

Dana's eyes narrowed, "You mean..."

"Right," said the Captain. "The plant is stimulating the girl. It will force orgasm after orgasm to rock through her."

Dana frowned. "But I don't understand why some don't survive," she said.

"It's because the plant will do whatever is necessary to keep the orgasms going. It uses magic to discover what is arousing to its victim, then it repeats those fantasies. Sometimes over and over." The Captain watched as Gwen began to gasp in excitement. "I saw one girl who was strangled over and over again, just till she passed out. Her orgasms were three times as powerful when she was strangled."

The Captain kicked at a small stone in the grass. "She didn't survive."

Dana eyes were still glued to Gwen as she took in the Captain's explanation. A small tendril of vine had moved across the girl's breast and wrapped itself around one extended nipple, pinching it in unmerciful tightness. Gwen bucked and shook, dealing with the intense stimulus.

"So why three days?" asked Dana.

The Captain looked at Dana. "Because that's how long a person can go without water. It's also why we let her drink so much at the well. In three days we will come, the Sorceress and I, and either she will have died from exhaustion and sex, or she will be tired and thirsty."

Dana's eyes widened with the implications. Her voice was raspy. "How many have you fed to this thing? And how many survived?"

The Captain turned away from the sight of Gwen writhing upon the impaling stalk, ignored the demure gasps and squeals, and looked directly at Dana.

"I've brought over twenty to this plant. Only three survived."

Dana looked back at Gwen, seeing the first rivulets of perspiration trickle down her smooth skin. The girl's face rippled with the responsiveness of ecstasy. Small iron strength vines twined themselves around her limbs, holding the writhing girl in place. Some even began to wrap themselves around her breasts, squeezing and tightening.

"Oh, Gwennie," said Dana.

The Captain looked back at Gwen and then shook her head. "Come along, Dana. There is nothing you can do for her. You can't take her place. You can't kill that thing. It's what the Sorceress wants. Let it go."

The Captain turned and smiled at Dana. "Besides, there are lots of other serving girls. Pick a new pet and forget this one. She's not strong enough." The Captain began walking away from the plant and it's victim, pulling her sword as she began the dangerous trek back through the garden.

"Coming, Dana? Or you going to stay in the Garden?" the Captain asked maliciously.

Dana stared at Gwen but then lowered her eyes and turned away. "I'm coming, Captain. I'm coming..."

The End

Copyright© 2012 by Michael Alexander. All rights reserved.