The Phone Call
by Michael Alexander

The soft tapping sounds of Amanda's fingers filled the apartment with sensed impatience as she stared at the phone. It was just sitting there, the small red light at the top blinking its noncommittal signal. Her long blond hair swayed slightly as she sighed. Her drumming fingers halted for a moment and moved toward the bowl full of marbles that sat next to the phone.

She lifted a marble out and placed it on the table, watching as it slowly rolled in a circle, quickly coming to rest on the level surface. Her clear blue eyes gazed at the swirls of green and orange that clouded the small glass ball and wished the phone would ring soon.


She jumped as the sound shattered the boredom and she quickly grabbed the cordless handset sitting in front of her.

"Hello?" she said after hitting the answer button.

"Hi, Amanda," a familiar voice said, slightly electronic.

Amanda gritted her teeth in frustration. She had been expecting a call, but this wasn't it.

"Hi, Beth," she answered.

"Where have you been lately?" asked Beth. "You weren't at the club last night or the night before. I talked with Tiffany and she said you were a little glassy eyed at class this morning. What's going on?"

Amanda pressed her lips together. "Oh, nothing." There was no way she could explain her nightly activities to her best friend. She could barely explain them to herself!

"Don't 'oh nothing' me, Mandy. I know you too well. You're not trying some secret diet technique again are you?"

Amanda had to chuckle. "No, Beth. No secret diet. I've just been busy. I've got that report to finish for World Lit and you know how Professor Conkle is. Even one 'I' not dotted and you go down a letter grade." Amanda could almost feel Beth's eyebrows shooting up.

"Hmmmm. All right. I guess I can accept that. You working on it right now?" Beth queried.

Amanda nodded. "Yes. Sure am. I'm right here at my computer putting the outline together." She hated lying.

Beth sighed audibly. "Well, okay. I hope it works out for you. Let me know when you get finished and we can get together."

Amanda smiled. "Sure. Well, I got to go, Beth. Lots of work to do."

"All right, girl. Talk to you later."

Amanda pressed the off button and put the phone back down next to the marbles. She stared for a moment at the handset, willing it to come to life, but it's silence permeated the room. She stood up and stepped into the kitchen, opening the fringe and pouring herself a drink. As she took her orange juice back to the table she swept the small pack of clothespins off the counter, depositing them next to the marbles.

She opened the bag and poured the twenty or so wooden clamps out on the table and began connecting them, one to the other, forming a long snake. As her juice dwindled, she constructed more elaborate architectural works, concentrating hard on making the separate columns of clothespins stand.


Again she jumped, sending her clothespins tumbling as she snatched the white plastic phone up.

"Hello?" she said, hoping this was the call she was waiting for.

"Hello, Amanda," a voice said, soft and calm.

Amanda felt her legs go weak and she swallowed. This was it. It was him. "Hi. I'm glad you called."

She heard a small chuckle. "I am too, little one. But you must address me properly," he said, his voice soft but his intentions strong as steel.

"Oh! I'm so sorry...Master. Please forgive me?"

Again she heard the soft laughter. "I don't think so, my dear. I think it would be more beneficial for you to experience tonight's instructions with the knowledge that it is punishment for your failure to address me properly."

Amanda's heart quickened. "Yes, Master. I was wrong."

"I'm glad you admit it, Amanda. Now, please tell me what you are wearing. Everything, just like I taught you."

Amanda looked down at her body. "I'm wearing my sandals, Master. The high heeled ones just like you told me. I'm also wearing a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, Master."

"No bra or panties?" the man inquired.

Amanda was surprised. "No Master. You told me I was never to wear them again without your permission. It's hard to pick outfits for school that don't make it obvious."

"Amanda, I want it to be obvious that you are not wearing them. A woman's body is like fine art. It is meant to be displayed. I want you to only wear clothing that is tight and revealing from now on. But that can be discussed later. Right now, we must deal with your punishment."

Amanda gulped again in nervousness. "Yes, Master."

"Is your balcony light on?" he asked.

Amanda turned and looked across the living room through the white vertical blinds that shielded the glass doors to the balcony. She could see the soft white glow from the apartment complex lights, but not the tell-tale yellow of her own spare bulb.

"No sir," she answered.

"Good. Now I want you to turn off the overhead light in the living room, and leave on only the small lamp you told me about last night."

"Yes sir. Is this why you had me describe my apartment to you, Master?" Amanda asked curiously.

"You are very astute, young lady. You will find that I will be asking you many questions during our conversations."

Amanda had risen and turned off the overhead light, killing the soft whirling of the fan as well. With a click she illuminated the room with the soft glow of the shade lamp, sitting on the end table.

"It's done, Master."

"Very good, Amanda. Now I want you to open the blinds, completely. Do you understand?"

Amanda's eyes opened wide. "Yes, Master. I understand," she said.

"Then do it."

Amanda walked to the blinds and pulled the small nylon cord that controlled them. Slowly they moved to the sides of the door, leaving the moon and sidewalk lamp washed court of the complex open to her view through the glass.

"I did it, Master," she said into the phone.

"Open the door and go out on the balcony for a moment," he instructed her.

Amanda slid the door open and stepped out into the warm night air.

"Do you see anyone?" he asked.

Amanda looked around. "I can see a couple people sitting in their apartments, Master. And there is a man smoking outside of the apartment across from me. I can barely see him in the shadows, but I can see his cigarette."

"Good. Now return to the living room."

Amanda stepped back into her apartment and moved to the center of the living room. Her heart quickened with her expectation and she smiled as she spoke into the receiver. "I'm back sir."

"Now I want you to strip, Amanda. Take everything off but your sandals," his cool voice said.

Amanda had been waiting for this. She glanced out through the glass window leading out onto the balcony. Without a momentís hesitation she made her decision. "Yes Master."

She placed the phone on the coffee table and quickly clutched at the bottom of her tee shirt, pulling it upward over her head. She felt a momentary chill as her breasts fell loose of the restraining cloth and she felt a momentary spasm as her nipples tightened. She let her fingers circle her aerolas lightly before sliding down to the waist band of her shorts. She hooked her thumbs under the cinched and elastic cloth and pushed downward, forcing the red shorts down over her thighs and knees. They puddled around her sandal clad feet and she stepped out of them. Her white curvaceous body twisted down to the coffee table and picked up the receiver again. Her breath was heavy and she could already feel the wet tingling of anticipation between her legs.

"I'm done, Master. I'm undressed," she said, her voice breathy into the phone.

"Good. Now I want you to get a pillowcase, the clothespins I told you to buy, and your bowl full of marbles," he ordered her. "Oh, and Amanda, get your vibrator too."

Amanda shivered "Yes Master." She quickly walked to the linen closet just down the hall and removed a clean pillow case, draping it over her shoulder. She turned left into her bedroom and quickly found her toy, clutching it in her hand as she returned to the dining area. She scooped up the clothespins and dumped them in the bowl with the marbles. Her fingers picked it up and carried it to the coffee table.

"I'm ready, Master. I have all of it," Amanda said softly.

"Very good, my dear. Now, I want you to spread your legs wide apart. Then pick up the vibrator and turn it on to its lowest setting. Once it's on, slip it up into your body."

"Yes, Master, but where in my body?" asked Amanda hesitantly.

There was a slight pause and then the Master responded. "Into your sex, my slave. I see you are more cosmopolitan than I thought." He paused. "We will address this development next time, Amanda. For right now place the vibrator into your flower.

Amanda nodded and then realized the Master couldn't see her. "Yes Master. I understand." She turned to face the coffee table and then spread her legs wide. As she started to bend to pick up the vibrator she heard his voice again.

"Amanda, make sure you face the window when you slip the vibrator in."

Amanda picked up the vibrator and turned to the glass wall. She could see her reflection in it, a dark shadowy form, petite and sensual.

"I am facing it, Master."

"You are wonderful, my dear."

Amanda reached down and placed the tip of the toy at the bottom of her slit and she twisted the bottom to activate the vibrator. With a sudden jolt she felt the small cylinder begin shaking as the vibrations coursed up her arms and through the opening of her sex. With a small gasp she began working the toy into her body, her left hand twisting it as she gasped into the phone she held with her right.

"I love hearing the sounds of your pleasure," her master said.

Amanda moaned again as she felt the tip of the vibrator hit the very back of her well.

"Now close your legs, Amanda. Tighten up so the vibrator doesn't fall out," she heard him say.

Amanda held the vibrator in place and closed her legs, using the taut flesh of her thighs to hold the shaking toy in.

"Okay, Sir," she said, her voice coming in ragged whispers.

"Good, now pick up the pillow case and two clothespins."

Amanda carefully bent down to the coffee table and picked up the folded white pillow case and two of the wooden clips. As she straightened, the vibrator shifted and sent more ripples through her. She pressed her lips together as she moaned.

"Do you have them?" The Master asked.

Amanda steeled herself to answer. "Yes, Master. I have them."

"Now I want you to listen to my instructions and then when I tell you, to follow them. I want you to put down the phone and hold the open pillow case to your chest. The open end needs to be facing upward. Bring the edge of the cloth to just above your aureoles. Then I want you to use the clothespins to clip the pillow case directly to your nipples. Leave one side of the pillow case open. Do you understand?"

Amanda was shaking. She had no idea this was what was intended and she quivered in delight and excitement at the thought of the harsh pinching her delicate nubs would endure. The pillow case was light, but she wondered if it would stay on. Her hand gripped the phone tighter.

"Yes, Master. I understand, Sir."

"Good. Then do it."

Amanda placed the phone down on the table and picked up the folded pillowcase and the clothespins. She placed the pins in her mouth to hold while she shook the case loose and held it to her chest. Her eyes saw the white glimmer of reflection in the glass balcony door and she wondered if anyone out there could see her. Her body quickened again and shudders of ecstasy erupted from her sex and she felt a small trickle flow down the inside of her thigh.

The top of the pillowcase fell open and she used one hand to hold the inside against her chest. With her other hand she removed the clothespin from her lips and pushed, causing it open. She could see the hard bump of her nipple, seemingly coated with white cotton, and she hesitated with the clothespin open and surrounding her nub. She wondered how much it would hurt.

With a quick movement she let the clothespin close, crushing her nipple in a tight grasp. The small strip of cotton protecting the delicate pink flesh did almost nothing and Amanda gasped loudly as the pain went shooting up through her breast. She reached up to remove it when she felt the sudden waves of pleasure pounding through her sex and she rocked with each one. She moaned even louder and thrust her hips back and forth, trying to move the vibrator.

The waves continued but she regained control. Her nipple still hurt, but it was like an intensifier for the pleasure coursing through her loins. Her shaking fingers removed the second clothespin and she did not hesitate as she let the wooden clamp bite down upon her other nib. Her gasp filled the room and she again felt the intense pleasure. She picked up the phone and wetted her lips.

"I did it, Master. I clamped the case to my breasts."

"I know, my slave. I know. I could hear you as you did it. Tell me, how does it feel?"

Amanda took a quick breath. "It hurts, Master. But it is a nice hurt. It makes what the vibrator is doing to me more noticeable. I don't understand it."

The Master chuckled. "You will eventually, Amanda. I will be training you." He paused. "Now I want you to pick up the bowl full of marbles and go out on the balcony. Keep the vibrator in you."

Amanda's eyes flew open. "On the balcony?"

"Yes, Amanda. Go out on the balcony now."

Amanda bit her lip and then acquiesced. "Yes, Master."

She scooped up the bowl and waddled toward the balcony door. She took tiny steps, since she couldn't walk and keep the vibrator buried in her wet well. Finally she reached the door and slid it open. Her sandal clad feet stepped out onto the concrete ledge and everything changed.

Amanda was much more aware of her surroundings; the goosebumps raising across her flesh, the scent of the night air, the light from the complex lamps, the small lights in each apartment. Even the man smoking in the shadows on the otherside of the apartment. She could barely see him and she wondered how much of her he could observe.

"Go to the railing Amanda, and place the bowl on it," The Master told her.

Amanda took two steps to the railing and set the bowl on the wooden ledge. The pillowcase swayed in the breeze, slightly pulling on her nipples and she again rocked with pleasure. "I'm ready, Master," she said.

"Excellent. Now you realize that anyone walking under your balcony might be able to see your body?"

"Yes, Master, but the pillowcase is blocking the light."

"I know, Amanda. That is okay. Here is what I want you to do. I want you to spread your legs and hold the vibrator in your body. With your other hand you will put down the phone and take out a handful of marbles and count them as you drop them into the pillowcase. For everyone you drop, you may thrust that vibrator as deep and as hard as you can, but you can only thrust one time for every marble. Do you understand?"

Amanda whispered her reply. "Yes Master, but how will you hear me?"

Again the masculine laughter. "I will hear you, little one. Just leave the phone on the railing."

"Yes Master."

Amanda placed the phone directly in front of her on the wooden railing and reached into the bowl. Her fingers tightened around a multitude of glass balls and she reached down between her legs for the vibrator. Her hand found its way into the pillowcase and she began to drop marbles, counting each one. As they fell she experienced the sudden jolt of pressure and pleasure as the pillowcase yanked upon the restraining clamps. Her breasts felt the intensity. She counted out the eleven in her hand and she quickly twisted the vibrator.

She thumped the vibrator up and down into her cavity, feeling the soft folds of her sex part. Juices streamed down her hand and she shuddered, causing her breasts to jiggle. Shafts of pain speared upward from her nipples and shot downward to her groin, joining and intensifying each jolt of pleasure from her sex. On her eleventh thrust she held the tip hard against her sex, desperately wishing for release. Her breath was coming in ragged sobs and she realized that she had not even thought about the sound of her pleasure carrying across the complex.

But the need between her legs was too great and she grabbed an even larger handful of marbles, counting quickly as the dropped into the cotton sack. The weight doubled, pulling even tighter against the clothespins, dragging downward on her sensitive nipples. She gasped loudly, moaning as her hand began pounding the vibrator upward into her body. Each thrust brought new waves of sensation that combined and mixed with the deep tugging on each breast.

Her mind could barely handle the required counting as she once again quickly used up the thrust given by each marble. She could feel herself coming so close, her body rocking with spasms. Her delicate fingers once again reached into the bowl and scooped up a handful of marbles, her wrist shaking as she counted them into the pillowcase.

Her nipples began to ache with a new sensation as the added weight brought the pillowcase lower. Her knees buckled as her body shuddered with the driving thrusts of the hand-held toy. Her pace increased and she picked up the bowl with her free hand. With a sudden decision she dumped the remaining globes down into the pillowcase, feeling the reverberating pulses as each one landed at the bottom. Her hand pumped madly and she snatched up the phone.

"I-I-I dumped the entire b-b-bowl, Master," she stuttered into the receiver.

"I know, Amanda. Keep pumping. Keep pumping even if the pillowcase falls. Pump until you are satisfied, little one."

Amanda grunted into the phone, her hand shoving and twisting the vibrator as it slapped upward. Her nipples seemed to burn as flames of sensation raced into her body. Suddenly she heard a snap and one side of the pillowcase dropped, the clothespin flying off her body and out over the railing. She cried out loud as her crushed nipple surged with renewed blood flow and the other pin followed the first out into the night. The pain burrowed into her and caused a surge of adrenaline to spiral outward and the first wave of the oncoming sexual explosion crested. She pumped twice more and then froze, her body caught in the grips of pleasure. She shook, her naked body exposed on the balcony as she gasped and quivered with one hand holding the buried tool deep.

And then it was over. The intensity ebbed and she slowly became aware of her surroundings. She peered across the complex and could still see the small ember of a cigarette glowing. She quickly removed the vibrator and grabbed the pillowcase from the balcony floor. She darted inside the apartment, drawing the blinds closed. She dropped everything on the table, hearing the marbles strike and she remembered the phone she still held in her hand. She raised it to her ear and heard nothing.

"Master?" she said into the silence.

"Yes, Amanda?" came his voice.

"I exploded, Master," she said softly.

"I know. You were very vocal. It was a superb performance, and a fitting punishment."

Amanda smiled and blushed. Her legs felt week and she collapsed on the couch. "I'm glad you find me worthy, Master."

"I do, Amanda. Are you resting now?" he asked.

Amanda looked around on the couch. The cloth felt good to her, yet rougher than usual and she realized her skin was more sensitive. "Yes, Master. I'm resting."

"Good. I want to give you a few more instructions. First of all, you need to acquire a post office box. Then I will need the address. I will be mailing you a few items, as well as some money, so that you will be able to afford my necessary requirements."

Amanda smiled. "I understand, Master."

"I'm sure you do. Now I want you to rest, Amanda. Sleep tight." The phone went dead.

Amanda set the phone down and smiled, her body feeling more relaxed and pliable then ever.

"Good night, Master. Thank you."

The End

Copyright© 2013 by Michael Alexander. All rights reserved.