Dance Dance Revolution
by Michael Alexander

"Fucking idiot." I grumbled out loud as I continued down Westview Street. The driving rain was pouring down, and as usual it brought out the worst in my fellow drivers. I admit I already wasn't in a good mood. I was on the road heading back to my video arcade for an after-closing meeting with one of my employees. And it was a meeting she didn't know about. Disciplining an employee is never one of my favorite things to do, especially when I like the person. But Becky had it coming after her latest fiasco.

The write up was sitting on the seat next to me and I glanced down at it. She had been playing video games on the clock again. I shook my head and grumbled. She and that damn Dance Dance Revolution game were becoming such a headache. All of my employees played it, but it seemed that Becky just couldn't stay off it.

I turned right on to Beechnut and passed the Waterpark. My arcade was in a large-scale entertainment facility called FunPlace. Boring name I know, but the owner was like that. It was Thursday night and the place was almost totally closed. Only the bowling alley and the arcade had to stay open, and because customers rarely showed up I had been arguing that point with the owner for a while.

I pulled up into the lot and once more groaned. Despite being thirty minutes before closing, the parking lot was close to empty on our side of the building. A single car that I recognized as belonging to Becky was near the front door, next to a single minivan. Well at least we had a few customers. I glanced across the main drive and the water fountain. The bowling alley wasn't doing much either.

I parked my car and walked up to the main entrance, moving aside for a family who came out of FunPlace looking irritated and angry. I didn't think much of it since this a pretty normal occurrence, despite my own area of it striving for customer service. I wasn't proud of working here, but it paid the bills and had its perks.

As my I entered through the foyer and started walking down the stairs, I turned to the right toward my arcade and my mind flipped a moment. The games were off. I couldn't hear any of the noises from The Pit or redemption areas. We didn't close for another twenty minutes! What was Becky doing?

Still clutching her Employee Counseling Form, I stormed into the arcade like a tornado looking for a mobile home park. The redemption area was dark with the lights turned off and I immediately went to the office, passing the redemption counter with a glance. I rolled my eyes. She hadn't restocked it either. She wasn't in the office. I went to the store computer and verified she was still on the clock, which she was, so I strolled back through the redemption area to The Pit.

Now The Pit is our video game area, and a few lights always remained on despite everything being shut down for the night. I almost expected her to be on Dance Dance, but I could tell from the quiet that even her favorite game was off. Where the hell was she?

I heard a noise coming from the closed movie theater where our restrooms are located and I mounted the steps and listened. Sure enough, someone was in the restroom, softly singing to herself. I leaned up against Brave Firefighters and a changer, crossing my arms across my chest, and waited.

It was only a few minutes, but my temper was definitely increasing. After what seemed like forever, Becky came strolling out, getting halfway to the redemption area before seeing me storming like a thundercloud across the plains. Her mouth dropped open and her eyes widened in surprise.

She wasn't the only one surprised, though my own startlement was concealed in my anger. I had been expecting her to be wearing our normal uniform of black polo shirt with khaki slacks, along with our official nametag. Instead I saw a short miniskirt of red and black plaid, a black low cut belly baring tank top with the word "naughty" across the chest, black knee-high leather boots, and enough black leather studded bracelets and choker to make a torturer happy.

"Office. Now." Was all I said, moving past her, trying to regain my composure. I saw the color drain from her face as I passed her and she followed demurely. When we got into the office I told her to have a seat.

She softly dropped into one of the chairs by my desk, pressing her dimpled knees together tightly. The skirt had ridden upward, exposing an unseemly amount of thigh and for a second I considered dropping down into the other chair across from her, knowing that I would assuredly get a chance at seeing something private.

I shook my head to clear it off those thoughts. BAD BAD BAD I repeated to myself. You never pick up your pussy where you pick up your paycheck; especially if the pussy is a subordinate. I frowned at her as she sat shifting in her seat, her shoulder length hair curling cutely around her cheeks. She had done her makeup as well, thick black around her eyes, deep red lipstick, and long lashes made up the look. A bright metal chain around her waist finished the outfit.

"I'd like an explanation." I said abruptly, crossing my arms.

She looked down at the floor, unwilling to meet my gaze. "I'm sorry, Jeff. It’s just that I was going to go out tonight and since we had only a few customers I thought I would shut down early. I'm sorry. It won't happen again."

I rolled my eyes. "You're damn right it won't happen again. I can't make money if my staff decides when and where we will be open." I sighed audibly. "I had come up here tonight to give you this." I waved the counseling form in front of her. "It's the write up you have coming for playing Dance Dance Revolution on the clock yesterday. Now we have a totally different situation, as well as what will be your third write up. You understand what that means?" I demanded.

Becky's eyes widened. "I get fired?" she asked hesitantly.

My eyes narrowed in response. "That's exactly what it means."

Becky stood up, surprising me as she came right up too me, her voice rushing out in a non-stop tremble. "Oh please, Jeff, I am so sorry, I won't ever do it again, oh please don't fire me, I really need this job, I promise to be good, I'll do anything to keep this job, please?"

I'd experienced this before. I only yielded once, the first time. I learned my lesson right then because it had only been a week before the promise to be good failed. I steeled myself and shook my head.

"I don't see any other option, Becky. I can't have performance like this."

Becky moved forward again, slightly bending toward me. "Plllllleease?" she begged. "I'll do anything…" she left it hanging.

My eyes had dropped forward and I felt my mind slipping as I gazed down at a remarkable cleavage. I always hired attractive girls, since guys like to hang out where pretty girls work, but I had always been able to tune out these jail-bait young waifs, even when they came to pick up checks dressed in their civilian clothes. Becky was dressed sluttier than I had ever seen her and I felt a sudden loosening in my resolve.

Becky must have sensed it because she licked her lips seductively, leaned forward even more and whined once more. "Anything…"

My mind clicked back in place and I pulled my eyes away from the dipping slope of her breasts. "Are you offering something to me?" I asked harshly.

Becky pulled back as well, surprised that I hadn't fallen under her spell. "Um…well…I…" she faltered.

I smiled at her, clearly in control of the situation. "I don't think so, Becky. I've heard a little about your conquests, so I'm not interested in catching anything from you." An idea had just popped into my mind and I decided to run with it.

Her eyes had flared hot.

"But I'll tell you what. Here is my deal. I'm not interested in fucking you, but you are a gorgeous young lady. I've got the video camera here that we use during the tournaments. You agree to play three rounds of Dance Dance Revolution and let me tape it."

Her eyes narrowed suspiciously. "What's the catch?"

"The catch is that you dance in that outfit during the first round. For the second round you take off that delightful top and the skirt. The third round will be just you and those cute bracelets and the dog collar. That's a total of three rounds, nine songs. If you make it through, I tear up this counseling form, you get a pass on tonight's faux pa, and an indulgence of one more screw up. If you don't clear all the stages, I still will tear up the counseling form and you get a pass on shutting the store early. No indulgence."

Damn was this a risk. I'd never tried anything like this before with any of my employees and I could see the wheels of consideration working quickly in this young lady's mind. I wondered if she would take the offer.

"All right, I'll do it," she said finally.

I smiled. "Great. Go turn on the game while I get the video camera set up." She nodded and hurried out of the office as I moved into the supply closet. A small portion of my mind was shouting loudly that what I was doing was wrong, but the running excitement drowned out the voice of reason and I quickly grabbed the camera and tripod.

The games in the Pit were already on as I carried my home video studio out of the office and I saw Becky waiting by the game. It only took a moment to set up the camera next to the console, pointing it directly at the dance platform, and then we were ready.

"Get on the platform so I can position the camera." I ordered her. Becky moved, her steps and body language shouting out her dislike of the situation.

"What's your problem?" I asked.

"I'm not sure about this," she replied, motioning at the camera and the game.

"Really? This is nothing! You were throwing your body around just a moment ago, offering to fuck me."

"Well, I didn't think you would take me up on it," Becky replied with a sneer.

"Well, what did you think I would do?" I demanded, getting angry.

"I thought you'd just be nicer to me and not fire me."

I guess this had worked with other supervisors before. Shame it didn't work with me though. I smiled. "Do you want to dance or not? You're not irreplaceable, Becky."

Once more she hesitated, so I decided to push. "Fine. You're fired. Get your stuff and get out." I started to unplug the camera.

"Wait! Wait, Jeff!" she said quickly. I turned back toward her.

"Well?" I asked, crossing my arms.

She bit her lip, nodding. "I'll do it." She was so cute, so demure.

"Great. The camera is ready. Go ahead and ring up some service credits."

I had already turned the camera on and had been recording the whole thing. She bent down low to open the coin door with her game key and I zoomed in on her cleavage as she reached in to the game and pressed the service button. I heard the distinctive sounds of credits ringing up and panned back out as she stood straight.

She quickly selected her normal choices, concentrating on the game and studiously ignoring my entranced observation. Her song selection was a little heavy for my own taste, but it had a good rhythm, and her dance steps were confidant despite the heavy leather knee boots. Her steel chain belt danced up and down across her plaid covered hips and I watched with delightful anticipation as her halter covered breasts bounced around like bowls of finely sculpted gelatin.

It didn't take long to run through the first three songs and we reached our first stopping point. I made sure that the tape was recording correctly and then took a zoom shot of Becky's delightfully flushed face as she turned to me with a hopeful look in her eye. I leaned away from the camera after panning back outward and indicated that I expected her to continue. I motioned for her to follow the terms of our agreement.

My god what a pair! She had quickly grasped the bottom of her halter top, right above the pierced naval, and yanked the black cloth upward over her head. She dropped it behind the game and stretched, ever so slightly, turning her torso left and right, showing me and the camera a set of the most curvaceous and creamy white breasts that had ever existed. The nipples were large and pink, not that dark brown you see on so many girls, and I felt a sudden rush to my cock, feeling myself harden.

I swallowed as she slipped her fingers under the steel chain encircling her waist and unhooked the plaid skirt. For a second, I wondered if she were as bare below as she was above, but my eyes quickly caught the black silk thong that wrapped around her hips. A small sliver of cloth covered her mound and my eyes widened as I realized that my employee must shave her ripe little petals to have such bare skin with such small panties.

Becky ignored me and once more squatted down to ring up credits on the DDR. I smiled as her knees spread wide, giving the camera an in depth view of her scantily clad sex and the dangling perfection of her breasts. I marveled once again at her body. She wasn't bone thin, but instead had a soft, well rounded ripeness that once associates in fruit and lush women.

Her song selection still left a lot to be desired though, and I wondered if the rap music would destroy the value of the video. I decided to choose the next song for her as she began to sway in rhythm. She was amazing. Her body jumped across the pads as if she was fully clothed and unobserved, and I found myself absently rubbing my own cock through my pants as her breasts swayed and bounced to the beat.

I stood entranced as she danced her three songs, the steel belt and bracelets jingling slightly and in marked contrast to her alabaster skin. It was very hard to control my desire at that moment. She stood panting, her breasts heaving with a glimmer of moisture coating her body. She glistened under the heavy spotlights of the game. After a moment, she looked directly at me, her thumbs hooking the hip-hugging strings of her thong, and she peeled it downward over her boots. I thought my heart would stop as I caught sight of her slit. I was right. She did shave, and I could see a nipple matching pinkness as she pressed her legs together.

Once more she moved to the game and dropped down. My throat tightened as her legs parted and I quickly zoomed the camera in to get my first good look at her luscious flower. The lips of her sex were puffy and slick with juice and I wished I had a vibrator that I could slide right up into her body. Her petals were made to be wrapped around something thick, hard, and wide.

She stood up again but this time I moved to the controls and selected the music. She frowned at me, not very pleased with my more lyrical choice. I smiled deeply at her as she backed up onto the platform. I moved back to the camera, watching as she began stomping out the steps. With every movement she made I was able to see the swelling petals of her flower. Her breasts rocked in time with her motions and the slick sheen upon her skin glowed like oil.

I selected the next two dances, operating the camera and gazing in rapt attention as Becky let all abandon go, jumping around the dance floor, even twirling and waving her ass right at me. I was going weak at the knees, watching, and I almost thanked God out loud that this was the last dance. Her silky breasts hung before me like two ripe pieces of fruit waiting to be plucked and devoured. The black cuffs and collar evoked some caged slave response and I could detect the scent of her arousal, a musky perfume that seemed to bring forth some deep feeling from inside me.

The last song ended and Becky jumped from the platform, snatching up her thong, skirt, and halter with a quick dip. I watched her dart up the stairs to the restroom, her leather cuffs and chain ringing with every jaunty step. I stood, still dazed from the performance. It took me awhile to rouse myself and the first thing I noticed was the intense ache in my shaft. I throbbed, still pulsing in time with the attract songs of DDR.

She came out after a few minutes, fully dressed, looking every inch the slut. The look on her face was a shabby disgusted frown that spoke volumes. She quickly came down the stairs and stood expectantly in front of me. I casually reached down and adjusted the wooden post under my slacks and reached out to pick up the counseling form. I tore it in two and handed it to her.

"You earned it, plus the indulgence." I grimaced. "Just try not to burn the store down, ok?"

She suddenly smiled. "I think I won't bother to show up on Saturday."

I rolled my eyes, sighing audibly. "Whatever. Go on. Get out of here. Go to your party or whatever."

Becky laughed and leaned toward me, planting a chaste kiss against my cheek. "You're a dirty old man. But you're a nice boss. Bye." She waved at me and left the arcade, her red covered hips swaying.

I turned back toward the Dance Dance Revolution, sure that my memories of this game would always be different from every other arcade manager, forever.

The End

Copyright© 2013 by Michael Alexander. All rights reserved.