The Slave Within


Mermaid Master and emerald

Chapter 7 - The Final Surrender

Two weeks had gone by and Sierra was getting used to the new life she had entered.  When she thought about it, she deeply resented the way she was being treated but she couldn’t help but admit she was enjoying it immensely.  She was fighting it but she found seeing Sam was like drinking water.  On weekends she was home and just thought about him all day.  She tried to distract herself but it was no use.  She just ended up fantasizing about being spanked.  She tired hard to hate it because it was so humiliating but she wanted it so badly that she ended up bad-tempered and throwing things in frustration.  Then she would go back to work, kneel in submission before him and feel a sense of peace and joy that she could not experience any other way.

Sam was having very much the opposite problem.  He also hated how much Sierra had come to mean to him.  He had any woman he wanted in the company but he wanted her.  He too found weekends without her to be interminable.  He could make her work overtime if he wanted to but believed that would be an admission of helplessness.  He knew he loved her but that didn’t mean he had to surrender.  It was she who was obligated to give in, not him.  He tried to distract himself but to no avail.  His mind insisted on dwelling on her and how lovely she was when she was kneeling in submission, ready to serve him in any way.  Just the thought of her was enough to make his cock hard but the thought of taking another girl without her was not appealing.  To enjoy others with her was delightful, that just added to his pleasure but he had to have her first.

The more he thought about it, the more he decided that the thing to do was to get absolute and total surrender.  Then he would have accomplished what he wanted and could move on to another conquest.  That was the thing about slaves.  He didn’t think he would look for another slave but he wanted to push her limits.  When one fell, there was always another.  She would serve him well and completely.  He thought about the punishment room downstairs. There was something exquisite about rendering her totally helpless and defenseless and then using her for his pleasure.  But he wanted her to enjoy it too, especially if it was in spite of herself.

“Sierra, come in here,” said Sam to his intercom.

Sierra heard his voice come through her intercom and shuddered.  She stood up and went to his office, stopping to gently knock at the door before opening it.

“Come on in,” said Sam when he heard the knock.  He saw Sierra come in dressed in her skimpy clothing, such as it was, and admired how her hips swayed in the high heels.  He stood up, moved over to the spanking chair and licked his lips as he motioned to her to come closer.

Sierra went to him and knelt at his feet. She lowered her eyes and asked him, “Master, do you need something from your slave?”

“Yes I do.  Several things as a matter of fact.  Let’s start with your check in which you haven’t done yet.”

Sierra thought for a minute.  She was starting to wonder what life would be like if she was free and not enslaved.  The thought scared her and she shook it off but it was there.  She knelt before him and pondered what made the drive within her to be a slave so strong.  She wondered if she could ever again make it on her own without him.  He had become the stuff of life to her.  “Master your slave is here to serve you in any way you wish,” she said, as she had been taught, but again, she wondered why.

Sam looked at her and felt a tremendous, intoxicating rush of power.  It was more than just the erotic delight of having a beautiful girl, dressed in as provocative and sexy a manner as he could think of offering herself to him to use as he saw fit.  It was the thrill of knowing that he was giving her what she needed so ardently in return.  “Go on,” he told her sternly.

Sierra blushed at the thought of the next question. She once again stopped to think of why she would ask someone that question. Did she really love to be spanked?  Or was it just him spanking her?  She wondered if it would be this way for her forever, serving and offering her bottom daily for his use.  The thought was erotic but the mixed emotions she was starting to experience were frustrating.  She knew about the laws and about the way things just were.  She also knew that there were serious consequences for disobeying these laws but she was starting to yearn for discovery.  She realized that she had taken much too long to ask the question and Sam was tapping his foot impatiently.  “Would you like to spank your slave Master?” she asked in a somewhat quiet tone, her thoughts still drifting.

“If I did, how should I spank you?”

Sierra was taken aback by that question.  So much so that she almost fell off her knees which is extremely difficult.  She opened her mouth to speak and no words would come.  She decided she would pretend she had no idea what he meant.  She had no intention of catering to this.  Wasn't he the Master?  Was it not right that everything was his decision?  She looked up at him.  “Slave does not know what you mean Master,” she said, trying to hide the embarrassment from her tone.

Sam grinned, knowing he had her again.  “I want you to tell me exactly how you want to be spanked.  And don’t try to tell me you don’t want it because I know you do, you little slut.”

Sierra felt like her heart stopped.  She wished the floor would open up and eat her. She prayed someone would knock on the door, the phone would ring, the elevator would get stuck with people in it, the fire alarm would go off.  Anything but this.  As she thought about it, she realized she was not going to be that fortunate.  She was angered by his exposure of her, but at the same time she found it very erotic.  She hated that he could do this to her.  She thought about complete defiance.  Perhaps telling him “no” would make the subject change to something less revealing and less embarrassing.  She opened up her mouth to tell him “no” and realized she couldn’t do that either.  She decided to play into him.  If he was going to try to do this she wasn’t going to make it easy.

“Slave enjoys it whichever way you choose to give it to her Master.  That is how she wants to be spanked.”  She grinned inwardly, proud of herself for thinking that through.

“I know that and that is proper but that is not what I asked you.”  Sam knew good and well that she was trying to run and he wasn’t having any of it.  She was his slave now, totally and completely.  The sooner she realized that, the better it would be for both of them.

Sierra blushed brightly.  It brought tears to her eyes just from the intensity.  She was experiencing a wide range of emotion but she knew she had better answer him.  She had played enough.  She really did not want to answer but he was watching her intently, probably relishing this.  She growled and didn’t care if he heard her or not. “Over your lap Master, please,” she said and then continued, “with anything you choose.  Your slave craves intensity, Master.”  She took a breath before continuing, “Please, Master, she desires to feel your cock under her and her behind on fire.”  She squirmed uncomfortably and hoped this would satisfy him.

Sam was thrilled.  “Go and lock the door,” he told her.  She did as she was told and then he said, “Open my pants.”

She blushed again.  Sierra stood up and silently went and locked the door.  Kneeling before him again, she undid the button to his pants gently and lowered the zipper, awaiting further instruction, still blushing brightly.

Sam’s hard cock stood up as his underwear gave way.  “Now place yourself over my lap, face down and put your hands behind your back.”

Sierra stood up and lowered herself over his lap, her face still aglow. She did not like when he held her hands back so she made a point of “forgetting” to put her hands back, wriggling her bottom to distract him, feeling his hard cock up against her.  Her mind was racing from all of this and she was getting extremely turned on.  She sighed inwardly.  No matter what she did, she could not stay mad at him for longer than a second or two.

Sam wasted no time grabbing both wrists in his left hand and smacking her bottom smartly with his right.  Her squirming reaction nearly set him off.  He smacked her again hard, leaving a pink handprint on her creamy ass.

Sierra was taken aback by the sudden intensity.  She wriggled in delight and in pain as the force of his smacks took her by surprise.  She had been desiring this.  Craving it.  Yearning for it.  She tried to pull her hands away but he was too strong.  She was extremely turned on now and knew there was no hiding it.

Sam smacked her a few more times, quickly and vigorously.  She could smell her arousal and knew she was really getting turned on.  He kept it up until his hand started to sting and he knew her bottom was getting really hot but he suspected that she needed more.  He reached over to the nearby hanger and removed the leather paddle that he kept there.  He raised it and brought it down over her cheeks with a loud smack!

Sierra wriggled and saw stars. The pleasure was so intense. she couldn’t believe it.  Her bottom was on fire and with each smack came a new burst of sensation to her pussy.  She pleaded with him to stop but she didn’t want him to listen.  She wriggled involuntarily now and was scared she would fall of his lap.  His grip held her firm as the pleasure overloaded her circuits.  She didn’t want to ask yet because she didn’t want it to end but the intensity was reaching unbelievable heights.

“Master may your slave please cum?” she blurted out, barely aware of where the voice was coming from and that it was her that had said it.

Sam decided that he wanted to take her all the way.  He didn’t answer but reached between her legs which parted easily to let him have access.  Then he put his fingers on her wet pussy and began to rub her clit.

Sierra squirmed frantically and bucked as his fingers touched her.  The pleasure almost caused her to explode instantly and she fought hard against it, squirming to get away before she lost control but wanting, no, needing more.  She gasped and moaned as her every movement sent her into orbit.  She was fighting to contain and pleaded one more time, “Master pleeeese may your slave cum, pleeeeese?” she said, on the verge of doing it anyhow.

Sam knew what to do.  “Cum for me NOW, slave,” he ordered in a firm tone of voice.

Sierra came hard.  Harder than she thought she ever had.  She saw stars and felt like she would pass out but the pleasure just kept coming.  She lost awareness of her surroundings and her body shook hard, wracked by the surge of intensity.  She slowly started to come back to her senses and realized she couldn’t speak, she could hardly move.  Her body was still trembling when several minutes later she was finally able to say, “Thank you, Master.”

Sam was delighted.  Each time this happened it brought her closer to where he wanted her.  He knew, even if she didn’t, she was coming to terms with what she was, inside.  “Now, back on your knees and continue.”

Sierra almost stumbled as she stood up on wobbly legs.  Sam caught her and steadied her as she went back to her knees.  She had to remember what was next.  She was in an endorphin zone, she felt almost high.  Her voice wavered and fell into almost a whisper as she asked, “Master, would you like to use your slave’s body for your pleasure?”

Sam just stared at her in delight.  Then he said, “Yes, climb up here facing me.  Sit on my lap and spread your legs to either side.”  He helped her into the position that he wanted and could feel his stiff cock press against her.  A bit of squirming and then he slipped inside her.

She gasped as she felt his cock fill her.

Sierra trembled at the sensation his cock caused.  She couldn’t contain herself.  She wanted to go slow and be gentle but she rode him like a wild stallion, bucking and writhing her hips.  She could see she was driving him crazy as she rocked her hips, taking all of him deep inside of her.  Her breasts jiggled up and down in motion with her body and she, for a moment, was unleashed, grunting and moaning with an animal desire to feel him cum inside of her.

Sam was momentarily taken aback as he lost control to the demon sitting in his lap.  He began to buck, meeting her with his own fury, pushing against her and matching her squirming with his own thrusts.  He put one arm around her to keep her from falling off and the other clamped on her large breasts and squeezed them gently but firmly.  He leaned forward to suck on them both because he liked that and to partly distract himself and prevent cumming too soon.  Then he could feel her squeezing him with her inside muscles and that did it.  He couldn’t hold back and he felt himself start to put hot squirts of his seed inside her.  An animal sound of passion burst from his throat.  He almost pushed her from his lap but he had his arm around her and he wouldn’t let her fall.  He gritted his teeth and felt his cock explode inside her.  Gradually his passion was spent and he drew her in close as he rested his head on her damp breasts.

Sierra’s head was spinning.  This world was so fantastic, so amazing.  She wanted to lay here with him forever.  Then the questions started to flood her mind again.  She did not know how to live without him.  Yet, he could discard her any moment.  She was young and had not learned the ways of the world.  The thought of him ever letting her go terrified her.  She was not sure if it was the fear of being alone or the fear of having to be in control.  One way or the other, it was causing problems for her.  She did not tell him.  She kept it to herself.

Sam was blissfully unaware of Sierra’s fear.  His breathing slowed and came back to normal.  He smiled and drew her in closer.  He put his arms around her and held her close for a moment.  Then he pushed her gently away.  “Back on your knees and continue.”

Sierra lowered to her knees.  Her head was still trying to comprehend questions with no answers.  “Is there anything else your slave can do for you Master?” she asked quietly, hoping he would not see the emotion in her eyes.

Sam looked at her and knew she was taken but had no idea how.  He didn’t answer at first.  He just wanted her focused totally on him.  He thought about her and was reminded that the balance of power here was far more delicate than she knew.  He wanted to smile and he felt again the tremendous power of the connection. 

He looked at her and felt the love he had for her.  He was her Master and knew he owned her but in the way of yin and yang, she owned him too.  “Yes. I want you to come to see me tomorrow.”  He hesitated a moment as she realized tomorrow was Saturday.  “I want you to work overtime.  Not here at the office.  At my home  I will give you instructions.”

A knot formed in Sierra’s stomach. Certainly he couldn’t mean that. She studied his expression and realized he did.  Sam was taking her to his home.  She did not know what to think.  She felt like this was some sort of a commitment she wasn’t ready for.  She did not know what this meant.  She knew she could not refuse him but she felt she was getting too attached to someone who could just toss her away any minute.  She fought back tears at the thought and tried to stop her racing thoughts long enough to answer, “Yes, Master,” was all she could say.

He just looked at her.  He felt a deep sense of satisfaction.  All was right with the world.  He smiled and nodded in satisfaction.  He glanced at his watch.  Then he looked at her again.  “I will see you tomorrow.  He began to dress.  He left her kneeling there until he was finished and then he wrote his address and handed it to her.  “I will see you at ten.”

Sierra watched as he left the room and then she got up and straightened.  She dressed herself and gathered her things to go home.  Her mind was a flurry of confusion and questions.  Walking through the now empty parking lot, she unlocked the door to her car.  It was a cool night with a gentle breeze blowing.  She fought the desire to cry.  She sat down, rested her head on the steering wheel and took a deep breath.  Just then there was a knock on her window.

 Sierra jumped and almost hit the roof of the car.  She looked and saw a woman standing there.  Her hair was tousled, and Sierra was afraid to open the door.  She cracked the window a bit instead.

“Nice collar,” the woman said with a chuckle.

Sierra instinctively put her hand up to it, almost as a means of protecting it from the harsh words.

 “Get away from me,” Sierra said and started to roll up the window.

The woman softened.  “Look, I didn’t mean any harm, hun,” she said. “Just hear me out and if you don’t like what I have to say then you can go.”

Sierra wondered how this woman was allowed to dress this way, and talk this way.

 “Can I get in?” asked the woman looking around anxiously.

Sierra decided she looked safe enough. “Of course,” she replied and unlocked the other door.

 The woman climbed in and looked at Sierra like she had found a wounded puppy.  She reached out to touch Sierra’s collar but Sierra pulled away.

“You poor thing, what have they done to you?”

Sierra instantly started on the defensive.  “Oh, nothing!  My Master gave me this collar and he is a wonderful Master and he takes very good care of me and I love him and...” she realized she was rambling and could hardly believe what was coming out of her mouth.

 Shhhh,” said the woman. “It’s ok, honey.  But let me tell you something.  Dogs wear collars, not women.  Women are proud and strong.  We have no need for men.”

Sierra was flabbergasted.  She started to interrupt but this woman was having no part of it and her submissive nature set her down before she could speak.  

Listen, there is a group of women.  We are opposing the way the government works.  You can be free honey.  No chains, no rules.  Do whatever you want.  We have to be very careful of course.  The law forbids it.”

Sierras mind went racing.

The woman continued.  “No more being used.  No more being treated like a dog.  No more Master.  Honey, we have been freeing slaves like you for a long time.”

Sierra stopped trying to interrupt and let the words sink in.

The woman looked sincere.  Sierra started to feel like she was some kind of a victim.  All of the questions that had come up all day were now back.  Perhaps this woman could answer them.  Sierra started the car, moved it to a remote location and the two women talked for hours. After it was all over, the woman gave her a card.

“Look honey, I can’t make your decision for you.  I know leaving is not easy.  But he will throw you away just the same as he took you.  That is the only thing you can count on.  If you decide that you want out, you have a safe place to go.  Call me anytime.”

 With that the woman opened the car door and got out closing it behind her.  She was gone before Sierra knew which way she had gone.

Sierra drove home in silence.  No usual music, no singing.  Her mind was in disbelief of what had just happened.  She pulled into her driveway and shut the engine off.  Maybe this was a sign.  Her mind had been questioning all day and this woman came out of nowhere.  Sierra realized she didn’t even know her name.  She picked up the card out of the coin holder.

“Underground Women’s Liberation Movement” or U.W.L.M for short, was listed on the card.  There were no names.  Only a simple crisis number for slaves to call for help.

Sierra tucked the card in her purse with shaking hands.  She exited the car and went inside.  She proceeded to do her nightly chores and took a hot relaxing bath.  By the time she climbed into bed, she had made up her mind.  She was going to run away.  The problem was she couldn’t do it right away.  Not without saying goodbye to Sam.  

But she knew she could not say goodbye for he would never let her leave.  Especially not for this.  But her need to see him just once more overrode her desire to be free.  She truly loved him.  That much she knew.

She had a fitful night’s sleep.  She tossed and turned and could not get any rest.  By the time the sun was coming up, she gave up and made a pot of coffee.  She took a shower and did her best to hide the bags under her eyes as she put her makeup on.  She sat down at the table trying to gain some confidence while sipping on her coffee and lost in thought.  Time flew and before she knew it, it was time to leave.

She got in the car and programmed her GPS to take her to Sam’s house.  She drove in silence and the closer she got, the bigger the knot in her stomach grew.  She decided to start a fight with him.  She would rebel and get mad and stomp out like every other time in the past, only this time, she wasn’t coming back.

As she turned into his driveway, she felt sick.  She did not know if she could do it.  She put the car in park and shut off the engine.  She had to compose herself and act like nothing was wrong.

She walked up the beautifully landscaped path that led to the door hidden by a nest of trees.  His house was very beautiful.  She hesitated as she knocked.  She heard the turning of the lock and Sam opened the door.

Sierra paid his comment very little attention.  She took a step towards him and asked, “Well are you going to let me in or not?” and then with an added tone of indignity added “It’s a dress I like.  It’s the weekend.  I don’t really care if you like it or not,” she said, straight faced, looking right into his eyes.  She had to fight to keep her legs from collapsing.  She was dreading his reply.

Sam opened his mouth to chastise her severely and didn’t know what to say.  This was ridiculous.  She was his PA and more than that, his slave.  He OWNED her.  He took a deep breath and then said, “Come in.”

Sierra looked at him incredulous.  This was going to be harder than she thought.  She stepped past him and into his house looking around.  It was very neat, clean and nicely furnished. It had all of the comforts of home and then some.  She couldn't think of one single thing to start something about.  “So this is where the great Sam lives,” intentionally using his first name which she had never done before and knew full well was not allowed. “Nice house,” she said and then added, “can we make this quick, please?  I have a hair appointment.  I’m quite tired of being a blonde,” knowing that he loved blondes.

He looked at her and then to his own surprise as much as Sierra’s he stepped close to her and just took her in his arms.  He put his arms around her and gave her a tight hug.  He almost couldn’t let her go.  Finally he let go and told her, “You are a slave and I am not about to let you get away with that.  The work will have to wait.

Sierra was frustrated now.  Could she say nothing that would upset this man!?  She would have to try harder.  She looked at him and couldn’t believe she was doing this but she had a resolve and was sticking with it.  “I don’t care to see your house Sam.  Just show me why you decided I needed to come here on my own time on the weekend please so I can leave.  Hmm, I think I’ll look fabulous as a red head, or maybe black, what do you think, Sam?”

Sam looked at her.  She didn’t know it but she had scored.  His plans went out the window.  He could force her into anything but he was past that.  His face a stoic mask he told her, “I understand and I’m sorry I asked you to come.  You may go and I will see you on Monday.”  It wasn’t a ploy and Sam had no plans beyond trying to deal with the yawning cavern that had opened inside him.

Sierra felt wounded.  She knew she had hurt him.  She had hurt herself.  She gave him a hug back and whispered, “I'm sorry,” and headed for the door.  She turned around once to look at him.  To look at the man she would never see again and he did not even know.  His eyes pleaded for her return but Sierra turned and walked out the door.  Her body was numb.  She walked back down the path and got in her car.  Out of anger she slapped the wheel several times and then she broke.  Wracking sobs tore through her like a hot knife through butter.  She could not believe that she had done that.  She wondered if he would have been furious had she told him she would never see him again.  She took his passivity to mean that he really didn't care that much and even though she knew better, she let that be her reason.  With sobs still wracking her body she took the card from her purse.  With trembling hands she dialed the number on the card.  When a voice on the other end answered she said, “This is Sierra.  I need help.”

“Where are you dear?”

She told the person who answered and she was told, “We’ll be right there to help you.  Just wait a few minutes.”

Sierra felt like she was dying of thirst in the desert with no hope of being rescued.  Tears were falling as she sat there and she didn’t know what to do.

It wasn’t long before a car drove up behind her and a woman got out.  She came hurrying over to Sierra and opened the driver’s side door.  “We’re here to help you, dear.  Come with me, please.”

Sierra was numb and got out of the car and let herself be ushered into the car belonging to the stranger.

Sierra rested her head against the window.  She was lost in thought.  She looked back to see someone else driving her car and was relieved that she wasn’t going to be trapped wherever they were taking her.  They went out into the country and everything started to look the same to her.  Finally, they turned in a driveway hidden well with trees and with a tall fence and a locking gate.  “We are home,” said one of the women.

Nice home, Sierra thought.  What about the life she had, her house, her friends... and Sam?  Her mind drifted away back to him and, as the car pulled up and stopped, she was wracked by tears again.

Sierra was helped out of the car by a nice looking woman and led into the building.  She followed the woman to a room and the woman led her in. “This will be where you will stay.  We are here to talk to you if you need it but for now we will just let you get settled in and you can come out whenever you are ready.”

The room was nice.  Still, Sierra felt out of place.  What was she doing here? she thought to herself.

The woman hugged her softly, whispering that it would be alright and closed the door behind her.

Sierra sat down and lifted a handmade card off the pillow.  It looked as though it had been made by little children.  “Welcome Survivor,” it read on the front.  Slowly she opened it and inside she read, “This is where you begin your new life.  The past is forgotten, the future is ahead and we are here for you, It was signed by other occupants of the facility.

Sierra cried with questions flooding her mind.  Was slavery really abuse?  She picked up a pamphlet entitled, “Domestic violence and you!” off the nightstand.  She quickly put it down and slumped down onto the bed.  She just grabbed the pillow and cried.  All she could think of was Sam.  She knew this wasn't her life.  She felt caught in a dream.  She didn't feel like an abused woman but according to the people here, apparently, she was.

Finally, when there were no more tears to cry she sat up.  Slowly she opened the door.  There were lots of women milling around and they all stopped to stare at her.  “Hi,” ventured Sierra in a weak voice.

They all smiled and came over to introduce themselves.  Some of them were slaves and Sierras hand reached up to touch her collar.

One of the staff members said, “Here, let me help you with that

“NO!” said Sierra, stepping backwards away from her so fast that she almost fell.

Its OK, Sierra,” said the woman.  “You can wait.  Whenever you’re ready.”

Sierra wanted to run back to her room but they were getting ready to have a meeting.  They sat down at the long wooden table.  There were twelve other women there.  Sierra listened to the definition of abuse, domestic violence and stories of power and control.  By the time the meeting was over Sierra felt like a victim, herself.  It was the same way she had felt sitting in her car with the strange woman who brought it up in the first place.

Afterwards the women all stood around talking about women’s liberation and other nonsense that Sierra didn’t want to listen to.  She said her goodnights and went back to the quiet of her room.  Her head was filled with thoughts and questions and then her mind went back to Sam.  Tears came again and she cried herself to sleep.

Unknown to Sierra, the woman who had picked her up had been under surveillance by a federal task force for some time.  Helping bonded slaves to run was a federal offense.  They had been having trouble finding the so-called “safe house” but this time they had followed the car successfully.  The special agent in charge called in the local police to help them.  They would make the raid tonight and deal with them.  The girls who ran the place would probably be sentenced to enslavement themselves and the slaves there would be sent back to their owners.

The marked police cars moved in quietly with their lights off.  They ran into problems with the high security fence but when they were ready, they would just knock it down.  They knew the girls there weren’t armed as they were the same silly people who opposed the right to bear arms.  One car at a time drove silently up to the fence all around and got ready.  The areas enclosed by trees were infiltrated by men on foot.  Charges of explosive were planted that would knock the fence flat in seconds.  Then the word came over the radio, “GO!”

There were the loud but not deafening cracks of the explosives destroying the fend and the men moved in.  It was bedlam in the building as the women had no idea what was going on or what to do about it.  For police purposes, every woman there was regarded as an escaped slave with just the fact that some did not wear a collar indicating that they were staff.

Sierra came out of her room totally confused and saw the milling women who didn’t have any idea what to do or where to go.  Then uniformed police poured in grabbing the women and holding them.  “Strip them and check them for weapons,” was shouted out by the police commander.

Sierra found herself grabbed roughly by one of the officers and he wasted no time putting a hand into her dress and pulling it away.  It took a couple of tries before the dress started to rip and she tried to tell him she would take it off but he wasn’t listening.  Then she felt another pair of hands pulling at her dress behind her and the dress tore apart.  She had deliberately worn a bra, panties and pantyhose just to spite Sam but it was the work of a moment before they too were in rags.  She stood there naked with male police all around her.  Then the two cops who had stripped her began to pat her as if she were still dressed.  They could see that she didn’t have anything but they did it anyway.

One of them told her to open her mouth.  She did immediately and he shone a flashlight down her throat.

“Put her on the bench and let’s finish,” one said.  They dragged her over to a bend against the wall and told her to sit down.  She obeyed and then they pushed her down on her back.  “Spread your legs,” the one cop said.

Sierra just looked at them.  She had had enough.

To her surprise, they didn’t get rough with her, they just had her stand up.  But then one of the cops sat down and the next thing she knew, she was face down over his lap.

“You will do as you are told,” he said to her and then started to spank her with his hand.

She could feel the tools in his utility belt pressing against her as he held her down and smacked her bottom.  As the heat started to build, she began to kick and squirm but she couldn’t get away.  Worse, her pussy started to get wet.  If they found out, she would just die of embarrassment.  The cop continued to smack her and all the heat went straight to her pussy.  She was afraid she was going to lose it when the cop stopped.

“You had better have learned your lesson, little girl, or I will use my belt.’  He pushed her off his lap and the other cop grabbed her. 

“Now get down and spread your legs so we can search you.”

Sierra couldn’t bring herself to do it under the circumstances so now the second cop pulled her up, sat down and pulled her back over his lap. 

Sierra felt like she was going to explode.  She was more aroused than she had ever been in her life.  She was getting woozy and felt like she was about to pass out.  She was just about to surrender and let herself cum when the cop stopped the spanking.  She almost screamed at him not to stop but didn’t get a chance.  They pulled her erect and then back to the bench once more.  This time both cops pulled her trembling legs apart and saw how wet she was.

“Hey!  Look at this,” one said.  “She likes it.”

Sierra didn’t know which was a brighter red, her flaming ass or her face.  She couldn’t even fight back as they spread her legs wide.

“We had better search her,” one said.  The two cops wasted no time putting their fingers into her pussy and spreading it apart.  Then they started to fondle her in the most blatant, intimate way, pretending they were looking for something she might have hidden.  They took turns rubbing their thumbs against her clit and keeping her spread open so they could go in and out with their fingers.

Sierra could no more hold back than she could stop her heart from beating.  She began to cum and just kept on cumming.  It was so intense that she couldn’t breathe and finally she lost consciousness.

“Come on, girl, wake up.”  The cop slapped her gently on the cheek.  When she opened her eyes, he told her to stand up.  She had to have help to stand on wobbly legs.  “We have to finish the search.  Bend over and spread your cheeks,” he said.

Sierra couldn’t believe this was happening.  She could tell these brutes meant business but if they thought for one minute that she was going to stand for any more of this they were wrong.  She stood up to make the motion like she was going to comply and, at the last minute, she turned and started to run.  She thought for sure there would be no way out and she couldn’t remember how she came in but she was going to try.  It seemed she was making progress when she didn’t feel anyone grab her from behind.  She ran down the hall and could hear the men close behind her.

In moments several had caught her roughly and were forcing her to come back with them.  They took great liberties fondling her as they dragged her with them.  Finally an older cop with the uniform of a supervisor came up to see what was going on. 

“Slave attempting to escape from custody, sir.  We were trying to finish the search and she bolted.”

“Well this calls for summary punishment and then another chance.  Doug, you and Len do it and then if she still refuses to cooperate, we will have to call her owner.”

“Yes sir,” they said and they took her over to the bench.  She was still naked except for her high heels which for some reason they hadn’t removed.  It would have been better if they had since she would have had more of a chance to get away.

One of them sat down and took her over his lap to spank her.  The other just stood back and watched.

Sierra kicked and squirmed to no avail.  The threat of them calling Sam was too much, though.  She didn't want him to know about this.  “Please don’t call my Master, sirs,” she pleaded.  “I'll do anything you want.  She squirmed from the strength of the spanking and her bottom heated up.  She tried to fight the pleasure she was getting but like any other time she was unable to.  It just kept building.  Tears of frustration fell from her cheeks as she realized that she couldn’t fight the pleasure off anymore.  Soon, with every smack of his hand, she was wriggling frantically, trying to fight off the urge to cum.  “Please stop, please, this slave has learned her lesson," she pleaded, trying to evade the embarrassing, guaranteed outcome that was about to happen.

To her relief, the first cop stopped and helped her off his lap.  But she had no sooner stood up than the second cop sat down and pulled her back over his lap.  To make matters worse, he began to rub her bottom sensuously in preparation for more spanking.

Sierra burst into tears, not from the pain but from the mortification and certain knowledge that she couldn’t control herself much longer.

Sierra cried out, “No!  Please, please stop,” but the cop just started spanking her, thoroughly enjoying her struggle.  Finally, she couldn’t take it anymore and she exploded.  She cried out as the intensity took her so much by surprise, she didn’t know what to do.  He just kept on spanking her and, with her once again on the brink of fainting, he stopped.

Sierra couldn’t gather her thoughts any longer.

The one cop said, “I think she’s been punished enough, what do you say, Doug?”

“Yes, I think so.  Let’s see if she is ready to obey.”

Sierra could hardly stand up at this point.  They still made her stand up and said to her, “Now are you ready to listen?  Bend over and spread your cheeks so we can finish.”

Sierra knew she couldn't win and they weren't going to give up.  Reluctantly, she bent over and with both hands shaking, grabbed her bottom cheeks and exposed herself to them.  One of them whistled and made a lewd remark while she almost died of embarrassment.  Her cheeks were so flushed, they almost put the flames of a fire to shame.  One of the cops rubbed his finger over her most hidden place and she jumped, almost falling on her head.

“No sirs, please.” she begged.  “Even Sa... I mean my Master has never gone there before,” she pleaded, trying to dodge every attempt at them touching her.

The two cops looked at each other.  “You know she is a slave,” one said.  “I bet she can give great head.”

“Personally I just like her titties.  I always wanted to feel what they would be like.”

“Shall we take her in the room back there?”

“Sure, why not?”

The two uniformed cops each took an arm of the naked slave and took her into one of the rooms that had been emptied. 

“Alright girl,” said one of them.  “Take down my pants and use those big tits of yours to get me off.”

Sierra was horrified, disgusted and embarrassed.  She decided to comply as she definitely didn't want another spanking but she decided that they could not stop her from using her voice.  She angrily got on her knees, making sure there was nothing erotic about her movements.  She was not giving them any more to jeer about.

“You are all pigheaded asses,” she said, not caring what they did to her.  “I hope that one day you get what’s coming to you, you brutes!”  She heard one of them tell her to shut up and so she did.  

The cop put some lube on her chest and smeared it all over.  She couldn’t figure out where he got that from.  It wasn’t what she would have thought of as normal police equipment.  She opened the cop’s pants, wrapped her breasts around his cock and marveled at its size.  Then she stopped herself.  She was not going to act even remotely interested.

She went through the motions, not making eye contact and blushing brightly.  The cop was bored.

“Wow, if this is the best you can do I’m surprised you are owned at all," he sneered at her.  “Put some damn emotion in it girl.  Please me!”

Sierra wanted to bite him.  Considering the alternative to having her backdoor played with, however, this was a better option.  She worked her breasts expertly on his cock with the skill of a seasoned whore.  She stroked and rubbed and got more furious every second.  She wanted to smack him, to run away.  Instead she complied, against her wishes.

The cop was really getting into this.  He began to push against her and got more and more aroused.  Sierra tried to pretend she was bored but every time he pushed, his cock would slide up into her face.  Finally she looked up just in time to avoid having his seed shoot into her face.  He gave a couple more pushes and then he relaxed and pushed her away.

“I want her too but you got jism all over her.  Let’s clean her up.  Then I’ll have my turn.”

They each took and arm and took her out into the hallway and down towards a bathroom.  Just then they all heard a shout from behind that froze Sierra in place.  She couldn’t turn around but she knew who it was.

“Just one damn minute.  That’s MY slave.  Get her over here.”

The authority in that voice was irresistible.  The two cops turned and Sierra faced her Master.  In a voice that would freeze water, he asked her, “What are you doing here?”

Sierra looked away.  She couldn't face him.  Likewise, she didn't have an answer either.  She could feel his eyes piercing her soul and knew he expected an answer.  She didn't know what to say.

He took a step towards her and she instinctively tried to take a step back but the cops were still holding onto her.  “Master, you see there was this woman and she said that I…errr…your slave was being abused so she decided to get away and find a life on her own,” she stammered, barely pausing for breath.  She dared not look at him.

She continued, “And then all of this happened and these brutes molested and spanked me!”  She spat the word “brutes” out of her mouth in disgust.  “Master please get this slave out of here.  She knows she isn’t worthy but please...take her away from these awful men!”

Sam looked at her and didn’t say anything for a moment.  Then he told he cops, “I’ll take her.”

They started to explain that he couldn’t do that when the supervisor appeared and told them, “It’s OK, boys, it’s all been cleared.”

Sam took Sierra’s arm and started to lead her out.

Sierra was in shock.  He was not going to take her outside naked, was he?  She set her feet, refused to budge and pulled back against him.  “NO!  Please Master, not outside in front of everyone naked!”  She tried to pry his hand loose off her arm and break away.  Nooo," she cried as he pulled her along.

Sam was having none of it.  Along with the rest of the revolution in social mores, the laws against indecent exposure, at least for women, had been repealed even if the moral climate had not caught up.  It wasn’t illegal but it still was embarrassing beyond belief for Sierra.  As hard as she tried to stop him, Sam was having none of it.  She was HIS property and she was going to learn that she had to do whatever he wanted her to do, regardless of her feelings about it.

“I heard you got a sound spanking when you were there.  Did you get off on it?”

Sierra thought she was embarrassed before at being taken out in public naked but now she was beyond anything she could imagine.

She still tried to pull away but he had her out the door and she mumbled, “Yes, Master,” under her breath in answer to his question.  She switched from trying to pull away to trying to cover herself with her arms.  She wasn’t very successful

There were cops everywhere.  They all stopped to stare.  There were whistles and cat calls and someone said, “Look what he caught himself.”

Sierra wanted the earth to swallow her as Sam ushered her to the car.  “Wait,” said Sierra.  “What about my car?”

“You won’t need it any more.  I’m getting sick of your escapades.  I have decided you are going to live with me.”

Sierra stopped at the car door as he was trying to push her in.  She turned to face him. “Wait a minute, Master.  You can’t do that!  I love my car!  When was I going to be consulted about this little move of yours?  Suppose I like my house and want to stay there.  Suppose I like my privacy?  Who says I want to live with you?  She paused when she saw his jaw tighten and she decided for now she had pushed hard enough.  She got in the car without another word.

He drove home with a quiet Sierra beside him.  He brought her into the house and then told her, “You are not getting away with that little stunt you pulled.  I am taking you downstairs.”

He dragged a reluctant, naked girl through the house and downstairs to what appeared to be a finished basement.  He turned to her and began to speak.  “Sierra, you are my slave.  I have a perfect right to keep you whether you want to stay or not.  There is only one problem with that.  I am in love with you.”  He looked at his feet, embarrassed.  “I want you to stay with me willingly.  I want you to submit, totally and without reservation or demurral.  I want you to willingly give me all of you.  If you are not willing to do that, you have permission to leave and you will never see me again.

“Fine!  Then I'm going,” said Sierra.  She stomped for the door making sure she shook her bottom so he saw what he had lost.  She started up the stairs and a pang of pain hit her heart.  She stopped when his words finally sunk in.  She went up one more step and stopped to look back at him.  What was she doing?  Why was she doing it?  She realized she was like a derailed freight train, pushing away everything she cared about and destroying it.  She took a deep breath.  She loved him and she knew it.  He probably knew it as well.  She sighed inwardly.

She knew that to walk down the stairs meant she was giving herself to him forever.  It was easier when she felt she didn’t have a choice.  Now she was being given that choice.  To walk out the door was to be gone forever.  No more Sam and the love would be gone.  No more second chances, for he had given her enough of those.  She had to make a decision.  She hated the sadness she saw in his eyes.  She wanted to kiss it away.  She knew she had caused it.

Finally, when she had thought about everything and weighed it out, she slowly started back down the stairs.  She had to make her mind up by the time she hit the bottom.  Slowly she walked over to him and kneeled at his feet.  “Master, your slave is so very sorry.  She begs your forgiveness.  Please, Master, punish this slave for her transgressions so we can go on and move past this.  This slave doesn't know what got into her, but she loves you so much.”

Sam blinked back the tears.  He was a man and men don’t cry.  “I will punish you as I intended.  And you will submit totally.  I know you are afraid of some of what we do.  But what you like or don’t like, what you want or don’t want is not important.  You are a slave.  You have only to please me.  It is your purpose in life.  Now come with me.”

He led her over to a type of table that she had seen before.  It was like an H with places for her arms and legs and she knew she would be strapped down helplessly.  But he didn’t tell her to climb on.

Sam went over to a shelf and returned with an article made of leather.  At first Sierra couldn’t quite figure out what it was and then her eyes got wide as she recognized it.  It was the bondage hood that he had put on her once before.  It went on over her head and completely covered it with an opening for her nose and mouth so she could breathe but it made her feel like she was being smothered.

He motioned to hand it to her and said, “Sierra, I want you to put this on.  I know it scares you but it is a part of your punishment.  You are a slave and you must obey.  There is no ‘if you don’t’ about this.  You must and you will.

Sierra looked at the hood again.  She hated it.  She started to tremble and once again the tears came but she launched no protest.  She took it and put it over her head and, reaching out with her hands, grabbed onto Sam before she felt lost.

Sam looked at her in the hood.  The very helplessness was what he liked about it.  And the fact that she accepted this was icing on the cake.  He knew he had to be in contact with her every second if possible.  He couldn’t touch her but he could talk to her.  He began, “Sierra, I admire your courage and willingness to submit to me totally.  It is a gift that I honor and treasure.  Now you were a naughty girl and you are going to be punished for that.”

Sierra was shaking.  “Master, slave knows she messed up and is truly sorry.  She is ready to accept her punishment,” Sierra said in the bravest voice she could, trying to stop her voice from trembling.  She focused her attention on his voice, the direction it was coming from. Somehow this made her feel more grounded instead of so lost.

Sam had her climb up on the table, keeping his arms very close around her so that she didn’t fall.  He positioned her the way he wanted and then, as he attached the wrist and ankle cuffs, he went on, “You are what I have been looking for for years.  You will devote yourself to me and to my well-being and pleasure and is so doing, you will come to know a deep satisfaction.  You will serve me and you will know a joy that will fulfill you.”

As he talked, he finished up fastening her wrists and ankles to the table.  Now he spread the leg posts so she was forced to spread her legs wide.  She was not only helpless but totally vulnerable to whatever he wanted to do.  He smiled.  “What shall I use to punish you with, Sierra?  You know we have to give you a slave name.  But first answer the question and don’t you DARE tell me to use whatever I want.”

Sierra thought for a minute.  She hated when he put her on the spot like this.  She just wanted to get up.  She pulled but realized she was stuck.  She had better come up with something.  She wasn't sure where to go with this.  Would he agree to anything?  Of course being a human meant trying to make the punishment as tolerable as she could for herself.  But, she knew she had earned it and would feel she hadn’t paid for it if it was too mild.  She knew there were few choices.  ”The tawse or the crop Master?” Sierra asked in a shaky voice.

“That is harsh punishment, indeed but you did earn it, didn’t you?  And will you learn your lesson from that?”  Sam liked the tawse and he suspected that Sierra was a real masochist anyway.  He didn’t mind if she got off on the punishment.

“Yes Master,” Sierra replied, a little worried.  She was not going to try to beg her way out of this one.  She knew she had made a mess of things and hurt him.  She deserved whatever she had coming but she was still in shock that he was as calm as he was.  She had expected him to be very angry.  She wasn’t sure if he had had the time to calm down or if he was just relieved to have her back and didn't really care about the rest.  He had never hurt her.  Not in a bad way.  She had assumed that the punishment for running away would have been something really bad.  She knew he loved her, by his own admission.  She trusted him even now, blind and immobile, to not cause her harm.

Sam smiled.  The elixir of domination was running through him and he was thrilled that he had her back.  “Stay there while I get the tawse.”  He left her long enough to get the split strap but kept talking to her.  “You have moved another step on your journey.  You have acknowledged inwardly that you belong to me and I am your Master.  That is good.  And in doing so you have given me total responsibility for you as well.”  As he finished, he was back next to her and rubbed her ass.

Sierra loved his touch and a ripple of pleasure flowed through her body.  His touch said everything that he could say with words.  That he loved her, cared for her, and would always take care of her.  She was amazed at the emotion that could be present in one touch.  She knew she would soon feel the tawse.  She cringed in anticipation.

Sam got the tawse, his favorite instrument of punishment, and let it dangle from his hand as he looked at Sierra, tied to the table, blindfolded and subject to anything at all he wished to do with her.  His cock swelled at the thought and he wasted no time in slapping the tawse smartly against her naked, upturned ass.

Sierra jumped as much as the straps allowed and gasped as the sting took hold.  She tried to wriggle but her field of movement was limited.  She whimpered but made no move to beg for anything.  She was listening to him; listening for him.  She heard him make a noise that sounded like satisfaction and she smiled under the mask and his happiness warmed her heart.

Sam slapped her again and again she gasped and wriggled.  “Is this too much?” he couldn’t help but ask.

Sierra took a sharp breath and then froze at his words. Did he just ask her if it was too much?  Her mind went racing as she realized that he really did care.  This was supposed to be a punishment yet he was asking her if she was OK.  Sierra did not understand this at all.  The confusion of the situation took the words away.  She realized she did not even know how to answer him.

Sam put a finger inside her to see what was going on and found she was soaking.  In that moment, Sam’s world fell apart.  It was like he was floating.  He knew he could relax, she was alright.  “You were a very naughty little girl,” he told her sternly.  “That will not be tolerated.  You belong to me.  I own you.”  He drew a breath then he slapped her again with a careful stroke to ensure that her pain tolerance was not passed.

Sierra snapped out of her daze with the stroke of the tawse.  She whimpered again as the pleasure excited her more and more but her mind couldn’t stop thinking.  She realized that she truly was owned.  Sure, he could do whatever he wanted to her, but the realization hit her that he would never truly hurt her, never give her more than she could stand.  He could punish her right now and easily take her past her tolerance but he wouldn’t.  Sierra shuddered, knowing that true to his word, he was really taking care of her.  There was nothing to stop him right now from beating her for running away yet he remained in control.  Sierra had never known such trust for another than she did in this moment.

What was it about this girl that so enthralled him?  It was like discovering he had a second set of arms that would allow him to do all sorts of things that would have been totally natural for him but were never possible before.  His own emotions were overwhelming.  He couldn’t help wondering who owned who.  He may have owned her body but she certainly owned his heart.  His cock throbbed but he wanted more right now.  That would have to wait.

Sierra could tell he must have been thinking as well.  He seemed like he had a lot on his mind.  She didn't know it but both of them were experiencing a lot and had much of it in common.  Sierra knew she would never again run away.  She knew this is where she belonged.  She knew she was loved.  She knew she loved Sam.  She knew no harm would ever come to her that he could prevent.  She had finally found what she was searching for even if she didn’t realize she had been searching.  No more running, she said to herself.  This was the place she wanted to be.

Sam continued to use the tawse on her as her bottom turned red and sore.  He gradually eased up on the strength of the strokes and closely watched her reactions.  To his delight, her desire seemed to soar.  He periodically checked her and rubbed her pussy and was thrilled and delighted as she moaned.  Finally he decided neither of them could wait any longer.

“Sierra, listen to me.  I have taken two of your virginities.  Now I want you to beg me to take your last one.”

Sierra froze as his words hit her.  She had to slow his words down and replay them in her mind to get them through the fog of her desire so they made sense.  She gasped when she realized what he meant.  Then she blushed in deep embarrassment, as even the thought was very personal.  She remembered how it had felt when the cop had just touched her there.  She shuddered.  She did not think that Sam would ever have gone down that road.  She didn’t know what to say or how to beg for it as the apprehension started to build.  She remembered the pain of losing her virginity and her mind raced, wondering if this would be that bad or worse.  She was trying to make words form but she was in shock and intrigued, wanting to both do this and not do it, all at the same time.

As she thought about it, Sam quickly undressed and dropped his clothing on the floor.  Then, to her vast relief, he took the hated mask off Sierra.  Then he reached for a tube of lubricant.  “I told you, I want to hear you beg.  And it’s going to hurt.  You have never done this but you will have to anyway.”  He squirted out some of the get onto his fingers and with the way her legs were spread, her most intimate parts were exposed.  He used one hand to pry her cheeks apart and with the other, smeared the lube onto her most personal area.

“You heard me.  Beg me to fuck you that way.”  He reached between her legs and was surprised to see how aroused she was getting.  He was getting caught up in truly being her Master and she was apparently responding.

Sierra blushed so brightly her cheeks hurt.  His forwardness made her pussy jump with excitement and his tone was so sexy she almost came just from his words.  When she felt the slippery lube touch her most hidden place, she got nervous.  He was waiting for her to beg and yet she could not fathom how to beg for this.  This was so personal and so intimate and totally embarrassing.  At the same time, she knew she had better say something but she was fighting being afraid.  This was all new and different and was happening so fast.

Trembling nervously, she said in a whisper. “Please Master, will you p-p-please take my ass as yours.”  She realized that probably sounded lame, possibly the most miserable attempt at begging she had ever made but her thoughts and emotions were on high alert.

Damn, thought Sam, that was much better than he expected.  Should he push her more?  She was trembling.  He almost stopped to calm her but he was so turned on, he had to take her.  He moved closer, standing between her widespread legs, held apart by the arms of the table.  He positioned the head of his stiff cock at her opening and entered her slowly.  She squealed a little and he knew she was hurting but he took it slowly.  “Relax,” he told her.  “If you let yourself relax, it won’t hurt.”

He felt her relax and he pushed in more.  Then he slid all the way in, feeling her buttocks push against his thighs.  He drew back and pushed in again faster and harder.  She yelped in pain and he got control of himself.  This time he drew back slowly and pushed in more gently and carefully.

Sam wanted to cum badly but he wanted her to cum also and, if he could, at the same time.  It would be difficult but he reached around her waist, leaning over to do it, and slipped his fingers into her pussy.

Sierra felt tears rolling down her cheeks and thought she saw stars but the distinct feeling of intense pleasure was also mitigating the pain.  She took a deep breath and tried to relax more as he slowly continued his motion.  She could not believe the intensity of the pleasure.  She felt very vulnerable, very exposed.  All of these feelings combined were driving her crazy and soon she was trying to push back against him, moaning and calling out for more.  “Oh yes, please Master! Oh please, faster Master!" she begged him, like a wanton slut who couldn't get enough.

Sam heard her start to beg and he thought she was asking him to stop but then he realized she wanted more!  He lost all control as he squeezed with both hands and began to thrust madly.  The orgasm rushed towards him like a runaway train and he almost lost his footing as it washed over him.  It was the most intense orgasm he had ever experienced.  He moaned and then shrieked as the intensity of the pleasure overcame him.  He lost himself in the pleasure until the tidal waves of ecstasy subsided and he could see and think again.  He drew out of her gently, not even knowing if she had climaxed. 

“Do you want more?” he whispered gently in her ear, stroking her softly as he did.

Sierra shuddered again at the passion and love she could sense in his words.  She was still on cloud 9 but she did want more.  She couldn’t seem to get enough of this new-found sensation.  “Please, Master,” she whispered softly, her emotions still on fire, nerves sending signals to her brain with the intensity of a hurricane.  “Please your slave would like more,” she said in almost a whimper.

“What do you want?” he asked.

“Whatever you will let your slave have,” came the hoarse reply.

Sam just wanted her to cum too.  He would do whatever it took.

Errr.” Sierra didn’t know what to say.  She could feel herself blushing hotly.  She really didn't know what she wanted.  She just knew that right now she was lost in an erotic haze.  She would have settled for anything as well.

“Master, please, will you spank your slave?”  She just knew that would do the trick.  She was craving intensity.  It didn't matter that her bottom was already sore from the tawse.  She wanted more.

Sam couldn’t believe that he could feel his cock stir again at her words.  It was so soon but she was beyond erotic for him.  He had long since dropped the tawse on the floor but he didn’t want to use that.  He wanted this to be more personal.  He opened his hand and gave her a sound smack.  Then he moved so that he could put his fingers inside her and rub her clit.  As he did, he used his other hand as hard as he could to keep smacking her stuck up bottom.  He had to use his left hand to keep spanking her so it wasn’t as strong and he could just let loose and smack as hard as he could while his other hand diddled with her pussy.

Sierra wriggled and squirmed.  She thought the world had exploded and they were the only two people left on it.  The combination of him smacking her and the sensation he was providing in her pussy was more than she could contain.  She cried out in pleasure and almost screamed, “Please Master, can your slave cum?!!!”

Sam was delighted.  As he had taught her, she had asked and now he would give her his reply, “Cum for your Master, slave.  Cum for me NOW!”

Sierra wriggled and squirmed and bucked against him as much as the straps would allow.  She came so hard she thought she might pass out.  When she was done, she just collapsed on the table moaning with little contented sighs.  She couldn't move.  She didn't want to move.  She had finally decided this was where she wanted to be forever.

Sam released the straps and took off the helmet.  Then he helped her weak and trembling body to climb down from the device.  He took her in his arms and held her against his body.  Then he bent his head and kissed her with all the love he felt for her in that kiss.

Then he told her, “And from now on, you wear the garter-belt.  It’s part of the uniform.”

She smiled and looked at him impishly, “Yes Master.”