The Slave Within


Mermaid Master and emerald

Chapter V – Wisdom Won From Pain, Joy From Fear

Sierra passed the time in a daze.  Sam had told her to go back to work but it seemed like every five minutes she was back to fantasizing about being spanked by her Master or about serving him in some way.  She got on her computer and began to research slavery.  She had no idea how mainstream it had become.  She had only heard of it historically but now she learned that it was becoming a standard part of the culture.  The laws had been changed to allow it even if it was involuntary on the part of the women but any woman who was taken, did have 24 hours to opt out.  After that it was much more difficult.

She also found a huge amount of information on how to be a good slave.  At first she was horrified.  Why should she be a “good” slave?  If Sam didn’t like it, screw him!  Then she thought about what would happen if he threw her out.  Aside from the job loss, which would be devastating, how would she take that kind of rejection?  Just considering it as a possibility made her feel like crying.  Sam just had to think she was a good slave.  Not just good, extraordinary.  Nothing less was acceptable.  She started to look through the material with a different attitude.

One thing that was very clear was that every Master was different, every one had his own ideas and protocol and likes and dislikes.  Sam certainly did like spanking her.  And that was unfortunate because she hated it.  It was humiliating and hurt and … well … she guessed it did turn her on a little.  But it certainly wasn’t like any of her fantasies over the years.  Just because as a young girl, she had imagined what it would be liked to be spanked by a man didn’t mean he could just do that to her any time he felt like it.  It was just something that crossed her mind now and again.  And if she used it in her own personal imaginings, so what?  That didn’t mean she wanted it for real.  And certainly not as often as he did it.

Thinking about Sam holding her over his lap as she smacked her bare bottom was starting to get to her.  Damn!  Why did she have to get so turned on by the idea?  She thought about maybe doing something wrong just to attract his attention and then realized that with being spanked three times a day anyway, she didn’t have to.  There must be something wrong with her.  Walking around practically naked in this outfit was horrible and the other men in the office were ogling her too.  And now she had to walk like her ass was motorized and that attracted even more attention.

She stood up from her computer and started to pace around the room.  She didn’t even know what to do when he wasn’t there.  All of her work was done and she was frustrated.  The more she paced, alone with her thoughts, the more frantic this feeling became.  The problem was she didn’t know what the feeling was.  How dare he parade around here like he was king of everything?  But then again, how dare she love him for being king so much.  She would not be anyone’s Barbie doll.  But she loved being his Barbie doll.

Arggg,” she thought out loud.  These conflicting emotions were getting the best of her.  She finally decided enough was enough.  In a frenzy, for no apparent reason whatsoever, she grabbed a letter he had asked her to type up and stomped out of her office.  She deliberately tried to make sure she didn’t wiggle.  She glared at the people staring and said, “What do you think you’re looking at?”  She didn’t even stop to knock on his door.  She just stomped right into her Master’s office.  

To her disappointment, he wasn’t there.  Then she jumped as the door shut loudly behind her.  Sam had come in.  Sierra set her jaw and turned to face him.  He looked almost amused.  This angered her even more.  She tossed the letter on his desk and said, “Here, if you want this done, do it yourself.”  Then she stepped out of her heels, picked them up and pushed them at him.  “Try wearing these yourself sometime, Mister Wiggle.  I will work for you but that is all.”

She secretly didn’t want that but at this time she didn’t care what happened.  She turned and opened the door and stepped out of his office, confident she had won her freedom.  The problem was she didn’t want that either.

“Come back here,” came the words in a voice that could not be denied.

Sierra stopped but didn’t turn around.  His tone froze the blood in her veins.  She took a deep breath and continued walking.

Sam came out of the office and said to her, “Keep going and you will never come back.”

Ohhh, thought Sierra.  He had just said the only thing that could have stopped her.  She stopped and turned around glaring at him, ignoring all of the curious onlookers.

“There are two chains that hold you here, little girl.  One is that you are my slave and the second,” he hesitated and seemed to have trouble talking.  Then he delivered a killer.  the second is that I love you.”

To his tremendous embarrassment there was applause and whistles from the onlookers.

Sierra wobbled.  The room started to spin and she felt faint.  What had he just said to her?  She couldn’t find words to reply as all of her effort went into not dropping to her knees.

“Now either come back to my office or leave.”  It was a line that he had drawn in the sad and she had to make a choice.  He wasn’t 100% sure of what she would do.

Sierra knew she had no choice.  She could tell he wasn’t playing.  She loved him so much that it would hurt more than she could stand to lose him.  She could hear the whispers and felt the stares.  She felt like she was on a stage in the spotlight.  Slowly she turned and walked back to his office, still shaking from the words she had just heard.

Sam waited until she passed him and then followed her in.  He didn’t say anything until he sat down in his chair and looked at her.  Then he told her in a no-nonsense voice, “You get ONE chance.  You will NEVER do that again unless you are prepared for the consequences.  Now I am going to punish you but first I want to see if you are serious.  Put your shoes back on.

He handed her the high heels and watched as she slipped them back on then he just looked at her.  Finally he said, are you ready to obey me and be my slave?  No conditions, no holding back, you are going to belong to me.”

She already knew the answer.  She knew she had almost lost him and she swallowed hard.  “Yes, Master, this slave is yours.”  She felt very awkward as she awaited his response.  She didn’t know if he was waiting for an apology or if he was looking into her soul again.  She shuffled her feet looking at the floor.

Sam turned to the cabinet and took something out.  He handed it to Sierra and said, “Put this on.”

She looked at it and gasped.  It was the bondage face mask like the one that had so terrified her when she had been tied.  It was a leather garment that fit over her face and completely covered it except for the opening for her mouth so she could breathe.  It petrified her.

Sierra hit her knees pleading. “Master please, this slave does not want to disobey you, but she is begging that you not make her wear that.  Please Master, please.  She will do anything else, anything at all!” she said frantically looking at the hood like it was going to bite her.

Sam looked at her.  “Listen to me, Sierra.  You are a slave.  Your first duty is to obey your Master.  It doesn’t matter if it is something you like or want to do.  It is a matter of submission.  The hood scares you but it will not hurt you.   It is something you will eventually get used to.  Now you know I could make you wear it but this is a lesson in obedience and submission.  You know it is in you to be my slave.  Now show me that you are willing to obey and submit.”

Sierra felt tears roll down her cheek as she gingerly took the mask from her Master.  She started to shake.  As she pulled the mask closer to her face, the sobs overtook her.  She didn’t look at him.  She just wanted to run away again.  She pulled the mask against her face and as the light disappeared panic start to take hold.  She reached out her arms to feel something because she had felt that she herself had disappeared.  Her breathing was ragged but she said no words as her hands found her Master.  He pushed her arms down a moment as he fastened the straps and then, to her terror, told her to open her mouth.  When she did with the utmost reluctance, he put in the ball gag.

“Well done,” said Sam with deep approval as he reached out to take Sierra into his arms.  Now just relax and concentrate on the feel of me against you.  Losing your sight will make everything else more intense.”  He began to run his hands over her soft skin.  He felt her trembling but he decided it was OK.  He thought about letting her go but knew that she had to feel his touch so he reached over for a leather paddle.  “Punishment position,” came the order.  “And spread your legs wide.”

Sierra did as she was told as best she could without letting him go.  Her panic was growing because she knew she was in trouble.  She felt off balance and as if she would fall.  She finally managed to make her head stop spinning but she still didn’t know where she was in comparison with the room.  She didn’t want to let him go and couldn’t will herself to let him go.  She felt like if she did, she would somehow be lost and not found again.  She was afraid, but it was not of what he was going to do.  Somehow she felt alone, as if losing her sight had literally made the world disappear.

Sam could feel her trembling increase.  She was gripping him desperately.  He didn’t try to stop that, he just reached between her legs and got a firm grasp on her pussy.  He squeezed gently, pushing his fingers inside.  Then he began to massage her.

Sierra gasped.  She was so confused.  She didn’t know how to get pleasure from this when she was this afraid.  He kept on and soon the pleasure became undeniable.  She didn’t want to like this.  But his touch was amazing.  She struggled between her fear and the pleasure he was causing but God, it felt so good.  Soon she had almost forgotten about the hood and was moving her hips against his fingers moaning.  She still didn’t let him go as she grasped his shirt in desperation.

“Sierra, listen to me.  I am your Master.  I own you.  That also means I take full responsibility for you.  You are clinging to me because you are frightened but it is not necessary.  Your life is in my hands now.  I want you to give yourself up to that.  I want you to know it deep inside.  It pleases me to have you so totally powerless.  Now let go of me.  I will still be here even if you can’t touch or see me.  You are my most valuable possession and nothing will happen to you that I do not will.  I want you to feel me inside you.”

As he said that, Sam pushed his fingers deep into her body to emphasize the point.  He knew she would know he was there but he wanted her to be OK with not being touched but just feeling the connection in her mind.  It was a tough point to make but it was also something he wanted in his slave.  She was not play, she was for real and they both knew it.  He wanted to forge that connection to be as strong as it could possibly be.

Sierra listened to his words and gasped at his fingers deep inside her.  She started to loosen her grip on his shirt but was moving slowly.  She didn’t want to but she knew he meant what he said.  She loosened her grip first with her left hand and let go.  She had to will herself to not reach for him again.  She placed her left hand on her head and slowly released the grip with her right.  She struggled to let go but the pleasure he was causing was interfering with her ability to think.  Reluctantly, she released his shirt and raised her right hand to the top of her head, fighting off panic once again.  She tried to focus on what he was doing instead of her blindness.  She wobbled but he started moving his fingers faster and she was caught off guard by how good it felt.

Sam was very pleased with how well his girl was doing.  He knew this was hard for her but she was doing far better than he had any right to expect.  As he heard her gasping and moving her hips, he smacked her bottom with the paddle but didn’t stop diddling her.  He smacked her bottom again and told her, “This is your punishment for resisting.  It had better not happen again.  He repeated the smacks, knowing full well that she was enjoying this beyond compare.

Sierra squirmed at the sensation of the paddle and his fingers in her pussy.  She felt the world spinning once more but not from fear this time, from pleasure.  She started pushing back against his hand harder.  She wanted to beg for his cock but wasn’t sure she should.  She was fast approaching orgasm but wanted to feel him inside her.  “Please Master,” she begged frantically.  “Please, this slave needs you inside her.”  She was surprised and embarrassed at how that sounded.  She was even more surprised at her forwardness but he was making her crazy.  She was forgetting that she couldn’t see and focused only on the pleasure. 

He brought the paddle down again, a bit harder, and her begging turned to pleading.  “Please Master, your slave needs to feel you inside her.”  Once again she blushed in embarrassment but no one could see it.  She was on the verge of orgasm and she didn’t want to cum alone.

Sam was beginning to feel like he would burst out of his pants.  “I have to let you go to pull my pants down.”

Sierra didn’t care any more.  She begged again, “Please Master, please.  Hurry!”  There was desperation in her voice.  She had never needed anything this badly but right here, right now, she needed him inside her.  She had never felt anything stronger in her life.

Sam let her go for a few moments so he could pull his pants down and he heard her suppress a shriek.  Then he had her in both hands and he had her bend over.  Then he put his foot between her legs and nudged them apart.  She cooperated eagerly.  She was so wet now that he just slipped right in.

As his cock entered her, she gasped.  The pleasure overflowed.  She did not have time to ask for permission to cum.  It just happened.  Her body convulsed and he gave her a brief moment to recover before he started to move.  He reached around and grabbed her breasts while he pushed into her harder.  She was still shaking and shuddering as another orgasm ripped through her.  She could not believe this.  He started moving faster as she heard him grunt and cum deep inside her.  He rested his head on the small of her back, arms wrapped around her.  She was shaking and her legs were wobbly now.  She felt as though she might fall.

Sam could feel her getting wobbly and he grew concerned.  He helped her over to a chair and let her sit down.  Then he unbuckled the hood and took it off.  Seeing her sweaty, disheveled face, he smiled and kissed her.  “You learned something today,” he said.  “What did you learn?”

Sierra tried to wipe her hair away from her face.  She thought about his question for a moment.  She wasn’t really sure how to answer him.  When she finally found the words, she said, “This slave learned she can’t run from you Master, she loves you too much.  She also learned that she is safe with you, Master. No matter how scared she is you will always keep her safe.”  She was dazed at her response.  No one had ever looked after her the way this man was.  She had always had to look out for herself and her track record was that she didn’t do a very good job.  She was finally home.  She could feel it in her heart, in her soul and in her mind.  She had found her place.  It was at her Masters feet.

Chapter 6 – Happiness Becomes Truly What She Feels In Her Life.

Sam headed home after work but he was restless.  He wasn’t particularly horny, Sierra had taken care of that, but he still missed her.  She had gotten under his skin and he was growing increasingly focused on her.  He pictured her kneeling at his feet in her slave uniform with her magnificent chest thrust out for him to enjoy and her full bottom there for him to spank any time the whim moved him.  But it was more than just the sex and discipline.  He could see her face and her beautiful and vulnerable smile.  He pictured her looking at him with total devotion and adoration in her eyes.  He imagined her graceful movement as she rushed to do his bidding.  And since he was being honest with himself, he imagined her razor sharp mind as she struggled with the problems he presented to her.  When they weren’t playing, she focused on his business operations and brought a fresh outlook that was tremendously valuable.  In the few days he had known her, she would growing into a pressing need.

Meanwhile, Sierra was thinking about Sam.  She wandered around her house like a lost puppy.  She folded her laundry that she had just tossed on the bed and started another load of clothes.  Somehow, when Sam wasn’t around, everything changed for her.  She was taken with him.  She could hear his voice when he wasn’t there.  She could close her eyes and feel his touch.

She went and drew herself a bath.  Then she lit a few candles and turned out the lights.  As she sank down into the warm, bubbly water, she was still thinking of him.  She imagined him in the tub with her, running his hands over her body.  She imagined washing him and taking great care not to miss a spot.  She imagined just laying with him, not doing anything but them holding each other.  She was steadily finding herself at a point where she did not want to be without him.  She could not get him out of her head.  She climbed out of the tub and wrapped a towel around herself and dried herself off.  She wondered what he was doing right now.  She felt a spark of jealousy as she wondered who he might be doing it with.  She shook it off as none of her business and brushed her hair.  After braiding it, she climbed under the covers.  She could still hear and feel him.  Her last thought was of him before she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

The next morning, Sierra went to work as usual.  She changed into her slave uniform and headed to her office.  She didn’t mind much although she still found it extremely offensive and didn’t like the idea but she was beginning to get used to it.  She knew that Sam wouldn’t really hurt her and it was more the idea of doing this that she didn’t like.

Meanwhile Sam was in his office early wondering when he would see Sierra.  He decided to call the secretarial pool and have someone sent up.  He specified that he wanted one of the girls who had volunteered for advanced slave training.  They weren’t taken yet so he was free to use them as he saw fit.

The girl came in a few minutes later and knelt before his desk.  “This girl is Betty, Master, and she is here to serve you in any way you wish.”

She was very attractive and Sam liked her.  She had the kind of assets that the company wanted and she would eventually be snatched up by some wealthy man but in the meantime, she was his to do with as he pleased.

”Come over here and let me give you a hug,” Sam said, leaning back comfortably in his desk chair.

Just as he was nuzzling her big, beautiful, luscious breasts, there was a knock on the door.  Deciding it didn’t matter who was there, he said, “Come in” and resumed the nuzzling, burying his face in her large, soft mammaries. 

Sierra walked in and her heart stopped when she saw them.  She stopped in the doorway with what had to be an obvious look of shock.  Her eyes met Betty’s with a look that could kill in an instant.  She didn’t know if she wanted to turn around and leave or pull this little hussie off of her Master.

“Umm, sorry Master, this slave didn’t realize she was interrupting,” she said pointedly, emphasizing the word “interrupting”.

She was going to turn and leave but he motioned for her to come over.  She did so very reluctantly, her eyes not breaking off the little piece of cake sitting in her Masters lap.

Sam saw Sierra and smiled at her, amused.  He could see how jealous she was but this was another lesson for her.  Unfortunately, it was also proving to be a lesson for him because he couldn’t take his eyes off her.  “Kneel, Sierra,” he told her.  When she complied, he went on, I can see you don’t like Betty here sitting in my lap.  Well let me explain.  I own you, you do not own me nor is it mutual.  I have the right to enjoy any woman I wish and you have very similar rights.  You may also enjoy any man or woman I wish.  As a slave, you have one duty and one duty only.  You exist to bring me pleasure.”  He stopped and looked at her but in the silence of his thoughts he went on, And you do.  Your very presence is a pleasure.  You are clearly a born slave and you just need to be taught how to express that.  I am growing to love you more and more every time I see you and your moods and emotions are such a delight that there is nothing I can compare it to.

All Sierra saw was him looking at her and she didn’t know what to make of it, not being privy to his thoughts.  She wished she was a mind reader.  She could tell by his face that there was much more that he wasn’t saying.  Regardless, she still didn’t like the fact that Betty was infringing on her territory.  She accepted it reluctantly as Sam explained how this was supposed to go.  Yeah right, she thought to herself.  Pretend on the outside that everything is ok and be seething on the inside.  She did not know if or how she would ever get used to this idea.  She was even more appalled at his suggestion that he could have her be with another.  Her mind went back to that day with Bob and she realized he was right.  She glanced at him and saw him looking at her with those eyes… the ones that could see into her soul.  She shifted a bit on her knees and could feel that he was waiting for some form of acknowledgement from her.  She tried to set aside the jealousy for a moment and ignore Betty.  She put on a smile on her face as best she could and looked up at him. “Yes Master, this girl understands.”

Sam’s cock was demanding more attention so he returned to fondling Betty’s boobs.  Then as she was getting very aroused herself, she leaned closer and kissed him full on the lips.  Sierra saw it and lightning flashed in her eyes.  She didn’t care what she was supposed to be, he was HER man.  She watched as Betty snuggled up to him and rubbed herself against him.  Sierra thought for a minute and decided if he was so hung up on big tits, she had a fantastic pair.  She rose and came around behind Sam and pressed her bosom against the back of his head.

There were two things that Sam enjoyed more than anything as a warm up.  Spanking and boobs.  Now he was being smothered in the most beautiful and awesome boobs he could imagine.  He just relaxed and enjoyed himself.  His cock was screaming for attention but he would have to stop to get another girl called in and it was too delicious.  Still, it was something to keep in mind.  He did push Betty away and call for Sierra who rushed over to his front.  Same looked at her and put his arms around her to hug her close to him.  Betty decided to go around behind him and resume what he so clearly enjoyed.

Sierra didn’t wait for an order.  She dropped to her knees to commence sucking on his cock.  She kept an eye on Betty as best she could.  Sam saw this and chuckled inwardly.  Such beauty between them yet such competition.  It was wonderful.  Sierra made sure she did it exactly the way  he liked.  She had become an expert by now and she soon had him with his eyes closed and pleasure coursing through him.  She decided to play with him.  She could see Betty trying to get in on the action but Sierra pushed her aside and stood up offering her nipples to her Master.  He licked and sucked and rubbed his face between them.  He looked like a kid in a candy store. Then he pushed her as slowly she lowered herself back down and placed her tits around his cock.  She put her mouth on the tip and began to suck with her tits wrapping his cock in her love.  She could see he was enjoying this and she ran her tongue from his cock all the way to his neck and kissed him.  Then once again she kneelt back down and, putting her finger in her mouth like a nervous schoolgirl and giving him the sluttiest look she could muster, she said, “Master, your slave has been a very, very naughty girl.” then she resumed sucking his cock for a moment while looking up at him and enjoying every savory lick.

Sam wanted to spank her in the worst way but he was beyond all reason at this point.  He took Sierra’s head between his hands and push himself into her as deeply as he could.  She sputtered and gagged and then seemed to get control.  She relaxed and pulled back a little to work him with her tongue.  Sam’s hands released her and he put his hands on the arms of his chair to brace himself.  He moaned and gasped and then he exploded in the most intense orgasm he had ever had.

As he came back down to Earth, Sam looked at the two girls smiling at him with canary that ate the cat smiles.  “Betty, I’m going to need your help some more so don’t go very far but for now, I want to talk to Sierra.”  As Betty walked out, Sam looked at Sierra.

“You think you’re pretty smart, don’t you?” Sam said in a disgusted voice.  Then he dropped his bomb.  “I might as well tell you, bitch.  I’m falling in love with you.”

Once again the room started to spin.  All of these thoughts came rushing to her.  What was love anyways?  Was it the need for someone being so strong that you can’t live without them?  Or that they are on your mind 24/7?  Or that your first thought when you wake is of them?  Or the last thing you think about before you go to sleep at night?  She must have looked startled because Sam was looking at her with concern on his face.

She thought about how she felt at home alone without him.  She thought about all of the times she sat in her office wishing he would walk in.  She thought about all of the times she could feel his touch just by closing her eyes, and how even if he wasn’t there… he somehow was there.  She opened her mouth to speak at the same time he did and he motioned for her to continue.

“Master,” she said slowly, trying to slow the wheels turning in her mind.  “This girl thinks she loves you too…”  Her voice trailed off and, to Sam’s surprise, there were tears in her eyes.  She had not known much of true love in her life.  The realization of how she truly felt was overwhelming.  She was not a slave in this moment.  She was a girl who had seen years of cold-hearted people in this new world.  She looked at him as the tears dropped down her cheeks and fell onto her breasts.  This man had a beautiful heart and the grace with which he could handle anything astounded her.  How had she been so lucky?

Sam was not in the least surprised.  He already knew he owned her body and soul and it was obvious to him that she loved him.  He didn’t say anything, he just held out his arms and she practically threw herself into them.  He wrapped her naked body in a hug and felt her tears on his face.  Then he pushed her away just enough that he could talk to her. 

“You understand this changes nothing.  You are still my slave.  You will do whatever I want and whatever it takes to please me.  What you want doesn’t matter.”  (That that was a blatant lie didn’t matter.  It was the rule that the relationship was based on.)  You will serve me on your knees and over my lap until I decide to sell you.”

Sell me? she thought and then she looked at him and smiled.  “Yes Master,” she said, knowing to her core that it would never happen.  She would serve him well and he would always own her.

Sam thought about the situation.  The same events that had ended the old world position that women were equal had been influenced by a significant reduction in male births.  Scientists were not sure what to attribute it to and it appeared to be a temporary thing but there were a significantly fewer number of men than women right now.  It was clear that was changing back but for now, men were in charge and in demand.  In particular, the company had many more women than men and that was deliberate so that the men could have their choice.  Sam decided that the way to handle Sierra was to have a little party so he sent orders to the staff that he wanted a dozen of the girls to help him with a project.  There was no reason to put it off so he set it for late that afternoon.

Sierra was back at work but her mind was still on Sam, not on her work.  She tried to concentrate but she couldn’t.  Her typing was pathetic, constant typo’s and grammatical errors.  She just could not keep her mind focused.  She took a look at the stack of paperwork on her desk and sighed.  Someone had to do it.  If she didn’t get it done, she was bound to get in trouble.  Hmmm, she thought to herself.  Is trouble really that bad?  She remembered how Sam looked when he was angry and answered her own question.  It was that bad.  She hated it when he was disappointed in her and especially if he was angry with her.  Sure she had done her fair share of pushing his buttons but it all came back to that simplicity.  It was a fear of disappointing him, not a fear of what he would do about it, however, she had a very healthy respect for what he was capable of.

She shuddered herself back out of la-la land and pulled herself together.  She finished typing up several much-needed reports, prepared a couple of charts for a presentation, refilled the folders that needed to be refilled, and, before she knew it, her work was finished.  She did not know what else to do so her mind drifted back to Sam.  It seemed her mind was always on him anymore.  She realized she knew so very little about him.  Other than that he was her Master and her boss, she knew almost nothing.  She realized she was ok with that.  She didn’t need to know more.  She was happy.  Satisfied, she decided to report to her Master that all of her work had been completed and hoping he might give her an early day off.

She opened the door and stepped down the hall.  This time she deliberately swung her hips in the direction of Harry who, as always, slapped her bottom appreciatively.  She turned the corner and knocked on Sam’s door.

“Come on in,” said Sam.

Sierra entered and dropped to her knees.  “Master this girl has finished all her duties today and is here to serve You in any way You wish.  She was maybe hoping she could go home early.”

Sam looked at her amused.  “I’m afraid not today.  In fact, I will need you to work some overtime today.  But it’s actually in your honor.”

Sierra looked at him puzzled.  “Yes Master.”

“I have decided to have a group of girls come for a little party.  It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while and I decided that today was the time.”  There was another knock on the door.  “Come in.”

A statuesque redhead from accounting walked in.  She was dressed in the more common short, tight skirt and very low cut blouse plus the usual, mandatory high heels.  She politely closed the door but there was another knock immediately.  Sam told her to leave the door open.  Girls started to come in in ones and twos.  They were all knockouts in appearance and all dressed in sexy office clothing.  Sierra was the only one nearly naked.

Sierra covered her breasts by crossing her arms.  She was not sure if this was her pouting, or her being embarrassed at being naked in front of a bunch of clothed women.  They were all smiling and happy to be there.  Sierra looked at Sam and shot him a look of “you have to be kidding me” but he was too busy looking at all of the women that had walked through the door to pay any attention.  She didn’t say anything and tried to smile.  She just knew this had to be some kind of a joke.  Surely if he knew she was upset over one woman, he wouldn’t bring 1...2...3...4... she lost count, into his office.  A party could be fun; she just wasn’t sure what kind of party this was going to be and wasn’t sure she liked it at all.

“Alright girls,” said Sam in a loud voice.  The is Sierra who is my slave.  I don’t want her to be embarrassed so I want all of you to strip down to your stocking, garter-belts and heels.”

The girls mostly knew what to expect so they began to remove their clothing.  Some of the newer girls blushed but none dared to protest.  Some of them weren’t wearing the required lingerie so Sam just told them he would take them naked.  He knew it was at the discretion of their supervisor.

Sierra couldn’t believe her eyes as the girls started to strip.  A few of them were trying hard to cover up and looked as red as she did only right now her face was not red from embarrassment.  Of course she didn’t dare say anything but the anger was present on her face.  She tried to hide it but out of the corner of her eye she Sam looking at her.  He had a half smirk on his face.  Oh, Sierra thought to herself, just because he has a room full of naked women to gawk at.  She kept silent, though, as they finished undressing and Sierra noticed how beautiful they all were.  She smiled as she waited for Sam to decide what he wanted to do, but inside she was a time bomb.  She hoped it would end quickly.

Sam didn’t know which way to look.  They were all gorgeous and then he looked at Sierra who was obviously fuming.  He loved it but he still had trouble taking his eyes off her.  It wasn’t fair for anyone to be that good looking.

“Alright girls, we are going to play a little game.”  He set out some different colored dice.  “Each of you is going to come up here and make three rolls of the dice.  The first will be a single die to determine what I will use on you.”  He went on to explain what the six different devices would be.  Then he said, “The next will be two dice to see how many smacks in each set.  Finally there will be a last roll of two dice to see how many sets.

“Now this is just a warm up, there will be more later.´ He looked around and smiled at them.  “Oh, one more thing.  If you roll a double on any roll, you win a vibe to take your mind off the spanking.”  Sam looked around at them and he could feel his cock getting stiff as he looked forward to the prospect of spanking all these lovely ladies.  They, on the other hand, looked very nervous and most of them were trying to cover up to some degree.

Sierra couldn’t believe what she was hearing.  She went over the implements in her head.  She just knew she would roll that tawse.  And if she rolled 12 for rounds and 12 for smacks, she was going to have an awful sore bottom before it was over.  As if thinking about it she put her hands to her bottom and rubbed it.

Sam stifled a laugh as he watched the wheels turning in her mind and her reaction to it.  Sierra saw him and realized she was rubbing her bottom so she stopped, embarrassed.  It was nice to know that she wouldn’t be the only one.  She would say that she was probably the most used to Sam and the way he liked to spank so she guessed that she would be better off than them.  She smiled as she thought of all these women begging for mercy after coming in here looking like they owned the place.  We shall see, thought Sierra.  Not that the thought of a spanking didn’t turn her on.  In fact she was incredibly turned on.  She just didn’t want to let on.  The thought of spanking in general was erotic.  Even though she was jealous, there was definitely erotic energy in this room.  Some of the girls looked a bit turned on themselves.  Sierra decided to stop looking at them.  Instead she cast a gaze to the implements her Master had laid out on his desk.

Sam was really turned on.  He liked all of the girls he had chosen and although some of them weren’t exactly thrilled, he knew that they all became aroused when he spanked them.  It was just a part of their sexuality whether they wanted to admit it or not.  But no matter how much he wanted to be distracted, he kept focusing on Sierra.  Not only was she far and away the most beautiful and sexy, she had something that grabbed him.  He gave a silent sigh as he began to appreciate how much he loved her but that didn’t mean he wouldn’t enjoy the variety here.

“Alright girls,” Sam announced.  “There are a dozen of you so you can each roll two dice to determine who will go first.  Lowest numbers go first.  If there are any ties, you can roll again.”

Sam decided to get out his notepad and make a chart so he didn’t lose track.  With so many lovely ladies here, he didn’t want to short any of them the proper number of smacks.  He decided that he would allow Sierra the honor of rolling first.  Hesitantly, she picked up the first die.  She rolled and, to her dismay, she rolled for the crop.  She was hoping for bare handed.  She picked up the second die and rolled for the number of spanks in each set.  She rolled a nine.  Secretly disappointed she had not rolled for more, she picked the dice up again and rolled them one more time for the rounds.  The dice skittered to a stop totaling ten.  Well, she thought to herself, that certainly made up for the number of spanks.  She was again disappointed she had not rolled doubles.  She blushed at herself and slowly stepped away.

Erin was up next and repeated the same process.  She was a shy girl so she was standing there timidly, trying to cover herself while rolling the dice and looking really off balance doing it.  Sam stifled a laugh as the poor girl almost teetered over on her heels.  She blushed and continued rolling until she was done.  Sam took the numbers down and the next girl, Chelsea, stepped up.  The process repeated until they had all drawn and Sam’s chart was completed.  They were listed in order from first to last.  It looked like this:

Name               Implement       Spanks             Rounds            Vibe?

Sasha               Flogger                4                      7                     N

Erin                 Bare Hand           6                      8                     Y

Leah                Tawse                  3                      4                     N

Sierra               Crop                    9                     10                    N

Chelsea            Strap                   11                      8                    Y

Keera               Bare Hand            7                    11                    N

Amanda          Crop                     8                      3                    N

Alexis              Strap                     4                      6                    Y

Taylor              Flogger                 5                    12                    Y

Ryissa              Tawse                  12                    7                     Y

Greta               Tawse                   4                     7                     N

Amy                Crop                     9                     8                     N


Sam looked around at all the ladies once again and decided how he wanted to do this.  He hit a button on his phone and paged for someone to send in an assistant.  A beautiful brunette walked in and, a little bit startled at the amount of nudity in Sams office, stripped immediately to fit the profile.  Down to her garters, stockings and heels she went quickly.

“How can I help you, sir?” she asked him.

Sam stood up and handed her all of the implements.  “Just hold these and stay close.  I will be switching often.”

“Yes, Sir,” she replied, secretly disappointed that she was not going to participate in any of the action.

“Now when I call your names, I want the first ones to line up against that far away wall in order and in punishment position,” Sam ordered.  It was followed by a unison “Yes sir,” except he heard Sierra distinctly say “Master” instead of “sir” and he smiled inwardly.  She had come so far since they met.  He had much to be proud of.

Sam called all of the names and the girls got in line as ordered.  They quickly ran out of room and he started to position them around the office.  It was a delightful task for him.  He stopped to admire the 12 naked bottoms now facing him, all in perfect position.  He loved this new world order that permitted the use of women like this.  His cock was already aching for attention but he was going to get some spanking in first.

He walked up behind Sasha with his assistant trailing close and selected the flogger.  He gently cupped and rubbed her bottom with his hand, noticing the girl tremble.  He could see moisture on her thighs and knew that she was very excited.  The thought made his cock jump but he ignored at and drew the flogger back, then bringing it down across her bottom.  Not too hard.  Not yet.  She moaned and squirmed, trying to keep her hands on her head.  Sam smiled in delight as he came down again, harder this time. She jumped and squirmed some more, bumping elbows with the girl beside her.  Her breathing sped up and she was craving more.

He brought the last two down, hard and fast.  She jumped and almost brought her hands off her head but Sam could tell she was enjoying it immensely.  He admired the pink on her ass with his hand and felt her quivering.  Satisfied, he handed the flogger back to his assistant and walked up behind the second girl.

Erin looked nervous.  She had not been here long and this was all still new to her.  He placed his hand on her bottom and she jumped just at his touch.  He kept his hand there and she began to calm down.  Then he took a vibe from his helper and reached between her legs.  She gasped and he could feel her moisture.  She squirmed as he pushed the vibe deep in her pussy and whispered in her ear, “Don’t you dare drop it.”  He turned it on and she started to wiggle in delight.  Then he drew back and gave her a relatively light smack with his hand.

 She jumped and pleaded, “Oh no sir, please don’t…”  Her voice trailed off and he smacked her again, harder this time.  She squirmed and was visibly struggling to keep her hands on her head.  Sam brought the next two strokes down a bit harder this time.  She dropped her hands to cover her bottom and hopped up and down as best she could without going completely out of line or dropping the vibe.

This one needs some work, Sam thought to himself and made a mental note to check and see if anyone was working with her.  She had a beautiful body.  She would make a wonderful slave.  He told her to move her hands back and, after some furious rubbing of her bottom, she placed them back on top of her head.  He delivered two more back to back and she almost lost her composure completely.  He rubbed her bottom and felt her shudder.  Her wet pussy told a story even if she didn’t know it yet.

Next. he walked up behind Leah and took the tawse from his helper.  She was a seasoned veteran and was already trembling with anticipation.  He could see moisture running down her legs.  This was going to be fun he thought to himself. Without waiting or warming her up because he knew she liked it fast and hard, he hit her hard.  She was a strong masochist and the more intense the better as far as she was concerned.  He brought the next one down and she hissed under her breath and started to quiver.  He always liked to play with her.  She had a level of erotic energy that was hard to find.

He brought the tawse down again, harder than the last time, and Leah cried out, pain and pleasure combining in beautiful sweetness.  Sam rubbed his hand on her bottom and she was visibly holding back her need to cum.  He raised the stingy strap one more time and brought it back down as she fought for control over her body.  Then he rubbed her ass one last time and left her there with her juices running down her legs.

Now there’s a bottom I would recognize anywhere, he thought to himself as he stepped up behind Sierra.  He had never used a crop on her before.  He was interested in seeing her reaction.  He picked up the crop and saw Sierra looking at it from the corner of her eye.  She was already squirming.  He brought it down in a moderate strength smack and she jumped.  She took her hands down from her head and rubbed the sore spot.  “Please Master not so hard,” she pleaded.

“Move your hands back where they belong before they get hit,” he demanded, being a bit more aggressive with her as he was entitled.  

Something about that tone was always something she found incredibly sexy about him.  She complied and he stuck a finger in her pussy.  She was hot and very wet, already.  She quivered.  He brought the crop down twice more, harder than before, once on each cheek.  She jumped but the pleasure was overtaking her. 

Sam rubbed out the pain and her pleasure intensified enormously.  Once again. he brought it down twice and she was fighting to remain in control of herself.

Through the pleasure she blurted out, “Oh yes, please Master, spank your slave!”

Sam almost fell on the floor. He decided to oblige her by giving her the last 4 strokes back to back, 2 on each cheek.  She hissed and yelped and as He rubbed it out she started to shake.  She really wanted to cum.  He could sense it and whispered in her ear. “Not yet slave”

He walked away leaving her standing there, boiling in sexual frustration.  The erotic energy in the room was becoming almost unbearable.

“Now when I call your names I want you to line up against that far away wall in order and in punishment position” Sam ordered. It was followed by a unison “yes sir” except he heard Sierra distinctly say Master instead of sir and he smiled inwardly. She had come so far since they met. He had much to be proud of.

Sam called all of the names and the girls got in line as ordered. He stopped to admire the 12 naked bottoms now facing him, all in perfect position. He loved this new world order that permitted the use of women like this. His cock was already aching for attention but he was going to get some spanking in first.

He walked up behind Sasha with his assistant trailing close and selected the flogger. He gently cupped and rubbed her bottom with his hand noticing the girl tremble. He could see moisture on her thighs and knew that she was very excited. The thought made his cock jump but he ignored at and drew the flogger back and brought it down across her bottom. Not too hard. Not yet. She moaned and squirmed trying to keep her hands on her head.  Sam smiled in delight as he came down again, harder this time. She jumped and squirmed some more bumping elbows with the girl beside her.  Her breathing sped up and she was craving more. He brought the last 2 down hard and fast. She jumped and almost brought her hands off her head but Sam could tell she was enjoying it immensely. He admired the pink on her ass with his hand and felt her quivering. Satisfied, he handed the flogger back to his assistant and walked up behind the second girl.

Erin looked nervous. She had not been here long and this was all still new to her. He placed his hand on her bottom and she jumped at his touch. He kept his hand there and she began to calm down. He took a vibe from his helper and reached between her legs. She gasped and he could feel her moisture. She squirmed as he pushed the vibe deep in her pussy and whispered in her ear “Don’t drop it”. He turned it on and she started to wiggle in delight.  He drew back and gave her a relatively light smack with his hand.

 She jumped and pleaded “oh no sir please don’t…”her voice trailed off and he smacked her again, harder this time. She squirmed and was visibly struggling to keep her hands on the cabinet as he had ordered.  Sam brought 2 down, a bit harder than the last and she brought her hand back to cover her bottom and hopped up and down best she could without coming completely out of line or dropping the vibe. This one needs some work Sam thought to herself and made a mental note to check and see if anyone was working with her. She had a beautiful body. She would make a wonderful slave. He told her to move her hands and after some furious rubbing of her bottom, she placed them back on top of the cabinet. He delivered 2 more back to back and she almost lost her composure completely. He rubbed her bottom and felt her shudder. Her wet pussy told a story even if she didn’t know it yet.

He walked up behind Leah and this time took the tawse from his helper. She was a seasoned veteran and was already trembling with anticipation. He could see moisture running down her legs already. This was going to be fun he thought to himself. He didn’t wait and didn’t warm her up either. He knew she liked it fast and hard. She was a masochist and the more intense the better. He brought the first one down and she hissed under her breath and started to quiver. He always liked to play with her. She had a level of erotic energy that was hard to find. He brought it down again, harder than the last and she cried out, pain and pleasure combining in beautiful sweetness. He rubbed his hand on her bottom and she was visibly holding back the need to cum. He raised it one more time and brought it back down and she fought for control over her body. He rubbed once again and left her there with her juices running down her legs.

There’s a bottom I would recognize anywhere he thought to himself as he stepped up behind Sierra. He had never used a crop on her before. He was interested to see her reaction. He picked out the crop and saw Sierra eyeing it from the corner of her eye. She was already squirming. He brought down a moderate strength smack with the crop and she jumped. She took her hands down from her head and rubbed the sore spot. “Please Master not so hard” she pleaded.

“Move your hands before they get hit “he demanded being a bit more aggressive with her as he was entitled. Something about that tone was always something she found incredibly sexy about him.

She complied and he stuck a finger in her pussy. She was hot and very wet. She quivered. He brought it down twice, harder than before, once on each side. She jumped but the pleasure was overtaking her.  He rubbed out the pain and her pleasure intensified. Again he brought it down twice and she was fighting to remain in control of herself.

Through the pleasure she blurted out “Oh yes, please Master, spank your slave!”

Sam almost fell on the floor. He decided to oblige her by giving her the last 4 strokes back to back, 2 on each cheek.  She hissed and yelped and as He rubbed it out she started to shake. She really wanted to cum. He could sense it and whispered in her ear “Not yet slave”

He walked away leaving her standing there boiling in sexual frustration.

Sierra was once again in shock at how her body had responded.  Just one touch from him would send her over the edge.  It didn’t even take that much.  She could simply think about his touch and she would be reeling.  She was completely oblivious to what was happening in the room as her mind drifted to a place where it was just them.  His eyes just made her melt.  Just touching his body made her quiver.  His slightest touch on her body made her tremble.  This incredible power he had to just keep her wanting more was undeniable.  Her lust for him was growing to be insatiable and her desire for him knew very few bounds.  She could just drift away thinking of him forever.

The sound of a sharp smack broke through her thoughts.  She had been lost in thought for so long she had not realized that her Master had made it to the end of the line.  He looked very pleased and she could see most of the other girls still trembling.  Then her Master’s voice broke through the moans and whimpers that filled the room.

“Now, because I am Master here, I reserve the right to change the rules as I want to.”

All of the girls gasped at the same time.

“Don’t waste your breath saying it’s not fair, because it’s perfectly fair.”  He grinned.  “This round I will decide whatever I want to use to spank you with.”  He said it in a playful tone.

The girls started looking at each other with worried expressions and whispering to each other.

Sam chuckled to himself at the murmur in the room.

“If anyone has a complaint, now is the time,” he said seriously.

“No sir,” came the reply in unison.

“Good. Let’s continue then,” he said with a smile.

Once again he walked up behind Sasha.  She was squirming already and he hadn’t even started yet.  She tried to turn to see what he had chosen but she couldn’t see without getting out of position.  He selected a paddle, something that was not even on the list. He was going to catch her off guard.

He brought the paddle down hard and she almost jumped to the ceiling.  He smiled in delight as she struggled to keep her composure.  Oh how he loved his job.  He brought it down again three times fast.  So fast she didn’t have time to brace herself.  By the time her hands fled her head and reached her bottom, he was already done.  Her moisture was running down her legs.  He rubbed her bottom and, looking into her eyes, could see how badly she wanted to cum.  Once again he left her there to suffer in her pleasure.

Erin was visibly nervous.  Sam felt compassion for her and decided that he would use his hand.  He was not a man without some empathy.  He gently touched and rubbed her bottom and she started to moan softly.  Then he brought his hand down in a medium-hard stroke and she dropped her hands from her head and placed her hands on the wall to brace herself.  This served to jut her bottom out even more delightfully and he took the opportunity to do it again.  She jumped and squirmed but stayed where she was and Sam could tell she was losing a battle between mind and body.  She wanted to hate it but her body wanted to love it.  How delightful she was.

He smacked her twice more, much harder this time, and she jumped and turned around to face him and rubbed her bottom but Sam could see in her eyes that she was craving more.  He motioned for her to turn around again.  Reluctantly she complied and, on wobbly legs, resumed leaning against the wall.  Normally Sam would have said something but he was worried that if she didn’t lean, she would fall over.

He brought two more smacks down.  They were hard and fast, one on each cheek.  Erin cried out in what was a combination of pleasure and pain and, much to Sam’s amazement, she came.  It was a tremendous orgasm that ripped through her like a tornado through a trailer park.  Sam smiled inwardly.  Indeed, she would make a pleasant slave.  He didn’t bother to chastise her for not asking permission.  It wasn’t the time.  There were head shakes and sighs from the other girls who were envious.  He ignored them and moved on.

Leah was on fire.  She needed something intense.  He could tell by her breathing and her body language that she was going to orgasm as well.  He loved watching her react to a spanking.  Of all of the women in this room, she could really eat it up and process it more than anyone.  The best thing was she absolutely loved it.  With so many girls and so many different reactions, it was nice for him to taste them all.

Her voice came in a whisper, “Please sir.”

“Excuse me?  I couldn’t quite hear you,” was his reply, grinning

“Please sir,” she said louder, panting in anticipation.

He put his mouth right beside her ear so she could feel his breath on her neck.  He watched goose bumps cover her body and smiled at the power he had.

“Please sir what?” he whispered in her ear.

She shuddered.  He always had that effect on her.  She had always wished he would have taken her as his own but in the end he hadn’t.

“Please sir… please… more… please,” she panted, her breath taken away and eyes rolled back in anticipation.

He grinned.  He loved this girl for he didn’t need to worry about holding back.  The more intense the better it was and the harder she came.

“Very well, you shall have it,” he said with a devilish smile.

He stepped back and selected the heavy black strap.  He brought the strap down across her bottom as hard as he dared and she jumped, cried out in pleasure, and was on the edge of release.  She was squirming around and wriggling and he loved how her breasts jiggled so delightfully.  He knew one more like that and she would be off in subspace.  He rubbed her bottom and her wriggling became frantic.

He drew back again and brought it down not once but twice.  She screamed and exploded in a burst of pleasure that could almost be felt by everyone in the room.  While she was in the throes of an intense orgasm, he gave her one more just to make sure it was as intense as it could be.  Then he caught her as she fell and helped her to the floor while she shuddered in release.  Once she was able to stand, he helped her back up.

“Next time, ask for permission before you cum,” he chastised her playfully, knowing full well she had not had the chance.

“Yes sir,” she replied, very quietly, as she blushed.

Sierra was incredibly turned on by all of this.  She could not hide it anymore.  Her breath was ragged and her juices left a trail down her thighs.  Her nipples were rock hard and she was trembling.  Sam walked up behind her and rubbed her bottom.  She gasped.  He stuck a finger inside her and then stuck it in her mouth for her to lick clean.  She licked it off so erotically he almost threw everyone out so she could take care of him.  His cock was so hard it was starting to hurt.  He didn’t care.  He was having the time of his life.

He turned her around and looked into her eyes not more than a few inches away.  She gasped.  The erotic energy between the two of them was unimaginable.  Sam surrendered.  “I am taking Sierra into the conference room.  We’ll be back in a bit.”  He led her next door and checked the schedule to make sure the room would be free for a while.  It was.

He turned to his slave and told her, “Undress me.”  Eagerly she started to take off his clothes starting with his ever-present jacket and then his pants.  To her surprise and delight, he had her strip him completely.  He was a handsome, well-built, muscular man and this was the first time she had ever seen him naked.  Her attention was drawn to his large, erect cock which bobbled as he moved around.  She felt like she was going to cum just in anticipation.

Out of sheer impulse she dropped to her knees and begged him, “Spank your slave, Master, pleeese?”

Sam walked quickly over to his spanking chair, pulling Sierra with him, sat down, pulled her willingly over his lap and began to spank her with his hand.  She wriggled and kicked her legs and he didn’t think he could hold back but somehow he managed because he wanted more.  The spanking didn’t last long because he didn’t want to cum and he didn’t want her to cum either just yet.  Instead, with her obviously frustrated and longing, he told her to stand up.  Then he moved to a chair with arms and had her kneel facing him, with one leg on each side, braced by the chair’s arms.  His erection was pointing right at her sopping wet pussy and she only hesitated a moment before lowering herself onto it, this time facing him.

Sierra was in ecstasy.  She could tell Sam was as well as she took him into her.  She gasped in sheer pleasure.  She could already tell this wasn’t going to last very long.  Looking into his eyes like this was driving her insane.  She rode him, trying to find her rhythm, but she was about to lose it.  She was shaking and quivering and she felt him doing the same.  Finally it was just too much.  They both climaxed at the same time, gazes fixed on the other’s pleasure.  It was quite possibly the most erotic moment either had ever experienced.  

Sierra dropped her head down on his shoulder and cried.  She was not accustomed to this degree of intensity and it was deeply touching.  She adored him in every way.  This was something special that even the worst possible circumstances could never erase from her mind. Never in her time with him had she ever felt closer to him.  She just lay there in his arms as they cherished each other.  Not even as Master and slave, but as two people who were as one.

Sam’s first impulse was to comfort her but he knew many girls cried after an orgasm as intense as that one.  He was quite taken with Sierra.  It was more than her beauty or sexual responsiveness.  It was something about her that called to him.  He looked at her, still straddling him, and kissed her gently.  That made her cry more and he pulled her to him and just held her.  When she finally stopped he helped her down.

With help from Sierra, Sam dressed again and then led her back into the other room.  The girls were sitting around and stared at them as they came back.  It was obvious to everyone what had transpired.  There were looks of jealousy and envy and then the two of them looked at each other and there was hush.  Then the room blossomed with smiles and the girls ran up to congratulate Sierra.  She professed ignorance at what she was being congratulated for but the other girls just laughed.

Sierra blushed but, as the girls started swarming around her with their congratulations, her mind drifted back to him.  She could no longer think of anything else.  He was her world and without him, it would simply cease to exist.  She struggled to remember who she was before they met and she could hardly remember anymore.  She had changed so much in a short time and was growing in ways she never thought imaginable.  She felt stronger and more beautiful, more sure of herself yet so small.  It was complicated beyond understanding but there was never anything in the world more beautiful than how she felt about him.  She was sure of that.