The Slave Within


Mermaid Master and emerald

Chapter 4 – The Battle for Control

Three days had passed.  Sierra was beginning to get used to being spanked regularly although she didn’t like it.  To be specific, she didn’t like the idea of being spanked all the time but still, it turned her on tremendously.  Sam seemed to enjoy doing things that didn’t go together.  He hurt her with his spankings but he also made her cum, often against her will.  She began to look forward to coming to work although with mixed feelings.  And he kept dropping hints about something coming and because she had no idea what it was, it made her very nervous.

It was the last day before the weekend and Sierra was looking forward to having a break but perversely, she knew she would miss Sam.  She came in and changed into her stockings, garter belt. and high heels and stopped to admire herself in the mirror.  She looked like a total slut but she expected it.  She walked out letting her hips sway.  The heels did that anyway but Sam had spanked her until she exaggerated it tremendously.  It was so strange.  She didn’t really mind the spankings as much as she was concerned about not wanting to disappoint him.  Heads turned as she walked through the office, both the men’s and the women’s.  She knew the women were always checking out their competition.  She knocked and went into Sam’s office and knelt as she had been taught.

Sierra greeted him as she had been taught with the usual formula.  She was comfortable with him but always on edge.  It was complicated.  She still felt like this was some sort of a dream and that she would wake up.  Just before she had stepped into his office she was completely ignorant that this world even existed.  She also didn’t know this much about herself.  So much of it surprised and flabbergasted her.  She was learning so much about herself but this Man (she always thought of him with a capitol letter) seemed to still know so much more.  “Good morning Master, your slave is here to serve You in any way You wish,” she said.

Sam looked at her, thrilled and delighted.  “Back straight, legs spread,” he reminded her.  “Now I think that this afternoon, it is time to take things to a new level.  We are going to pay a visit to the playroom downstairs.”  He saw her little shudder and smiled in satisfaction.

“Yes, Master.”

“Now we have work to do, so let’s get to it.”

“Yes Master,” came automatically.

Both of them got engrossed in their work for the next few hours until toward the end of the afternoon, Sam finally called Sierra into his office and told her, “It’s time.  Let’s go downstairs.”  He led her down the hall and to the ominous room that she had only visited once before.  He looked over the equipment that was there for his and the other men’s use.  “I think the H table is what we will use.”  He led her over to a very strange looking apparatus that had four boards coming out from a central pillar looking somewhat like an H lying on its back.”

Sierra was very nervous and stood still.  She didn’t want to go near it.  He gave her a gentle tug and she started to pull back, trying to step away from it. “Master that looks scary!” she said as she gauged the distance to the stairs and wondered if she could break his grasp and run for it

“Now before we can do much,” he said to her, to her relief, “we are going to first have to give you a red bottom.  That is one of the rules.”  He turned and sat down in a heavy armless chair like the one in his office that he called his spanking chair.  There were similar chairs scattered around in convenient places.  He pulled her face down over his lap and adjusted her to his satisfaction.  Then he began to spank her with a leather paddle.

Sierra squirmed and kicked.  “Please Master, not so hard.”  He brought it down again and she frantically squirmed.  She still didn’t want to admit she liked this but she could feel her excitement growing with each well aimed smack of the paddle and, as her bottom grew hotter and hotter, she could feel the desire burning at her core.  She finally couldn’t take anymore and blurted out, “Master can this slave please cum?”   She didn’t normally ask so why she had asked this time she wasn’t sure but gave it only the briefest of thoughts.

Sam stopped and felt a surge of deep satisfaction.  “Not yet, you slut.  It’s time.”

Sierra didn’t like the sound of that but she was foggy with the mix of pain and pleasure.  He had her stand up and kept a tight grip on her.  He led her over to the strange device and told her to climb up.  Not really having any choice, she did as she was told.  Her knees were on two of the legs and her hands were on the other two.  Then he told her to get on her hands and knees.  She adjusted herself and then he told her to go down to her elbows.  That lowered her head and stuck her round ass high. 

Sam warned her not to DARE move and he moved around so that he could fasten straps to her ankles and then to her wrists.  Fearfully she tried to wriggle free but he forced her back down and fastened more straps around her arms.  Then a strap was drawn across her waist and pulled tight so that she had to arch her back.  She was now firmly tied down.  Then, to her horror, he spread the leg posts apart, forcing her to spread her legs wide.  Her pussy was soaking which intrigued him since she could no longer hide it at all.

Sierra was almost in a panic.  She hated being stuck.  She couldn’t move at all and once again she was fully exposed to this man and there was nothing she could do about it.  She felt her breasts swinging freely in between with her every attempted movement.  Looking at Sam, who had a very serious look on his face as though he was thinking about something, she said, “Please Master, please let this girl off this thing,  she will do anything you want if you do.”  She said it with a fevered pitch to her voice.  Her struggles were in vain but she tried anyway, desperately trying to keep watch on him and what he was doing.

Ignoring her, Sam moved around to where she could see him and started to undress.  He saw her eyes riveted on him as he stripped completely.  His cock was hard and standing out.  It bobbled as he moved but he wasn’t shy.  He was glad another bridge was to be crossed.  Once he was stripped, he left his clothes on the floor.  Sierra could pick them up later.  He walked around behind her and moved in between her legs.  Taking his cock in his hand, he put the head up against the entrance to her body and hesitated to prolong the moment.  Before he thrust, he realized it was too soon.  He was going to take her but not yet.  He stepped away and moved to her front again.

Sierra was flooded with both a sense of relief and a perverse sense of disappointment.  She was also as aroused as she had ever been with Sam.  She knew a little bit more would put her over the top.  She wished he would do SOMETHING, anything to take her that far.

Sam was frustrated as he wanted to take her but he also knew that there were ways of doing this and that wasn’t it.  It wasn’t time yet.  That wasn’t what he had brought her here for.  But he could have her take care of him the way she did so well.  He picked up his cock and put it on her lips.  She opened and eagerly took him in.

Sierra had done this several ties and she knew what to do.  She went at it enthusiastically, not even thinking about what almost happened.  She knew once she had gotten him off, he would release her and that added incentive to her efforts.  She felt him take her head and guide her the way he wanted.  She had a little trouble a few times as he got too enthusiastic and made her start to choke but she didn’t panic.  As soon as she showed any signs of that, he would pull back.  In a few minutes, the salty cum was filling her mouth and she licked it up.

Sierra was glad now that certainly he would let her up and she could get out of this place,  She was dripping with arousal but wanted to get up.  he still felt very vulnerable like this and was eager to get back to where she had some sense of control.  She may have been his slave but she was still determined to hold on to part of herself that he couldn’t own.  “Please Master will You let this girl up now?” she said in a pleading voice.

Sam was satisfied and disappointed at the same time as he stepped back.  He didn’t answer the girl but it wasn’t time yet, anyway.  He stepped to her rear, out of sight and brought over a chair.  Positioning it behind her and between her legs, he sat down.  Then he pulled himself closer to her pussy and adjusted the height of the table with a button that electrically raised it.  When she was at a comfortable height, he leaned in close.  He wondered if she could feel his face so close.

Sierra knew what he had on his mind.  She could feel his breath on her pussy. the same familiar goose bumps that overtook her that day on the desk overtook her again.  A shiver ran up her spine.  This was so erotic that she had a hard time not giving away how much she was anticipating it.  Her body was surely telling all of her secrets to the knowledgeable Sam who seemed to know her so much better than she knew herself.  She felt him intentionally blow and this almost sent her over the edge.  Then she felt his tongue start to dance a circle around her clit, very gently, almost as though it wasn’t happening.  She shuddered at the pleasure.  She felt his finger gently and slowly slide in just enough that she almost came with just that sensation but she wanted more.  Her arousal was building at a fevered pitch and he was barely touching her yet.  She pulled herself back from the edge several times, trying to satisfy him in her ability to hold back but she finally couldn’t take any more.

“Please Master, pleeeese can this girl cum now?” she begged, not sure if she would be able to hold out long enough to get his answer.

“No, don’t you dare,” he said to her horror and then he let loose with all he had.  He began to lick and suck and forced her over the edge so fast that she couldn’t think at all.  But he didn’t stop.  He just kept going as furiously as he had before.  She was beyond caring about anything as she came again.  Still he was licking and sucking and using his tongue to drive her wild.  A third orgasm ripped through her as she convulsed.  Finally, when she was nearly on the edge of losing consciousness, he stopped and backed off.

Sierra tried to catch her breath.  It was as ragged as a racehorse just finishing a hard run.  She was covered in sweat and the muscles in her body ached from the intensity of her orgasms.  She couldn’t get even one sound thought together.  She was no longer even aware of where she was any more or even who she was.  As her breath slowed and she started to calm, the overwhelming sensations began to come more into focus.  She realized she was crying and was amazed at how she had lost herself completely.  She couldn’t see Sam but knew he was there.  He came and sat beside her and put his hand in her hair.  He didn’t have to say anything.  Just him being there was enough as she slowly regained her senses.  That’s when she realized that she was falling in love with him.

“I want you to understand that your sexuality belongs to me.  I will decide when you cum and when you don’t.  Asking for permission is just a formality.  I can make you cum if I want to and stop you if that’s what I want.  I own that part of you more than you realize,” Sam said in a serious tone.

He glanced at his wristwatch and decided they had better get back to work.  He released Sierra from the device and had her gather up his clothes.  Then he took them from her and got dressed.  She watched him and realized that she was going to have to stay naked.  It wasn’t fair at all.  As if reading her mind, he said, “I know it isn’t fair that I get to dress and you have to stay naked but no one ever said that Masters have to be fair to their slaves.

It drove home to her again that she was a slave.  She still wasn’t sure what that meant but the more she learned, the more strongly she felt drawn into it.  She still felt like rebelling but it was almost like she was rebelling against herself.

He dressed quickly and then he was ready to go back to work.  He was about to leave when he remembered and went to the sink on one wall and wet some towels for her.  “Here, you can clean up with this.”

Sierra couldn’t figure him out.  He kept her on edge, always wondering.  She knew he cared but sometimes he could be so cold and fierce while other times he was warm and loving.  This constant shift of gears was very frustrating for her and she figured that he was aware of it.  With a sigh, she quickly cleaned up with the towels, put them in the laundry and started to follow him.

Sam began to leave again and then gestured for Sierra to go first.  Obediently, she began to walk back to the offices and Sam enjoyed the swaying of his slave’s hips.

As they walked, Sam thought about what he could do next to reinforce his total domination and her absolute submission.  He knew she could let others play with her but that wouldn’t be good for her.  But he could also play with some of the others girls himself and that would be VERY good.  It would absolutely drive home that he owned her, not the other way around.

As Sam looked at his slave, he started to think about this.  He had taken her on impulse but the more he developed her, the more drawn to her he was.  Some of it was that she was an almost unbelievably sexy and luscious girl but it was becoming more than that.  She had tremendous courage and inner strength that he greatly admired.  He found increasingly that he wanted to take good care of her.  She responded so well to the enslavement techniques, he was sure that was the right road to follow.  She was just a natural slave.  He wasn’t going to get too attached to her, though.  He wanted to maintain his distance. 

Didn’t he?  He wondered about that.  He knew slaves often fell in love with their Masters and that was fine.  But he wasn’t about to get caught in THAT trap.  Just because she was the most incredible, delightful girl he had ever met, That didn’t mean he was going to fall for her.  He looked at her dancing rear and sighed inwardly.  Damn she was gorgeous.  And that spirit.  That fire in her.  He wanted to see that develop and mature.  He wanted to see her grow and blossom.  He would take good care of her as she did.

When they got back to the offices some of the other men came out to congratulate him on his acquiring a slave.  More than one man indicated that he was lucky to have gotten her first.  They eyed her hungrily.  “She’s all mine,” he said proudly.

When he said the word “mine” her heart leapt.  She didn’t know why but somehow this was a very overpowering word.  Emotions roiled to the surface but she hid them and continued walking, adding a bit more of a wiggle just for him. She hadn’t thought of ever actually belonging to anyone. ,She was strangely comforted by the thought.  As she turned into her office, Sam gave her a smack on the bottom and continued to his office.  Sierra was strangely disappointed that he didn’t follow her.  

She sat at the desk taking in the day’s events.  She didn’t understand why she felt this way.  When she had first met Sam, she had thought he was an arrogant ass.  Now she looked forward to his touch.  Just the thought sent a warm shiver up her spine.  Back to work, she decided.

After several hours, she had caught almost everything up.  She found herself wondering what Sam was doing.  She couldn’t keep her mind off of him.  She tried to debate this with her inner child but it was hard to deny the truth.  She didn’t want to give him the idea that she was completely into this.  He was going to work for what he wanted, she decided.  She blushed. Somehow the battle for control was erotic to her.  She just loved when he really showed his assertive side.  The feel of his dominance spoke to her soul and quieted her spirit.  She stifled a laugh and thought to herself, what a job!

Sam tried to work but his thoughts kept being drawn back to Sierra.  He loved the idea of her being a Succubus, a female demon that would come to men by night and drain them dry.  That was almost what she was.  Only she didn’t drain him, she enchanted him.  She was still too independently minded for a slave.  He would have to trim her sails a bit more.  Perversely, he didn’t want to do it too harshly.  He liked her independent streak and didn’t want to crush it.  Then he had an idea.  Bob Smith had a long time slave named Joanne.  She also worked here.  Perhaps if he got the two of them together, it would help.  Men were entitled, of course, to have as many slaves as they wanted but most Masters had only one.  Handling a slave was a handful and most of the owners had enough with one.  Sam had been on the lookout for a long time before he spotted Sierra.  There was just something about her that called to him.

He set aside his work and gave Bob Smith a call.  Bob wasn’t busy so he said he would come down with Joanne.  A few minutes later, Bob walked in, followed by Joanne.  She was dressed in a very skimpy outfit but much less revealing than the near nudity that Sam preferred.  Bob liked something more like normal dress.  He said it made removing it more interesting.

Sam buzzed Sierra and told her to come to his office.

When the call came for Sierra to go to Sam’s office, she stood up so fast she almost spilled her bottle of water all over her keyboard.  She put both hands on the desk and took a deep breath, trying to settle her nerves.  She didn’t want to seem too eager.  She stood up, composed herself, and walked out of her office.

Ignoring the stares as she walked down the hall, she dodged a smack on the bottom from Harry.  She had gotten wise to his antics.  She heard him complain and ignored it.  At Sam’s door, she paused and took a deep breath before knocking.  She heard him tell her to come in and she opened the door and stepped in.

Sierra was startled by the small gathering in the office.  A brief appearance of disappointment crossed her face at the realization that she and Sam wouldn’t be alone.  She eyed the girl that was there with a seething jealousy.  How dare she be so beautiful and be allowed in here with HER Master?  She had almost forgotten her manners and she dropped to her knees. “What can your slave do for you, Master?” she asked, trying to hide the frustration in her voice.

“This is Joanne,” said Sam.  “She is here to teach you a few things.  Bob, how about letting Joanne strip down a bit so we can get a look at her?”

Joanne immediately blushed and covered herself as if she was already naked but didn’t say anything.

“That’s a good idea, Sam,” said Bob.  “Joanne, let me see you do a really good strip tease for us.”

For a teasing second, Sam reached over and turned on the radio in his office so she had a beat to follow.  She rocked her hips with the motion and then put both of her hands on the desk and arched her back, swinging her bottom around in an erotic motion.  She slowly started to lower her skirt but stopped and turned around, rubbing her breasts then leaning back on the desk and raising her hips in an upward thrust that matched the beat of the music.

Sierra glanced at her Master and noticed he was completely enthralled.  Enough of this she decided.  She stood up and Sam gave her a stern look but she ignored it.  She began to move in much the same way.  This was now a competition.  This hussy wasn’t going to come in here and strut in front of her Master unchallenged.

Sam started to rise from his chair but slowly sat down as he realized what was happening.

Joanne turned to Sierra and cupped her breasts as Sierra threw her head back, her long hair whipping.  Sierra then did the same for Joanne as she slowly tugged her top off.   She ran her tongue all the way down Joanne’s hard, flat tummy and stopped at the waistband of her skirt.

Joanne turned around and, hips still swaying, allowed Sierra to slowly lower her skirt.  Joanne’s beautiful ass exposed, Sierra ran her tongue over that as well.  She didn’t care if she got in trouble.  They stood up and danced together, breasts touching, nipples hard.  Sierra went and sat in front of Bob and spread her legs wide, arching her back, giving him a full view.  She was determined to make her Master as jealous as she was.  As the music came to a close, Sierra was confident she had been the victor and stood back to admire the look of astonishment on her Master’s face.  Take that, she thought to herself, smiling inwardly.

Sam watched the two of them and he felt like his eyes were bugging out.  He couldn’t believe what got into his girl.  Whatever it was, he sure liked it.  He looked over at Bob who had a big smile on his face.  Bob turned and looked at Sam and said, “You know this kind of action wasn’t authorized.”

Sam nodded.  “You are right.  What do you think we should do about it?”

“Seems like a spanking is called for,” he said.  “From both of us to each of them?”

“Excellent idea,” said Sam.  “I’ll start with Joanne and you can do Sierra.”

Sierra just stood there looking at him, a dumbfounded expression on her face.  She started to protest.  “Master no, please.  This girl doesn’t want another man touching her.”

She slowly started to back towards the door.  She could tell that Bob was delighted but Sierra didn’t want any part of it.  She was internally chastising herself for stepping up to do the dance.  What a mess, she thought to herself.  She stood there blushing, wishing once again that the floor would open and swallow her up.

Sam stopped smiling.  “I am putting my foot down.  Bob, turn her over your knee.”

With that, he took Joanne and pulled her over his lap.  She had taken off her clothes and was now dressed as Sierra was in just a garter belt and stocking plus her high heels.  Panties weren’t allowed for any of the girls so her bottom was ready.  Sam gave her a good smack followed by another.  She jerked and kicked a bit.

Sam enjoyed spanking her but it wasn’t like spanking Sierra.  He didn’t know exactly what it was but it wasn’t the same.  He looked at Bob who was obviously having a wonderful time smacking Sierra’s bare bottom and turning it a bright crimson.  He smiled a bit and went back to spanking Joanne but he was taking it very easy on her.

Sierra was embarrassed but she was getting turned on.  With every smack, she could feel the fire burning fiercer inside her.  She could feel him getting hard underneath her.  She didn’t know if this was exciting or if she was just disgusted with Sam.  It was a complicated emotion.

Regardless, she was rapidly coming to a boil and was getting ready to go over the edge.  She shoved the urge to cum back.  No way was she going to cum with this strange man spanking her, she thought to herself as she wriggled and writhed but I was to no avail.  She was getting frantic.  She started whimpering and Bob knew what was going on.  Sierra could feel her pussy sending juices down her thighs.  She hated that she liked this but finally she couldn’t contain herself anymore.  Before she could even open up her mouth to ask, she exploded in an orgasm that shook her body hard.  She was totally embarrassed.  The room had grown quiet and she kept her head turned away from all of them to hide her embarrassment.  She could feel them all looking at her.

Sam decided it was time and past time.  He wanted to make Sierra his own and that meant taking another step.  “Thank you Bob, I appreciate the help. 

Bob knew when he was being dismissed so he told Joanne to come and gave Sierra a smile.  “It was nice to meet you, Sierra.  Come on Joanne.”  The two of them walked on out.

Now Sam turned his attention to Sierra.  “Kneel!” he commanded and almost as though her legs gave way, Sierra fell to her knees.  It struck her as strange because she didn’t want to but it would have been like trying to tell the tide not to come in.

“We are going back downstairs to the punishment room.  I want to teach you something.  You belong to me now.  You are my slave.  You have no limits and no say in what I do with you.  I am not going to punish you, exactly, I am going to just make sure you fully understand what that means.

Sierra didn’t want to go back down there.  She bit her lip in an effort to avoid showing any emotion.  “Master, this girl knows she has no say, she never meant to give you the impression she did!”

Sam ignored her pleas and gave her a look as he turned around and headed for the door.  Sierra knew she had better follow him.  She stood up and on wobbly legs followed him silently; her bottom crimson red and her cheeks tear stained.  Several of the office members stopped to admire her nice red behind and made comments.  Someone even let out a whistle.  Sierra blushed deeply once again as she followed Sam back to the entrance to the punishment room.  She wanted to run away but swallowed hard and followed him down the steps.

He led her into the room and she looked around again in trepidation.  Her heels made a clatter on the wood floor as she walked behind him.  He led her to the back where there was a very large bed made up with satin sheets.  She stood there as he walked away and then returned a few minutes later carrying some flat metal bars with thumbscrews in them.  He set them on the bed and started to assemble the device.  There was a central, long bar that ran most of the length of the bed when the two pieces were put together.  Then he added a shorter cross piece at a right angle attaching it in its center and a second cross piece, a bit longer, at the other end of the center bar.

He looked at Sierra who was watching nervously and realized she had a collar and but needed cuffs.  He got them and quickly and efficiently put on wrist and ankle cuffs of heavy leather.  Now he told her to get up on the bed and kneel over the center bar on her hands and knees.  It reminded her on the device she had been on before.

Sierra looked down at the cuffs on her wrist and ankles and at the contraption on the bed.  When he told her to get on the bed and straddle the center bar she barely heard him.  She realized in that moment what he had been saying as she once again eyed the leather with which she was now adorned.  This was her life, to obey her Master.  It no longer mattered what she wanted.  Everything was closing in around her as she started to realize what a slave truly was.  She thought of running but to what purpose?  She would have to run from everything she was.  In a flurry of conflicted emotion, she climbed on the bed as he had told her to do, trying to hold panic at bay.

Sam was going to push her hard today.  He began by using spring clips to fasten her wrists to the bars extending out to each side.  The clips went through rings on the metal bars and rings on her cuffs to hold them firmly.  Then he spread her legs wide and did the same to her ankles. 

Once again her body betrayed her as she felt her arousal increasing.  But then it was different.  Sam began fitting something over her head.  She didn’t know it but it was a bondage face mask.  This one left her blindfolded but the mouth was open so she could breathe with frantic breaths as panic ensued.  She started to plead, beg, and cry.  Her words came out in a jumbled mess.  She felt like she couldn’t breathe.  “Master, no, please, don’t, She struggled frantically trying, without any effect, to get away.  She couldn’t see, couldn’t move.  She had never felt so completely helpless in her life.  She couldn’t see him.  She wanted to t least see him.  In this she was truly alone.  She had never before felt fear like this.

Sam listened to the tone of her voice and realized that once more he had gone too far.  He hesitated, debating with himself and then removed the hood.

Sierra breathed a deep sigh of relief as the room came back into view and she felt the cool air on her head.  She took a deep breath of the cool air and felt the tears rolling down her cheeks.  Turning her head, she saw Sam.  She just locked eyes with him while she cried.  She didn’t know why she was so scared, just that she was.  Looking into his eyes gave her a peace she could not find anywhere else.  Her breathing started to slow back down.  She didn’t say anything, for she felt embarrassed at her panic.  She let the look in his eyes flow through her body.  He gently stroked her hair giving her an overwhelming sense of calm.

Now, with her newly won serenity, he decided it was time.  He added one more strap around her waist and under the center bar which he drew tight to force her to arch her back and further immobilize her.  Then he walked around behind her and put his hands on her hips.  He climbed up on the bed, kneeling between her immobilized legs and took off his clothes.  Then, as he had before, he took his rigid cock and pressed it up against her.  This time he didn’t wait.  He just gave a hard shove and felt her hymen break as he entered her body.

Sierra cried out at the sudden sharp burning pain and tears came to her eyes.  Sam didn’t move but gently stroked her back and bottom giving her time to relax and process it.  Sierra started to calm down as the pain faded to pleasure.  Slowly he started to move again and she felt the full emotional impact of having her Master inside her.  The realization that he now owned her completely brought peace to her mind.  With every move he made, the more the intensity of the pleasure built.  She felt almost euphoric, pleasure sweeping over her.  Just when she thought she couldn’t get any more aroused, he quickened the pace.  She was losing it completely.  She could barely utter the words as the overpowering heat of a pending orgasm was taking over.  “Master may this girl please cum?” she asked in a faint whisper.

Sam was totally into this.  Her question made things even more pleasurable.  “Not yet!” he hiss between clenched teeth.  If she exploded, he would lose all control and right now, he wanted to be in charge.  He eased in and out of her body, relishing the sensations and feeling drawn to her ever more completely.  He leaned down, trying to grab her breasts but couldn’t quite reach without pulling out.  The thought crossed his mind that it was too bad women didn’t come with their breasts on their back so he could fondle them when taking her from behind.  Then like an approaching express train, he felt his orgasm coming.  When he was ready, another hissed command was given as he said, “Cum for me now!”

She came hard.  Her whole body shook in an orgasm that was beyond compare.  She was trembling and opened her mouth to speak but she couldn’t even form words.  She felt him move away from her and then around to her front.  She didn’t wait for him to tell her what to do.  She just knew.  She gently licked all the cum off of his cock being really gentle.  She felt him shiver.

When she was done, he released her from her bonds and took her in his arms.  They sat on the couch together not saying anything, just feeling each other.  Sierra felt completely at peace.  How she had grown since she had met this man.  She knew she loved him and always would.  She finally stopped shaking and turned to face him as they cuddled.  It was a risk but she couldn’t find words to tell him how she felt, so she kissed him.  A deep, love-filled, passionate kiss that would have melted an arctic glacier.  She wasn’t sure she should have but she couldn’t help herself.

All of Sam’s defenses collapsed.  Tears came to his eyes as he held this young girl.  He drew her against him in a close hug and didn’t say anything.  There really was nothing to say.  She was his slave and it was quite obvious to him that it was where she belonged – at his feet.  He didn’t know what he was going to do about her.  He had to give it some thought.  He wanted her for a slave here at the office, a tasty delight to enjoy while he worked.  But she was getting under his skin.  That she had fallen for him was not unexpected but the problem was that he was starting to have feelings for her as well.  She was incredibly sexy and beautiful and he really wanted her at his beck and call 24/7.  Was that selfish? he wondered.  She wouldn’t be his first slave and probably not his last but she was a diamond.

Then, even as she snuggled against him, he decided that as much as he felt toward her, he was not going to be satisfied with anything less than being her total Master.  She was still new at this even if she seemed to have the instincts of a long experienced slave.  It was like callously throwing a duck into a pond.  It wasn’t going to drown, that was for sure.  And the amount of pleasure she was clearly deriving from this whole thing was certainly not in any way bad for her.  He had read that women wanted to serve, it was their natural bent, but he had not seen anything quite like this.