The Slave Within


Mermaid Master and emerald

Chapter 3 – The Leash Tightens

Sam was impatient but he knew better than to rush things.  He watched through the security cameras as Sierra arrived the next morning and stripped as she was supposed to.  She still didn’t like it and was horrified that she was turned on by it.  She put on the garter belt, stockings and very high heels that her Master had her wear at work.

Sierra stopped to look herself over in the mirror, noting how the garter was the perfect accent to her figure.  She stepped back out into the hall, ignoring the looks she got once again and walked to her Master’s office.   She wasn’t conscious of it but the heels forced her to walk with a wriggle that moved her hips back and forth in a totally enticing manner.  One of the men looked out of his office doorway as she went by and almost fell off his chair.

She was nervous and it showed visibly.  Her hands were shaking as she knocked on the door.

Sam opened it and gestured for her to come in.  She stepped past him and got down on her knees in the middle of the floor, almost automatically.  She was trying to remember what she was supposed to say.  Her nerves were incapacitating her brain’s ability to think, though.  Oh yes.  She remembered and gave a sigh of relief. “Master, your slave is ready to serve you in any way you wish.”  She blushed at how it sounded but she realized she liked it.

It was all Sam could do to keep his eyes from bugging out when Sierra wriggled in.  He closed and locked the door and then sat down at his deck.  “You certainly are stunning today,” he told her.  He looked at his desk clock and said, “It’s a bit early but we can get started and not wait.  I think before we go on to the three questions, I would like to ask you a few.

“You are a young girl but you are also a woman.  You must have fantasies.  What fantasies do you have about men?”

Sierra blushed again.  “Oh dear!  She had never been asked this question before.  “Master, you have this girl flustered.”  She laughed nervously. 

Sierra was astonished at the forwardness of the question and still did not know how to answer him.  “Master this girl has always just fantasized about feeling the way she feels now. She just did not understand the concept of why. She dreamed about feeling complete but did not understand what it would take to get there.”  She paused and hoped he wouldn’t ask for anything more sexual.  “With all due respect, Master, that was torture.”   Then her fears were realized.

“You belong to me.  You may hide nothing.  We call it transparency.  I want to know your sexual fantasies.”

Ohhhh, noooo.  You had to ask.  And now this girl has to answer, doesn’t she Master?”

“You know the answer to that.”

Her blush spread down her chest to her large, firm breasts.

Sierra thought for a minute, suddenly feeling very vulnerable and exposed, like a deer in an open meadow.  She really had hoped desperately he wouldn’t want to know that.  She fumbled for words.  She could tell by the expression on his face that he was thoroughly enjoying this.

Sam knew how this kind of talk would weaken a slave as it exposed her and left her more and more defenseless.  He could and would use this to further reduce her to a quivering blob of Jell-O.  And he would use it to bring her to new heights of pleasure, as well.

Quietly, almost whispering, she said that spanking had always been a fantasy and she had always been turned on by men in uniform.  She paused and her blush deepened to impossible levels.  “So she has fantasized about maybe being pulled over by the police and doing things to get out of a ticket.”  She couldn’t believe she was telling him this.

“What things,” he asked implacably.

He didn’t think it was possible for her blush to get any brighter but it did.

Sierra wanted the floor to open up and swallow her up.  “Is there anything else you would want for her to do Master?”

“Yes, tell me.”

With feeling herself totally out of control, she opened up and revealed her darkest fantasies of being forced to do sexy things to get out of a traffic ticket.  Sam was delighted and enjoyed hearing about them.  It gave him much more understanding of his girl.  Now he decided to indulge them both.  “I think it is time for your morning spanking,” he told her. 

She looked at him, torn between her desire to have it done and her fear and shame about that desire.

She didn’t know why she felt those butterflies in her stomach when he said things like that or why her heart felt like it was leaping.  It was getting harder and harder for her to deny the fact that she had finally found herself in this strange new reality that was what she had always fantasized about.  She looked at the floor, blushing at his words, as he gently tugged her by the wrist over his lap.  She started wriggling and kicking even before the spanking started, still wanting to send a message that just because she liked it, didn’t mean that he could do it without any protest from her.  This was the most she had ever been spanked in her life and her bottom was starting to send new sensations throughout her body every time he touched her.  She refused to believe that she could be falling for him so soon.  But she felt something.

As he began to smack her bottom and increase the intensity, she felt a feeling of love suffuse through her.  She wriggled, trying to get him to stop, but she really did not want him to.  Her bottom was on fire now but her pussy was dripping and she knew, to her deep embarrassment, he could tell as well. 

He stopped and gently rubbed away the burn in her bottom and it was replaced with an erotic intensity beyond compare.  She was not sure of why he had this effect on her or how but she certainly couldn’t think about that now.  Stand up”he ordered and she did.  “Now bend over the desk.”

Again, she did as she was told and he continued to slap her bottom with a rub in between smacks.  Periodically, he stopped to just rub gently and would occasionally feel the effects of his handiwork between her thighs.

Sierra could feel the wetness running down her legs and could have died of embarrassment.

Sam loved this.  He decided to up the ante.  Keeping her bent over the desk, he reached for his phone.  “Send Margaret in,” she heard him say.

Sierra tried frantically to get up but he held her down.

One of the other women who worked in the office walked in.  “You sent for me sir?”  She stared avidly at the still squirming naked girl leaning over Sam’s desk, his hand on her neck.

“Yes I did.  Sierra, this is Margaret.  I happen to know that she is also a fan of spanking.  I have decided that we are going to have a contest.  Whoever takes a spanking the best is going to win a prize.  He paused a moment and then said, “The prize is going to be the honor of sucking on my cock.”

Margaret blushed the way Sierra did.  She buried her face in her hands but didn’t try to leave.

Sierra froze in horror.  “That’s not fair, Master,” she pleaded, pouting.  She was not sure why she said that.  Was it because some other girl might get to suck her Master’s cock or because she was just completely humiliated at this intrusion on her life.  She was fuming about him calling another person in here.  She could feel the girl’s eyes staring at her body.  She was deeply embarrassed and ashamed and continued kicking to get away.

“Master, no.  I don’t want... errr, this girl doesn’t want to be part of this!” she exclaimed.  Sierra had her pride and this was going too far.  What?  He thought that just because she was technically his slave that she would do absolutely anything he wanted?

The full force smack that landed on her still upturned bottom hurt!  It was delivered with his full strength.  “I don’t care what you want.  You are going to do what I tell you, is that clear?”  This was followed by another smack so strong that it brought tears to her eyes.

Sierra let her tears fall and felt him raise his hand once more.  She could not believe the sudden intensity in the last 2 strikes.  She almost could not even cry out.  She threw her hands behind her back to protect her now very sore bottom.  “This girl is sorry.  Please Master, no more!”  She cringed, waiting.  To her amazement his hand lowered.  She felt ashamed at her disobedience and even more ashamed that it was in front of a witness.  She lay there stunned, still feeling the fire he set in her bottom and the ache in her heart.  She decided that she was going to make it up to her Master by winning this competition and winning the prize.  There was only one problem with this.  Her bottom was already sore.

“Yes, Master, this girl will obey,” Sierra said with a bit of a stubborn tone, trying to catch her breath.  She was still not used to having to call him Master.  “But Master, are we having this contest now?  This girl will have to be extra good because her bottom is already sore.”  Sierra figured she knew what he would say next but waited to find out.

“This is not a matter of how much you can take.  It is a question of how sexy you are when you are being spanked.  Being sore may help you.”

“That’s not fair,” complained Margaret.  She had had her eye on Sam for a while and loved to be spanked, especially by him.  She knew what he liked, too.  She was sure she was going to win.

“Fair has nothing to do with it,” he said.  “Now strip and get ready.  Sierra, you can get up.”

Sierra got up to see Margaret start to take off the skimpy, low-cut blouse the girls were allowed to wear and pull down her short skirt.  To Sam’s delight, she was wearing nothing underneath at all.  In moments she was totally naked and thrusting out her chest.  Her breasts weren’t as large at Sierra’s but they were firm.

“Alright Margaret, you are first.  And you will have extras to equalize things.”

Margaret looked horrified and, when Sam turned back to Sierra and couldn’t see her, she stuck her tongue out at Sierra.

“Alright Margaret, punishment position.”

The girl knew what to do.  She immediately put her hands behind her head, lifting her elbows to emphasize her firm breasts.  Then she leaned forward and arched her back.  Finally she wriggled her ass. 

Sam watched her antics with great interest.  She was very good.  “I’m going to use the tawse,” he said to her. 

Her look of delight evaporated and she started to say, “Uh, perhaps it would be better...”

“Did you want to quit?”

“No sir.”

“Then you had better stay put.”  He pulled the wicked strap out of his drawer and went up to her.  He boldly took a breast in his hand and caressed it to get moans of delight from Margaret..  “Better spread your legs,” he told her.

She spread them apart and Sierra took delight in seeing that she was wet too. 

“As I said, Sierra isn’t the only one who enjoys a spanking,” said Sam to get a blush from Margaret.  Sam stepped back a bit and swished the tawse gently.  Then he swung it and connected with a smack against the bare bottom in front of him. 

Margaret’s eyes went wide and she gasped.

Sam thought for a minute and then said, “I think we really need a better set of rules.  Just a minute.”  He went away and came back with a floor mat.  Then he said, “Here’s what we’re going to do.  You can stop the spanking any time you have had enough.  Just step off the mat.  But the winner will be determined both by how many smacks you took and by how you acted.  It you just stand there like you are waiting for a bus, I won’t be happy.  And just to make it interesting, I don’t want to ignore those lovely boobs.”

Margret’s hands flew to cover her breasts before she was even aware of what she was doing and put them down.

Sam went back to a drawer and took out two chains.  He went to Margaret first and on the end of each chain was a clover clamp.  It was designed to tighten as the chain shook.  He leaned his head and sucked on one of her nipples while behind him, Sierra’s jealous look should have cooked Margret.  When her nipple got hard, he went to the other one and she gasped in pleasure.  Then he put on the clamps which pinched. 

She squealed but didn’t dare try to touch it.

Sam went to Sierra next and sucked on her breast to her considerable delight.  She wasn’t so happy with the clamp though but like Margaret didn’t dare  touch it.  When the other breast was sucked and the other clamp went on, Sam was ready to continue.  He had Margaret stand on the mat first and said, “that first smack didn’t count.” 

Margaret took a breath as if she was about to protest but changed her mind.  She put her hands behind her head and winced as the jiggling chain tightened the clamp.

Once again the tawse struck across both buttocks and Margaret started to wriggle until she realized that jiggling the chain would make the clamps hurt more.

Sam could almost see the wheels turn in her head as she realized the bind she was in.  He smiled in satisfaction.

“Now let me add one thing.  If you just stand there and don’t react, I will assume I am not doing a very good job with the spanking and increase the intensity.”  Now he stepped back and slapped the tawse against the bare bottom that was stuck out for his attention.  There was a loud gasp and some shaking of her hips but she tried to inhibit it because of the relentless increase in the pressure on her sensitive nipples.  Sam wasn’t satisfied so he slapped her again, harder.

This time she couldn’t inhibit her reactions.  Margaret gave a shriek, wriggled and started to put her hands down.  Then, with a visible effort, she managed to raise her hands back to her head.  Her elbows came forward as if to console her tortured breasts.

“If you don’t keep your hands behind your head and your elbows back, I will tie your wrists to your collar and you will be punished.”

There was a weak, “Yes, sir,” that answered his threat.

Sam swung the tawse again and, with a scream, Margaret stepped forward and took off the nipple clamps that were so torturing her.

“We will have to work on that,” said Sam, ominously.  “Alright, Sierra, let’s see what you are made of.”  He watched as Sierra stepped up to the mat and assumed the position.  Sam hesitated a minute as he stuck a finger inside her.  He was delighted to see a bit of fluid starting to run down her leg.  She was clearly very aroused.  He glanced at Margaret who was, just as clearly, crushed.

Sierra gave her a look that pretty much explained it all.  It was a “how pitiful was that?” look combined with gloating at knowing who the victor would be in the end.  The clamps on her nipples were intense but she was also amazed at how good they felt.  The pressure was intensely erotic.  She had not understood Margaret’s reaction.  With a grin, her Master brought the tawse down hard across her smooth bottom.  For just long enough for her to think about it not being that bad, the sting from the tawse suddenly took hold.  She tried to move away but then the clamps tightened painfully on her nipples.

“Oh my God!” she said out loud, her eyes watering.  She gritted her teeth and determined that she would prevail here.  She was not one to lose.  Even though she was young she was a fighter.

She could see her Master smiling.  She was sure he could read her inner thoughts.  He did not give her much time before bringing the split strap down again.  Sierra shrieked and squirmed and the nipple clamps tightened once again.  She set her jaw, ready to try again as the pressure on her nipples got to be more than she knew what to do with.

Then, as if almost sensing that she needed Him, he rubbed his hand along her red hot cheeks.  Just the touch made her ready to take more.  The pleasure could be felt in her pelvis, almost a painful pressure but it was SO pleasurable.  She wasn’t sure what was really happening.

He brought the tawse down again and Sierra cried out.  The pain was blindingly mixing with a pleasure that was beyond her understanding.  She was suddenly scared.  She dropped her hands down to her breasts to try to soothe them.

She vaguely heard him say something and she raised her arms back up.

It was a tight race but Sam knew it was time to stop. He took the clamps off Sierra and watched with delight how she squealed and squirmed as the blood rushed back into her tortured nipples causing more pain.  He had gotten so caught up with Sierra that he had forgotten to count the strokes.  He looked at Margaret who looked like she was holding back tears.  He took her gently in his arms and hugged her.  Then he whispered, “You were VERY good.  You are going to make someone a wonderful slave and you will have a bonus coming this payday because you are a valued employee.  But you know who won, don’t you?”

She bent her head back so she could look at him and said, “You Master?” 

Sam bent forward and kissed her, smiling.  Then he let her go.  He looked at Sierra who was looking very confused and very upset at seeing them be so intimate.  He grinned at Sierra.  “It was a close contest but Sierra won.  Now you are going to get your reward but I am going to let Margaret go back to her own office.  Well done, girl.”

Sierra was proud.  Her nipples were insanely sensitive now and she could even feel variances in the air currents inside the room.  She watched Margaret leave and close the door, giving her a smirk as she left.

Mess with my Master, will you? she thought to herself, jealousy seething from every pore.  She shook it off and turned back to face her Master.  She walked up to him and, at the same moment, he walked up to her, stepping right into her space.  He pinched both of her very tender nipples and firmly but gently rolled then between his thumb and forefinger.  Sierra gasped.  Her clit was aching and her pussy was screaming for attention but it would receive none, she thought.  He let her nipples go and put his hand on top of her head guiding her to the floor and, with one hand entwined in her hair, guided himself into her mouth. 

Eagerly she took him in and danced her tongue around in the way she thought he would like.  His level of arousal was so high, it didn’t take long before he had both hands in her hair and was close to climax.  She felt him gasp and shudder and tasted him in her mouth.  She did better this time, not trying to pull away from him.  She felt proud of herself as he looked down at her smiling.

“Wow,” he said.  “That was something.  Now stand up and put your hands on your head.”

She did as she was told, rapidly getting used to following orders without thinking. 

Sam pushed a finger into her and rubbed a bit, getting a frantic gasp and squirming against his hand.  He immediately pulled it out, leaving her seething with frustrated desire.  He went over to his desk and sat down.  Sierra had to just stand there and wait.  Quickly and carelessly, he cleaned off his desk.  Then he told her to come over and he had her sit down on the desk in front of him with her legs dangling over the edge.  He pushed them apart and then, with her sitting in what was, for him, a comfortable position, he bent his head lower between her legs.

Sierra was embarrassed and then suddenly realized what his intentions were.  She had only heard of this and was so embarrassed by the personal nature of it that she pulled away and put her hands down to block his head from coming any closer.  “Please Master, don’t.” she said as she tried to adjust her position to one that was less easy for him to access.  She thought of a excuse fast.  “Master, shouldn’t this girl shower first?”  She silently prayed this would get her out of it.

Sam knew what was going on.  He nodded.  “Yes, let’s do one thing first.”  He pushed her gently back so that she lay on the desk on her back.  She automatically closed her legs and covered her breasts and he did nothing to stop it.  Instead, he just moved over to behind her where she couldn’t see him and he took out leather cuffs from the cabinet.  Then he took her right wrist and lifted it up and behind her head so he could fasten the cuff.  Then he pulled it out to her side and back to where a hidden ring was set into the desk.  He used a clip to fasten her wrist to the desk.

Sierra may have been young but she wasn’t stupid.  She realized that she was in trouble at this moment.  She couldn’t let him have her other hand.  Stubbornly she put her other hand behind her back laying on it so he couldn’t grasp it.  She was embarrassed and very shy.  She didn’t know how to deal with the closeness of this intimacy.  No one but him had ever even seen this part of her body before let alone had their face within inches.  “Please Master, no.  This girl will do anything, just let her go.” she begged as she pulled at her other wrist.

“Hold still!” ordered Sam in no uncertain terms.  He knelt down and started to attach an ankle cuff.

Sierra wanted desperately to resist but for the moment she was more afraid of Sam than what he was doing and by the time she recovered, her ankle was cuffed too and it was too late.

Sierra pleaded with him.  She knew fighting him was now out of the question.  “Please, please, Master.  This slave will do anything you wish, anything at all.  Please!”  She pleaded with him in a frantic voice.  Tears rolled down her cheeks but she wasn’t really sure why.  She wasn’t sure if she was afraid of what he was doing or of the eventual loss of her innocence, the final act which would cross her over from being a girl to a woman.  She was young but in today’s society, plenty old enough.  She pleaded again, “Please Master,” but her voice trailed off.  She wasn’t even sure what she was pleading for anymore.  She thought for a minute and realized that her other hand was going numb behind her back.  She would soon have to move it.

Sam attached the other ankle cuff forcing her to spread her legs wide and then reached for her arm.  To his surprise, there was no resistance at all as it had gone numb from the position.  In moments Sierra was spread-eagled across her Master’s desk with her legs spread wide and her hands held out of the way.  She was more totally helpless than she had ever been before but it was about to get worse.  He left her for a moment and returned with a gag.

Sierra fought her bindings but they held fast.  She thought about screaming but the words wouldn’t come.  When he came back into her view he had something in his hand she had not seen before but she knew what it was for.  She had a moment of horror as she turned her head away and whimpered as much as she could without opening her mouth too far, “Please Master no...”

It was as far s she got before the gag was pushed into her mouth and she was silenced.  He buckled it in place around her head and then looked at her in satisfaction.  “This is a lesson for you, little girl.  Here you work for me.  That means that the word ‘no’ as a refusal does not exist in your vocabulary.  You do what I wish, when I wish.  Is that understood?”

He got a reluctant nod from the terrified girl.

Sam pulled his chair back to his deck where he could pull himself comfortably between the bound girl’s legs.  Placing his hands on her widespread thighs, he bent and got his mouth close enough that she could feel his breath.

His breath hit her clit and she felt her entire body cover with goose bumps.  This sensation was very unfamiliar to her.  She wasn’t sure how she felt.  He must have seen it, she thought, because he blew on it again.  She gasped and fruitlessly tried to pull away as her body again rippled with goose bumps and a surge of something she couldn’t identify.  She couldn’t speak and couldn’t fight or resist in any manner whatsoever.  Then her heart jumped and she felt a knot in her stomach as she felt his fingers parting her lips.  She could almost feel him scrutinize her as she longed for the ability to cover up.  She was completely exposed!  Her entire body blushed as her most intimate place was exposed to him.

Sam saw how fiercely she was reacting but it was time to get down to business.  She was already running with juices dripping on the floor.  He moved in closer and licked her.  She went rigid and moaned past the gag.  Then her body took over and she pushed against him, trying to get more.  He obliged her and started to expertly use his tongue to arouse her to heights she had never imagined.

Sierra was in disbelief.  Her fists were clenched tightly and her eyes closed tightly as the most intense pleasure she had ever felt began to build in her pelvis. It almost hurt it was so pleasurable.  It built as he licked and built to a degree that she almost thought she would pass out but it didn’t stop.  Her body started to shake and she was vaguely aware that she was sweating.  Just as she thought she couldn’t take any more. one well-placed lick sent her over the edge.  Shuddering and almost convulsing with pleasure, she felt that she was falling and rolling down a hill, pleasure seeping from every pore in her body.

Sam was very happy at having gotten what he wanted.  He took off the gag and let her catch her breath as he released her arms and legs and then helped her to sit up.

Sierra’s head was spinning.  She felt caught somewhere between fantasy and reality.  She didn’t know whether she loved him or hated him in that moment.  She didn’t even know such pleasure existed but at the same time she was conflicted in her emotions towards him.  She wanted to hate this incredible power he had over her and to tell him that he was a pretentious ass.  At the same time she wanted him to hug her and to feel him, not as a Master but as another human being.  He always seemed so out of reach.

She didn’t understand why she was feeling this way but she knew that it was only a matter of time.  He was having an irresistible impact on her and, no matter how much she tried to deny it, it was happening without her permission.  She realized that she liked it but her stubborn side argued that point.  Still, she knew in that moment that it was true.

It got a whole lot worse for the poor girl.  Sam was totally taken with her.  He loved her reactions and he took her into his arms, drew her in for a close, warm hug and kissed her full on the lips.  She looked at him wide-eyed.  He stepped back and looked at her appreciatively and she blushed again.  “I love it when you blush,” he said.  “It makes you look adorable.  Now put on your work clothes and let’s get back to work.”

Sierra stared at him in shock.  He could be so caring and feeling when he wanted to be but so cold and uncaring also.  She couldn’t figure him out.  She decided he must like to keep her guessing.

The rest of the morning, Sam and Sierra worked.  Sierra was gradually getting used to working naked although she still hated it.  Sam kept her busy with a variety of business-related tasks although he rarely passed up the opportunity to fondle her when she got close.  She noticed that he did that to other girls as well and she wasn’t sure how she felt about that although she tried to ask herself why she should care.

They stopped for lunch and then, after lunch it was back to work.  As the afternoon passed with nothing remarkable, Sierra started to relax.  Then Sam called her into his office. 

“Sierra, I noticed you seemed to enjoy being on my desk this morning.”

She blushed again and said nothing.

“I would like to show you something we have for employees.”  He walked out of his office and down the hall to the end.  There was a door which he unlocked with a key and then they went down a flight of steps.”

Sierra was full of questions but silently followed him.  She was happy and in a surprisingly good mood but, with Sam, this could be anything.  She started to feel a little knot in her stomach.

Sam led her to a  door at the bottom of the steps which he opened with another key.  He led her into a big room filled with strange equipment.  It took Sierra a moment to realize what it had to be for and she gasped.  All of it, and most of it she had no idea what it was used for, had straps and buckles and was obviously for restraining people.

Sam turned to her proudly and said, “This is our dungeon.  We use it for both play and discipline.  You did a good job today so we are just here to play.”

Sierra looked around nervously.  This didn’t look like a good place to play.  Then she thought about how she felt when she was tied over Sam’s desk and she felt a quiver start somewhere deep inside.  As she looked around some more, she found she had very mixed feelings.  She tried to repress her strange, unaccountable feelings of pleasure at the thought of finding herself on one of those pieces of equipment.

Sam looked around, looked at Sierra and then, to her surprise and perverse disappointment, said, “On second thought, I don’t think I am quite up to this today.  We will visit tomorrow and I will show you what we do here.”

Sierra silently followed him back up the stairs and back into the office.  She was a bit shaken but was not sure why.  He seemed to take notice and gave her a look of brief concern but she ignored it and followed him back to her office.

“See you tomorrow,” he said and closed the door, walking away.

She grabbed her purse almost frantically, got herself dressed and left the office.  Getting in her car, she drove home, lost in thought.  She pulled into the driveway and silently got out of the car.  Noticing that her housework had fallen behind, she tried to distract her racing thoughts by drowning them out with the vacuum cleaner.  She couldn’t get that room out of her mind.  Something about it felt scary to her but exciting at the same time.  She tried to get the thoughts out of her head but she steadily wondered how much longer her Master would accept her innocence.  She knew he could do what he wanted, whenever he wanted so she was on edge.  She really wondered what sort of things happened in a room like that.  She knew she didn’t like the feeling of being tied down and the helpless feeling that went along with it but she couldnt deny her excitement either.  The housework didn’t help so she jumped in the shower and finally climbed into bed, exhausted.