The Slave Within


Mermaid Master and emerald

Chapter 2 – Erotic Resentment

It was the next morning and Sam was just thrilled with his new personal assistant.  He had made her wear nothing but high heels, her collar and cuffs.  She had been outraged and protested vigorously but he was adamant.  She had to change first thing when she came to work.  The men ogled her and the women smiled but he saw some of them giving her envious looks as well.  The heels forced her to walk with a wriggle that had him drooling.  He explained to her horror that she was to be spanked every morning when she came to work, again at lunch and once more before she left for home.  But to add insult to injury, he told her that he would spank her whenever she did anything wrong, as well.  She thought it was outrageous!

Sierra was furious.  She didn’t understand what being a slave meant but she was learning fast.  She was back to resenting him for making her walk around naked in front of everyone and hated it even more that she was constantly being spanked.  But deep down she loved it.  She still wanted him to think she hated it, though.  “Just wait until he thinks of trying something like that again,” she said to herself.  “He’s going to have another think coming.”

Still, she thought about all of it and finally decided that she was going to change it around.  She went up to Sam and said, “Can I please talk to you?  It is important.”  They went into his office and Sierra opened fire. “You have me parading around here like a piece of cake!  Everyone is drooling over me!  Even the women stare and are looking at my chest and Harry slapped my ass as I was walking by his cubicle!  I refuse to meet any more of your crazy demands.”  She stomped her foot like a 2 year old and started to push past him to go get some clothes from her car.

To her total astonishment, Sam didn’t try stop her.  He just sat at his deck and waited for her to come back.  He knew good and well that she wouldn’t get far.  Instead he let her slam his door with a crash as she ran out and he calmly opened his drawer and took out a tawse.  His secretary came rushing in and asked him if he needed anything and seemed somewhat disappointed when he said, “No.”.  He knew good and well that Sierra would be back.

Sierra rushed out of the office.  Everyone stopped and looked at her but she was so angry she did not pay them a lick of attention.  She stomped down the hall and on down the stairs.  She didn’t want to wait for the elevator.  She was relieved that he had not followed her but didn’t understand why not.  She exited the stairwell and walked past the reception desk and then pushed the door open to exit the building.  In her anger, she had forgotten she was not wearing clothes.  Reality set back in when the sunlight hit her bare skin.

In embarrassment, she recoiled back through the door and suddenly realized that she had an audience.  She ran back for the stairwell where it would at least be quiet and sat on a step, face flushed with embarrassment, heart racing.  She couldn’t leave unless she could make a run for her car and that was over half a block away or go back in and put on the clothes she had worn this morning.  There was no way she could make it that far without drawing a lot of attention.  She couldn’t just sit in this stairwell either.  And, to make matters worse, she knew she still needed this job.  She really needed to go back up there but her pride got in the way and she decided she would just sit here and think awhile.

Sierra heard people exiting the building and knew they were going to lunch.  Perhaps her boss would also go.  She waited for the hallway to clear and decided to sneak back up to her own office and hope to go unnoticed.  She climbed the stairs and listened.  Thankfully, not many people took the stairs so the stairwell was usually quiet.  She looked around the corner and didn’t see anyone.  She lightly walked down the hall and noticed the lights were off in her office.  Perfect.  Perhaps she could hide in there long enough to think of a plan.  She slipped around the corner and silently opened the door to her office, looking behind her as she stepped inside.  She closed the door behind her and breathed a sigh of relief, letting her body fall against the door.  She locked the door and reached for the light switch.

“Turn on the light,” came the husky, masculine voice that she was all too familiar with.

She jerked in surprise and flicked the light on.  Sam Colt was sitting in her chair.  “I see you decided to return after all.  Are you ready for your punishment?”

Sierra stared in disbelief.  He had known she would come back.  He had waited.  She knew that she would now be in trouble.  She was embarrassed at her actions but she reached behind her back for the doorknob anyway.  She gave it a turn.  Locked.  Trapped.  When his voice broke through, she shook.  His tone was stern.  She looked at him and could tell he was serious. She didn’t know why but that tone was incredibly erotic to her.  She blushed and turned her face away until she felt the blush color leave her face.  If there was one thing she had learned about this man, it was that he won any battle he fought.  She would lose if she tried to escape.  A voice inside told her that this was it.  She was indeed a slave. 

For a moment she took a breath and was mulling over the idea of just accepting this and making life easier on the both of them.  Then she changed her mind, after all.  She looked at him and asked, “Are you ready to start letting me wear clothes then?”  It was bringing up the topic before that had led her to charge out of his office and she realized that may have been a bad question to ask.  She didn’t care.  The more she was starting to get comfortable with being what he called a slave, the more her pride stood up and stubbornness took over.  She just couldn’t give in yet.

“Now why would I want to let you wear clothes.  That body is gorgeous.  I like to look at those big tits of yours and when you aren’t wearing any clothes, it makes it easier to spank you or get to your pussy when I want.”  He saw the red blush come back to her face as he described the advantages of having her naked.  “Like now.  You are going to be soundly punished for doing what you did this morning and you know that, don’t you?”

Sierra swallowed hard.  She couldn’t get out of this so she decided to make this as easy as she could on herself by just being compliant.  She swallowed her pride for a moment and suppressed her desire to argue.  She knew he had her right where he wanted her and there was very little she could do about it if anything at all.  She just couldn’t fight him right now.  He was smirking at her.  He was enjoying her inner battle.  She was sure he could see the wheels turning in her mind and was likely amused by it.  She swallowed again.  She decided to try a new tactic: Pleading for mercy.

“Sir, please.  I didn’t mean anything rude.  I was angry.  You understand angry, right?  Everyone snaps.  I mean you have introduced me to a lot in a short amount of time.  This is a lot for me to try to swallow.  And I’m still young.  I am trying to learn how to be an adult let alone a...”  Her voice trailed off.  She refused to say it.  She just hoped that her pleading would pull on his heart strings and would get her out of this.

Against his better judgment, Sam admitted that Sierra had some good points.  He opened his mouth to give her a snappy reply and then closed it again.  “Very well, little girl.  There is something to what you say.  You are not going to completely get out of the punishment but I will take it easier on you.”  He paused.  “Provided you agree to learn something.”

A wave of instant relief washed over her.  She took a deep breath as the tension left her body.  “What is that sir?” she asked.

“Then you agree?”

She nodded.

Well first, it is time you understood a few things about how you are to act as a slave.  From now on you are to call me Master.” He ignored the look she gave him.  “And you will start using slavespeak.  Slaves are not permitted to own anything, not even themselves.  Therefore you will no longer use three words:  I, me or my.  You will refer to yourself as ‘this girl’.  Now, you do not get off scott-free.  You are to kneel before me.  Go on, get down on your knees.”

He showed her how to kneel before him and forced her to spread her knees wide.

“Put your hands on your thighs, palms up.  Now you will look at my cock, not my face.  You are a slave.”

She didn’t know how she felt in this moment.  She was angry and no way would she ever refer to him as Master.  Still, she smiled and stared at his cock as instructed but decided that to avoid the conflict in what she would call him, she would just not call him anything.  Surely nodding would do.  Master.  That would symbolize ownership or something wouldn’t it?  Like she was not free.  Only slaves had Masters and she was sure she was not a slave, was she?  She made a decision to be totally compliant in everything else but the Master thing was out.  What was wrong with “sir”?  Her inner child was angry now and fought to be let out but she controlled it.  She kneeled before him and after a few minutes in that position started to feel strangely comfortable.  She didn’t understand what was going on with her.

“Now ask me to punish you for doing what you did.”  It was all he could do to keep from laughing at the expression on her face.  “You heard me.  I will take it easier on you but ONLY if you cooperate.”

She couldn’t believe his audacity.  ASK him to punish her?  Was he insane?  No way in this world was she going to ask to be punished.  He was asking for too much.  Her pride came back and got in the way.  She just couldn’t do this.  She wondered what he meant by easier.  She dropped her eyes and looked at the floor.  She didn’t want to push him too hard but she did want to find out how hard she could push him.  If she truly was a slave, then she wanted to find out what her “Master” was made of.  So she didn’t answer.  She set her jaw and looked at the floor.

From her stance and the set of her jaw, Sam knew what was going through her mind.  Before she had a chance to rethink it, he reached out and grabbed her wrist.  Sierra knew how strong he was and didn’t try to resist.  In seconds, he had her wrist cuff attached to the back of her collar and had pulled her around to do the same with the other wrist.

Now that her wrists were cuffed, she was totally defenseless once again.  He drew her closer and in moments she found herself once again face down over his lap.  She could feel his hard cock pressing up against her and the position was starting to turn her on again.  She didn’t know what it was about being over his lap and feeling his cock but she reacted overwhelmingly strongly.

When he reached down to caress her inner thigh, her legs parted wide automatically to give him access.

Next. he took a firm grasp on the tawse from where he had left it on the desk.  Picking it up, he shook it gently to let it loose.  Then he snapped it hard against her soft buttocks.  The combination of two leather straps striking and pinching together as they did was an unbelievable sensation.

Ow!” yelped Sierra as the tawse struck her bottom.  She had never felt anything like this.  She was in shock that this was even happening.  She couldn’t wage a good struggle as she had no use of her hands.  The sensation was almost confusing to her.  She felt discomfort but she could feel his cock through his pants rubbing on her belly and, perversely, the pleasure was skyrocketing.  He brought the tawse down on her bottom again, harder this time, and it brought tears to her eyes.  Once again, the undeniable pleasure of being completely at his whim was driving her into a pleasure haze.  She begged, “No, no, please, no more,” but he ignored her and brought it down again.  The sudden sting gave way to pleasure beyond compare and she didn’t know what was happening as he rubbed her now brightly reddened cheeks.  She pleaded again, “Please, no more,” but she wasn’t sure she meant it.  She had tears in her eyes but inside she really didn’t know if she wanted him to stop.  This was a sensation that she could not compare to anything she had ever experienced before except the other spanking.

This was supposed to be punishment but to Sam’s frustration, Sierra was getting very wet and rubbing herself against him.  And worse, his cock was getting harder and he was responding, too.  Finally he threw the strap down on the floor and smacked her with his hand.  It was hard enough to hurt his hand but he didn’t care.  He was going to teach her a lesson as he smacked her repeatedly with his open palm.  He wanted to feel his flesh against hers.  Finally, when his hand was stinging enough for him to want a break, he began to rub her thighs and pussy gently.  She practically grabbed his hand with her thighs.  Then she spread them wide and thrust her bottom up, pressing with her knees against his legs.  He just gave up and tucked his thumb into her pussy and used his fingers against her clit.

She didn’t know what this need she had was but it was taking over.  When he slid his thumb into her pussy, she felt as if she was flying.  She bucked and rocked hard against his hand like she never had before.  Her animal need and instinct took over.  For a moment she didn’t even know how her body was doing this for she had not been with a man before.  She just gave in to it.  It was unbelievable.  She wanted more.  Her hormones were raging completely out of control.  Every time she moved, she could feel herself rubbing against his cock.  She came suddenly, very hard.  Shuddering almost violently, in a flurry of pleasure that was beyond anything she had ever experienced she felt it take over.  Then she lay there shaking, desire still flowing through her.

Sam was shocked when she shuddered and spasmed.  He knew she was coming and didn’t want to interfere even though this was supposed to be punishment.  Maybe it would get her to cooperate anyway.  He hesitated and then decided to spank her some more and let her wriggle around.  A few swats and he realized he was going to do better if he opened his pants.  He made her sit up and was amused to see the reluctance she showed.  Then she eagerly went back as he had her lie down again after he opened his fly and took out his cock.  He started to smack her again, letting her wriggling body rub up against his hard cock.  He loved that she was still helpless and he could do anything he wanted to her.  The more she kicked and squirmed, the more aroused he got.

Sierra was in shock, herself, over the intensity of the pleasure coursing through her.  She was on a different plane of existence.  She kicked and wriggled but now it was pleasure-induced and there was no fight there.  She could feel the effect she was having on his cock but she didn.t know what to do so she just enjoyed this moment.

Sam was in seventh heaven.  He resumed spanking her, not hard but just to enhance his own enjoyment.  As she appeared to react to the spanking, she squirmed against his cock and, in all too short a time, he couldn’t take it anymore.   He started to push back against her and then he exploded.  His seed squirted as he came.  His orgasm was shattering.  Then he slowly calmed and stopped the spanking.  He just continued to rub her gently for a time as they both returned to Earth.

He helped her to stand up and she trembled on wobbly legs.  Rather than take a chance, he drew her in close to him and supported her with his whole body.  He put his arms around her and released her wrists.  Then. to his amazement, he felt her hug him.

Sierra hugged him but she didn’t know why she did it.  She just knew she needed him in that moment.  His strength and security was starting to fill a place in her life that she was missing and couldn’t fill for herself.  Once again, she was confused by this.  She still didn’t know how she felt about calling him Master as that just seemed like she was completely giving in.  Her mind was a confused mess of conflicting thoughts that fought for an answer. She just didn’t know what she wanted and every time he did something else, she fell victim more and more to the innermost needs of herself.  She had never been more confused in her life.  She wanted this but she didn’t want to give in to do it.  It was a very frustrating battle.

Sam sat back and grinned in satisfaction.  He had an idea.  She wouldn’t like it but she was a slave.  “I’m going to let you go back to work now.  I’m going to reattach your cuffs to your collar though so you will have to get someone else to undo them so you can work.  I will leave your door open when I go.”

He grinned at her and gave her a kiss on the cheek.  Then, warmed by the intense fury of her glare, he zipped up, stood, and left her in her office alone.

Sierra was fuming.  She hated how he could just send her emotions all over the map at his whim and he seemed to love it.  She struggled around for a bit trying to release her hands but it was no use. Now she was naked and partially bound and had to actually leave her office like that.

She wanted to make a call to a friend she had made but she couldn’t dial the numbers or even pick up the phone.  She would have to go out into the hall this way.  She slowly approached the doorway and peeked outside.  She could only see a few people.  They were used to seeing her naked but she was not going to let them see her like this.  She just walked very briskly and tried to act as if this was normal.  She was almost running down the corridor when James, one of the executives of the company, came out of his office and she plowed right into him sending her sprawling.

“Well!  What have we here?  Sierra, isn’t it?  Here, let me help you up.”  He put a hand behind her and helped her back on her feet.  Then he realized that she was bound.  “My, on display for public fondling, are we?”

“NO!” came the indignant protest.”

“It does look that way to me.  Let’s see.”  He reached out and took her breast in his hand.  He fondled it a bit and then patted her bottom.  “Well, on your way, dear.”

Sierra could have died right there of embarrassment.  Now she was enraged.  She quickly walked the rest of the way down the hall to her friend’s office but to her great sorrow, she found the door was closed.  She approached the door not knowing what she would say.  She tapped the door with her foot.  Her friend Joanne answered the door, took one look at Sierra in shock and horror and helped her inside.

“OH MY GOODNESS!!!  What happened?” asked Joanne.  “Sierra, do you realize you have a slave collar on?”

Sierra didn’t know what that was really.  She went into the office and Joanne helped her undo her hands.  Sierra started to sob.  All of the emotional strain of the last day had been hard to swallow and here, in the presence of another woman, it couldn’t stay locked up anymore.

“I’m a... a... a SLAVE!” she wailed, crying into her friend’s shoulder as sobs racked her body.  “I’m so confused.  I don’t know what to do.  I’m supposed to call him Master.  I’m supposed to talk a new way.  I’m supposed to submit to everything he wants or he spanks me!”  She wasn’t about to mention that she liked it.

“Well you have to go before two men as witnesses and renounce it, Sierra, or after 24 hours it becomes legal and it’s like you are married.  You are his for life.  Hurry, dear, we don’t have much time.”

Sierra was in a haze as Joanne released her hands, took her by the hand and tried to pull her out of the office.  She took a few steps and stopped.  “Wait...”  Her voice trailed off.  “Joanne... I can’t.”

“You CAN’T???  What do you mean you can’t?

Sierra was confused “Joanne, I don’t know.  I would feel like a traitor.  And I don’t understand why.  I’m scared to go against him like that but I’m not scared of him.  I’m scared of losing what I have learned about myself.”  She started to cry again.  She looked at Joanne with pleading eyes.  “Please help me Joanne.  I don’t know what’s happening to me.”  She begged.  The pain in her voice would have made anyone cry.  She was in anguish over her emotions.  She felt so out of control.  She was fighting the power loss but wanted it at the same time.  She felt like she was falling from an airplane and trying to decide if she should pull the rip cord for the parachute or not.

“Poor girl!” Joanne said.  Then she went on, “Poor girl?  Listen to me.  I would give anything to be a slave.”  She sighed.  “You must do everything your Master wants.  Not because he will punish you.  He will but what you will do to yourself will be far worse than anything he could do to you.  You are a slave, Sierra.”  She sighed.  “Go to your Master, dear, and kneel at his feet.  When you do, you will find you have come home.”

Sierra didn’t know what to do.  “I can’t Joanne.  I don’t know how.  I’m fighting a battle inside.  I don’t know how to stop it.  I don’t know how to make it go away.  And what is worse is, I think I’m making things worse.  A lot worse.”  Her voice trailed off.  The thought of willingly submitting to him angered her but at the same time excited her. She was still so young that he was giving her what she needed but her emotions were out of control and that was something she did not know how to stop.  “Joanne, I’m in a mess”

“Listen to me Sierra.  I understand how scary this is and how much you hate the idea but you really have no alternative.   As horrible as it might seem, you are already a slave.  Go to your Master, kneel before him and you will see what I mean.”

Sierra drew a deep breath, trying to curb the fight that those words were raising in her.  She gave Joanne a hug, thanked her and left her office.  Slowly she walked back to her own office, thinking about those words.  She was not sure where He would be but she silently went back to her own office.  Lost in thought, she sat down at the computer and typed up several needed letters and straightened up the desk.  Then she went and looked at herself in the mirror.  She saw the collar with its lock around her neck and gasped at how the effect of seeing it made her feel.  She took another deep breath, trying to curb the inner battle to run.  She walked out of her office and ignored the looks she got.  She carried her head high, on a mission to find the man who called himself her Master.  She stopped several times on the way, trying to keep her emotions in check.  When she was standing outside his office, with her hand on the doorknob, she decided she couldn’t do it.  She started to walk away very slowly when she heard the door open behind her and realized he had seen her.

“Come back here,” snapped Sam.

She turned hesitantly.

“In my office... now!” he snapped in a tone that brooked no disobedience.  Standing there, he watched as she squeezed past him to get inside and then he closed the door behind her.  “Kneel,” he told her and it was as if her knees could no longer support her.  He gave her a grim look.  “Kneel the way you were taught.”

Ut oh, she thought as she fell to her knees and tried to remember how to do it properly.  She was shaking at his sternness and she couldn’t make any words form.  He pushed her knees apart with his foot and she struggled to maintain her balance.  He didn’t say anything and neither did she.  She just knelt there before him.  The silence in the room was so thick it could have been cut with a knife.  Gradually she started to calm.  Then she started to feel that strangely comfortable sensation again as she knelt before him.  His dominance had completely enveloped her.  She felt awkward as she struggled to find words.  Her inner battle caught up to her.  She was struggling again.  She just couldn’t give in to him.

He just let her kneel there.

Her mind was racing 100 miles an hour and she couldn’t slow her thoughts.  The inner battle continued as she glanced at his expression.  There were those eyes.  They could see straight into her heart, she knew.  He was watching her as if he knew exactly what was going on and was getting a step by step call on the plays her mind was making.  She wasn’t sure if she was comforted by this or discomforted by it.  He just stood there staring at her with that penetrating expression as she was left there to her thoughts.

Sierra let Joanne’s words echo through her mind.  Kneel before him and you will know you are home.  She tried to clear her mind.  To see how she truly felt.  She slowed her breathing and tried to just listen to her heart.  Her thoughts kept getting in the way.  After a time she began to feel what Joanne had said she would.  She did not know what to say to break this tension.  Hesitantly she tried to speak  I...”she paused and rethought that. “This girl is trying to understand this.”  She almost gasped it out.  She wasn’t sure about calling him “Master” yet as she was embarrassed that it would make her sound silly. She hoped he would say something, anything to stop her thoughts from racing.

“This girl is trying to understand this, Master,” he said to her, with a special emphasis on the last word, knowing that this would mover her much closer to her goal.

Sierra shot him a look but immediately took it back.  She looked at the floor instead.  Through the tension of her mind fighting her, she forced the words to come and couldn’t believe she was saying them.  “This girl is trying to understand this... Master.” she cringed at how that sounded.

She let the words she had just spoken aloud speak to her mind.  She was in shock that she had said it but the term Master was starting to speak to her.

“VERY good, little girl.”  He flashed her a pleased smile knowing how much that would mean to her.  “You have pleased me.

She realized that what she had looked for all of her life, everything that was missing, was standing before her.  She decided to really try.  She may not have known much but she knew she really didn’t like when he was upset or angry with her and was somehow thrilled when he was pleased.  She looked up at him “What does this girl do now, Master?

“Well, you are coming along nicely.  If you weren’t a damned succubus,” he added in a mutter.  She was without question, the most desirable young woman he had ever encountered in his life.  Now he waited impatiently as she danced around the pit into which she was being inevitably drawn, closer and closer.  He knew that once in, she would sooner die than ever come out but she had to find that out for herself.

She didn’t know what a succubus was so she ignored it.

“I will teach you how to do your check in.  You will be expected to do this regularly.  You will always begin by kneeling before me as you are now.  Then you will say to me, ‘Master, your slave is ready to serve you in any way you wish.’  Do that now.”

Sierra complied, saying, “Master, your slave is ready to serve you in any way you wish.”  She was surprised at how wonderful it felt to say that and how much it was true..

“Next, said Sam, “you will ask the three questions and wait for my answers or if I have anything further.  The first question is, “Master, would you like to spank your slave?”

She blushed as she asked, “Master would you like to spank your slave?”  She couldn’t believe she was asking that question.

Sam saw her blush and adored it.  “Well... he said and waited a moment, seeing the confused look as if she didn’t know what to hope for.  If you insist.  He drew her unresisting body back over his lap and gave her a few slaps on her bottom, hard enough to be stimulating but not enough to hurt.  Then he let her get up.  Before she had a chance to kneel he stopped her, explaining, from now on, “Whenever you get a spanking, you will thank me afterward and give me your tits to suck on.”  He showed her how to hold them up by cradling them for him.

Sierra flushed and she felt her whole body turn red from total mortification.  He was speaking to her in ways that were unbelievable.  She felt her pussy start to drip moisture down her leg.  “Thank you Master,” she said as she held her breasts up for him to decide what to do with.  She was as close to heaven as she thought could get.

He leaned closer and eagerly took one breast and put his mouth over her nipple to suck on it.  Then he switched to the other one and sucked on that, feeling her nipples harden.  Then he pushed her gently away and told her to kneel.  Once she had and he had reminded her to spread her knees all the way, he continued, “The second question is, “Master, would you like to use your slave’s body for your pleasure?”

Sierra’s mouth dropped open in shock and surprise as she started to think about what this meant.  She was in shock at his words.  She was agreeing to give him her body.  Worse, she was offering it.  She squirmed.  She had not thought about this.  She had to choose now if she was going to let him do this.  She replayed how awful she had felt not an hour earlier when she had felt so totally lost and confused.  Everything was clear now.  She still wasn’t sure she was ready but she decided she should trust him.  She struggled to make the words form and asked, “Master, would you like to use your slave’s body for your pleasure?”  She tensed, getting nervous as she waited for his answer.

He smiled at her.  “Very good, little girl, you have pleased me greatly.”  He could see her eyes widen as a jolt of tremendous pleasure went through her.  It wasn’t like an orgasm but it was just as pleasing, he knew.  “You understand you are giving me total freedom to use your body in any way I wish, no restrictions.”

This time he saw her eyes widen in fear but she blurted out, “Yes Master.”

“Very good.  You have done some very nice things for me this morning.  It is enough for now.  Tomorrow... let me see.  Stand up and put your hands on your head.”

She did as she was told.

He gently started to insert his finger and watched the mixed emotions go across her face.  “You are a virgin!” he said with satisfaction but no surprise having discovered it before.

She somehow felt ashamed as she acknowledged that she was.

“Well that’s nice.  Tomorrow morning you will lose that.  But any time we do something new for the first time, you will get an extra spanking first.  So we will take care of that mid-morning or before lunch.  But who knows, I might decide to have you for lunch.  Have you ever been eaten by a man?  He grinned at her.

Sierra blushed again.  She had heard of that but never experienced it herself.

Sam decided, as it was getting late, that he would let her finally go home.

She gratefully dressed and left the building, her mind full of thoughts.

Sam watched her from his office window and frowned.  He really didn’t want her dressed that way even on the street but he decided she wasn’t quite ready for slavery 24/7 even though it was now legal.  The laws against things like indecent exposure had long gone away.  Walking around in her slave uniform would garner her more than her share of attention but other than an occasional pat, no one would take advantage of her.  The respect for slaves ran deep and molesting another’s slave was a capitol offense.  He thought about her reactions and wished he had kept her with him.  Imagine!  She had never been eaten.  She would love it and tied down first and with a good spanking, it would be even better.  She hadn’t seen the playroom downstairs.  He loved the restraint table.  That was his favorite.  She would be perfect for that.  How embarrassing it would be for her!  How mortifying!  How delightful!  He could just raise it, up and take a seat.  Then, when he was done, it would be time for dessert.   Moving the chair from her feet to her head would take care of that.  And perhaps he could have one of the other girls in to help him by using a paddle on her while she took care of him.  He wondered if she would cum again.  He wasn’t ready to take her virginity just yet.  He would be content to have her eat him for now.  She certainly had talent at it.

Sierra drove home in silence.  On the way, she decided to stop by her new friend Joanne’s house. 

Joanne greeted her at the door with a smile.  “How are you?” she asked.

Sierra walked inside, slipped off her shoes and as, they sat down, began to tell her everything that had happened.

Joanne was fascinated.  “It sounds like you are getting what you want and need.  I didn’t think you wanted to be a slave but clearly I was wrong.  This is good for you.  That surprises me.  I didn’t think you had that kind of strength.”

Sierra was surprised.  “What do you mean?”

“Do you think anyone can be a slave?  I want to more than anything but no Master has found me worth taking.  And I am not at all sure I could deal with facing myself.  You have to look your own worst enemy in the eye and spit in her face.”

Sierra looked puzzled so Joanne went on, “It takes a special kind of strength and trueness to what you really are as a woman to be a slave.”

Sierra and Joanne talked on for a long while.  It felt good that she had a friend she could talk to.  She couldn’t imagine talking to her Master so this was a good way for her to vent.  Hesitantly she decided to ask liberty about something else that had been bothering her.  She was embarrassed and blushed, just at the thought, and almost didn’t ask at all.

“Umm Joanne... part of this is that he can do whatever he wants with my body.  Well, I’m still a... a virgin.  He says that tomorrow that will be taken care of and I’m scared.”

Joanne gave her a reassuring look and then reached out and gave her a hug.  “You will be fine hun.  All women were virgins at some point in their lives and sex is one of the best parts of living.  You will see.”

Sierra thought for a minute and spoke again.  “But... but what if I do something wrong, or embarrass myself.  I don’t want to disappoint him but I don’t know anything.  I feel like I’m not worthy.”

Joanne gave her a look of gentle concern.  “He knows that you are new and young.  He will take care of you, dear, but don’t ever think you aren’t worthy.  A slave is the most wonderful of her Master’s possessions.  And the only one worthy enough for him since he chose her.  Don’t think that just because you are a slave you have no value.  You are a precious creature with a beauty that matches anyone and surpasses most.”  Joanne smiled at her.

Sierra finally felt better.

After a cup of tea, Sierra said goodbye and continued on home.  She jumped in the shower for a quick bath and then climbed into bed.  She was asleep before her head hit the pillow.