The Slave Within


Mermaid Master and emerald













Chapter 1- A Question of Morals, Everything Has A Price


Sierra pushed open the front door that opened into the reception room.  The sounds of typing, murmuring, and printers could be heard buzzing, people were bustling around and she almost walked into a lady who was practically running in her heels with a pile of file folders.  Her heart was racing, she really needed this job  She wondered what she would have to do to make sure  that she got it.  She wasn’t leaving here without it.  She couldn’t.  She was nervous.  This could be the difference between...well...just getting what she needed and a terrible disaster if she could not get this job.  She knew she didn’t quite have all of the experience she needed but desperation was setting in.  She did not want to appear over-anxious but she was not sure she could hide it.  She walked over to the lady at the front desk and informed her she was there for an interview, then she took a seat as directed and noted her palms were sweaty.  Her heart was pounding and she felt like she might cry.  She brushed that off, scared of messing up her makeup and waited.

Sam Colt came in and beckoned her to come with him.  “You are Sierra?” he asked her and she nodded.

He led her down the hall and up in the elevator to his office and then went in first.  She followed him.  It was a typical, comfortable executive office.  Going in, he sat down behind his desk but didn’t offer her a seat.  “OK, I am Mr. Colt and I am going to interview you.  First I want to make clear we have some definite expectations of our girls.  We pay well and we don’t hire just anyone.  Are you prepared to give us 110% on this job?

“Yes Sir.” she almost stammered, just frantic to hide her desperation.  “I will give you all that I can.  I’m a great employee, trustworthy and on time...”she stopped, realizing how silly that must have sounded.  She glanced a look at him.  He seemed friendly enough but stern.  She shifted from foot to foot then tried to make a mental note not to do that.  She was sure he could see right through her.

Sam saw how nervous she was and that was fine with him.  He liked that in a girl.  “Alright, Sierra.  I would like to see your assets.  What do you bring to offer us.

She looked at him puzzled, unable to think of what he meant.

Let’s start with your blouse.  Take that off.”

Sierra looked at him and conscientiously tried to keep the shock from spreading across her face.  Anything, she reminded herself, and then the inner battle was triggered.  She did not know him, had never seen him before and she was in a strange place.  Her breath started to quicken and get ragged.  She felt like she couldn’t catch her breath.  Her face was bright red in a full blush that she couldn’t hide.  She could feel his gaze piercing her soul.  She was actually expected to do this.  Oh God, she thought to herself, what am I doing here?

She fought back tears again and struggled to breathe.  She fought the urge to panic.  She needed this job.  This is how it was.  She couldn’t believe she was doing this as she slowly unbuttoned her vest and then her blouse and let them fall from her shoulders.  Face red as the morning sun and wanting to run away, she stood there timidly trying to cover herself with her hands

Sam watched her utter disbelief and then her total surrender.  It was what he wanted to see.  “How can I see you if you are going to cover up, that way.  Don’t cover up, put your hands on your head.”

That got another look of stunned amazement and disbelief but when he added, “Go on,” she did as she was told.

“Good, that’s a start.  Now let’s see the rest of you.”

Just when Sierra thought it couldn’t possibly get any worse it did!  She could not believe this.  She slowly moved her hands up but pointedly refused to put her hands on her head.  She was too lost in thought about stripping to even consider that and she was feeling a bit angry as well.  She briefly entertained a hint of how this could actually be erotic if it wasn’t so scary, then she looked at him, her face flushed, stressed to the max, feeling like a deer in the headlights and addressed him saying, “Ummm with all due respect, is this necessary?  Please, I can do anything you want me to do in this office...type...get coffee...anything...but I don’t understand what this has to do with it  Please Sir, just let me prove myself to you in any other way.  Isn’t there some law that forbids this?”  She suddenly realized that she could have just blown this job for herself.  She was now scared that she had lost the opportunity.  She looked at him holding her tears back behind a dam that might burst at any moment.

Sam just laughed.  “No, the law changed with the backlash after the worldwide recession that was the fault of the women politicians.  It is much more reasonable today.  The days of women’s lib and sexual harassment charges are long over with.  But it does look like you have the kind of assets we are looking for.  He looked over her extremely curvaceous form and estimated her at about a 36D.  He was anxious to explore her a bit more closely.  He figured he would have to offer her the job, though.

Sierra thought for a minute.  This was just crazy.  She really needed this job and there were no longer any defenses that would prevent sexual harassment from occurring at work but she needed the job anyway.  She looked at him.  He was grinning.  It made her uneasy.  She really wasn’t sure what was on his mind and yet she knew she wasn’t leaving this office without a job.  As they made eye contact, very briefly, she felt a jolt of frustration and anger but it was also hot.  Damn, she thought to herself, I’m not easy and I won’t let him think he can do this whenever he wants.  She put on her best “don’t mess with me” face and glared at him.

Sam saw the glare but ignored it.  She was a girl and she would do whatever he wanted.  “Alright sweetie, I have decided.  We will hire you if you are interested.  You will work as my PA, my personal assistant.”  He named a salary that exceeded her wildest hopes and made her even more frantic to get the job.  Then he went on, “Only thing is, I will need you to start immediately.  I had to fire my last PA and we have duties that need attention.  He pressed a button on his intercom.  “Betty, do I have other girls waiting to be interviewed?”

“Yes, sir, we have three more.”

Perhaps I had better interview them first,” he said to Sierra.

Sierra stopped breathing for a moment.  She couldn’t lose this opportunity to another girl.  He was still looking at her and she assumed he was trying to see what her reaction would be.  She knew that out of three more girls, one could easily take her place if any of them were less shy than she herself was.  She blushed at the thought and blushed even harder at the expression on his face when he saw it.  Damn.  She paused her racing thoughts and asked herself one question.  What will I do to get this job?  She knew that the answer was clear:  Whatever she needed to.  She softened her glare and gave him a look of desire even though she really didn’t want to. 

“Please sir, I’ll do anything.  I need this job and I know you hear that all day but in my case it is completely true.  Please, just let me prove to you that you made a great choice by hiring me, please.”  She was momentarily disgusted at the desperation in her voice and the way she had just turned to begging.  That wasn’t what she had planned on when she walked in here.  She glanced at him waiting for a response and noticed he was still grinning.   She felt very uncomfortable, blushing at his gaze.  She could feel it on her body and standing here, half clothed, begging like a child, she felt the urge to bite her nails.  She didn’t know how to manage all of this intensity he was throwing off.  She was sure she didn’t like it but was beginning to notice how attractive he was.  “Hush,” she told herself, “You are no slut.  Get it together.”

“Very well,” Sam said, grinning at her.  “You are hired.  Now there are some preliminaries.  Since you are starting immediately, let me just explain  few things.  First, we have a rather strict disciplinary code here.  We are reluctant to fire our employees  but, as I’m sure you realize, discipline must be maintained.”

“Yes, sir, of course, sir.”

“I’m glad you understand. We have a very simple procedure.  If a girl does something wrong, she is subject to being spanked by her supervisor.  There are no excuses permitted and ignorance of the rules is not a defense.  Do you understand?

Sierra blushed a flaming red at the thought of getting a spanking from her boss.  She was as excited as could be at getting the job and, with the thought of that, the stress was instantly relieved.  She knew she was a good employee and there was no way she would ever require “disciplinary action” so if he was looking for a chance to put his hands on her ass he was going to be sadly disapointed.  She would be the ultimate model employee.  That way he could eat those words.  She would show him.  She didn’t know why she was still blushing other than that this was definitely the strangest day of her life but she had landed her first job, finally.  Being 18 was so hard and all she really had going for her was her looks but in this case it had worked.  She looked at him and decided she had better respond.  “Yes sir, I understand completely but I can also guarantee it will never happen.”

He grinned at her again.  “I’m very glad to hear that, Sierra.    Now the first thing I will have to do is verify you are abiding by the company dress code.  We have quite a strict dress code.”

Sierra was quite confident she was dressed impeccably.  She had spent quite a bit of time and effort on her outfit.  She would be greatly relieved to get her top back on so she didn’t have to keep herself covered up with her hands.

“If you would please remove the rest of your clothing, I can verify it.

Sierra froze at his words.  Damn!  He was still going to pursue this.  She was trying to remember what she was wearing under her skirt.  She couldn’t think very clearly as she was feeling extremely vulnerable.  She really did not want to take her clothes off.  She remembered, she was wearing black pantyhose, nothing fancy, and a bra that didn’t really match her panties but when she dressed this morning she was not thinking that this would be an issue.  Now she was very embarrassed.  Had this been a date, she would have made sure she was matching and her skimpy blue panties certainly didn’t match the white bra.  She was uneasy now, she didn’t want him to renege on his offer of the job.

“Please sir, with all due respect, I didn’t think that my underclothes were going to be inspected when I left home.  Can we do the inspection tomorrow when I can plan for it?” she sort of stuttered.  She didn’t know why she was so embarrassed now--a minute ago she was ready to pop him in the nose for being so direct but now she almost felt afraid.  Damn!  Sometimes she hated the way her mind could shift gears so fast.  She glanced at him hoping he would show compassion and forget about this completely.

“Oh dear,” he said, “you have now earned yourself 10 swats of the paddle.

“But why?” she blurted out.

“When you are told to do something here at the company, we expect you to do it, not discuss and argue about it.  I know you are new so I am being lenient.  Now either strip completely or leave but be aware that if you leave, this will go on your record as fired for cause.

Sierra knew she couldn’t lose this job.  She realized now that there was no other option.  She had to do this and she was hoping that for him, being lenient meant that he was going to forget about that whole paddling thing.  She resigned herself bitterly to the fate of being in a no-win situation.  With this economy as bad as it was, there was no way she could have being fired on her record and with this being her first job that would look particularly awful.  She tried to fight back tears as she caught a mental image of a fish caught in a net.  It’s a pretty helpless feeling, she decided   If this was what he wanted and was putting her job on the line then she could blame it on not having a choice.  She wasn’t really a slut, taking her clothes off for a stranger.  She was an employee acting to save her job which she desperately needed.  With that in her mind, she dropped her skirt and put it on the back of a chair with her top.  Standing there in her awkward underclothing, she could feel his gaze scanning her body.  Surely by completely he had not meant for her to take everything off, had he?  Oh no! she thought, he can’t mean all naked.  She decided to try to stall.

“Sir you did not mean completely completely did you?”  Her voice was shaking.  Her face was bright red and she was trying to stand slightly sideways so he wouldn’t see too much.

“Well, let me explain something.  We do not allow pantyhose.  All girls are required to wear stockings, garter belts and high heels.  Wearing pantyhose is itself a spanking offense.  Looks like you just earned yourself 10 more swats.  I seem to recall telling you that we do not discuss things or get into debates about our orders.  Now I understand how embarrassing it is for you to strip naked in front of a man you hardly know but just think about how much more embarrassing it would be to be undressed by two security guards who I will call in if you don’t take off those clothes right now.

Sierra looked at him incredulously.  Surely he couldn’t mean that.  She was flustered now and having to fight off the urge to tell him off.  Apparently he had not forgotten about the spanking and even more apparently she was digging herself a really deep hole here.  She tried to reason with herself to convince herself to just walk out and walk away but she knew that was absolutely not an option and she was definitely no match for two security guards and that would mean that two more people would see her naked.  No thanks, she thought to herself. 

Well, once again he had her where he wanted her and she was starting to think that he knew it.  How many other women had been in this situation?  They had obviously done it because they were employed here so that didn’t make her a slut, just desperate.  She bit her lip out of nervousness and slowly lowered her pantyhose.  When she had them off, she sort of threw them down as a sign of protest.  She was angry but, in some strange way, her body seemed to be betraying her.  She hated this inner battle he was causing.  She was trying to find words to say to him but there were none and she didn’t need any more trouble.

She reached behind her back and undid her bra and let it drop, horrified that she couldn’t keep her breasts covered and still take her panties off.  She was caught in a dilemma.  Did she go for the job or heed her morals?  She wanted to cry, her face was glowing brighter than the embers of a campfire and she just wanted the floor to open up and swallow her.  Reluctantly, she moved her hands, lowered her panties and flopped them on the floor, giving him a look of complete defiance.  He could punish what she said but she decided she would just shoot him daggers with her eyes anyhow.  It was a way she could protest without opening her mouth.

Sam saw Sierra giving him dirty looks but then she took her bra off and nothing else mattered.  Her tits were gorgeous.  Without even thinking about it, he reached out for them and saw her shrink away.  He caught himself and realized he couldn’t do that, at least not yet.  She stripped off what was left and stood before him naked.  He pushed his chair away from the desk, stood up and walked over to the armless spanking chair in the rear of his office.  He picked up the leather paddle that hung conveniently nearby, pulled out the chair a bit and sat down, then gently took Sierra by the wrist and drew her over his lap.  He felt her weight go over his erect cock which thrilled him.  He let his hand rest on her bare bottom for a moment.

Sierra was more embarrassed then she had ever been in her life.  She couldn’t hide it now and saw him looking at her breasts in amazement.  She wanted to grab her clothes and leave and never look back but knew that she did not have a choice.  This job was life or death and she had to keep it.  He reached out and took her by the hand and she fought the urge to pull away as he pulled her over his lap and, in a horrified instant, she realized what he was doing.  “No!” she yelled and fought to pull away.  She struggled to break his grip and get away but it was to no avail.  She tried to think of a way to make him stop.  “Please sir, please don’t do this.”  She was glowing red now at the thought that he was actually going to spank her.  Humiliated and embarrassed and feeling like a five-year old, she fought the urge to cry.

Switching the paddle to his other hand, Sam lifted it and patted her lightly a couple of times and then brought it down with a firm smack.  That brought a squeal and some frantic kicking and wriggling along with a desperate attempt to put her hand back to protect herself.  It didn’t do her any good.  He just took her wrist and pulled it up out of the way.  One firm smack of the leather paddle followed the next and soon set her bottom on fire.

Sierra yelped and tried to get away.  She couldn’t stop him and she was getting angry about it.  How dare he?  The nerve!  She thrashed around in a impossible attempt to break his grip but he held her fast.  Every time he smacked her, she felt hotter flames on her bottom but she also felt a stirring.  What? she thought to herself.  Her pussy was actually getting wet with a perfect stranger.  Here she was, naked in an office, pleading for a job and her pussy gets wet from a spanking?  Grrrr, she thought.  “Let me go this instant,” she cried as she thrashed and he chuckled  She couldn’t tell him that her body was betraying her.  Her mind said no but her body was saying yes.  No no no, she thought to herself.  Pleeeeease stop,”she begged as the tears started to fall and she mustered all of her strength for one final fight to escape.

He ignored her pleas and struggles but hoped like hell she wouldn’t become aware of the effect she was having on him.  His erection was now rampant and threating to burst out of his pants, he thought.  He didn’t think in his life he had ever spanked anyone as sexy as she was.  He didn’t know how much longer he would be able to contain himself.  Fortunately this was a known hazard and the rules took it into consideration and allowed him to demand relief although that was considered a sign of weakness.  He knew he wasn’t going to have any choice or he would explode in his pants.

“Alright girl, you can get up now.”

She pushed herself off his lap as quickly as she could but he wasn’t finished.  “Not so fast.” He told her.   “Just look at what you did to me.  I am entitled to relief.”

Sierra looked at him, incredulous.  No way.  Her hair was disheveled and her face the color of a fire engine, her breathing was ragged and she was a combination of furious, disgusted, and ashamed, not to mention turned on beyond belief.  She hoped he didn’t see that.  One thing she did know was there was no way she was going to do whatever it was he had in mind.  She pretended to ignore him and started to pick up her clothes instead.  She looked back at him for a brief moment and she could tell he was losing his patience but she didn’t care.  She would not do one more single thing he told her to do.  What did he think she was, a slave?

Sam grabbed her by the head and began to force her face closer and closer to his goal.  She fought it but he was too strong and then her eyes got wide as she realized what he intended.  He couldn’t possibly imagine she would do THAT?  It was unthinkable.  She started panting and her mouth opened involuntarily in her gasps for air.  She realized immediately it was the wrong thing to do as his red organ loomed closer, seeming to have popped out of his pants although he had surreptitiously helped.  She tried to take her eyes off him but she couldn’t seem to make them obey.  His THING loomed closer.

Sam was almost as ashamed of his own weakness as Sierra was of hers but in a radically different way.  She felt her try to struggle away but he wasn’t going to be left high and dry.  “You did this little girl and now it’s up to you to make things better.  But perhaps a bit more of a spanking might make you see the error of your ways.” 

He pulled her back over his lap, feeling her rubbing tightly against his now naked cock, sticking out of his pants and rubbing against her bare front.

Sierra struggled.  She had been strangely enamored by him calling her “little girl” but she pushed the strange sensation and the butterflies it caused in her stomach away.  She was angry but she could feel his manhood on her lower stomach.  She had to fight to not allow the sensation to be erotic but it was.  No! she told herself.  You can’t possibly think this is OK. 

He brought the paddle down on her bare bottom again and she couldn’t believe what was going on.  Her bottom was blazing but the tingling she had felt was getting stronger.  She realized in her wonder about how this could be that her struggle had decreased in intensity.  She hoped he didn’t notice and took the struggle up a another notch before he did.

“Please stop,” she complained.  She was getting tired from fighting him.  He was much stronger than she was and she was rapidly losing the strength to fight any more.  She was furious at the realization of this and wondered what was going to happen next as she put in one last, all out attempt to get away before she just couldn’t anymore.

Sam could feel her tiring and it renewed his determination.  He increased the intensity of the girl’s spanking and her squeals and crying reached a crescendo.  He knew she was ready to give up.

Sierra didn’t know what to do.  She couldn’t fight any more and was angry and upset about it but her body just lacked the strength completely and there was no pouring more into the fight.  She started pleading with him, instead.  “Please, please stop.  I can’t fight anymore.  Please stop.  You win.  I’ll do anything you want.  Just stop spanking me.”  She let her body go limp because it was about to do it anyway.

Sam lifted her up, limp and hurting and set her down on her feet standing between his legs.  She couldn’t resist as he pushed her down by her shoulders, low between his legs.  She wanted to fight but there wasn’t anything left.  She just couldn’t stand any more spanking.  He moved her helpless head closer to what he wanted and she just passively went along at first.  Then she saw his erect organ right there and the moment of truth was upon her.  He quite clearly, if almost unbelievably, expected her to take his cock into her mouth.  She had heard about that in whispered breaths but never believed she would ever do it.  Now here it was and she had no alternative.

Sierra was in shock.  She knew that this was an acceptable thing to do and that it was part of the whole sex routine.  Beyond that, she knew that it was expected but she had always not let the reality sink in.  Now, here it was in front of her.  She didn’t even know what to do.  She timidly did as she was asked. There was nothing else left to do.  She knew that this was how it had to be.  Hesitatingly, she stuck out her tongue and touched his organ and withdrew it very fast like it was a snake that would bite her.  She did not dare look at him.  Her heart was racing again.  She was suddenly scared.  She didn’t know what to do.  What if she did it wrong and he fired her?

Sam felt her touch him gingerly but he wanted more.  He suddenly realized she didn’t know what to do.  “Take it in and lick it like a lollipop,” came the classic instructions. 

She did as she was told and he thrilled to her tentative touch.

Sierra still didn’t know what to do. She was also embarrassed at not knowing how to do it.  She was not sure what to think about this. It was very exciting for her but it also felt against her morals.  She was not going to let him know that she was liking this in any way.  She continued licking and taking him in her mouth further and further.  She was amazed at just how into it she was getting and pulled herself back to reality.  She made sure that her body was not reflecting any signs of interest and refused to look at him.  She could feel her pussy feeling damp but knew he wouldn’t find out about that so she thought she was in the clear. Perhaps if he thought she didn’t like it he wouldn’t do this again but, then again, part of her wished he would.  She chased that part out of her consciousness and continued licking and sucking on his member.

The girl was naturally good as she gently but firmly laved her boss’ cock.  He was so aroused that he couldn’t hold out very long and, sure enough, in moments he was groaning loudly and beginning to thrust as deeply as she could tolerate.  She pulled back but immediately thrust forward, dragging her tongue against him as she did and that put him over the top.  She began to push frantically and, to her shock, he erupted in a sticky, salty fluid that caught her by surprise.

Sierra was horrified.  At the same time, she was intrigued.  She didn’t know what to do.  She tried to pull away but he held her. It didn’t taste bad but she had to fight the urge to be sick because of the texture.  She didn’t know what to think as she tried to pull away once more but, again, he held her head on it so she was not going anywhere.  She listened to him tell her to clean it all off and obeyed, unable to do anything else and not wanting to get in more trouble.  She was in no shape to argue or fight him anymore.  She was not sure she liked it.  Deep down, she knew she did but didn’t want to admit it and would never, ever tell that to him.  She felt like a dirty little girl and flushed at the thought.  She was definitely feeling a tingling sensation but was not about to tell him.  He was done at last.  She didn’t know whether or not that made her happy or sad but, whatever it was, she was not going to concede any more to him.  This was it for the job.  Surely this would not be an ongoing thing. so she breathed a sigh of relief that it was over, convinced that this was the end and she could now move on with this job and her life like it had never happened.

The girl rose to her feet and refused to make eye contact with Sam.  She reached for her clothes, feeling torn between feeling like a used dish rag and feeling like a princess even though that didn’t make any sense to her.  The problem was she didn’t have a big problem with what she had done.  That was itself a big problem.  She searched for her blouse and was increasingly aware that his gaze followed her every move but he said nothing.  She was still blushing and a flurry of anger crept in along with the feeling that she wanted this.  She was angry at herself for even thinking for a second that she enjoyed that it, even more angry with him for bringing that realization to life.

She dressed in silence and stood before him, waiting for him to say something, still not looking at him. 

“Your office is down the hall. third door on the left,” he said. “There are files on the desk that need to be transferred onto disk and several letters that need to be typed up.  I expect that to be done by the end of today.”

Sierra silently nodded her head and left the room.  She found her office.  It was no great shakes but it wasn’t too bad. either.  She would do some decorating and make it more to her liking and she didn’t care if he didn’t like it.  It had a big desk and a new computer.  She saw the stack of files on the desk and gasped.  There was no way she could have that done by tonight.  She sat down and got to work but she kept being distracted.  Her mind kept wandering back to his touch, his strength, his dominance over her.  She shuddered.  Why was she thinking about him?  She wanted to forget that had ever happened and move on.  She was getting angry again as she felt her pussy moisten at the thought of his hands on her.

“No,” she told herself out loud. “Straighten up.  What is wrong with you?” she asked herself aloud this time.  She could hear his voice echoing in her mind and, at the same time, was getting nothing done because she could not take her mind off him.  She realized that she just needed to orgasm.  That was all and it had nothing to do with him.  Discreetly she slid her hand inside her skirt and started to rub her clit. She couldn’t stop thinking about him!  Even his scent flooded her nose.  She tried to make this not be about him as she rubbed herself, getting closer to climax.  She was angry now but couldn’t stop, her hips raising up to meet her hand, pussy dripping now.  She wanted him here now.  No she didn’t!  She didn’t know what she wanted. She hated that she felt this way but loved it just the same.  She was right on the verge of climax when there was a knock at the door.

It was Sam Colt and he didn’t bother to wait to be invited in, he just opened the door and walked in.  He saw her disheveled clothing and heated face and knew immediately what had been going on.  “Didn’t I tell you to get this work done?  What have you been doing with your time... as if I didn’t know.  Well?  What do you have to say for yourself?”

Sierra couldn’t believe this was happening.  Not only had this morning’s events led to this moment but she felt as though she might die of embarrassment.  Her face was bright red, she could feel it.  She glanced at him and he had such a stern look on his face that she didn’t know what to think.  She didn’t even know what to say.  She decided that it really was none of his business what she was doing or why.  She pulled herself together and looked up at him.  “It is getting done just fine, Sir, and it would be getting done even faster if you had not interrupted.”

Sam just looked t her stunned.  He couldn’t believe his ears.  This snip of a girl had just told him what was going on in HIS office with HIS employee was none of his business?  His face darkened like thunderclouds against the mountainside.

Sierra, herself,  couldn’t believe she just said that.  She needed this job but she was angry at his imposition and even more angry that he knew what she was doing.  She lowered her eyes again and tried to pretend he wasn’t there.  Her heart rate increased to the point that she could hear it whooshing in her ears.  She felt his stare.  It felt like it was piercing her.  She hated it.  And loved it.  She growled at the realization of this and then realized she had done it out loud.  She tried to ignore him, just hoping he would go away.

Sam stared at her trying to decide what to do.  Fire her?  No, that would be too easy.  He grabbed her by the arm and reached for her top.  Putting his fingers in the top of her blouse, he ripped it open.  She rushed to close the torn material and he tucked his hand in the waistband of her skirt and pulled again.  This was the one she had been given here and they were designed to pull away so it just shredded, leaving her in just her torn blouse since she hadn’t been allowed to wear a bra.  In a few swipes, he had torn away what little she had on, leaving her standing there naked, trying to cover herself.  He reached out to get a better grasp on her and accidentally brushed her pussy.  He was shocked at how wet it was.

Sierra tried to cover herself.  She stood there jaw set at what she would consider amounted to brutality.  He hadn’t actually hurt her but the surprise had caught her off guard.  He held her arm firmly and she was in a bit of shock.  With her other hand she tried to pull his hand off.  “Let me go!” she exclaimed.  She felt her pussy trembling.  She could feel the arousal and she was angry at all of it.  When he brushed her pussy, her body trembled.  She knew he had felt it.  No!  This was not going to happen.  If he wanted anything, he was going to have to take it because she would give him nothing.  And she decided that she needed to get these inner feelings she was having under control.

She would never again let his touch arouse her.  Mind over matter that was all it would take.  Perhaps if he thought he was not doing so well, he would find someone new.  She stood before him shaking and trembling both from excitement and the uncertainty of not being sure what he was going to do.  He was not letting her go and her struggle was futile.  She feebly slapped at him, trying to get him to let go, but his body was solid muscle.

He chuckled at her attempt.

This made her blood boil. Finally she grew weary and stopped struggling, composed herself and looked straight into his eyes.  “Please let me go.  I have work to do and I don’t care for you to be here or to touch me anymore,” she said while inside her conscience screamed, “liar!”  She would appear completely without interest.  She hoped it would work.  She didn’t know how long she could fight him off with her body betraying her.

“I believe I told you we are not accustomed to letting our girls get away with misbehavior,” he said calmly, staring at her.  She was an incredibly luscious dish and he wanted her.  He had just had a terrific orgasm so he couldn’t cum again so fast but he was still going to enjoy her squirming over his lap.  “You are now naked and ready to be punished,” he said calmly.  “And quite obviously your body agrees with me.  If your pussy was any wetter, you would float away.”

She thought she was prone to blushing but that comment, especially knowing it was true, made her blush all over with a new degree of intensity.  He saw that and liked it so he reached out with a finger and stuck it in.

Sierra gasped at the entrance of his finger in her most secret place.  She tried to hide how she felt and attempted to pull away but he just gently and methodically began to stroke her pussy in slow strokes.  He marveled at her tightness.  She was a virgin!

She started to whisper, “Please...” and then she trailed off.  She was young; she had not yet had a man; he was arousing emotions that she didn’t understand at all.

“Please, I’m a... a...”  She stopped and so did he as, with a hint of kindness, he loosened his grip and asked her if she needed to say something.

“I am a... a virgin sir.  Please don’t, please.”

Of course, he knew.  It was obvious.  She tried to pull away again.  She hated him or she thought she did but something about him was alluring.  She erased the thought.   He stood there looking at her, his finger still on her pussy.  She wanted him to let go but she wanted him to go further.

She decided on the former saying, “Please, leave me alone.  You got what you wanted!  Go away!”  She struggled again to get loose but he had her by a vulnerable area.  In fact, he didn’t even stop her from struggling because the more she struggled, the more turned on she got.

Sam knew she was frightened, as much of her own desires as of him.  He let her go and she gasped as if she didn’t want that but he put both arms around her and drew her trembling body in for a close and reassuring hug.

Sierra tried to slow her breathing.  For the first time she really saw him and felt him.  Slowly she stopped trembling and was starting to feel safe in his arms.

Sam felt her response and drew her in close again, letting her feel the strength in his muscular arms and the power in his presence.

Sierra didn’t know what to think.  She didn’t want to fight him now; she felt strangely at home, comforted and safe.  She didn’t know what he had in mind but she was scared.  She wasn’t scared of him.  She was scared of how she felt at that moment.  Scared of these new sensations she was experiencing that were completely strange and not yet understood.  “Please, please don’t hurt me.”  She didn’t know why she was begging now of this stranger and she was not even sure what she was begging for.

Sam completely misunderstood her.  “Oh I am going to hurt you, little girl.  You are in for a good punishment.  Then he took her in his arms are gave her a reassuring squeeze, not realizing the assurances that carried.

Sierra was astonished at the way he seemed to be able to comfort her and at the same time drive worry through her.  She did not understand what he was doing to her mind or her body but she was very rapidly growing to like it. Very much.  She didn’t know what he had meant when he said he would hurt her and she was really worried about the “punishment” he had spoken of.  She snuggled into his arms and decided not to ask questions.  She felt OK like this.  She loved this tender side of him but, at the same time, she almost longed for that assertive dominance he had showed her.  She did not want to say anything more.  She thought she was doing well just with not fighting him anymore.  She surely wasn’t going to let him know how deeply he was affecting her.

Sam gave her one final hug and then pulled the naked girl over his lap once more.  She wriggled but he couldn’t tell if she was just getting comfortably into place or trying to resist and he didn’t care.  She got through to him in the way it counted.  He pressed her down and smacked her bottom, getting her to squeal and wriggle frantically.  Then, on impulse, he reached under her to gently but firmly grasp a full, soft breast and squeeze.

As he pulled her over his lap, Sierra thought to herself, Oh not again.  She wiggled but had learned the first time that she was no match for him and would not get away.  When his hand came down on her bare bottom, she yelped but she didn’t understand what was going on within her.  When he touched her breast, all of the sensations of the warm spot on her bottom and his touch on her breast seemed to blend together.  She didn’t understand how this could be.  She wanted more but she wasn’t going to tell him.  She was trying to keep that hidden as his hand once again came down hard and then he rubbed her inner thigh this time.  Oh God, that felt good, she thought to herself.  An inner war had begun.  She was rapidly getting to the point where she wasn’t sure what she could hide anymore.  She braved one furious, “Get away, please stop, please.” but his hand only came down again and this time it came to rest between her legs right on her pussy.  She knew she was in trouble.  She could feel its heat in comparison to his hand.  He knew how she felt and now she wouldn’t be able to lie to herself any more.  She was confused and didn’t understand why this was happening to her.  All of this for a job?  Yet this day had been filled with amazing discoveries. 

He smacked her again, harder this time.  The burn was enough to make her eyes water but as he gently rubbed her pussy from top to bottom, the burn was replaced with a pleasure she had never known.  She didn’t know what to do.  She had never known a man before in this way but suddenly she felt a desire the likes of which she had never before felt.  Sierra tried to get away again but to no avail.  Her own body was betraying her and Sam knew it.

Sam couldn’t believe how she was affecting him.  He could sense her arousal; it was reaching him against his will and he was responding in kind.  He felt like a man who had been one-armed all his life and suddenly, by some miracle, he had been given another arm.   A surge of power flooded through him as he continued to spank her and enjoyed her kicking and struggling but, at the same time, he could sense her arousal.  She was soaking his trousers and as he alternated between caresses and smacks, she seemed to greet both with equal welcome.

It was so strange to her but if he continued the caresses more than a moment, she pushed up to offer him her luscious bottom and then, after a few smacks she was rubbing against his leg desperately and going wild when he touched her gently.  He decided he wanted her to know he was in charge, not her, so he increased the intensity of the spanking.

Sierra couldn’t fight it anymore.  Her body was responding without her permission.  All hope of a fight was lost as pleasure coursed through her body with every smack to her bottom and, following his rub, the pleasure grew in its intensity like a slow burn.  She started to see stars.  She didn’t know what was going on and it was a little bit scary but her body just kept on coaxing, demanding more, straining for the next surge of building pleasure.  The feeling took over like a wave crashing on the shore until she exploded in a violent orgasm, so strong she felt like she was flying.  Her vision faded to black and she felt as though she might pass out from the intensity.  She had not noticed but she was gripping his leg in a death grip while her body was shaking and shuddering.  As she started to come back to reality, she was suddenly flooded with embarrassment.  Silently she started to cry in disbelief.  The pleasure had been so overwhelming and her emotions were so alive in the moment, she was not sad.  She was crying because she had never felt anything that intense.  She longed for more.  She silently lay there, just holding onto him, trying to rationalize what had just happened.  She hoped against hope, he wouldn’t say anything about it.

Sam knew women before who cried after cumming so he wasn’t surprised.  He wished she could get him off again but he knew it was too soon.  It wasn’t fair but women could get off more than men could.  He turned her over and she tried to hide her face but he ignored that and just took her in his strong arms and held her close.  She was definitely a keeper.  “You are going to make me much more than a personal assistant, girl.  I am going to make you my slave.”  He wondered how she would react to that.

Sierra heard his words.  A slave?  What did he mean?  She was still so lost in the moment, she didn’t know what to say.  She just wanted to feel him.  Desire still poured through her like rainwater over a waterfall.  She would do anything for him right now.  Then, as her senses started to come back to her, her stubborn self crept back in.  “I am slave to no one, sir,” she said but she did not truly know what a slave was.  She had only read history books about slavery and was using that as a basis.  She tried to pull away from him, an incredulous look on her face, hair tousled, face flushed, looking quite the mess.

Sam smiled at her, knowing she did not understand.  Somehow there was a moment when he felt a oneness with her,   He almost pulled her back over his lap and knew that was what she wanted.  But it wasn’t the right time.  Then he knew what to do.  It was an experiment, in a way.  He let her go for a moment, wanting to see what she would do as he reached into his desk drawer and pulled out a black leather collar with silver ornaments.  Then, with no resistance from her, he buckled it around her neck and snapped a tiny lock on to hold it in place.

Sam looked at what he had done, stunned.  He knew, even if she didn’t, what that meant.  He had now taken total responsibility for this child.  Some child!  She was so gorgeous that he couldn’t believe it.  And he could feel her astonishment even though she didn’t understand.  It was like they were one.  She was driving him to new heights.  And he didn’t understand his own emotions.  How could he have done such a thing?

Sierra didn’t know what to say.  In some strange way, she felt settled with the feeling of the collar on her neck.  She didn’t say anything.  She wondered if this is how a dog felt when it wore a collar for the first time.  It brought a strange peace.  She somehow didn’t want to fight it.  It was strange because she had fought everything since she had been here.  She looked sat him.  “I don’t understand, sir.”

Her eyes were filled with questions.  She looked at him, probably for the first time.  In his completeness, he was very handsome.  Eyes as blue and piercing as the arctic glaciers, a stern weathered look that said he was not to be trifled with, but under all of that muscle and strength was a compassion that she could feel radiating from him.  She didn’t know what he was doing to her but she had already changed from the girl she was into a woman and she was learning that she knew very little about herself after all.

Sam leaned over and kissed her.  It wasn’t out of passion but love.  He liked the feel of her.  He knew how little she understood but he would teach her.