An Unexpected Visitor
by Master H

June passed without any problem. The summer brought two more guests in June. July was clear or at least we thought so.

The last guest departed on June 29. S and I took a ride into town the next day for supplies and dinner. Because of the heat, we left our dog at home. Perhaps I should explain our dog. Tina is a mutt. She could represent 4 or 5 breeds at Westminster by herself. Her primary breeds are stomach and fur rug.

Her three main occupations are eating, woofing, and falling sleep directly in the path of where I am walking. The last one is mostly done at night when I can't see her. She is older than dirt. She won't bite but she'll beat the crap outta ya with her tail. She looks upon the proceedings at the farm as stupid human tricks.† So we went to town and left Tina in charge.

After a pleasant day and evening wandering through the town and a tasty dinner, we arrived back at the homestead. First thing that was wrong was the porch light was off. Second, Tina was outside cheerfully wagging her tail in greeting.† I pulled the truck up away from the house and put Tina in with S. I took my shotgun from its rack and loaded it. As I approached the house, a female shape passed the window. At least it looked female. Flipping the safety off of the shotgun, I pushed open the front door and aimed at the female standing shocked in front of me. Fortunately, I recognised her before I pulled the trigger.

Now that Iíd had had my heart attack for the year, I stepped outside and waved for S to come up to the house and let Tina out. Reentering the house, I wanted only to have a beer and hear a reasonable explanation from our visitor.†

Our visitor's name is Cindy. Weíve known her and her master, Mark, for a long time. I think they have been together for about 30 years A coupla months ago, we got the news that Mark had died. I never thought Cindy would show up here. She explained that after Mark died and was buried, his family moved in. Mark was quite well off. He and Cindy never married and he left no will. So his family gained control of his house and assets and kicked her to the curb.

Cindy did have some money that she had put away over the years, but rather than wasting it on lawyers, she left. Since the money was in her name only, his family had no right to it. Mark had done that much for her. So there she was with no home, no master, no job, and limited funds.

After weighing her options, she hopped a flight and came out here. She remembered about where we lived from their visit last year. I can imagine what the taxi driver thought dropping off a reasonably nice dressed city girl in the middle of nowhere by a desolate mailbox. She climbed over the fence and walked the mile up to the house. She left her bag hidden in the brush along the side of the driveway. She wasn't sure what to expect, but she knew we wouldn't just kick her out.

After hearing all of this, I had one question. How did she get into the house? She had the key that I had given Mark a few years ago when they stayed out here for a week. I made a mental note to change the lock on the door. Having had dinner in town, S had nothing prepared. So she fixed up some tuna salad for our visitor. It was getting late. I decided to continue this conversation in the morning.

Over breakfast the following morning, Cindy asked to stay here for awhile until she figured out what to do. I really wasn't enthused about having another female running loose around the property, but at that moment with Cindy looking like an orphan and S tapping her foot and giving her best impression of a stern look. I decided to let her stay for awhile. Now that the preliminaries were outta the way, it was down to business.

I ordered Cindy to strip. She jumped out of her chair and peeled off her shirt. For a woman in her 50's, she is in fairly good condition. I reminded her that she was to be barefoot and unclothed at all times during the summer, that the rules that applied to S applied to her, and she could be punished at any time for any reason. She agreed to everything.

After breakfast, I had S take Cindy, now renamed C, out to the exercise yard. C was going to pull a log around the yard to level it out again. S soon had C bound and harnessed. A flick of a switch across the butt and C took a strain on the harness and log. Nothing happened. Try as hard as she could, she couldn't make that log move. After watching her strain for awhile, I told her to stop and relax. I had S get the sled. I removed the harness from C and put the sled harness on her. She would pull the sled around for a few days. I harnessed S to the log and started her leveling out the yard. She didn't seem too happy, but someone had to do it and it sure wasn't gonna be me.

Besides S makes a fine sight. She is a big female with well developed legs muscles and abs and heavy breasts that stand out when she is harnessed. I had C follow her around the yard pulling the sled. S finished in about an hour. Poor C was sweating and covered with a fine dust that had mingled with her sweat to make mud. I undid S's harnesses and led her to the outside shower with C following along pulling the sled. The shower has only cold water. S washed herself off and dried in the sun while C stepped into the shower. I removed the harness and bindings from C and she stepped into the shower. When she pulled the lever and the cold well water hit her, she froze for a moment. She washed herself fast.

The day was heating up fast and I still had a few things to straighten out about C's status. So I took both of them into the shade of the porch. First was a collar. I don't keep spare collars around the place. I asked her if she had one. The only collar she had was Mark's. I didn't feel right about using that one. Fortunately, Tina came to the rescue. She has the bad habit of slipping her collar. S had found the choker collar out in the yard. I placed the chain around C's neck and locked the rings together. Tina was just gonna have to live without her collar. With C collared, she went to her knees from long practice.† I ordered her back into the chair. All that kneeling isn't really necessary.

After conferring with S, I decided that for the time being C would be treated as any other guest, albeit a nonpaying one. I rebound C and re-harnessed her to the sled. S got a bit from the equipment box. I buckled the bit tightly into C's mouth and snapped on a pair of reins. S took her out to the corral. The bit I used on C didn't have a ball in the middle of the mouthpiece so she could drink water by slurping it around the metal bit. S put some water out for her and we left her there to contemplate her fate while we ate lunch.

After lunch, I put C to cleaning the equipment. Her hands were chained in front of her and her ankles wore shackles. So things wouldn't be too easy, I locked her wrist chain to her collar. S led her out to the shed with the sled still attached. I supplied rags and polish and put her to cleaning the buggy. S told her she had two hours to finish the buggy and set a timer for that amount.† While C worked on the buggy, I tied S to a post and took care of some unfinished business involving her attitude. After whipping S, I turned her around so she could watch C work and tied a rope around her waist so her striped butt was pressed into the rough wood. Just so S wouldn't get bored, I clamped weights to her nipples Tina meanwhile had wandered in, observed the goings on, and concluded this was another stupid human trick. She went to sleep on an old wool blanket in the corner.

When the timer chimed, I released S and told her to inspect the buggy. S did a thorough inspection and noted some places that C had missed. After C had cleaned the places pointed out by S, I took her over to the same post that S had occupied earlier. After securing her hands above her head and a rope tightly about her waist, I removed her sled harness. Then I whipped her. Mark had probably whipped her harder, but I wanted to make a point of proving that I was capable and willing to whip her more than punish her. She took the whipping rather well. I used a quirt which stings but doesn't leave nasty welts. Still her buttocks and the back of her thighs were well striped.

With the buggy all polished and shiny, I re-harnessed C to the sled and had S lead her back to the house. I had thought about getting a chastity device for C but with no other guests, I figured she really didn't need one. Besides, those things cost money.

Things kinda settled into a routine after the first week. C slept on a pallet in the walk in closet -- next to Tina. I didn't bother chaining her to anything, but she was shackled. During the day, she was getting used to wearing an anal plug, pulling the sled and doing odd jobs around the place. She seemed happy enough.

One day I had to walk down to the creek below the house. It isn't far but is steep so the going is slow. After giving the girls a few chores to do, I started off. The sun was getting low by the time I got back to the house. Neither female was in sight. As I entered the house, I heard moans coming from the bedroom.

Quietly entering, there was S on the bed. Her ass was propped up by a pillow. Between her thighs, C's face was buried. They both certainly were enjoying themselves. I had to be careful not to startle S. I know from past experience how strong her legs are. If I startled her and she closed her legs, she could snap C's head off. Both seemed to be oblivious to the fact that I was in the room. So I let them finish.

After they finished, I made a noise. C jumped up startled. S was too far gone to even react. Now I'm not a prude by any definition and this wasn't the first time S had been pleasured by another female, but they should have asked permission first. C had a deer in the headlights look on her face. S realizing that something was amiss looked around and saw me sitting behind her. She got a scared look. C started to cry. She crawled over to me and begged not to be ordered to leave. I had no intention of throwing anyone out, but a little discipline was in order for the evening.

The females found themselves strung up by their wrists to the rafters in the living room.† Their legs were held apart by spreader bars attached to their ankles. If they stood on their toes, they could take the pressure off of their arms. Both were gagged and facing each other. The living room is rather open. S had been through this before. Despite the sure whipping, she was calm. C had already started to cry, again. S knew what they did wrong. C could figure it out. I was in no mood for lecturing at this point. I stepped behind S and let the 3í snake whip do the lecturing.

The first stroke of the whip caught her straight across the buttocks. S went tense as the whip left a bright red welt. She got 4 more in rapid succession. Each one struck a fresh piece of skin. I left S hanging in pain and walked behind C. She had witnessed what S had gone through, but that didnít lessen the first stroke. It caught her straight across the butt cheek. She went stiff then relaxed. She got 4 more in rapid succession like S did. I repeated the process with each getting 4 strokes, then 3, then 2, then 1. That gave each one 15 strokes. Fortunately, there was no broken skin. S, if she could talk, would probably have sworn that I had flayed the hide off of her. Cís butt was glowing red.

I let the girls down. S went to fix dinner. I told S to remove her gag. C was left kneeling on the floor waiting for someone to tell her what to do. She looked lost. I finally got her to her feet and told her to put some balm on her butt and bring with balm out with her. When she came out of the bathroom, she was still gagged. I took the gag off of her. I told C she could speak.

She said that she didnít know that sex was forbidden. I told her that she and S werenít whipped for having sex. The two of them were whipped for not inviting me to the party. If there was going to be sex, then damn it, I wanted an invite or Iíd hold my own party.

S was in the kitchen when I walked in. Thereís just something about big tanned ass that I canít resist especially when it is decorated with lovely welts. I bent S over the counter and rubbed the balm on her butt. Then since she was in the right position, I slipped inside of her. The whipping had made her very wet. After I finished, I left her bent over. I turned to C and ordered her to kneel. I stuck my cock in her face and told her to clean it. She did a good job.

S was still bent over so I told C to clean up her too. C went to work on her with gusto. That female has one talented tongue.

That seemed to be a turning point for Cís stay at the farm. She started sleeping on a cot at the end of the bed. She sat at the table with S and I. C became one of the family.

Tina still looked upon the whole scene as more stupid human tricks.