This isn't Fiction
(well almost not fiction)
by Master H

She starts by removing her clothes and throwing them on the chair under the window. She stands there by the bed waiting for instructions. Today, the butt plug will go in as well as a dildo. Both will be held in place by a tight crotch rope. Her arms will be pulled back as far as they go and bound in rope. No nice leather cuffs and chains this time. A heavy black rope is wound around her waist. Another is looped through the waist rope in the front.

She lays face down on the bed. I start to grease her rectum, slowly working the lubricant in deep, making her writhe against my finger. Her breathing is becoming heavy and slightly labored. Slowly, I work the plug up her rectum, making sure to twist it, ensuring the lubricant is spread evenly. Finally, the plug seats itself deep inside of her. I give her a few minutes to relax and catch her breath before we proceed. She lays on the bed panting from her first orgasm her posterior twitching from the invasion I could have her right now, but this is a training session. I'll wait for my pleasure. The dildo goes in next. By this time, she is wet enough that lubricant isn't needed. I slowly slide the silicone phallus into her, making sure that she feels the deep penetration. I reach under her and bring the crotch rope round to the back. It is tied off to the waist rope. I'll pull it tighter once she gets on her feet.

I help her to her feet and steady her for a minute. I pull the crotch rope tighter making sure that it cinches between her labia and covers both plugs. She lets out a soft moan as the plugs are driven deeper into her.

Her breasts get my attention next. She loves to have her breasts tied and I am more than willing to oblige her. A rope is double looped tightly around the base of each breast. The remaining rope is brought over her shoulders and crossed down her back. Her breast ropes are the anchors for the arm bindings to come. Four or five twists of the two ropes make a good base. The ropes are wound around her upper arms and tied off at the arms and at the twist. This pulls her upper arms behind her. Her hands are gently twisted behind her one at a time. Each wrist is tied off to the twist that holds her upper arms in check. Now her hands are bent so that they are back to back. Her thumbs are tied together with twine. I turn her around and loop a rope from the ropes binding her breasts and tie it tightly to the front of her crotch rope. I turn her around and take the free ends of her crotch rope and tied them off to the twist. She now has been tied into a tight harness that discourages bending over and forces her to stand erect with her back straight. The harness also discourages sitting down. Another rope is tied off to her breasts. This rope will be used as her leash. Her ankles are tied leaving enough slack for her to take 12" steps.

Since she has a low tolerance for gags, I use good ole duct tape to seal her mouth shut. A nice soft leather blindfold keeps her sightless and dependent on me for guidance.

I lead her out of the bedroom. She walks hesitantly. Her only guide is the rope tied to her breasts. She hears the back door open and she is let outside. We live in an isolated area. Our nearest neighbors being a half mile away. I lead her up to the exercise ring and slowly walk her around the ring teaching her to follow the pull on her breasts. After a few times around the ring, I stand in the middle and guide her. An occasional tap with the cane on her ass corrects her if she wanders. Today, she won't be hitched to the cart. This is just a training exercise. After about 1/2 hour of working out, I lead her back inside and into the kitchen. I'm thirsty. I hook her breast leash to a hook on the door and leave her there. She is allowed to lean against the door and rest some. After I get a drink, I tie her breast leash off tight to the door. This keeps her from moving much. I use a leather flogger on her ass. After a few strokes, her ass is beginning to get a nice glow. I lead her back into the bedroom and begin to untie her bindings. She has to remain unmoving as each rope is unwound from her body. Finally, the only bindings left are the crotch rope and her breast ropes. She lays face down on the bed. I bring the breast ropes around her back. They will be used as reins in our coming intercourse.

I decide that a few more stripes on her ass will heat her up more. A few straps on her ankles and knees keep her legs tightly together. I take the cane and lightly strike her across her both cheeks. A nice welt starts to rise. Five more, harder, strokes go across her ass. Another five strokes go perpendicular to the first six. She is panting heavily against the duct tape. I remove the duct tape and put my penis into her mouth. She sucks on it from her awkward position. After giving her a good taste, I move behind her. The crotch rope is untied and quickly pulled away from her. I pull her onto her elbows and knees and quickly remove the dildo. Just as quick, my penis replaces the dildo. I take up the breast ropes and pull hard. She pulls back against me and I stroke in an out rapidly not caring whether she orgasms or not. Finally I finish deep inside her.

I take the blindfold off of her eyes and roll over on my side pulling her with me. We snuggle together enjoying the after feelings. As we lay there I untie the breast ropes and the waist rope. Not an easy trick from my position. A good master always remembers where the knots are.

This is about a normal session for us. We have been doing bondage for quite awhile now. Sometimes it is a simple hog-tie or spread eagle. Other times, it is complicated and very restrictive. Either way, we have fun and that is what it is all about.