by Master H

Saturday night is quiet out here. The farm is far enough out that traffic and neighbors don't disturb us. Of course, we don't disturb the neighbors either. We weren't expecting guests, but the doorbell rang anyway.

S gets the door with me right behind her. Becky is standing there. She and W have been coming out to the farm for pony play for about a year now. They have been married for a long time and are younger than we are.

After I get the couple seated, and S gets them some iced tea, Becky explains the reason for their visit. W is a total submissive. He has no desire to try dominating anyone. Becky, I thought, was his opposite. Boy, was I wrong. Becky is a switch. Her need to submit to someone has hit a fever pitch. W has shifted from devoted sub to loving husband. He'll go along with her switching if I do the dominating.

Despite our D/s relationship, S and I share virtually every decision, and this is getting weird. So with S's nod, W and I setup a few ground rules for his wife's submission. Becky is squirming in the seat. Finally, we conclude the rules.

I turn to Becky and say, "Strip."

I put Becky into a kneeling position in the middle of the room. Her head is flat on the floor and her arms are pressed against outsides of her calves. She is in a kinda kneeling fetal position. W hands me a bag from the local home improvement store. It has rope in it, lotsa rope. I think he bought the store out.

I leave Becky in her position to contemplate her fate and S separates out the rope by size. After cutting the rope into manageable lengths, I get Becky to her feet. She hasn't said a word when she turns to W and says, "plug." W reaches into her purse and pulls out a serious butt plug and a tube of lubricant. I tell W to lube her and ease the plug into her. After much grunting and moaning, (thank goodness for no neighbors), the plug is finally seated tightly in her rectum. Poor W is sweating and not from the effort. He helps Becky back to her feet, and she is once again standing in front of me, head bowed and hands behind her back. I have her put her hands on top of her head. Taking up a length of thick rope, I wrap it around her waist. Squeezing her waist tight, I knot the rope so that the knot is directly in her navel. Another length of the same rope is looped through the back of the waist cinch. I pull it between her legs making sure that her labia are trapped in the twists of the ropes. I loop the crotch rope into the front of the waist rope, and pull it tight. Becky lets a moan come out as the plug is driven deeper into her.

Becky's breasts aren't very large. I loop a length of tent cord around the base of one breast and pull it tight. Holding the loop tight, I wrap the cord twice more around the breast and tie the ends off. I repeat the process on the other breast. Her breasts are standing out straight. Becky's moans are getting loud. W hands me a penis gag. I press the gag against Becky's lips. She opens her mouth and accepts the gag. The buckle tightens until the gag is completely in her mouth. Her moans are muted now.

I tie a rope around her upper chest and under her armpits. Her upper arms are pulled back as far I can get them and tied at the elbow. Her hands are back to back. A few loops around her wrists hold her hands in that position. Using some tent cord, I tie her thumbs together. I tie off her wrist binding to the waist cinch. It puts tension on her arms.

I bring the rope from her upper chest to her crotch rope and tie it off tight. This makes a nice handle for moving her.

Just for fun, I attach clover clamps to her already sensitive nipples. She almost loses her balance. After steadying her, I blindfold her and attach a cord to the nipple clamps. Using the cord as a leash, Becky gets led around the room.

Poor W is getting warm. His face is flushed and he is having trouble breathing watching his Domme being tied and used as a sub.

With W's help, Becky gets laid down face down on the floor. Her weight mashes her bound tits into the carpet. The clamps squeeze her nipples tighter. I tie her knees together. Her toes get tethered together. A cord from the strap of her gag is run back to her toes. I gently lift her head and pull the cord tight. This causes her head to strain against her toes.

I sit back to watch her squirm trying to relieve the strain on her toes and the pressure on her nipples at the same time.

S kneels down beside our helpless captive. She has a small vibrator. When Becky hears the hum of the vibrator, she tries to shake her head no. S works the vibrator between Becky's legs slowly moving the instrument down the crotch rope. With a little effort, she finds Becky's clit. The orgasm hits her. Every rope strains against her body as she stiffens. S pulls the vibrator away. Becky is shaking from the force of her orgasms.

I untie her knees and bring her to a kneeling position. I untie her crotch rope and remove it. A rope run from her chest rope to her toes will hold her in the kneeling position. Turning to W, I order him to strip. He gets out of his clothes in record time. I cuff his hands behind his back and lead him over to behind Becky. The poor guy has been holding back an erection for close to a half hour. After positioning him behind his wife, I slap his ass. He slides into her. He starts humping away. Becky is getting loud despite of the gag. W is grunting like a rutting bull. I undo his hands. W grabs his wife almost lifting her off the ground. They come to a mutually satisfying conclusion.

We hurriedly get Becky out of her ropes. She has been bound for quite awhile, and her breasts are turning blue. W holds her tightly while I remove the clamps. I am glad that I left the gag in place. The cool wet glass of ice tea soothes her aching nipples. W helps her into the bathroom and they get the plug out of her.  I should have left the gag in for that too.

S and I are relaxing when they come back out. Becky is all cleaned up. Still naked she sits down on a wooden chair and downs a glass of ice tea. She hands the empty glass to W who obediently refills it for her. I am beginning to feel out of place being the only one still clothed in the house.

After relaxing, Becky and W get dressed. Just before they leave, Becky kneels in front of me and puts her head on my knee. As she smiles at me, she says, "I'll have to try this again. You forgot the whip."