by Master H

George Sampson hitches his pony up to his sulky. Her long auburn hair hangs down in a cascade of soft waves. Her alabaster skin glows in the morning light. It is a beautiful day. Afterwards, they will have to go shopping for a collar.

George enjoyed his life. He was wealthy and hadn't actually worked in years. He had moved to the country estate several months ago. The previous owner had died under rather mysterious circumstances and had left no will. The owner's son had never liked country living and had put the place up for sale. George had bought it for about half of its value.

After he moved in, George found that the previous owner had rather eclectic tastes. A room in the basement was a rather well equipped dungeon. The stalls in the stable out back were far too small to hold horses. The tack was built too small for any use that George could think of. While George was no virgin, his rise in the corporate world had been rapid and left little time for more than quick liaisons.

George settled in and forgot about the room in the basement and the strange stable out back. He was enjoying a glass of wine and watching a movie after dinner when the doorbell rang. Uttering a low oath, George answered the door. George had no servants that remained in the house all the time. Turning on the outside light, George opened the door to two men. They were dressed well without overstating their station. George surmised they were either lawyers coming to discuss some legal issue about the late owner's estate or preachers looking for a handout. Not wanting to be a bad host, he invited the men in to the living room.

A somewhat awkward silence ensued. George, attempting to be a good host, offered his visitors wine. The wine seemed to calm the atmosphere and make the three men less uptight. After a bit of talking about the weather, stock market and other mundane subjects, the taller of the two finally spoke the real purpose of their visit. In a blunt way, he asked George if he found the room in the basement and the stable out back. George said he had seen both but had not found any use for them. After assuring his guests that he would like to know the reason for the elaborate setup, the shorter one opened his courier case and produced a video player and a DVD.

He placed the DVD in the player and pushed the play button. Images of bound naked females flooded George's vision. Females dressed in the tack in the strange stable were pulling carts around a track while their male riders flogged their bottoms. In the dungeon, naked females were bound in seemingly impossible positions. Everywhere, it seemed to George, whips were hitting naked flesh. Cries of pain and pleasure rang across the house. For fifteen minutes the disc played on.

When the screen finally went blank, George found he was gripping the arm of his chair, his breathing was ragged; he was sweating profusely. In his 40 years of life, he had never been so excited. As he returned to normal, his visitors waited patiently. Finally George's vision cleared and he felt like he was once again in control of his body. He asked his visitors to let themselves out and leave their cards on the table. He would be in touch.

That night George slept deeply. His only dream was of an impossibly beautiful woman tied spread eagle on his bed. He could almost taste the musk rising from between her wide-spread thighs. Slowly he lowered himself onto the helpless woman. He could feel his weight crushing her into the mattress. He reached back and untied the knots holding her ankles. Her legs sprang up and wrapped around his waist. Her vagina felt like it was sucking his penis into its wet heat. Deeper he drove his erection into her. The harder he drove in the more she rose to meet his thrusts. Locked in an unbreakable embrace the two rose together to the pinnacle of their sexual union. George woke up in a pool of sweat. There was no one in the house but him. He slept the rest of the night soundly.

The next day George called up his visitors and requested another meeting. After arranging a meeting for later that day, George decided to take a run around the estate. Looking around in the out buildings he found an ATV. Tank had gas in it and - surprisingly - the engine fired on the 2nd kick. George took off to explore his domain. Rounding a small hill behind the stable, George saw the track depicted in the DVD. He slowly descended to the track and took the ATV for a trip around the oval which he discovered was exactly a quarter mile. After putting the ATV away he walked back up to the house. His maid/ cook/housekeeper, Janice, had his lunch ready for him. He informed her not to wait dinner for him as he had an appointment in town with a group. Janice eyed him coldly. As he went out the door she informed that, if he was going to have parties like the previous owner, either he would pay her extra for cleaning up or hire some help for her. George looked back at his housekeeper. For first time, he noticed that she had very nice figure.

George's meeting went well. Afterward he had dinner at a local village restaurant. While enjoying an after dinner drink, George decided to allow the parties to continue. First there would be some cleaning up to do. The dungeon was dusty and moldy from disuse. The stables had to be cleaned out and the vermin caught. George had noticed a family of mice had set up house in one of the stalls. George called the taller of his visitors with his decision. The man matter-of-factly said he would arrange for all the work to be done. George could expect a cleaning crew in the morning. As he left the bar to go home, George caught the scent of musk. The same musk he had smelled the night before. Looking around, he saw no one that looked like the woman from his dream. Shrugging his shoulders he left for home.

That night George slept soundly. He dreamed of the impossibly beautiful woman again. This time she was strapped to a device that kept her on her knees and elbows. A huge ball gag stretched her red lips wide.  An enormous plug sealed her anal opening.

Across her back a small whip lay. George took the whip. He lashed out at the exposed and helpless posterior. Again and again George lashed the offered bottom. He smelled the same musk as in his previous dream. Suddenly with a growl he grabbed the woman's hips and drove into her. Vaginal muscles gripped his penis in a wet vise. The anal plug filled part of the vaginal cavity - causing his rigid penis to force its way further into the wet heat. Like an enraged bull, George drove into her. Her heat rose to meet his own. Harder and harder he plunged into her vagina. With a primitive howl, he made one final plunge and deposited his semen deep in her. George woke up once again alone in his bed, covered in sweat. The faint smell of female musk permeated the air.

George got dressed and came down stairs. Janice had his coffee and breakfast ready. As she moved, George noticed her luscious curves. He watched her walk back to the kitchen, wondering why he'd never noticed her before. The doorbell interrupted his musings. His two night visitors were standing in the doorway with a few more people. They were all dressed in work clothes. George guessed that this is the cleaning crew. He also noticed that several of the women had metal rings around their necks. The rings looked almost like jewelry, but George figured that this is some kind of collar. George called up the cable company and ordered internet access. He had to do a little research.

Janice, ever the efficient domestic, ensured that everyone had coffee. The group had brought pastries. There was a get acquainted session over warm Danish and fresh coffee. Janice didn't participate, but she was never more than an arm's length from George's side. The clean up went well. By the end of the day the group's leader, Sam, was satisfied. The stables were swept out and the tack oiled and polished, the dungeon had been scrubbed clean - no hint of mold remained. The cable guy arrived and installed high speed internet. It had been a constructive day for everyone. Sam gave George a list of sites where he could learn more about the lifestyle. A party was set for 2 weeks hence.

That evening George walked out to the stables. Surprisingly, Janice accompanied him. Somehow she looked different. Her auburn hair was a deeper shade of red. Her hips seemed have become fuller, curvier. Her breasts pointed straight out. George caught himself staring at her. Janice took down a bridle from the tack stall, she inspected like it was a piece of jewelry. Then she placed the bit in her mouth and buckled the retaining strap tight. Smiling through the bit, she took a set of reins and snapped them to the rings on the sides of harness. Walking back to where a stunned George stood, she placed the reins in his hands. George stood there aghast. Still smiling, Janice took off the bridle. She said he would have to take her for a ride some day. Laughing George promised he would. They went back to house for dinner. Janice, as she always did, left after dinner and loading up the dishwasher.

George sat down at his computer to do some serious studying. The sites that Sam had given him contained a wealth of information. George, ever a quick study, read almost until dawn. He fell asleep in his easy chair a sheaf of papers falling to the floor.

George smelled the musk again. He opened his eyes to find the beautiful woman between his legs. Her arms bound in a leather sleeve behind her back. She removed his penis from his pajama pants using her tongue, and slowly started to perform fellatio on him. Up and down the shaft she ran her tongue. George was frozen in place, unable to move from the chair. The head bobbed faster up and down his penis. George's legs stiffened as he approached climax. He grabbed the head and jammed his erection deep into the waiting mouth. For an agonizing moment his orgasm seemed to hang in midair like a ball stopped by an unseen force. A feather light brush of her tongue - and George exploded. He felt as if his life energy was being sucked out his body. Unlike the previous times, this dream left George feeling drained of energy. George didn't like the feeling at all.

Janice smelled the musk when she came into the house. She knew the scent of female heat. She also knew that George didn't have a lover - at least not a human one. George was sleeping fitfully. He was bathed in sweat. Janice got her employer a cold washcloth. She mopped his brow and managed to get him up and into the first level bedroom. There he sank into deep slumber.

George slept until late afternoon. When he woke, Janice was there at his bedside. When he got up he realized that he was nude. Janice simply shrugged it off. His clothes had been soaked, so she had taken them off after his collapse. George looked at her through bloodshot eyes. Last night for him had been a bad experience. Slowly as the day wore on he convinced himself that it was just dream, and dreams couldn't hurt him.

Night fell and Janice bid her goodnight to George. For the first time, George felt uneasy about staying alone in his house. The experience of the night before had shaken his self-confidence. George paced the house until sheer exhaustion took over and he fell into deep sleep on the couch.

George fell awake with a start. Standing at the end of the couch was the beautiful woman. She seemed to hover over him like a spirit. Her scent filled the air. She floated down to lie on top of him. He felt himself getting erect despite of his fear. The image that floated on top of him started to coalesce into solid form. The beautiful face wore a blood red smile. George sensed the presence of another being in the room.

A soft voice called him away from the image on the sofa. George turned toward the light coming from the kitchen. Janice stood in the doorway. She was nude. Her alabaster skin glowed in the back light from the kitchen. George watched - mesmerized - as she moved toward him. The hint of those all too luscious curves was fully revealed. Her full breasts, with just a hint of mature sag, swayed in front of her as she moved. Her wide strong hips held the promise of pleasures beyond George's imagination. Her powerful legs spoke of an unbreakable embrace. Even her slightly rounded tummy gave a hint of pillowed softness. Every part of her was exactly like he had imagined his perfect woman to be. Cascades of deep auburn hair hung down in soft waves framing her oval face. George stood like a man entranced. Janice moved between him and the figure on the sofa.

The wraith-like form on the sofa howled in frustration. Janice ignored her and turned toward George. She stroked his face with her smooth cool hand. For a second, George got lost in those eyes of liquid emerald. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled his face toward her heaving chest. His mouth found one of her stiff nipples. Slowly he sucked it into his mouth, tasting its sweetness, feeling it grow harder. She pulled his face back to her own. The kiss was electric. While their lips were still locked, George lifted her off of the ground. Her legs went around his waist. He moved forward until he felt the wall. His erect penis found her vagina of its own accord. Her legs fulfilled their promise - bonding the two lovers in their unbreakable grip. Through his passion George realized that there was no drain on his energy. This one didn't suck him dry. She empowered him with her passion. George rode like a man obsessed. Every fiber of his being demanding that he possess the enchanting woman in his arms. Janice rose each time to meet his lust with her own. With an animal growl, George released his flood inside of her. An instant later, she unleashed her own orgasm.

With their orgasm the wraith on the sofa moved toward them. It was furious at being denied. Janice looked over George's shoulder at the wraith-like form. Silently she mouthed the words "Bye Ruby - you lose again." The wraith, with a final howl, disappeared.

As their passion subsided, they broke their embrace. George looked perplexed. The wraith like figure, Janice's transformation, his own passion. Janice left the room. She returned with two beers. George's questions came tumbling out in a torrent. Janice smiled at him. "George dear," she said, "I have always been here. You weren't looking in the right place. Now we had better get some rest. It is late and you promised to take me for a ride in the morning."

George Sampson hitches his pony up to his sulky. Her long auburn hair hangs down in a cascade of soft waves. Her alabaster skin glows in the morning light. It is a beautiful day. Afterwards, they will have to go shopping for a collar.