by Master H

I tie her wrists to the bedposts at the foot of the bed. This prevents her from using her arms to take the pressure off of her breasts. She is gagged and blindfolded. Her legs are tied at the knees and ankles. I place several pillows under her to raise her buttocks up. Her big toes are suspended from the headboard. This causes the weight of her feet and lower legs to be suspended from her toes. It prevents much movement. I slowly lubricate her anus, driving my finger deep into her, making sure the lubricant is spread evenly. She starts to writhe but stops as the pressure on her toes increases. The anal beads go in easily. I put 4 of the beads into her. I make a mental note to get larger beads.

Her breathing gets a little labored as each bead enters her. She knows that this is punishment session. That she will be caned. I leave her there bound and with the beads protruding from her rectum and take a break. When I return, she is working her ass trying to get some pleasure from the beads. I take the flogger and without warning, strike her across the ass. She stiffens more from shock than pain. The flogger starts landing rapidly across her exposed ass and back. Unlike commercial floggers, this one is homemade of rawhide strips that are square cut. The strips have sharp edges that leave red marks and sting. She starts to move in rhythm with the flogger's strokes. Her ass and back are turning red as the stripes start to overlap. The flogging ends. She is still moving her ass while attempting to keep her feet still.

I push two more beads into her. She is finally calming down enough for us to continue. I don't want her deep in sub-space. I take up the flicker whip. The whip started as a crop but I changed the end to stiff white rat tail. It leaves thin marks and is very fast. Starting at her back I work the whip down her back and ass and onto the back of her thighs. The whip is impacting sensitive areas now. A couple of strokes to the back of the knees cause her to almost tear loose the tape across her mouth. The whip continues its strokes down the calves to her feet. She starts to thrash around as the whip hits the soles of her helpless feet with fast light strokes. She thrashes her feet from side to side not caring about pain in the tether is causing to her toes. Her one goal is to escape the punishing strokes landing on the soles. Finally I put the whip down.

Her feet have been whipped at least 30 strokes. She is breathing heavily now. I can smell the arousal from between her legs that the whipping has produced. I push another two beads into her.

The blindfold is removed. I want her to see the next instrument. Our cane is an old practice buggy whip with the fall removed. I left the wrapping on the shaft so that each stroke abrades as well as stings. It is very flexible and wraps around the target area. The first stroke sends her over the edge. She is working her ass trying to escape the cane's sting. I apply three more strokes in rapid succession. Four bright welts appear on her already reddened ass. I shift the angle so that the next four strokes strike across the first four. This causes the already sore spots to be punished again. The last four are delivered at a different angle than the first eight with the same desired effect. By the time the last one strikes, she is beyond caring about anything except escaping the strokes of the cane. Her chest is rising and falling heavily as she attempts to breathe through her nose, the tape keeps her from panting. I remove the tape and allow her to calm down for a minute while her bonds are checked to ensure her thrashings haven't done her harm. Slowly the beads are removed from her ass, she moans as each bead pulls on her sphincter muscle. With the beads out, I mount her from behind careful not to put weight on her lower legs. Her toes are still tethered to the headboard. Each push I make into her will be transmitted to her already tortured toes.

After I have taken my pleasure on her body. I release her toes from their tether and gently lay them on the bed. Though red, they have sustained no damage from the ordeal. I release her wrists from the bed posts. I roll her over on her side and take her in my arms. We fall asleep like that.