by Master H

Mary stood on a stage. She was naked. Beyond the lights, she heard men calling numbers. An iron collar around her neck was chained to the pole behind her. She realized she was being auctioned off. The bidding increased. Oddly, she wondered how much she was worth. Suddenly the bidding stopped. She heard a gavel fall. A man came up behind her and bound her arms behind her back. She felt the iron collar being removed and a rope being looped around her neck. She heard a curse and her new owner led her away.

Mary woke up in a cold sweat. Tom slept soundly beside her. Quietly she exited the bed. The dream had repeated itself every few days. Each time, she woke to cold sweat and warm dampness between her legs. Going to a guest bathroom so as to not awaken her husband, Mary took a quick shower. Mary had been secretly indulging in her fantasy for about six months. She had secretly bought a set of leather ankle cuffs and wrist cuffs. During the day, she would lock herself in them and wander naked through the house doing her chores. Before Tom came home, she would masturbate and clean up. Tom didn't suspect a thing.

Mary was running for her life. In desperation, she had stripped off her simple garment hoping to gain a few steps from her pursuers. Behind her, her village was aflame. The King's soldiers had come in the early morning. The rebel forces had already fled into the hills leaving the villagers to face the attack alone. Mary had run away before her hut was set ablaze. She heard horses coming up behind her. She raced into the woods hoping to elude her pursuers. She ran blindly limbs and bushes hitting her in the body and face. She heard a horse alongside of her. A glove hand grabbed her hair. She was being dragged by her hair. She felt herself being lifted up and thrown face down in front of the rider across the pommel. She heard a curse. The rider stopped. He bound her hands behind her back. Her ankles were crossed and tied. Satisfied with his catch, the rider wheeled his horse around and headed back to the burning village.

The ringing telephone woke her up from her reverie. Quickly, she answered it.  It was Tom calling to say he'd be an hour late. Mary looked at the clock on the nightstand. She had dozed off for barely a half an hour. She quickly removed the cuffs from her ankles and wrists. She cleaned up and started dinner. Putting on a shirt, she greeted Tom at the door.

When the dreams started they disturbed her. Then they excited her. The more forceful her taking, the more excited she was. She wondered how Tom could sleep so soundly with her orgasming next to him. She had never seen her owner's face. He had never had sex with her.

Mary lay on the dusty ground. Her only garb being her lace up boots. She had been tied into an almost perfect hog-tie. She could hear two men, one on each side of her, arguing. From her vantage point, she could see only the men's boots. Suddenly there was single roar of gunfire; she heard the thump as a body fell. Still cursing, the winner walked up to where Mary lay helpless. She felt her legs being cut free. As she struggled to her feet, the man threw a noose around her neck. Mounting his horse, he rode off leading a stumbling Mary away.

Mary woke with a start. Tom would be home any minute. Quickly she undid her cuffs. She barely got everything hidden when Tom pulled up in the driveway. Rushing to the bathroom, she slipped on her shorts and top, and ran downstairs to greet him. Tom was big. At 6'3" and 220 pounds, he dwarfed his wife. Mary barely stood 5 foot and weighed about 100 pounds. For all his size, Mary had never met a gentler man. Mary used to kid him that she would not break from a little rough handling.

They owned a small engine repair business on the edge of town. The early times had been rough for them. Tom was gone a lot. Mary had helped with the bookkeeping in the beginning, but as the business grew, it got beyond her training. Reluctantly, they had taken on a part time accountant. Mary became a housewife.

Winter passed into spring and Mary's dreams grew bolder. As her dreams grew bolder, her self bondage grew more adventurous. One warm morning, Mary headed out to their old garage. Tom had used it when he first started, to work all night on engines if needed. Mary unlocked the door and went inside. The place was dusty. In the middle, Tom had rigged a lift for moving the heavier engines. The electric hoist was bolted to the concrete floor. A cable ran through sheaves to ceiling. Mary tried the motor controls nothing happened. She remembered the breaker box. After turning on the power, she tried again. The motor ran smoothly. Situated in the floor were tie-downs. Mary started to formulate a plan.

Two days later, the garage was spotless. The air conditioning still worked. So she wouldn't alert Tom, Mary was careful to turn off the AC and lights before he got home.

Mary's head and wrists were locked into holes in a stock. Her mouth was filled with foul tasting rubber. She tried to expel the rubber and realized that a strap that was buckled behind her head held it in place. She tried to move her feet, but they were chained spread apart to the floor. She felt her left buttock explode in pain. She heard the snap of a whip. A different body part exploded in pain. For long minutes, she stood on the tips of her toes, desperately straining upwards to relieve the pressure on her neck - while the whip landed wherever its wielder wanted it to. She made an audible scream as the tip of the stinger caught both of her nipples. The whip started to work its way up her inner thighs. Each stroke was on fresh soft skin. Mary felt as if the skin was being flayed from her body. Finally, the whip cut between her legs the tip slicing into her vagina. Mary passed out from the pain.

Mary woke up. The dream had scared her. It was first time she had dreamed about being whipped. As her fright subsided she began to wonder what a real whipping would feel like. Quietly she exited the bed and went to clean up.  She checked her body for welts.  She found none.

With her plans in place, Mary set out Monday morning to the garage. The 100 foot walk seemed to take forever. Determined more than ever to carry out her self bondage, she laid out her cuffs and removed her dress. She locked the ankles cuffs to her and a short chain. She clipped the chain to a tie-down in the floor. With her ankles secured, she put her ball gag in her mouth and buckled it tightly behind her head. She locked the cuffs to her wrists and to another short chain. She placed a makeshift hood over her head effectively blinding herself. Feeling around, she picked up the hoist control box. She then snapped her wrist chain onto the hoist hook. Slowly she started to pull herself upward. When her arms were over her head but her feet were still flat on the floor. She stopped.

Standing there helpless, Mary started to dream of the whip. She could feel the pain of the lash. She could feel the strain of her toes trying to relieve the pressure on her arms and shoulders. Suddenly she woke from her revel. She realized her mistake. Her hands had gone to sleep. The control box hung someplace in front of her out of sight and reach. She could hear the air conditioning humming along. The garage had no windows and she had taken the only key to the door. Tom had had the building soundproofed so he wouldn't disturb the neighbors while working all night. In the darkness of her hood, Mary began to panic.

All afternoon, she stood there. Her shoulders ached from their position. Her hands had long since lost their feeling. Mary wondered if her hands would ever regain any feeling. She moved her head so she could see the floor from under the hood. She felt warm water running down her legs. Embarrassed, she realized her bladder had emptied itself. Without any windows to let the sun in, Mary lost track of time. As her body went numb, she started to drift into a dream state. She thought that she heard a familiar sound. It sounded like the garage door being opened and closed.

She heard a curse. Someone walked around her. She could sense a male presence. She heard a hum. Her body stretched tighter. Her feet left the ground. Suspended by her arms, she tried to turn but her ankles were still chained to the floor. She felt her left buttock explode in pain. It was followed by her right buttock. For long minutes, she hung helpless while her posterior was beaten without mercy. She felt herself swing. Her ankles had been unclipped from the floor. Again the whip landed on her body. She writhed under the increasingly harsh lashes. She felt herself being pulled backward by her hips. Her shoulders shot waves of pain through her in protest. She felt a hard-on enter her vagina. The body slammed itself against her bruised and battered posterior. The penis withdrew. She felt the head push its way into her anus. Behind her gag, she protested being sodomized. Her muted protests were futile as the erection pushed its way into her rear passage until it was fully inside of her. Her tormentor started to stroke in and out of her anus. Pain shot through her. She prayed that her tormentor would finish or she would wake up. She felt the penis start to pulse. She passed out.

Mary woke up swinging from the hook. Her hood was removed. She was face to face with Tom. Tom lowered her to the floor. He unhooked her wrist chain from the hoist hook. He left her there in a pool of her own urine. Mary lay panting curled up on the floor. She felt the tingling pain as her hands got their feeling back. She managed to unbuckle her gag and with some effort she pulled it from her mouth. Her jaws ached from being stretched for so long. Her rectum felt like it had been torn in two. She felt something warm leaking from it. Reaching between her legs, her fingers picked up the fluid. She was relieved that it was semen and not blood. The fronts of her thighs were a mass of welts. She felt her posterior. It was welted. Looking around, she saw Tom's belt lying on the floor. Slowly she crawled to it. She picked it up and kissed it. Putting the belt in her mouth, on hands and knees, she headed toward the door.

The garage door was open. Night had fallen. She could see the lights from the living room. Her progress to the house would be slow.  Her wrists and ankles had barely 6 inches of movement. Walking was out. After her ordeal, she doubted if she could stand.

Slowly, painfully, she started to crawl on her hands and knees toward her house. The pebbled walkway bruised her knees and hands. The patio sliding door was open. She entered and heard the TV. Tom was seated in his easy chair. Still carrying the belt in her mouth, she crawled in front of him. He took the belt and gave her a glass of water. Mary realized how thirsty she was. She gulped it down. He held out the keys to her cuffs' padlocks. "Take a shower", he said. Vaguely, she wondered how long he had known about her secret passions.

Thirty minutes later, she was kneeling in front of her husband again. Her wrists were cuffed behind her. Her ankles held together by twelve inches of chain. He fed her pizza and gave her sips of beer. When they finished eating, he reached down and lifted her to her feet. Tom held a noose in front of her face. She put her head into the loop. As she was lead away to the bedroom, Mary realized that her dreams had come true.