The Last Guest of the Season
by Master H

This will be the last guest of the season. After her, we'll wrap up for the winter. Maybe take a vacation.

She arrived on a Monday morning. On the farm, the guests don't have names only numbers. She is #2.† I only designate numbers when the guests are of the same gender.

Her master brought her personally. She is somewhat overweight. I can smell the stench of burnt tobacco on her breath and clothes. We'll take care of that little problem. While #2 hangs around (literally) on a hook in the front room, her master outlines what he wants. He wants her to give up smoking, lose some weight and get trim and fit. I give him my price for one month of training. The price is little steep. He recoils slightly but agrees. He has tried everything else and his wife is still not where they want her to be.†

I have S bring her in. She is trained and immediately kneels. I ask her if this training is what she wants. She replies affirmatively. For both of them, I outline the simple training schedule. I ask them if this acceptable. They both agree.†

I tell her to strip and hand her clothes to her master. Her master bids her farewell after placing the chastity device that I required him to bring on her. After binding her arms behind her back and setting the bit gag in her mouth, I lead her out to the exercise yard. S already has #1 working on dragging her log down the track. For effect, S has clamped a silver bell to each nipple. #1 makes a nice tinkling sound as her breasts sway with each step. #2† soon finds out how the stepper ladder works. She has an hour of high stepping.†

After the first few minutes, she is winded and sweating profusely. She starts to slow her pace. I let her slow to a stop. She is standing there panting. Talking gently to her, I lead her to another pole and tie her lead so she is standing on her toes. Backing off a pace, I liberally apply the quirt to her ass and thighs. She doesn't even struggle just accepts the whipping as part of the training. After the whipping, she is back on the stepper ladder. This time she tries harder. Gotta admire her for trying. She even tries to pick up the pace. That convinces her that banging her shins really does hurt.†

#1 has made two passes on her track. She is becoming better at pulling.† I stop #2 and lead her out to track. She stands there watching #1 pull the log toward us. I can smell the musk as she gets excited watching the other female's trim form strain against the weight. When #1 gets even with us, I order S to guide her to another track that we had previously laid out. S brings #1 to a halt and removes the harness. She guides #2 to the track and straps her into the harness. The harness is made of thick leather and heavy chain. It has been stained with the sweat of many male and female guests. #2 tries to take strain on the log, but fails to even budge the log from its resting spot. She barely makes the chains go taut. I stand there watching S try to coax #2 to move the log. I hear a chuckle and turn to #1 who has a rather bemused look on her face. That earns her a blindfold and a few stripes across her ass. I lead her over a pole and attach her lead to a swivel. She can march in darkness for awhile.†

It is getting close to lunch. S unharnesses #2 and leads her up to the house. I bring #1 along still blindfolded. #2 has barely moved the log 20 yards in an hour. She is given water and left tied to a pole with her hands above her head and a rope holding her midsection tightly to the pole. This causes her buttocks to stick out. She is blindfolded. To add to her discomfort, I have S cuff a spreader bar to her ankles. She can stand there in the heat and darkness while I have lunch.†

After lunch it is way too hot for serious training. Normally the guests get a break in a corral where they can socialize for a while. Today is different. I walk up to #2 and tell her the number of strokes she will receive for her failure to pull the log as she was supposed to do. By the time the whip is done with her buttocks, they are sporting glowing red welts and tears are coming from under the gag. I let her down from the pole and tie her elbows behind back. S puts a light harness on her and hooks it to a sled.†

The sled is one of my inventions. It is mainly an old milk crate on runners. I start her out with 50 lbs. in the crate. She will pull the sled everywhere she goes from wake-up till bedtime. For the next week, the sled will be her constant companion.†

The afternoon passes quickly enough into evening. Since the nights are cooling down, I decide to cage our guests in the house. Don't want sick guests. The females are caged facing each other. I don't mind if they talk. I want them to socialize. It makes them calmer and easier to handle. One more problem has to be addressed before #2 can be bedded down. She is not used to going barefoot. The soles of her feet are very tender and somewhat reddened. I have S clean #2's feet thoroughly and apply an antiseptic cream. Since everyone, including yours truly goes barefoot out here, she will just have to toughen up.†

A week has gone by. #2 is now pulling 150 lbs. behind her everywhere she goes. She hasn't had a cigarette in a week. The first 24 hours were the roughest, but she managed to survive it. She is breathing a lot easier now. All this time, #1 has been pulling the log down her track. Planing and smoothing the dirt. She has gotten to the point where she can complete a round trip in an hour. Her body is hard and trim. The muscles ripple when she walks. I lock weighted cuffs to her ankles and wrists, and chain her wrists in front of her. She'll wear the cuffs for the remainder of her stay.†

It is time for #2 to start pulling the log. S harnesses her to the log and she strains to get the heavy weight moving. Slowly the log starts to move down the marked track. It is slow going, but I tell S to keep her at it. 90 minutes later and #2 has made it to the end of the track. Sweat is pouring off of her. Her legs are shaking from the exertion. She really looks like she is going to pass out. S gives her water and puts a wet towel over her head. She allows #2 to stand there and rest for awhile. Then she turns #2 around and starts the return trip. With each pass, the log gets easier to pull since the track gets smoother. #2 finally reaches the end of the track and stands there waiting for S to turn her around for another pass. Instead, I have S unharness her and walk her around to cool off. It has taken 3 hours for her to make one round trip.†

For a change of pace in the afternoon, I harness S to a light buggy and insert her tail plug in her rectum. The guests are leashed to the back fender. A flick of the whip and S trots off with the females following behind. S, of course, spends the summer naked. Watching her tanned tailed backside sway as she pulls the buggy along is more than I can stand. I stop her in a secluded glade. After flipping her tail up and bending her over, I have an afternoon delight while she is still harnessed to the buggy. After a pleasant ride through the woods, I guide S back to the house. Her buttocks bear the welts needed to encourage her to maintain a constant pace. I make a mental note to take more rides.† Behind the buggy, #1 is barely breathing hard. #2 is panting from the exertion. I take the guests to the carousel for a cool down. The carousel has a center pole with four arms radiating out from it. At the end of each arm, a guest can be attached. I normally don't use it, but I want to clean up before dinner. The carousel will keep the females occupied until I can get back to them.†

S goes in to prepare dinner. I take the females to the corral and leash them together with a 4 foot spreader bar to their collars. They can stay there until dinner is ready.†

Dinner for S and I is steak. For our guests, oatmeal. #1 gets a little sugar on hers as a reward for getting faster at pulling the log. I have found that small rewards work wonders. Of course everyone gets their ration of water. We have our dinner on the back porch. The females eat without using their hands picking up the food with their lips and tongue from a slightly curved plate.† They have to lick their plates clean and remain in position until S cleans their faces and removes the plates.†

It is still light out. S takes #2 out to the track for another try at pulling the log. She is beginning to pull better. I don't know if she will make it to her master's expectations by the end of the month, but she is trying very hard. Already after a week her skin is tightening. She is breathing easier though she still gets winded fast. I think another week of pulling the sled will help get her fit in a hurry. If she isn't pulling the log down her track, she'll pulling the sled behind her.†

While, S is working #2. I hook #1 to the buggy and let her pull me to the track. When she first came here, she couldn't possibly pull the light buggy. Now she pulls it almost as easily as S.

After making sure that S has the situation in hand. I guide her out in the field for a little run. She responds nicely to the reins, but mostly I let her pick her way across the bumpy field. Her tanned skin is now tight with no sign of the layers of fat that she wore when she got here.†

Part of the training routine that I haven't mentioned yet is the weight training. Three times a week the guests work out with weighted cuffs. The cuffs lock on and weigh about 10 lbs. each. The entire routine takes about an hour. No use in building the lower body and legs without working the upper. The guests are chained to the wall in the barn. The weighted cuffs are attached to them except for #1 who already has her cuffs. I have an exercise video that works well given the restraints that the guests are wearing. After completing the video, the guests are allowed to rest for an hour. Then it is back to working out. They are not allowed to sit or lean against the wall.†

It is now #1ís final day on the farm. She has completed everything that her schedule calls for. Her master who arrived early this morning is pleased with her progress. They havení t seen each other for 30 days. Part of the contract is that there is no visiting. I find that visits degrade the routine.†

One other thing that degrades the routine is having to discipline S. I hate doing this. It takes valuable time from the day and causes us to work harder to catch up. Fortunately, S doesnít need much discipline.† When it does occur, she is strapped to a low bench with a padded hump built in to raise her buttocks. Any guests are chained to the wall so they can watch the proceedings. No use in wasting a chance for a good discipline lesson. S is then caned until I feel she has learned her lesson. Normally the proceedings take about an hour. It takes another hour for S to recover enough to go back to her duties -- that is 2 hours wasted.†

Anyway I digress. It is #1ís final day. Like every guest before her, #1 is allowed a hot shower and a large cage with a pillow for her head. Her master has decided not to take advantage of the local tattoo artist. So the ceremony is rather short.

She has made much progress. For the morning #2 is locked in her cage†

As #1ís master enters the room, she falls to her knees. It is always that way. Her master decided to leave the chastity device in place for the day. I hand him the key. That completes the transfer of #1 back to her master. After putting #1 through her morning paces, her master drives off with her.†

The chastity device is a little invention that a metal smith friend of mine and I worked out. It covers the opening to the vagina while allowing removal of body waste without too much mess. It also has a small cap that covers the clitoris and prevents stimulation.†

That leaves only #2 who has another two weeks to go. The weather is turning cooler now. #2ís routine is restricted to the barn for the morning. It turns warm enough during the afternoon to take her out for log pulling.† With just one guest, I can work S more. S gets to pull a log down the track left by #1 while I work #2 on her track. #2ís routine intensifies as the end of her 30 days approach. She starts to make remarkable progress.†

The final week of #2ís training is a rush. Because of her condition when she arrived, several aspects of her training have had to be set back. She is in her final few days when I harness her to the buggy for her first try at pulling the light weight carriage. For insurance, I tie Sí s lead to the back fender. If #2 become too winded, I can put S in front. A flick of the whip across #2í s butt and she takes a strain on the rails. The buggy starts to move. She starts to gain momentum and pull the buggy more easily. She manages to pull the buggy down into the woods and back up the hill to the house.†

It wasnít an easy time for #2, but she didnít falter or quit. S easily lopes behind. Once at the house, I leave her attached to the rails and release S to prepare lunch. #2 gets a treat for lunch. S has put raisins in her oatmeal.††

#2ís final day has finally arrived. Her master has already arranged for her to be branded, a service which I donít offer.† The morning passes quickly with #2 showing off her new strength. Her master certainly admires the way her muscles ripple as she runs down the track she has built. For effect, S has clamped silver bells to #2ís nipples. She is also wearing the pony tail that her master has brought with him. She is now quite a sight. Her master takes her for a circuit in the buggy. She prances merrily along, her bells ringing. Her tail sways† with every step.† Since they are the last guests, I let them have some fun. It isnít like Iím in a hurry now.†

When they do leave, her master leaves a nice bonus for us.†