by Master H

Junie looked like the usual college coed. She was petite with long chestnut hair, a bright smile and the hottest figure Jason had ever laid eyes on. She never left the campus, never got any visitors, no phone calls home. Jason knew all of this because it was his job. He was on campus to scope out the female community for possible candidates for his employers who ran a white slavery ring. Junie looked perfect. There was that incident when she had backed down a large dog simply by staring at it, but Jason wasn't worried.  After a month of watching, Jason made his move. It took a surprising short time for Jason to get in close to Junie. He wasn't surprised. There had been a rash of grisly killings of animals in the surrounding community. Most people blamed a cult. Jason didn't care. It helped him get closer to his quarry.  Finally, Jason made his move. A drug slipped into Junie's coke and she went out like a light. 

When Junie woke up she was in a wooden box. Leather cuffs circled her ankles and wrists. She was bound almost bent over double in the confined space. A huge gag stretched her mouth open. The air reeked of urine and fear. She wasn't the first occupant of this box. She heard Jason thank someone for his payment The box was lifted up and placed in the bed of a truck.  The truck drove away. Junie listened and waited. The truck halted again. Soon there was another box next to hers. She could smell the fear of the occupant of the other box. The truck drove off again after a while it stopped and the process was repeated. Now 3 boxes were strapped to bed of the truck. After traveling more, the truck stopped again. Junie smelled meat. It reminded her she hadn't eaten since the previous night. It made her stomach growl.  Of course in her present predicament, it wasn't likely that she'd be fed for a while. 

The truck moved on. Junie smelled a city. The smell changed to farm land she could smell fresh mown hay through the air hole. The air grew denser as night fell; still the truck rolled on. At daybreak, the truck started to climb. Junie awoke to the smell of forest. Deep forest like her home. Junie was getting homesick. Finally, the truck came to a stop.  Junie smelled the sweat of men. She heard the straps being undone and her box being lifted and carried. She soon smelled the cool dampness of a large building. She heard someone prying open the top of her box. Fresh air and light flood her box as the top was removed. She was lifted out of her confinement and placed on the floor.  She realized that her muscles hurt from the long confinement

Meanwhile Jason was having problems of his own. He was doing the splits over a small fire trying his best to answer his captors’ questions. His body had been pulled taunt into a ‘Y’ shape.  At first he was reluctant to answer. After his inquisitor squirted lighter fluid on the fire causing the flames to shoot up to his genitals; Jason decided that confession was good for the soul.  

Junie's new home was a 2x6 stable cell. The new arrivals were told that at night a vicious dog patrolled the hallway. As long as they remained in their cells, the dog wouldn't hurt them. Efficient from long practice, Junie was placed upon a gurney and moved to a sterile room. There a man probed her vagina and anus. He weighed her, measured her openings and wrote all of this down.  Junie was passed to a woman. The woman injected a drug into Junie's left buttock. Again Junie went unconscious. When she woke up, she was in a cell. There was clean straw on floor. Her only bondage was the warning about the dog.  In front of her was a bowl of gray gruel and a bottle of water. Junie tasted the gruel and  threw it away. She sniffed the water and detected a drug probably used to make her sleep. Then she smelled the dog. The dog approached the open door cautiously. Something in its canine brain said this was not right. The scent that it smelled was nothing like anything it had experienced. The dog decided to go to the far end of the building and wait for the dawn.

Jason was still having problems. He had called for another pick up. When the truck arrived, Jason was nowhere to be seen unless one was to look inside the box. The driver was a big man trained in martial arts. He was greeted by two men and a woman. Before he could defend himself, he was knocked unconscious. He woke up in the same position that Jason was in. After a few times of the fire licking his genitals, he decided to cooperate. 

The next day Junie woke up well rested, The straw bedding itched a little but the journey and the confinement combined to make her sleep soundly. She had been naked since Jason doped her. The hands came in to take their charges out for exercise. One of them thought that it was odd that the dog was pressed against the wall sleeping. The rest laughed and began the process of cuffing and bringing the girls out of  their cells.  Last to leave was Junie.  As she passed the door, she spotted a cage hanging from the rafters. The girl in the cage was crying. For an instant, the two locked eyes. The girl's tears dried up. None of the men noticed the story on the news of a local farmer finding the carcass of a half eaten lamb that morning.

The driver loaded the wooden box into the back of his truck. He was pretty sure that Jason was in the box.  He was also sure that these people weren’t cops.  His only hope of staying alive was to do whatever they wanted.  He had five more stops. At every stop, the girl was released and her captor was placed in the box.  At the last stop, the girl was released but wanted to stay with her rescuers saying she really had no home to go to.  The driver was beginning to have his suspicions about his captors. They didn’t look particularly strong but they overpowered him with ease.  The driver was a veteran of many a fight. He respected fighting prowess but these people scared him - especially the woman.  After the last pick up, the driver was told to pull into a secluded parking lot.  There was another truck exactly like his is parked there. Before he could run, he was bound and stuffed into a box. He didn’ t quite fit, but a few broken bones and he fit snugly.  He and his cohorts were left in their boxes in the bed of the pick up truck.  The identical truck continued on following the detailed map that the driver had drawn.  The now four passengers of the truck made good time. 

Junie was having a problem.  The fat slob of a foreman had taken a shine to her.  He wanted to take her virginity.  She wasn’ t going to give it up willing. The foreman left her hanging by her wrists. From where she was bound she could see the girl in the cage.  Every hour one of hands came in and poked a  stick at the girl just to torment her. No one noticed that the girl didn’t bruise.  Junie hung there until nightfall.  A hand let her down and gave her some water. She was taken back to her cell.  He salved her wrists and gave her a blanket. 

Before dawn, the door to her cell opened and her mother came in.  The dog was gone. Her two uncles had let the girl in the cage down.  She was calmly waiting for Junie. With feet in contact with the Earth again she was regaining her strength. While the others shuttled the captive girls out to the truck, the girl regained her powers.  A night watchman noticed the activity and raised the alarm.  Men ran outta their bunk house with clubs. They were greeted by Junie’ s mother. With the rage of a she wolf protecting her cub, she tore through the men.  While the girl from the cage and Junie protected the freed girls, her two uncles joined the battle.  The carnage was terrible. Not even guns could prevail against the three attackers.  In a scant few seconds, it was over with.  Mother called Junie over. The fat foreman was on his knees begging for his life. Junie stroked the fat man’s face with her soft hand. The fat man relaxed as she softly stroked his genitals. Before his eyes the beautiful face turned into a visage of horror. The last thing he saw was the snarling face of a wolf. With a single swipe, Junie ripped his genitals from his body. As he screamed in horror, she opened his throat with another swipe. 

The girls were loaded into the back of the truck. At the gate to the farm. the girl from the cage got outta the truck and walked back to the farm.  She raised her arms and the earth opened up under the barn and house. The winds howled as a tornado shredded the out buildings. As if heaven and earth were doing the girl’ s  bidding, the earth opened like a ragged scar, fire spewed from the yawning crevice incinerating the bodies of the men, and turning the buildings into smoking ruins. As the crevice closed, it swallowed the farm leaving clean ground behind. No trace of the evil that men had brought here remained. 

The journey back to civilization was uneventful.  The rescuers had the forethought to bring dresses along so everyone was covered. The group returned to the secluded parking lot where they left the driver and his cohorts. The truck bearing the boxes was gone. In its place was a large van. At each stop the girl from the cage touched the forehead of the girl being dropped off. Each would remember nothing of her ordeal. One by one the girls were returned to where they were taken from. None of the girls could remember what happened, exactly. 

With all the girls returned home, the group which now numbered six had one more mission. On an island in the middle of a secluded lake, a billionaire has built his home. He was well guarded on his lake with his bevy of slave girls to attend to his needs. One night he got visitor. He was startled to find a girl standing at the foot of his bed. His bedmate was gone. He tried to call out but his voice only croaked. He tried to get up but his legs and arms wouldn’t obey his commands.  The girl hovered above him like an angel. She touched his forehead.  Every memory that she had collected - from the released girls, from earth at the farm, from the stones of his mansion that recorded the screams and cries of his victims  - came flooding into his consciousness. He was doomed to relive the memories of those he had harmed in his sadistic glee. He was the girl whose feet he had cut off because she tried to run away. He was the girl who he had repeatedly whipped until she consented to his advances. Every pain that he had visited upon another person was now his to relive forever. Like Prometheus, condemned forever to live in agony. Every day the ghosts of the people he had caused to die visited him. They fed him gray gruel and doped water. They sat by his bedside and told him how they died. Then they left him alone on his bed in his mansion on an island on a lake surrounded by the mists of time. 

 Junie returned to her quest at the college. She found a very intelligent guy with good genes and successfully bred. The girl from the cage was returned to her father’s castle where she convinced her doting father to allow her to return to college, this time with a bodyguard. The released girl who didn’t want to go home successfully mated with one of Junie’s cousins. Junie’ s mother and uncles returned home to well earned praise from their liege lord.  The six men locked in the boxes were healed and nursed back to health. The Dwarf King needed healthy workers for his mines. 

The moral of this tale is simple. If you are going to steal girls for a white slavery business don’t steal Elfin princesses or werewolf bitches. They could be the death of you.  Or make you wish you were dead.