Five Minutes
by Master H

She watched the clock. Of course from her position, it was the only object that she could watch. She wasn't really sure how long she had been bound but he had said he would be back in five minutes to watch her orgasm as he set the alarm.

Of all the positions he had ever placed her in, this was the worse.

Every year he would think up something new for her. Their first year he taken her out for a fancy dinner. She was dressed in her finest dress. He even let her buy new shoes. Under her dress, he had inserted a large plug in her rectum and Benwa balls in her vagina. The inserts were held in place by a tight crotch strap. She had been forced to sit through an entire meal trying to look composed.

One year, he had told her that he was getting her jewelry. That’s how she got her nipples and labia pierced and ringed. He then took her to a tattoo parlor where his initials were permanently imprinted on her left breast.

Her arms were bound behind her with her wrists crossed and bound at her waist. Her ample breasts had been severely bound and her weight partially crushed them under her. Heavy-duty clover clamps on her nipples were attached to a spreader bar holding her knees apart. This kept her on her knees with her bottom jutting into the air. It also meant that any movement by her to try to ease her position would cause the clamps to pull tight. Clover clamps attached to her labia were tied to her big toes. Her ankles had been crossed and bound, keeping her balanced and exposing her genitals to his whims. A dildo had been inserted deep into her vagina. A vibrator was pressed against her clitoris and taped in place.

She remembered the year he had taken her to a ranch for vacation. She had spent a week learning to pull a sulky and being a ponygirl. She remembered him stopping the sulky in the woods and taking her while she was still chained to the rails.

Her mouth was stretched around a ball gag that was held in place by a harness with blinders to keep her looking straight ahead. Rope running from the ring at the top of the harness was tied to the hook buried in her rectum and pulled tight. This kept her head up and pointed at the clock.

Last year, he had chained her outside naked for the day. He did provide a doghouse for her to hide in. She realized that only half of her fit into the doghouse at once, and the only way she could get into the house was to crawl on her belly. He also provided the mud pool that she had to crawl through to get into the house.

She watched the clock. He had said he would be back in five minutes. She was sure that an eternity had passed so far. Each tick of the sweep hand marking off the seconds sounded like a gong in her ears. She closed her eyes praying that the minute hand would move, but she had only blinked and the minute hand seemed to be frozen in place.

The minute hand moved. She was sure that her breasts were turning blue. She tried to move and was rewarded by a nipple clamp pulling her abused nipple. She decided to remain still.

The second hand continued on its journey toward the next minute. She closed her eyes again; hoping that would somehow speed up the sweep hand. Snapping open her eyes, she realized that only five seconds had passed.

The minute hand moved. She tried to relieve the pressure on her neck. Slowly she attempted to move her head. Her reward was a sharp pang in her rectum. Quickly, she moved her head back to its original position. She focused on the sweep hand as it jerked from one second to the next.

Another minute passed. Her leg started to cramp. Without thinking, she moved her feet. The clamps on her labia pulled tight. She stopped moving her feet and tried to straighten her legs a fraction. Once again the clamps on her labia pulled tight. She had somehow moved her breasts. The breast clamps warned her that movement was not allowed.

Another minute passed; her bladder felt like it was filling up. She felt like she needed to urinate. The dildo buried deep in her vagina seemed to be growing applying pressure on her bladder. Mustering her composure, she concentrated on keeping the sphincter valve shut. She didn't dare pee here.

The sweep hand marched toward the five-minute mark. She knew that when the alarm went off, she would orgasm. Her training ensured that she would orgasm on command. Knowing that her bladder would relieve itself when she came, she fought against the rising sexual wave. The vibrator seemed to hammer harder against her battered clit.

The alarm went off. Her training took over and she orgasmed, just like he had told her to. Her body started a series of spasms causing the clamps to tighten driving her deeper into her orgasm. The spasms subsided. She felt her bladder relieve itself. Warm water splashed down her legs. Her body relaxed.

A voice behind her said, "Tsk, tsk; you wet yourself". Her head flopped forward. She felt the hook being extracted from her anus. It was replaced by him. He drove deep into her seemly oblivious to the pain he was causing her clamped parts. She orgasmed again as he took his pleasure from her rectum. He left her tied in a pool of her urine while he went to clean up. Her bonds were quickly removed upon his return.

He helped her to her feet and steadied her while she became oriented again. As he departed, he said, “Dinner in fifteen minutes. You can clean up this mess later."

She headed for the shower thinking it was nice to have a man who remembered their wedding anniversary.