First Guests in the Spring
by Master H

The winter has been a rough one. Ice storms tore down a lot branches on the cedars. The fence needs repair and the temperature hasn't warmed up much yet. Still I am getting requests for services at the farm. So far only one has intrigued me. It was so unusual that I decided to invite the couple for an interview.

S and I met them at our favorite restaurant in town. They looked like the average couple in their 50's probably grandparents. According to what they had written so far, they were both submissive and empty nesters looking to live their fantasy. They had been interested in pony play and bondage for years but had little experience because of the children. They had learned of our farm from a mutual acquaintance whose wife had been through our training program. That's the way we get clients. Our particular service isn't something that we can advertise in the local newspaper. They were on their annual vacation and wanted something different. I tried to discourage them by explaining that the farm's services weren't the normal health spa type.

Somehow I knew that I was wasting my breath. I told them to give me a contact number and wait for a day. The next day I called up the acquaintance who confirmed that he had mentioned the good job we had done on his wife and how happy they were with the results.

I called them up and set up another meeting for later on that day. I outlined what they would be doing and the goals for each. I also asked if either had any medical problems. After hearing the negative answers and conferring with S, we decided to have them out to farm. When I arrived home, I called up my metal smith buddy to make up a male and female chastity device. There was nothing more to do until the morning.

The next morning, the couple showed up exactly at 10 AM. After sitting them down, I explained in graphic detail the training program on which they were about start. I gave a rather high price, but it didn't seem to faze them at all. They both agreed to submit totally to program and any punishment need for failure. I informed both of them that any resistance would terminate the training. 

About 11 the metal smith arrived. Now the true test would begin. After having them strip and putting their clothes in a box for storage, I had the male put the keys to his car in the lock box and lock it. The metal smith went to work on the male first. The male chastity device consists of a stainless steel mesh that encases the penis and steel ring that goes behind the genitals. The ring is welded to a ring that supports a mesh bag that encases the testicles. The steel mesh then locked to both rings. Three chains, one in front and two in back, are welded to the ring and bag and lock to a chain around the waist. The penis bag completely encases the penis but is open enough to allow urine to pass through.

It is impossible to remove without the keys, but allows for waste disposal. After the male was secured inside his device, his arms were folded behind him and he was collared and chained to the wall.

It was then his wife's turn. The female chastity device consists of a stainless steel mesh that covers the genital area. It is meant to prevent penetration. The mesh is welded to a bar at either end which is welded 4 chains that connect to a waist chain. The mesh is open enough to allow urine to pass through it. This allows for tightening of the device if the need arises. After a few adjustments, the device was secured. By then, it was lunch time. I collared the female and folded her arms behind her back. She was chained opposite the male. I left them there while the smith and I had lunch. After we ate, I told S to give our guests their first meal. The meal was dry cereal and a bowl of water.

Since both of them looked like desk jockeys, we started out slow. The male got hooked to the sled. He would spend a few days pulling it around. S led the female outside to the yard. After harnessing her, S started to use her for dragging the branches that we had cut up early in the year. For the remainder of the afternoon, she dragged the branches to a pile where S unloaded them. The male got hooked to the carousel. Pulling the sled behind him, he marched around the pole trying his best to high step. By the time, the afternoon warmth was fading they both were winded and sweating profusely.  We brought them inside for the night. As a precaution I asked them if they wanted to quit. Both of them shook their heads. After a dinner of hot oatmeal and water, we bedded our tired guests in separate cages and went to relax for the night.

The following morning, we led the guests outside. After a little coaxing, they managed to urinate on the ground just like good little ponies. After that they went when ever they felt the need. The male started back on the carousel. The female went back out to haul more branches. They both worked until lunchtime. After lunch, I decided it was time to introduce our guests to the bit. The bit is a simple rubber covered steel mouth piece connected to a steel ring on either side and strapped behind the head. In the middle of the mouthpiece is a ball to prevent talking. Both opened their mouths and accepted the bit. They had a little problem when rather than being led out by their collars; we attached reins to the bits and lead them outside

From now on, they would be guided by the reins. S started the female on the carousel. Using a switch on the back of her thighs, S showed her how to step. I lead the male out to the log track. After harnessing him to the log, I used the quirt to start him moving. The log had been sitting all winter and had seated itself well in the soil. After struggling for awhile, he finally succeeded in freeing the log. Slowly the log started down the track. This is going to take some time. Despite his lack of physical condition, sometime in the past he had done some serious physical training. He was straining with all his strength to move the log. It was moving very slowly but steadily down the track. About half way down, he started to falter. I stopped him and let him rest for a few minutes. After a quick drink of water, I started him pulling again. It took 90 minutes for him to reach the end of the track.

I called S down to the track and harnessed her to the log. While I held the reins of both guests, S pulled the log back to the starting point. Both of them watched in admiration as S took a strain on the chains. Her feet dug into the soil for traction. Her leg muscles stood rigid against the weight of the log. After the S had pulled the log back up the track, I harnessed the female to it. For the rest of the week, one guest pulled the log down the track and the other pulled it back. When they weren't harnessed to the log, they pulled the sled. That was the routine for the week.

The next week brought the first discipline session. Surprisingly, it was the female. I caught her rubbing her breasts against the male. Such behavior is, of course, not allowed. It was a warm day. I left her tied by the reins to the post with a rope pressing her waist into the pole. I had cuffed a spread bar to her ankles. She was blindfolded. She waited there through lunch.

After lunch, S brought the male out and held his reins while I gave the female 20 strokes with the quirt. Both of them were excited. Before administering the punishment, I noticed white marks across the female's buttocks. After the punishment, I had the male bend over. He had the same white marks. I made a mental note to ask about the marks after dinner tonight. To ensure that her behavior improved, S clamped small weights to the female’s nipples. She wore them for the rest of the day.

We also introduced them to the tail. The male looked a little apprehensive but willingly bent over. Since neither one had any anal training, it took a bit to work the plugs up them. Once the plugs were in place, they went back to the training routine. They were beginning to look more like ponies now. The male, while still slow, could make it all the way down the track without a break. The female had trouble with moving the log but she was getting better. The male even nuzzled my hand like a horse would. After dinner I ask about the white marks. The male explained that since they never found a master, they had taken turns playing the dominant role. The white marks were the result of years of caning each other.

The following week it rained, one of the hazards of living on the farm. The weather didn't want to cooperate at all. So we took our guests to the barn where the training resumed. Mostly, because of the limited space, the guests practiced high stepping while pulling the sled behind them. Each day the weight of the sled was increased. By the time the rain stopped at mid week, they were both pulling 100 lbs. of dead weight. Though the field was muddy, we took them back outside for more intense training.

With less than two weeks to go, we had to step up the pace. It was too muddy to use the buggy, but the log could still be pulled. By this time their nipples were in a constant state of hardness. I had S clamp bells to both of guests’ nipples. They made a pleasant sound as they went through their routines. Their weight was starting to drop a little and their muscles were getting toned. This meant that I had to adjust the chains holding their chastity devices in place.

By the end of the week, the sun had dried the field and I decided to take them for their first buggy ride. Well I'd be riding. I harnessed the male to the rails and leashed the female behind by her reins. I harnessed S beside the female. A flick of the whip across the male's buttocks and we were off slowly. Once he got the buggy moving, he managed to pick up a little speed. Since I didn't want to be at this all day, I applied the whip liberally. I kept to level ground. After about 1/2 hour, I swapped out steeds. The female was slower and weaker. She managed to get the buggy moving and despite receiving many marks across her butt, she couldn't build up much speed. It took close to an hour to return to the house. For being slow to respond to the whip, the female was attached to the carousel. She would march around pulling the sled behind her while we ate lunch.

I am not sure if they realized that their final week was upon them or not. Some of our guests lose track of time by the end of the first week. The last week was a lot of buggy training. They went tailed and bitted all the time except for eating and in the morning when they emptied their waste. They also did upper body strength training. Knapsacks loaded with steel plates were strapped to their backs. They had to carry them while performing their other training routines. They got an hour of arm training on top of that everyday. Both were now beginning to show the effects of the routine. Every morning after they finished emptying their bowels, they readily bent over and accepted the plug. The bells clamped to their nipples chimed almost constantly.

Even the buggy didn't faze them much. though they were still slower than I had hoped. They pulled the buggy steadily without faltering. The two were making quite a sight. They had started to prance which caused the bells to jingle and their tails to wave. Their tanned skin was gleamed with clean sweat. By the end of the week they were both happy in their roles as ponies.

The day came to finally end their stay at the ranch. That morning I let them play in the corral. A 4' spread bar attached to their collars kept them from physically contacting each other. After lunch, they were brought inside. One was chained to the wall while the other took a hot shower. When they were cleaned up, S led them into the living room. I unlocked their chastity devices and told them that their time was up though I suspected they had figured that out already.

They were both sad to go. Just for fun, I put their collars back on them and led them to a spare bedroom. I had the female kneel and bound her hands behind her. I had her husband kneel behind her and bound his wrists in front of him. I then locked them together by a chain between their collars. After telling them to have fun, I closed the door. It sounded like two rutting animals going at it in there.

After awhile, it was silent in the room.  I figured they were sleeping. Instead they came out, their hands were still bound. He had managed to open the door. They walked side by side and knelt at the entrance to the living room waiting for me to tell them to enter.

I told them to enter and they knee walked to my chair. The male explained that they had been talking and wondered if I would accept them back later on in the summer for another month.  The female said that it was the best sex that they had had in their 30 years of marriage, and they owed it to S and me.

There they were kneeling in front of me buck naked and wanting more. The request was too hard to pass on. I told them to call me in July. I had S remove their bonds and collars and sent them in for another shower. That night we all went to town to our favorite restaurant for dinner. It was going to be a pleasant summer.