Eight Hour Slave
By Master H

We met Liz and her husband, Joe, through one of those lifestyle web-sites. He had no experience in BDSM. She wanted to experience being a submissive. It took about 3 months of emails, phone calls and meetings before they decided to allow her to try being a sub for a day. A week before her date for submission we met with them for dinner. We laid down the ground rules for next Saturday's activities.

8:00 AM. As agreed I picked up Liz at the gas station. Her husband had dropped her off earlier. She wore only sandals and a simple dress and carried an overnight bag. She had left her purse, drivers license, credit cards and money at home. This gave her a feeling of helplessness. When she got in the truck, I gave her a pair of glasses with no.10 welder's lens effectively blinding her. For the rest of the ride to the farm, she would not be able to see where she was going, yet she looked like she was wearing normal sunglasses.

The ride was done in silence. She had been told not to talk. Still wearing the glasses, I led her into the living room and had her kneel in the middle of the floor. The bag contained the routine that her husband and I had decided on for her over the next 8 hours and several items that he had bought to be used on her. I replaced the glasses with a blindfold that buckled behind her head. A ball gag was fit into her mouth.

She was told to remove her dress while still kneeling. I left her kneeling while S got me a cup of coffee.

After donning latex gloves, I had her bend over the ottoman. I lubricated her rectum and started to work a plug into her rectum. She started to move away from the plug so I had to give her swat on her bottom. The plug finally seated itself deep into her rectum. I had her stand up. A leather belt and keeper was locked around her waist and between her legs. She tried standing still but could not with an unfamiliar intruder in her backside. After she calmed down, I locked leather cuffs on her wrists and ankles. Her ankles would be linked by a 12 inch chain for the rest of the day. Her wrists would be linked by 2 inches of chain.

One of her wishes was that she wanted to be flogged. I took her into the spare room. From the ceiling, a small pulley hung from a heavy duty ring screwed into a ceiling joist. I hooked her wrist chain to the hook and pulled her hands over her head. I stepped back and swung the cat taking aim at her bottom. The first blow caught her by surprise. Red marks appeared immediately where the cat had landed. The next 5 blows came in rapid succession. The ball blocking her mouth prevented her from gasping. Her nostrils flared as the pain of the flogging intensified. She started to rapidly breathe. I left her standing in the middle of the room. Her wrists attached to the ceiling. I took her wrists down and allowed her to stretch and get circulation back into her arms.  Her backside was a nice glowing red.

I reattached her wrists behind her back and sat her on the stool. I laid the next device to be used on her on the table in front, and removed her blindfold.

Her husband had provided a set of clover clamps for her nipples. "Did you OK this," I asked. She nodded. The clamps bit into her nipples. She looked down at her breasts in disbelief. I think that she didn't realize how much the clamps could hurt. Tears came to her eyes. I reached to remove the clamps, but she shook her head. I thought it would be interesting to lead her around by her nipple clamps. I attached a leash to the chain connecting the clamps and got her to her feet. A slight tuck and she started to follow me obediently around the room. To make things more interesting, I replaced the blindfold and led her out the door and around to the pony training ring. S came out behind us to watch. Taking a piece of rope, I tied S's hands behind her back. A longer length of rope was looped around her neck and I tethered her to the center pole. She now had a good view of Liz's first time pony training. Liz was lead around the ring several times by her nipples. A small whip kept her moving. Untying S, I sent her back into the house. I led Liz back into the house. It was getting late and her husband would be meeting us soon.

The hardest thing to do now was removing the nipple clamps. With S standing by with the ice cube, I carefully removed a clamp. S immediately started to rub the nipple with the ice cube. After Liz calmed down, I removed the other clamp and S did the ice cube act again. Thank goodness for ball gags.

I removed the rest of her bonds, her crotch strap, and allowed her to go to the bathroom.

3:30 PM.  It was time to leave. I took the last item from the bag. I reinserted the plug in her rectum. Liz looked apprehensive as she looked at the final item. It was a remote control vibrator. I inserted it into her vagina.  Locking the plug and vibrator in place with the crotch strap, Liz put her dress on. We went out to the truck and she put the sunglasses on without being told.

Her husband was waiting for us. He helped her out of the truck and into his car. After buckling her harness, he put handcuffs on her wrists. He walked over to me and I handed him the remote. As he pushed the on button, we watched her stiffen as the vibrator started to work on her. Joe smiled and drove off.

Epilogue:  About a week later, I got an email from Joe. He said that the session was a success. Liz and he had started down the road to a D/s lifestyle. He also wanted to know if they could use the pony training ring.