by Master H

Effie was living the good life. She had married an older man who was very wealthy. She had managed to get everything she wanted out of her husband. Things were looking up for her - until she met Sam.

Sam worked for her husband. What he did, exactly, no one knew. Her husband described him as a problem fixer. Sam was big and lean. Effie took one look at him and started to get wet between her legs. She had had numerous affairs since marrying her husband. She always managed to wiggle her way out of getting discovered. She set her mind to figure out how to have Sam and keep the gravy train going.

One bright Monday morning, with her husband away on a trip, Effie saw her chance. Her husband had always told her to call Sam if she needed help. Effie let the house staff have the morning off and called Sam. Sam was there in ten minutes. Effie met him naked at the door. Things got hot from there. When Sam left, Effie was satisfied.

This started an affair. At first, Sam did just straight sex. Gradually, he introduced Effie to a whole new world. The first time he bound her she was spread eagled on the bed. He used scarves to minimize bruising. Effie soared as Sam went to work on her helpless body. She had the most intense orgasm of her young life. Slowly she was introduced to more stringent bondage. On some days, Sam led a bound and gagged Effie outside. He bent her naked over the hood of his car and had sex with her. He sat at poolside while a bound and kneeling Effie performed oral sex on him, and the maid brought him a beer. Bound to a pole in the garden, Sam had whipped and sodomized her as the grounds keeper and his wife sat having their morning coffee, and watched.

So wrapped up in what was happening to her, she never thought about how odd it was that Sam could take her anywhere on the estate and perform any sex act with her and no one told her husband. Her husband, on the rare occasion that he was home, never suspected a thing. She didn't think it was strange that her husband never was home. In fact, she was happy that she didn't have to put out for him. After all, he was not as much fun as Sam.

Sam had been coming over everyday now. She looked forward to his arrival. If he was late, she began to worry. One day, he didn't show up, and she became ill with worry. She had done some studying on the net and found websites with exciting stories of women becoming sex slaves to their lovers. Though Effie never read books, when Sam handed her a copy of 'O', she read it in one night. Then he had her read the 'Beauty' series. Effie read everything, her excitement growing. She was certain that Sam was going to collar her and take away from her mundane married life.

When Sam came to pick her up one morning, she knew that this was it. By the time the day was over she would be Sam's sex slave. Sam took her to an expensive restaurant. She ate lightly - her excitement robbing her of her appetite. After lunch, he drove up into the hills. For 2 hours, he drove deeper into the sparsely populated area. Effie fell asleep. When Sam woke her, the car was parked in front of a medium sized stone house. She thought that this must be where Sam lived.

As she started to get out of the car, she felt a needle prick her thigh.

Effie awoke in a cage. It fit her exactly. If she could have seen herself, she would have realized that the cage was suspended only about two inches off the ground. She would have known that while the cage held her limbs, trunk, and head rigidly in place. It allowed access to her crotch, posterior, and breasts. All Effie could do was look straight ahead. A band around her forehead kept her looking in one direction. Black cloth blinders attached to the sides of the head cage prevented use of her peripheral vision. She would have told Sam that this wasn't any fun any more, but her mouth was plugged by a huge foam penis that was pushed to the back of her throat and soaked up the moisture in her mouth. She probably wouldn’t have appreciated the fact that she didn’t drool. She probably would not have appreciated the cat litter box under her cage in case nature called. If Effie could have turned her head, she would have found a row of similar cages some of them occupied. All the occupants were young women who had two things in common. They had been married to wealthy older men, and had met Sam.

Effie heard voices. Her heart leapt with relief - one was her husband the other was Sam. They stopped right in front of her and continued talking like she wasn't there.

“How’s the divorce going?” Sam asked.

“Done,” Effie’s husband said. “I got it annulled. Greased a few palms and the marriage never happened.” Both men laughed. “She’s off in Europe somewhere.”

Sam laughed, “That’s close enough to the truth”.

“You could have made a better profit at an auction,” Sam observed.

“I wanted rid of the bitch.”

“Do you have a buyer yet?” her husband asked.

“Yep,” Sam replied, “wanna do the honors?”

“With pleasure,” said the older man as he walked up to Effie. Effie pleaded with her eyes. If he would let her go, she would promise anything. One look at her husband’s cold stare and she knew there would be no mercy for her. She felt a crushing pain in her left nipple, followed by the same pain in her right. “Looks good,” her husband said admiring his handiwork. “Who bought her?”


“Agatha,” her husband asked, “what does a witch need with a slut like her?” He pointed his finger back at the caged and helpless Effie.

“Hey,” Sam proclaimed, “wrinkled up old crones need sex too, and she is still trying to grow a tail on a ponygirl and wanted to experiment on a redhead.”

Both men laughed and walked off leaving Effie suspended in her cage with a “SOLD’ sign hung from her nipples.