Draft Animal
by Master H

Oh fercrissake, she thought as they climbed the grade to the exercise ring. She had complained loudly and often that she was too old to be used as a draft animal. Of course, itd done no good. She had long ago given up any say as to how he used her body and mind. She was bound differently than most times. Her arms were folded behind her and the wrists were crossed and coupled with white cord. Her arms formed a shallow 'W' on her back. To keep her wrists in that position, heavy black rope had been looped tightly around each breast and pulled over each shoulder. The black rope made a good contrast to her white skin. It was entwined several times and looped around her upper arms pulling them together. That forced her wrists even tighter to her body making it impossible to reach any of the knots.

Twenty feet of black rope was wound around her waist and tied in a big square knot over her navel leaving about three feet of rope to spare. A second length of black rope was doubled over and looped through the waist rope. The rope was pulled tightly into her crotch, separating her labia, and invading her sensitive genital area, rubbing against her clit, and sealing the silicone dildo in place. The rope continued upwards burying itself in the crack of her ass. It pushed the butt plug holding the horse tail deeper into her. The horse tail hung down between her legs. The hair tickled her legs when the wind disturbed it.

The crotch rope tied off at the back of the waist rope by going under the waist rope and back through the crotch rope. The rope continued up her back and was pulled tight to the rope anchoring her upper arms. This caused her to keep her back straight. The loose ends of the waist rope were looped through her breast bindings and pulled tight before being tied off. The effect was a harness that prevented bending over. It also caused any movement of the upper torso to be transmitted to her crotch.

Her eyes had been blindfolded and a thin hard rubber bit reduced her complaints to mumbles; not that her owner listened anyway. Her ankles wore the usual leather cuffs connected by 12" of steel chain. She was guided by reins attached to leather straps cinched to her breasts. Since they started the pony games, she had been trained to carefully follow the pull on her breasts even blindfolded. She could tell that they were in the practice ring by the smooth level ground. Her feet had worn a path around the pole that was planted in the center.

"Warm up," she heard her owner say. It was followed by the quirt landing across her ass. She started to move blindly guided only by the reins on her breasts. After two circuits, the pace quickened. She found that she wasn't even breathing hard. She easily kept a steady pace around the ring despite the fact she could only take 12" steps. She took short quick steps. She had learned to step without reaching the end of her ankles tether.

Her owner called her to a halt. She was guided to the pole, and her reins were attached to the ring mounted on top. She was left alone to relax and wait for whatever her owner wanted her to do.

She heard a squeaking sound like a wheel needing oiled. More ropes were run from her waist rope and she felt an unfamiliar weight pull at her waist. She realized that she had been hooked to a cart. She felt the chain being removed from her ankle cuffs.

She felt the quirt land on her ass, the signal for her to start moving. Slowly she started to move forward pulling the cart, testing its weight. She tried bending to gain leverage but the crotch rope quickly reminded her of its tightness. She was forced to pull upright the cart squeaking merrily behind. Even without her shackles, the unfamiliar weight of the cart caused her to move slowly. She also found that the cart caused her to turn differently. The squeaking was driving her crazy. She knew her owner had purposely left the wheel un-oiled.

After several circuits around the ring, he halted her. Still attached to the cart, she was led to the center of the ring and attached to the pole. The inserts in her had gotten her worked up. She thought that she could smell her arousal.  'Damn him,' she thought. He knew that this would happen.

He walked up her. She could feel his breath on her face. Slowly he began to mass age and pinch her nipples. She pushed her chest out to meet his hands. The movement caused the crotch rope to drive the inserts deeper into her. Just before the second wave hit her, she thought of her present situation. Here she stood in the middle of a practice ring, attached to a cart. She could neither see nor speak, except for moans. She was for all purposes a muted draft animal. She was experiencing a very real orgasm. She sagged against him drawing on his strength to maintain her upright position. All thoughts were lost as the second wave hit her.  She swore that she could feel moisture leaking from around the silicone plug in her vagina. She was still standing as he aroused her from her reverie. The weight was gone from her waist. Her ankles were shackled again. She felt the pull of the reins, and she was led back to the house where another insertion of the human kind awaited her.

'I guess I'm not too old after all,' she thought.