A Day of Training
by Master H

I left the two of them in quite a predicament for the night. Both are locked into chastity devices. The devices allow for using the toilet but deny any sexual contact.

Right now they are in separate cages out in the barn. Probably dreaming about what will happen to them next. Tomorrow is going to be an interesting day.

Sunup,  and I get my two charges outta their cages and cleaned up for another day of training. My own slave 'S' is assisting me. She likes handling the female. I get left with the male to handle. Both are passive as we hose them down and leave them hanging with their arms stretched by overhead ropes and their toes fully extended trying to take some pressure of off their wrists. When we return from breakfast, they are  dry and the sun has burned off the morning dew. After binding their arms in a folded position behind their backs, and putting the bit gags in their mouths, we lead them by their reins out to the exercise yard.

The practice yard has a ladder stepper that forces the user to step to avoid getting bruises on his/her shins. I put the male into the ladder stepper and attach his lead to the swivel. A few well placed strokes with my trusty quirt gets him moving. Meanwhile, S is putting the female into a harness for a few hours of strength training pulling a log down a track. The female strains against the weight of the log. Her body almost immediately starts sweating from exertion. Slowly the log starts to move across the ground. She is outta shape and soon becomes winded. After 10 minutes, I allow her a 5 minute break and a drink of water. In 60 minutes, she has to pull the log 100 yds or be punished. As she gets used to the weight, she manages to pick up a little speed over the uneven ground.

The male who is not much bigger than she is has stopped to watch her. I force him to bend over and apply a few welts to his ass to remind him not to stop. He starts his circuit around the pole, high stepping to avoid the ladder. This time to help him keep his mind off of the female, I blindfold him.

In just 59 minutes of pulling, the female has made it all the way to the 100 yard mark. S stops her and gives her another drink of water. S guides the female in a loop and she begins to pull the log back up to her starting point.  She is becoming tired now and her gait is getting sloppy. She does make a fine picture with the sweat creating a sheen on her tanned skin in the sunlight. Leg muscles straining to maintain her gait while pulling the log and her breasts heaving as she intakes large quantities of air. Her bare feet are digging into the soft soil for traction. Like I said it is quite a sight.

As she approaches the end of her second 100 yd. pull, I unhook the male's lead from the pole and lead him blindfolded to the field.

Just for fun, I harness S to the log to reposition it for the male's turn. She makes a fine sight in her breast harness, her hands bound behind her back, and her long ponytail hanging down from its plug in her rectum. She easily maneuvers the log into its new position then stands waiting for me to unhook her. I unhook her from the harness and put the male into the same harness. He is still blindfolded. I decide to leave him that way for awhile. It'll help him concentrate. He has the same task as the female but on a different but parallel track. I put S to the task of leading him down the track and back. He seems to be having little difficulty pulling the log along. He is already warmed up from his time on the ladder stepper. A fine sheen coats his hairless body He is turning into a nice specimen. His legs and ab muscles have developed nicely.

After making sure that the log pulling is going fine, I take the female and attach her lead to a swivel on a pole. After a few judicious taps with the quirt, she starts to march around the pole to cool down. I leave her there and get a drink of water myself. By the time the male finishes his track, it is lunch time. The charges are allowed to eat from bowls. The menu includes oatmeal with fruit slices and plenty of clean water. Of course, the menu varies little from meal to meal.

Everyone on the farm drinks lots of water. S serves me a bowl of stew from last night and she has her old standby, popcorn.

The coolness of the morning has given way to the heat of the afternoon. It is way too hot to work the charges hard. So I let them have some time off in a corral that has a shade tree. They get walk around untethered Of course, the chastity devices keep them from rutting. I imagine by now the male is ready to screw anything. To ensure that body contact is kept to a minimum, in other words, zero, I attached a 4' spread bar to their collars. I also put sun goggles on them to protect their eyes. A liberal dose of bug repellent keeps the little biting critters away.

After dinner, the female gets to pull the log one more time before dark. She hasn't been at this as long as the male has and her strength needs to be built up. Meanwhile the male is harnessed to the buggy and pulls me out to the field to watch S put the female through her paces. After I'm satisfied that S has the situation under control, I aim the buggy for the far end of the field and let the male pull at a medium canter. He has gotten used to the idea of being a draft animal. His gait is greatly improved and he pulls with ease. After quick inspection of the fence line, I head for the barn. S has already led the female to the barn. She has chained the female with her arms spread between two poles and is removing the tack.

After removing the tack from the male, I have a surprise for him. He is lead by a leash to the house where I built a special shower. It is a barred cell with a shower inside. The surprise is that the shower has hot water. It will be the first hot shower he has taken in a month.

While the male is taking a hot shower and cleaning himself up. S has finished cleaning the female and brings her into the house for the night.  The barn can be a frightening place to be alone in at night. She'll be locked in a cage in the closet. There she will stay until tomorrow afternoon.

After the shower, the male is lead to a spare room where he will sleep the night in a large cage with a pillow for his head.

Tomorrow will be his last day. He will show off what he has learned by pulling a buggy with his owner at the reins, and showing how fast he can gallop by racing down that 100 yd track he has been building for the last month. His owner is bringing his new tail with her. The tattoo artist will be here to mark him with his owner's brand, pierce and ring his nipples and his nose. He will have a busy morning. He will have to wait for any type of sexual relief. His owner has the key to his chastity device.

Yesterday, I got a call from a guy who has been out to the farm before. His slave is wanting to lose some weight and tone up.  He was wondering if I could help. The female won't be alone for very long.