by Master H

She is standing flat against the door. Her hands are tied in front and hung from the door. It is easy just the tie a big knot in the rope and close the door so the knot is trapped on top. Her breasts are severely tied and turning dark. Nine feet away, I am limbering up the bull whip. The whip is made of soft latigo leather and very limber. Her mouth is taped shut and she is blindfolded. The butt plug is firmly implanted in her rectum.

The first stroke catches her off guard. It lands across her lower back wrapping slightly around her. It leaves a nice mark. The second and third land across her ass leaving horizontal marks. I start to vary the strokes striking her back and ass alternately. After ten strokes, I put the whip down and walk up behind her. Her skin is red where the whip struck but no skin is broken. The marks will be gone in a few hours. I reach around and start to fondle her nipples. She leans against me and moans through her gag. She is pushing her ass back against me, rubbing her ass against my crotch. I squeeze her nipples harder, punishing the now erect nipples. Her ass is working fast now rubbing against my penis. Finally she orgasms and stiffens against me.

After she calms down, I release her tether from the door and take the blindfold off. I lead her by her bound wrists into the bedroom. I release her hands and she lays on her back. Using straps, I secure her legs together at her ankles, knees, and thighs. I settle on top of her and I thrust my penis down the V so that any movement rubs against her clit. Slowly I stroke my penis into the V until it is buried completely. Every stroke causes the plug in her rectum to move. I remove the tape from her mouth and stroke her hair. Her eyes are glazed over. Her breathing is labored. I push down on her breasts causing them to bulge against the belts squeezing the base of each breast.

I roll her over and place pillows under her waist to raise her buttocks up. This also relieves some pressure on her breasts. I tie her wrists to the foot posts of our four poster bed so that she now has to rest her weight on her confined breasts. Pillows are placed under her feet raising them up. A strong twine is tied to her big toes and tethered tight to the head board. The twine has little stretch in it. Slowly I remove the pillows from under her feet until her feet and lower legs are suspended from her big toes. She is unable to move to relieve the pressure on her big toes.

I remove the plug from her ass and slowly penetrate her rectum until I'm fully lodged inside of her. Taking a small leather flogger, I start to whip her back and buttocks, occasionally reaching back to strike her upper thighs. With each stroke, her movements become more frantic. She pulls against the toe tether only tightening the already tight bondage. Her back and upper buttocks are beginning to show the effects of the constant flogging. Her movements finally bring me to orgasm. She starts to calm down as I pull out of her. She doesn't even notice as the plug is reinserted into her ass and I go to clean up.

I return to her and start to untie her. She remains still as the bonds are removed until only the straps on her legs and the plug remain. Rolling her onto her side, I lay down behind her and start to play with her nipples while holding her wrists. She has a second orgasm that leaves her drained. She falls asleep while I release the legs straps, and snuggle next to her.