Auction in August
by Master H

Things have settled down around the farm. C has become a member of the family. The summer has progressed nicely. It was a rainy July day when I got a call from our spring guests.

I normally hate rainy days in July. It only increases the already staggering humidity. Fortunately, we haven't had to make a break for the storm shelter yet. The rains did cool off things for awhile. S and C were out in the cool rain running around like a couple of kids. Tina the mutt watched them from the comfort of the back porch absolutely sure that they had taken complete leave of their senses. At least being nude meant that they didn't have to shed a lot of wet clothes.

Our spring guests called while I was relaxing. They wanted a return visit in August. Frankly, I didn't want anymore guests this summer, but I did promise them. I named a price and they agreed without a whimper. So I gave them a date and settled back in to watch S and C get wet.

Our guests arrived on time. They were giddy like two kids with a secret. I didn't have long to wait to find the source of their behavior. They’d had their butts tattooed with a horseshoe and whip. I guess that was their brand. Of course, they hadn't found a master or mistress yet. I think they were having way too much fun to be tied to a single Dom. Back to business.

The male handed me an envelope and asked if I could help them with a fantasy. I normally don't do fantasies. Mr. Rourke I ain't. He seemed to be a little antsy that I would refuse their request. I put the envelope aside and went back to making our guests uncomfortable.

After stripping them, I found they had already locked themselves into the chastity devices. They handed me the keys. After checking the devices and adjusting them for a tight fit, I had S lock cuffs to their wrists and ankles and chain the cuffs together. It was past time to start anything that day so I had the girls feed our guests and bed them down in separate rooms in cages.

After the farm had quieted down, I opened the envelope. The couple had a few unfulfilled dreams. They wanted to be pierced which is simple enough to arrange, and they wanted to be sold at auction like real livestock. That could be tricky. I think they have been hitting the bondage sites a little too much. 

The following morning, after the guests had done their morning ritual and been fed, I inserted a tail plug tail in their anuses. They get to wear it for several hours a day until they are used to wearing a it. Then I harnessed the male to the buggy and tied the female's reins to the rear. A flick of the whip and the male took off; he must have been keeping up with his training because the buggy moved steadily across the field.

After running him for about a half hour, I switched out ponies. Now the female was pulling and the male was tied behind. The female was pulling with everything she had but the buggy was moving slowly. Even applying the whip to her flanks failed to move her any faster. By the time we got back, she was winded and in need of water.

I had the girls unharness the pair and walk them around to cool off.  After cooling off, I put the male on the carousel and the female to pulling a log. For the better part of the morning, she struggled to move the log. It was slow going. Finally it was too hot to work outside.

I sent S into start lunch and put C to unhooking the male, leading him over to the corral and hobbling him. The female was blindfolded and hobbled in the corral too. I didn't bother ungagging them so they were silent for a while. Again I kept them from touching by attaching a 4' spread bar to the collars.

After lunch, I let the girls handle the guests while I made a few calls. There was one BDSM group within a 100 mile radius of the farm. I never had too much to do with them. I did know the leader, Sam, so I called him up and explained the problem. He listened intently and asked for a few days to set up a meeting. I called up the tattoo artist to arrange for a piercing session.

The rest of the afternoon was spent disciplining the female for her poor performance and then doing only light workouts due to the heat. The female's backside was getting well striped by this time. I had S put some balm on it. That evening Sam called me back. He asked if he could come out to the farm and talk to the couple and lay down some ground rules. I agreed. He said he would be here the next morning. It is a 90 mile trip for Sam to get to the farm.

The next morning Sam showed up a little too bright and early. I hadn't had my coffee yet. I normally wait until the guests are fed and watered before having any coffee. Sam called me from the gate. I drove down and let him in. He’d brought his wife with him. She was a petite female in her 50's. This was her first time on the farm.

Sam and I talked on the porch while S got us coffee. Sam's wife looked on in fascination as the female tried to pull the log. I could almost smell the musk of her arousal as the sight of the struggling female heated her up. Sam looked from her to the field and back like mulling over something. He asked me if his wife could have a taste of being a pony. There wasn't much to her. I was fairly sure that she had never pulled anything.

Since Sam was helping me with the auction, I offered to let her stay a day. Her eyes lit up. Sam said ok as long as he could stay to watch. I had her strip and bound her arms folded behind her back. S fetched a bit and bridle which I strapped on her. Sam went back out to his truck and got a pair of weights with clips. Since she already sported a ring in each nipple he clipped the weights to the rings. I decided to let her experience the stepper ladder. Her lead was clipped to the swivel on the pole and she was ordered to march.

She was slowly high stepping around the pole, carefully avoiding the rungs that would bang her shins. Sam stood there watching his wife. He liked what he saw. I had a bright idea and sent S in for a set of bells. I swapped out the weights for bells. Now as she marched her breasts jingled. I left Sam to watch his wife and went to check on the male who was marching around in the corral with C following him with a switch. Every time he faltered C had been instructed to use the switch on the back of his thighs and calves. He was getting quite a collection of little stripes. C seemed to be enjoying herself a little too much.

The female was harnessed to the sled. She was pulling it around the yard. If she faltered, I encouraged her with the quirt. I had clamped weights to her nipples and had blindfolded her. Leaving S to watch the female, I went back to check on Sam and his wife. Sam looked like he was ready to explode. Watching his wife bound and forced to high step like a show pony had turned him on. I unhooked her and led them both out to the barn where he could have a little privacy. As I left, he was bending her over a sawhorse.

That afternoon I had everyone up to the house for a conference. The guests were bound and kneeling in the living room. Sam and I were seated and his wife was bound to a stanchion. Since the talk didn't involve the girls, I let them have some time alone. Sam was going to set up an auction for the guests. It would be at the party next week. The girls and I were invited to attend.

Sam released his wife and she wrote out a contract for the sale. I called S out to type up the contract, a bill of sale, and pedigree papers. The contract was for 48 hours. To sweeten the pot, I offered the services of the farm for the winner. Things were all set for next week. The merchandise would drive themselves to the party. There they would be sold to the highest bidder. 

No real money would be involved. The bidders would use play money for the bidding that they purchased before the auction. By the time everything had been typed up, edited, reviewed and approved, it was getting on to dinner time. I invited Sam to stay the night but he had to get back. He did stay for dinner.

The next day the tattoo artist showed up. He set up shop in the kitchen. The male got rings through his nipples and the female got the same and one through the hood of her clitoris, too. With the rings in, all exercise ceased for the day to give the wounds a chance to heal. I wanted everything well on the way to healing by the time the auction took place. The guests were bound and allowed to roam around the backyard and porch.

The week passed at the pace expected when a big event is in the offing. Friday I released the guests so they could drive home and put things in order. They had directions about how to get to the party.

Saturday S, C, and I packed up the truck for the ride to the party. The girls wore summer dresses and sandals. I had my jeans and t-shirt. It was an uneventful trip down to the big city. Since we had time, I stopped at a mall for an early dinner and to give the girls a chance to wander and to do a little shopping. S says I don't shop well. I sat at the coffee shop, drinking overpriced weird tasting coffee, while the girls went off into the wilds of rampant commercialism. As the time for the party approached, I gathered up the girls and left.

The party was at a private home. We got there and found that a parking space had been reserved for us. I parked our old truck amongst the shiny sedans and SUVs. As we strode into the house, I wondered how this is going to work out. I didn't want the hassle of this very often. I guess S didn't mind the trip to the mall.

The merchandise was on display already. Each wore a single sleeve and of course nothing else. The bidders wandered up to inspect their bodies. They probed their orifices, opened their mouths to inspect their teeth, felt their muscles on their legs. A few checked their piercings for healing and lack of infection. The merchandise was enjoying their time on the block.

One rather severe looking woman took a long time checking out the male's apparatus. The poor guy was so excited I thought he was going to shoot off in her hand. Satisfied with the condition of the male, she moved on to the female. She did a thorough inspection of the female too. The female shivered as the woman's fingers disappeared up her vagina.  As she finished her exam, Sam announced that the inspecting time was closed. The merchandise was led off to get cleaned up.

A few of Sam's group had cornered C and were asking her questions about the farm and her role. Poor C didn't know that much. She was trying her best to answer everyone and look for a way out at the same time. S came to her rescue. S is a big girl. Her years of pulling the buggy, dragging branches and taking care of the farm has left her with well developed muscles. Several of the males had watched her walk around mixing with the party goers. I am sure if her teats could talk they would have had meaningful conversations with a few of the men. 

The men were mostly dressed in leather pants and vests. I had a pair of leather pants once. They made me itch. I had on my usual jeans, t-shirt and boots. Compared to most of the guys I looked like a refugee from a cattle drive more than a guest at a BDSM party. My belt, at least, was leather.

Most of the women wore some form of leather garment. The girls had on bright summer dresses. Most of the time on the farm they are nude and barefoot. A dress and sandals is more coverage than either have had in the last 2 months. Without a bra or panties, their bodies moved freely under the dresses. Damn sexy. I started to think that maybe Tina could watch the farm for the night and I'd get a motel room.

The auction started at 9PM. After going through the usual items found at these types of auctions, the main event walked up to the stage. They looked good. Their bodies had been cleaned, shaved, and oiled. They almost glowed. Sam reviewed the contract terms so there wouldn't be any misunderstanding. He started the bidding at 500 dollars. The bidders took off from there. There was four bidders that seemed to be always in the middle of the bidding. The 3 guys bid almost as a group The woman who had given the couple such a thorough exam was the lone female bidder.

In the end, the female won the bidding. Sam presented her with the bill of sale and pedigree papers. The transfer took on the air of a real cattle auction.

After the auction, the party broke up into small groups. Some were playing. Most were just talking. The winner came up to me and introduced herself as Michelle.

She said she had been admiring S and C all night and wanted to know if the invite to 2 days at the farm with her purchases was still on. I gave her a phone number to call and told her to set it up with her new temporary slaves. I also suggested that she wear something other than the leather outfit she had on. Maybe jeans and t-shirt would be more appropriate.

She spent the rest of time leading her property around mingling with the other party goers and trying to trap C or S alone. After her encounter with the curiosity seekers, C stuck close to S or I. C spent 30 years belonging to one man and has lived on the farm the few months since he died. I guess S and I are a mite protective of her. We tend to shelter her from the world.

The party was a success. The auction was a bigger success. I was getting a headache. I rounded up the girls and informed them that it was time to say good-bye. I found Sam and thanked him for his help. He wanted to know if his wife could visit us for a week or so. I didn't see any reason why not. After the normal polite farewells, we left for the long ride back.