by Master H

Story code: M+/f+, bond, cons

"This isn't good!" she said to herself. Amy had been standing in the same spot for hours. Her calves ached from the forced strain. Sam had placed her on a stand. The device was bolted to the floor. Rings set in the base held her ankles, keeping her legs apart. A pole set in the middle of the base teed into a plug and a dildo. Both insertables were in their respective orifices. She was used to that. Her true distress came from the point that protruded between the two insertables and pushed into the space between her vagina and rectum. Her feet hurt from standing on her toes, straining to keep the point from its target. The situation was made worse by electrical charge on the tip of the point. The point had touched her tender skin several times. Each time an electrical shock had caused her to shake. Her legs shook from the prolonged effort. Her hands were bound in a reverse prayer and useless.

As her legs threaten to fail her, Sam showed up. Kneeling between her legs, he lowered the pole until Amy's feet were flat on the floor. "Had enough?" Sam mocked her.

Tears rolled down her cheeks as she nodded her head. Sam lowered the pole until Amy's holes were free. He unlocked her ankles, and helped her step from the base. Clipping a leash to her nipple rings, he led the shaking woman away.

Amy found herself bent over a bench. Her cuffed ankles were chained to a ring in the floor. Her hands were tied to rings on the side of the bench. A strap across her back held her torso flat against wooden surface. “Next time you decide to screw up,” Sam warned her, “you’ll remember this.” The whip cut across her tightly stretch buttocks. The bench was high enough that her toes barely touched the floor. The second stroke went across the first. After that Sam set up a pattern of crossing strokes. By the tenth stroke, Amy was screaming. Suddenly, the whip stopped lashing her buttocks. Amy’s bonds still held her tight. Her breathing was ragged. Her tears stained the wood below her face. She felt Sam behind. She felt her anus being stretched again as Sam took his pleasure from her tortured rectum. Amy passed out as Sam relieved himself inside her.

Amy woke up in bed. Her legs, particularly her calves, ached from last night's session. She tried to rise and realized that her right ankle was chained to the bed frame. She heard the shower stop. Sam came out of the bathroom drying his hair. Despite being chained Amy managed to assume a kneeling position. Sam motioned her to sit. Amy relaxed. Her legs still ached and her feet were cramping. Sam unlocked her ankle.

"Take a shower" he ordered.

Slowly, Amy got out of bed. Testing her ability to stand, she eased herself into the shower. The stinging hot water seemed to wash her aches away. She stayed until the hot water was depleted. While drying, she checked her buttocks. She knew from experience that she would find no marks or welts from the whipping she received the night before, but she always checked anyway.

Refreshed, she went to the kitchen to get something to eat.

Sam had already left for the day. Amy found the coffee still hot. She poured herself a cup and went to the solarium. Sitting down gingerly, she relaxed in an easy chair despite being nude and surrounded by glass. Wandering back to the kitchen, she found the note left on the fridge. It read ’pick you up at noon’.

Amy was dressed and ready to go at precisely noon. Her garb always followed Sam’s dictates; always slightly revealing, always with high heels. Lunch was at a nice café by the shore. They were joined by an older man. Amy realized that this was a business lunch and she was there for decoration. Amy felt the older man’s eyes on her. He seemed to be too interested. She hoped that Sam wouldn’t loan her out for a night. Other than Amy attempting to cover as much as she could, the lunch was success. The two men shook hands and closed a deal. Amy hadn’t been listening closely.

After lunch Sam dropped her off at the mall. Handing her a credit card, he told her to get some hiking shoes and sandals. Sam left, telling her she had an hour to shop. The saleslady at the shoe store was very helpful. She also got a good view of Amy since Amy wore no underwear under her short skirt. With her purchases in hand, Amy visited a coffee bar. She got a drink and went outside to wait for Sam.

Sam arrived precisely on the hour. From long experience, Amy knew he wouldn’t be interested in her purchases. She placed her bags behind the seat and got in. Sam drove away in silence. Arriving back their house, Sam told her to pack enough clothes for the two of them for a week. While Sam handled some last minute phone calls, Amy carefully packed their bags and changed into shorts, shirt, and her new sandals. She placed the bags behind the seats of Sam’s truck and waited for him to lock the house and join her.

Sam sat down in the driver’s seat. “Say goodbye to the house!” he said. Amy looked at him quizzically; laughing, he said, ”We’re moving to the country.”

The ride started in silence. Since Amy had moved in with Sam almost ten years ago the modest house in a suburb had been her home. Now it felt like she was being uprooted and forced to move without her consent. Of course, her submissive nature would never allow her to question Sam’s decision. She had been Sam’s submissive almost from the first time they met. She had wondered about Sam’s business occasionally. He had disappeared for weeks at a time. He always had money and she had never wanted for anything. Early in their relationship, she thought he was a drug dealer or maybe a mobster or some other dangerous character like a secret agent man. Finally she had quit wondering and accepted the fact that Sam treated her better than any other man had and she was content and happy in her submission.

Night fell, and Sam pulled into a motel. A local diner proved to have decent food. Amy and Sam ate until they could barely move. Immediately upon entering their room, Sam fell asleep. Amy, as her training dictated, removed her clothes and managed to get Sam’s shoes off before she too fell asleep. The following morning, after a refreshing shower and a hearty breakfast, the couple hit the road again.

Five hours of travel later, Sam turned into a driveway. He unlocked the gate and drove through. He stopped the truck inside the fence. “Strip!” he ordered as he exited the truck to close the gate. Unquestioning, Amy removed her clothes. Sam started the truck and proceeded up the driveway.

The house loomed in the distance. Behind it a barn came into view. Barbed wire fences divided the property into sections. Amy had never seen so much open space in her life. Sam stopped the truck and pointed skyward. Amy leaned halfway out of the window to watch a hawk soar overhead. Sam pulled up to the house and turned the engine off. Immediately Amy realized that there was no sound.

“Get the bags.” Sam told her as he exited the truck. Wearing nothing but her sandals, Amy grabbed the bags and hurried to catch up with Sam.

The interior of the house was nothing that Amy had ever imagined. Massive iron rings hung from brackets on the walls of the foyer. In the center, what appeared to be a whipping post rose from the floor.

An attractive nude woman greeted Sam in the entry hall, ignoring Amy. Behind her, a girl was suspended on a stand. Her toes were barely touching the ground. Her ankles were bound tightly together. Her weight supported by the iron bar that her crotch rested on. Her hands were suspended over her head to the stanchion behind. By pulling up she could ease the pressure on her tortured privates. Unfortunately, clamps on her breasts tightened as she pulled upward.

‘How long has she been there?” Sam asked.

“Slightly over an hour,” the woman replied.

“Let her down” Sam ordered. The woman hurried to comply. As she turned around, Amy noticed the brand burned into her right buttock. The girl was soon released. Amy noticed that the iron bar was padded. Seeing her look at the device that looked so cruel Sam told her it is to “Learn a lesson, not make an example.”

“Have you learned a lesson, Abby?” Sam asked the girl. Abby frantically nodded her head yes. “Resume your chores,” Sam ordered. Abby gingerly left the hallway. “All will be explained in due time,” Sam told Amy anticipating her questions.

Motioning to the nude woman, Sam ordered, “Show Amy my rooms.” Showing no emotion, the woman moved away with Amy in hot pursuit.

Sam’s rooms were functional. A state of the art computer system, big screen TV, and a sound system all were carefully arranged. The bed had a solid iron frame with rings in the head board and footboard. “Stand there,” the woman told Amy. She took the bags from Amy and placed them on a stand. Returning to Amy, she locked a chain around Amy’s ankle and departed. Amy stood there shocked. The woman had given no explanation and had left her alone.

Amy found that she had plenty of chain. She could reach the toilet and sit on a stool in the dressing room.

Amy heard Sam approaching. From where she was tethered, she couldn’t see the entrance to the bedroom. Sam came into her view. He tossed her a key. “Unlock yourself,” he told her. With shaking fingers Amy managed to fumble the key twice before successfully freeing herself. Sam had sat down at the computer. He motioned her to him and pointed to the floor. Amy sat at his feet, her head resting on his thigh. After long minutes of waiting, Sam’s hand curled into her hair. Slowly he turned her face upward to face him.

“There are things that you can’t even guess, that exist in realities that you are not aware of.” Sam started. “Because you came willingly with me and never questioned me, you are entitled to an explanation.”

“Beyond the gate that we went through this morning, nothing exists for you anymore. I am a gate keeper. The elderly man we had lunch with passed this job to me. The gate keepers maintain the gates to many realities. We are long lived by your standards. There are several places where gates exist. This place is one of them. Here, you will be my personal slave for the rest of your life. You have no need of clothes anymore. As you continue here, more things will become apparent to you.” Amy curled up at her Master’s feet, content that she was owned.

Amy woke up with a start the next morning. The night before Sam had explained her new life. He had placed a metal collar on her and locked it. Amy felt her neck. The collar still ringed it. Other than the collar, she was nude. Looking around, she was startled to see the girl named Abby standing at the foot of the bed.

“Good morning, Amy,” the girl said.

“Morning” she replied.

“The Master waits downstairs. He has instructed me to aid you in becoming accustomed to the farm.” Taking Amy’s hand, Abby lead her to the bath that was already full of water. “I’ll wait outside.” Abby departed.

Amy took her time bathing. The stress of the trip and the revelations seemed to wash away in the scented water. Bathed and refreshed, Amy joined her escort. Together they made their way to where Sam waited. Entering the study, Abby stopped at the door. With a wave, Sam beckoned the two females into the room. The study was all bookshelves. Amy marveled at the books lining the walls.

Sam cleared his throat bringing Amy’s attention back to him. In the fireplace, a pleasant flame danced along a log. Sam motioned to Amy to kneel in front of iron pillory set in the floor. Carefully, Sam removed her collar and positioned her head and hands in the device. Amy felt the device close about her wrists and neck. Her position caused her buttocks to jut into the air. She felt her ankles be locked into steel rings. She was held securely in place.

Above her she heard Sam explained that the brand was necessary, and that he would try to make it as painless as possible. Sam swabbed a liquid onto his target. Amy tensed her body for the pain. She wasn’t disappointed. The smell of burning skin filled the room.

Amy felt herself becoming dizzy and faint.

Sam released the bonds that held her. “Take care of her” he said to Abby, and he departed. Wobbly, Amy tried to stand. With the other female’s help, she managed to get to her feet. Abby helped her to the couch where she lay down on her stomach. Abby applied an antiseptic ointment to the brand. Amy closed her eyes and wept till she fell asleep.

Sam left the women in the study and went to the barn. The interior didn’t resemble a barn. The row of stalls was too small for horses. A toilet trench ran the length of stables. In the middle a series of cages ran the length of barn. Some cages were occupied by young attractive women. Each cage held its captive immobile. Her breasts, buttocks and pubic region were all exposed. She was silenced by a foam penis that was jammed to the back of her throat. Her head was held stationery in a metal cage. Several captives had sold signs hung from their nipples by clamps.

Sam opened the backdoor to the barn and admitted a wagon pulled by two huge human males. Sitting in the seat was a withered old woman. “Evening Sam” the old woman smiled. “Evening Agatha.” Sam said.

“Is my purchase ready?” she asked.

“You made a good deal, dear lady” Sam said.

“Bah!” the old woman complained with a smile. “She will be more trouble than what she is worth. You’d rob an old woman blind if I didn’t watch ya every minute.”

Sam smiled at the old woman, “Ha! You’re as sharp as Ockham’s razor. The last man who tried to cheat you wound up pulling your wagon for the rest of his life.”

Two women wheeled a cage and its captive to the wagon and slid it into the bed. Flipping Sam a leather pouch, Agatha swung her team around and headed toward a large boulder behind the barn. She snapped her whip over her team’s head and a portal opened in the stone. Agatha disappeared into the portal. Sam pocketed the pouch of gold and walked back to the house.

Amy had almost recovered. She had no idea what the ointment was that had been applied, but her brand healed in just a few minutes. The brand was red and she thought it was a very nice design. She wondered if this was Sam’s personal brand. It differed from the one on the nude woman’s buttock. She heard Sam approaching. He entered followed by the nude woman and Abby. Instinctively, Amy knelt. Motioning her to stand, Sam imprisoned her neck with the collar. He turned to leave with Amy falling in behind him.

That night Amy was chained by her collar to the bed. Sam had taken his pleasure from her mouth, and now slept soundly. For Amy, sleep didn’t come so readily. She lay awake in the darkness with questions seeming to circle in her brain. The night passed with her wanting to know more and yet fearful of the answers.

“You have many questions, Amy.” Abby said the next morning. Amy noticed that Abby was wearing the same type of collar as she was. Abby had no brand. They sat on the patio looking out over the expanse of green. Sam had left before dawn. “Ask and I’ll answer if I can.”

“You are wearing a collar?” Amy questioned.

“It’s to keep me from entering forbidden places.”

“Where is the other woman, the one with the brand?”

“She left with Sam. He is taking her to join her master, the former keeper here.”

“So who is watching the farm?”


“Can I meet her?”

Abby rose and motioned Amy to follow. Together they crossed the yard, and entered the barn. Agatha sat in an easy chair watching television. Beyond her, her wagon was being washed by a naked woman. Two stalls were occupied. Two males rested as best they could.

“Shhhhhhhhhhh!” Agatha held up a hand as the two approached. In one fluid motion, the seemingly ancient woman rose from her chair. “Ahh! You must be Sam’s filly. Come here woman. I won’t bite, much.” Agatha announced with a white clean smile that belied her appearance.

The two women cautiously approached. “Would you like to see my lovelies?” Agatha asked. Without waiting for an answer, she took each woman by a hand and walked toward the stalls. Hearing their Mistress approach, the two males stood up. “Aren’t they beauties?” Agatha asked.

Amy had never seen men that big. They dwarfed her. Agatha opened the door to one stall, and led the male out. “Come here, girls.” As the women approached, the male became excited. Amy’s eyes went to the huge penis that was straining to break free from its harness. Grabbing Amy’s arm, Agatha pulled her closer to the excited male. “He likes you” she mused. “Maybe I’ll convince Sam to allow me to mate you with him. You two would make fine steeds together.”

Amy looked for an escape from this woman. The idea of mating with the enormous male scared her, but she strangely found herself excited by the prospect. She wondered if Sam would allow Agatha to mate her with the male.

Sam arrived that night. Agatha had bedded her stallions for the night. She was having dinner in the dining room. Behind her, Amy was chained to the whipping post. Abby was tethered to a ring imbedded in the wall. Both women were tightly gagged. One of the women from the barn waited on her.

Sam took a seat at the table.

“How does Andrew like his retirement?” she asked.

“He is enjoying it more now that Andee has joined him, the poor guy can’t cook.”

Agatha laughed at the prospect of her old friend trying to cook.

“What did the girls do?” Sam asked.

“Nothing bad, they wouldn’t shut up.”

“Ok, we’ll leave them like that for a while.”

“Your little bed warmer got one of my steeds all excited,” Agatha informed him.

“She excites any man,” laughed Sam.

Sam observed the marks on Amy’s buttocks. Agatha shrugged, “she whips nicely too, you wouldn’t consider selling her?”

“Sorry,” Sam said, “I have grown rather fond of Amy,” Sam ran a finger between Amy’s thighs as she spread her legs to afford him better access.

“How about mating her? One of my stallions is very fond of her.”

“That has possibilities,” Sam replied.

Amy started to shake her head; her eyes pleading with Sam. “Would you care to correct her?” Sam asked.

“With pleasure” Agatha said rising from her chair.

Agatha stroked Amy’s buttock. “Such a pretty canvas,” she said. Measuring off her stroke, she brought the whip across the bound girl’s back. Spinning the whip over her head, she sent the whip to its target again. Amy was crying through her gag. Twenty strokes later Agatha handed the whip to the serving girl; Amy was sobbing.

“Take Abby for the night,” Sam told Agatha. Releasing Amy, Sam headed for his quarters leaving Abby to keep Agatha company.

The next morning, Agatha was preparing to go when Sam lead a bound and gagged Amy into the barn. “Amy wants to say goodbye,” he smiled.

Sam led Amy to the front of the team. Both males started to snort. Amy was scared. The huge studs looked at her with pure lust. Bound and naked, Amy walked in front of the team. She could feel their eyes burning into her back as she led the team from the barn. She felt the heat growing between her legs at the thought of intercourse with the big males.

Stepping aside, Amy watched as a portal opened in the stone and Agatha disappeared.

Returning to the house, Sam went to the guest quarters. Abby was chained to a stanchion by her nipple rings. Her hands were bound in a reverse prayer behind her back. She was forced to stand on her toes to keep from pulling on her nipples. Her buttocks bore the marks of the quirt used on her. A dildo gag still strapped in her mouth glistened with Agatha’s moisture. Her anus still twitched from the large anal plug buried in it. The vibrator still hummed in her vagina. The smell of her own arousal contradicted her obvious distress. “I see Agatha had a good time last night. Maybe I should send you along with her for a while.” Abby shook her head in protest; a look of fear crossing her eyes.

Sam smiled as he started to release the girl. Agatha, he thought, is a piece of work.

Amy was held in a pillory, her head and wrists locked in its wooden embrace. Her buttocks were held steady by the beam they were strapped to. Her ankles were chained to rings set in the floor. Though blindfolded, she could hear the crowd discussing her. She felt a female hand roughly apply something to her anus. Her next sensation was a plug being pushed into her. Amy almost cried as her anus was stretched wide then the sphincter muscle clamped itself around the intruder. “That’s to prevent accidents,” a female voice informed her. She heard the crowd noise start to go up. Straining with all her senses, she heard the jingle of bells behind. The jingling stopped and she heard a male snort. Someone squirted a liquid into her vagina. She felt the head of a penis being eased past her wet labia to push against the entrance to her vagina. Her next sensation was one of being stretched till she knew her vagina was being torn in two. The male behind her found his rhythm. He started to build up speed; thrusting deeper into her, slamming her shoulders against the padded pillory. With each thrust, Amy felt her body shake from the impact. Finally with savage grunt, the male slammed into her as deep as he could. He held it there shaking as he orgasmed. She felt him withdraw, leaving her empty and stretched. Dimly she hoped that to her vagina would return to its former dimensions.

She heard a voice say, “Open your mouth.” She felt the head of a penis on her lips. Her own musk filled her nose. ”Clean!” came the command. Hungrily, Amy started to lick the unseen penis clean. Finally, the penis was withdrawn even as she was licking it. Amy was left alone.

Amy woke up in a sweat. Beside her, Sam snored peacefully unaware of her dream. Slowly she eased from the bed and made her way to the bathroom; her closely shackled ankles forcing her to take tiny steps. Her bare feet made no sound on the hardwood floors. Once in the bathroom, Amy checked herself. Realizing that it had been a dream, she breathed a sigh of relief. Returning to bed she found that Sam was gone. Amy lay down, worried that she had somehow offended him. Eventually, she dozed off to sleep. Waking up at the sound of the alarm, she discovered that Sam hadn’t returned to bed that night.

The farm had settled into a routine. Amy took over the cooking chores for everyone; Abby never far from her side. While cooking, Amy was allowed an apron. Wearing an apron increased her status among the residents of the farm since she was the only the slave on the farm allowed an article of clothing. The only meal Amy was required to prepare was breakfast for Sam and dinner for the staff. This left some free time for exploring. Their chores done, the two women went exploring the farmhouse. The structure seemed to grow as they walked. No matter how far they walked they never found the end. The halls seemed to go on endlessly. Amy mused that the house looked like something out of the ‘Twilight Zone’. If they reached for the wrong door knob or made a wrong turn, their collars delivered a mild shock. The women learned quickly to turn around when they felt their collars start to tingle.

That morning, Sam was not there for breakfast. With no one to unlock her ankles, Amy was forced to shuffle to the kitchen. When Abby didn’t show up for breakfast, she went to check on her. She found Abby tethered to a ring set in the wall. Her arms were strapped behind her back. The buckles were locked closed. Like Amy ankles, Abby’s arms were bound until Sam returned. Unclipping Abby’s tether from the ring, Amy led the girl to the kitchen. After feeding Abby and herself, she led the girl onto the porch where they waited the day for Sam’s return.

About noon, they watched Sam’s truck enter the farm yard. The vehicle went passed the house, and the barn door opened to admit it. Soon Sam exited the barn and walked back to where the bound women awaited him. Unlocking Amy’s shackles, he ordered her to fix him lunch. Taking Abby by her tether, he lead the girl over to a ring set in porch post and attached her there. Abby’s arms would have to wait till Sam had eaten.

Sam finished lunch and went to the porch with Amy following. He unbuckled the belts holding Abby’s arms. Abby moaned as the circulation returned to her arms. Motioning to both women, Sam headed for the barn.

The barn doors slid open as Sam approached. Inside his truck sat, its cargo already unloaded. A new cage hung in the middle of the structure. The captive, a young woman, struggled against her prison. She was naked and like all captives totally helpless and muted. The barn attendants were busy with the other two cages that held captives. Both had sold signs hung from clamps on their nipples.

Sam opened the back door. A portal opened up and a sled entered the barn. The sled’s team was four women. Their arms were encased in leather bags behind their backs. Steel bits and rubber harnesses encased their heads. Each woman had pierced nipples from which bells hung.

The driver jumped from his sled, his pipe firmly clenched in his smiling mouth. Amy gasped when she got a good look at him. “It’s Santa,” she said. The elf turned to face her. His eyes lost their gaiety. He reached out his hand in her direction and closed his fist. Amy felt her chest tighten. She couldn’t breath. The elf opened his hand. Amy fell to her knees gasping for air. “Call me that name again and I shall feed your heart to my dogs while it still beats in your chest,” the elf warned her.

His smile returned to his face. “Are my purchases ready,” he asked Sam.

“Of course,” Sam said waving toward the floor where two sleeping women lay.

The elf went to the back of his sled and removed two sacks. With the aid of the two attendants Sam packaged the women in the sacks and strapped them behind the seat on the sled. The elf flipped Sam a pouch. Without looking, Sam pocketed the pouch.

“Are you sure the amount is correct?” the elf asked.

“Am I to insult an old friend by counting the price in front of him?”

The elf laughed, “I guess not.” Eyeing Abby, the elf asked “how much?”

“Not for sale.”

“If you change your mind, I got first dibs,” the elf replied.

Springing to his sleigh with an agility that belied his shape, the elf wheeled his team around. With a whistle and a crack of his whip, the elf urged his team forward, his sled seeming to float above the hard floor. A portal opened up and the sleigh disappeared.

Amy was still on the floor too scared to stand. Sam reached down and grabbed her hair. Pulling upward he forced her to her feet, and turned her to face him.

“Dumb bitch, he could have killed you.” Half dragging her across the barn, Sam picked a large steel ball from a hook on the wall. The ball opened into hinged hemispheres. Sam put her head into the device and closed the sphere. With clips and a lock at the collar, Sam sealed Amy’s head in the sphere. Reaching over his head, he pulled a hook down and attached it to a ring on top of the sphere. Sam adjusted the rope attached to the hook so Amy was forced to stand on her toes to keep the pressure of off her neck. Taking leather straps, Sam folded her arms into a reverse prayer behind her back.

“You can stand there till I figure out what to do with you.”

Calling one of the attendants, he ordered “lower her tether one inch every hour till she is standing flat footed.” Sam left the barn with Abby following him closely.

Amy stood there in silence. She had never seen Sam so angry. Time had no meaning for her. Through the breathing holes in the sphere, pin points of light kept her vision straining to see. The sphere’s rubber interior muffled any sound. Tears rolled down her cheeks as Amy awaited her fate in silence and darkness.

Sam went to bed that night with Abby as his partner. She was chained to the bed by her collar. The events of the day had left Sam exhausted. He quickly fell asleep. For Abby sleep didn’t come so easily. The frightening episode with the elf and Amy’s subsequent imprisonment left her worried and nervous. She lay listening to Sam light snoring, wondering how old Sam actually was and what kind of power he actually possessed. Shaking her head, she thought that such musings could land her as Agatha’s bed slave. A prospect that sent shivers of dread down her spine.

Amy didn’t know that morning had arrived. She felt someone lower her to the floor. Her head was still encased in the metal ball. She felt herself being lifted and placed in a container.

She had a sensation of motion.

The motion stopped and she felt herself being set back on her feet. The metal sphere was removed from her head. Adjusting to the light, she saw Agatha smiling at her. “It’s mating time, bed warmer” she said laughing. Amy felt her arms come free. The sharp pain of circulation returning caused her to moan. A collar was placed around her neck and she was lead off. As she passed what looked like an exercise yard, she recognized the girl marching around the carousel. Amy was lead into a huge barn and placed in a cage.

“Sam is quite upset with you.” Agatha told her. “You shouldn’t make fun of Leonard. He is sensitive about being compared to his cousin Nicholas. Sam thinks you should get a little equine training while you are here. If he doesn’t like the changes, I’ll buy you; but first, the mating.” Turning to an attendant she said “Get her ready!” and left the barn.

Amy was shaking from the thought of being mated with one the huge stallions. From experience, she knew well Sam’s size but these males dwarfed even Sam.

Evening arrived too soon for Amy. She found herself immobilized in a pillory just like in her dream. The smells and sounds were all the same. She felt a female hand rub a liquid on her anus and the sharp pain as her sphincter muscle was expanded to accept the plug. She felt a click and her anal opening were sealed. “Just to prevent accidents” a female voice told her.

The level of noise rose. Amy sensed someone behind her. A liquid was squirted up her vagina. She felt the head of a huge penis spreading her labia, pushing its way into her sex. She heard a slap and the penis slammed into her. It set up a rhythm. With each stroke, it pushed deeper into her till it slammed against the head of her cervix. The strokes increased in intensity. Each stroke slamming her shoulders into the padded pillory, jarring every bone in her body. She heard a moan and felt the penis start to pulse, filling her with semen. The penis slowly withdrew. She smelled her sex next to her nose. “Clean!” a voice commanded. Hungrily, Amy started to lick the penis, attempting to suck it and make it hard again. When the female voice was satisfied, it ordered “Stop!” The penis withdrew even as she was sucking.

Amy was left alone in her pillory. She heard the crowd start to leave. Someone released her from the pillory. A collar was locked around her neck. A strap bound her arms behind her back. She felt a tug on her collar. Blindfolded, she was lead off.

Amy spent the next day isolated. Two days later Agatha visited her. “It is time to start your training, bed warmer,” she informed Amy. A naked attendant entered as Agatha departed. Amy was fitted with a bit and bridle. Her arms were pinned behind her back with her elbows almost touching. Reins were attached to her bridle. She was lead into the practice yard. Amy was hooked to the carousel. Another woman was attached opposite her. The carousel started and the two women began marching in unison. An hour later, the other woman started to cry. The carousel stopped and Amy heard Agatha talking to someone. The harness prevented her from looking around.

Amy’s routine never changed, even when her belly started to grow. As she continued to work out, she noticed the other girl was changing. Her body was being covered by a light fur. What appeared to be a mane and tail were growing from her head and the base of her spine.

Amy noticed that her belly was growing rapidly; too rapidly, she thought. A woman in a white coat visited her every evening. One evening, the woman noticed that Amy was worried. “What is the problem?” the woman asked.

“I’m growing too fast!” Amy explained.

The woman laughed, “I just accelerated your pregnancy. Agatha doesn’t like waiting. You should give birth next week.”

Eight days later, Amy gave birth to a large baby boy. That day Amy rested.

Amy realized that she was merely a mare to Agatha. The boy was property just like her. Agatha entered her stall. Her baby was in the crib.

“Sam wants a pony girl for his birthday,” she said, “I am going to surprise him. After all, Sam isn’t young anymore; he should have a more genteel way of travel.”

Agatha signaled to a woman waiting outside of the stall. The woman in the white coat entered followed by a matronly looking woman. “Ellie is a brood mare.” Agatha pointed out. ”She is still lactating from her own child.” Ellie sat down and picked up the boy. The baby fell asleep in her arms.

The woman in the white coat clipped a leash to Amy’s collar and led her away. As she was lead away, she passed a woman - or at least she thought it was a woman. The woman was covered with a fine brown fur, a mane grew out of the back of her head and flowed down her back, what looked like a horse tail grew out of the base of her spine. She looked vaguely familiar.

Amy realized that this was to be her fate. Docilely, she allowed herself to be lead to the clinic. Two attendants took charge of her. They laid her on a table. A mask was placed over her face. Amy took a breath and went to sleep.

Amy woke up in a cell. Her hands were bound in front and to her waist. She heard someone coming. The white coated woman and two attendants entered. The two attendants held her while the white coated woman examined the back of Amy’s head and the base of spine. “She is ready for training.”

The attendants fitted a bit and harness to her head. Amy was lead away by a rein attached to her harness. They took her to the exercise yard and attached her harness to a lead on the carousel. The machine started and Amy was forced to march. One attendant followed her, correcting her gait. Amy managed a glance the opposite side of the carousel. A young male was attached there. An attendant followed him correcting his gait too.

Time had no meaning for Amy. Each day was exactly the same. She was worked and trained in pulling a sulky. When she performed well, she was rewarded. When she didn’t, she was punished. All the time her mane and tail grew. Her body started to grow a soft blond fur. She realized that her outlook was changing. She was becoming a pony while retaining her humanity.

One morning, she was lead from her stall. Her bit and harness were fitted to her. She was tethered to a light carriage. She looked toward the front and saw another female attached to the rails. Agatha came out and climbed into the driver’s seat. With a whistle and a crack of her whip, the carriage started to move. The vehicle gathered speed. Suddenly a portal opened and the vehicle entered. Amy took a breath, closed her eyes and kept running.

The carriage stopped. Amy opened her eyes. She was back in the barn. She saw Sam standing there. Behind him, Abby stood.

“Finally got around to visiting me, dear sister?” Sam said to Agatha.

“I brought you a present for your birthday!” Agatha said, climbing down from her seat. She walked around to where Amy was attached and took her reins.

“Happy Birthday, brother” she said handing the reins to Sam.

“Magnificent!” Sam said, “Absolutely magnificent!” Sam circled Amy who stood straight and proud as she was trained to do. Sam felt the fur that covered Amy’s body. Amy purred as he showed his appreciation of her transformation. Leaving the ponies stabled in the barn, Sam and Agatha moved to the house.

After lunch, they returned to the barn. Amy was hitched to a sulky and Sam climbed into the driver’s seat. With a whistle and crack of the whip, the carriage started to move. Amy strained against the rails determined to prove herself as a pony to her master. After a short trip, Sam guided her back to the barn. An attendant took control of Amy’s reins and hitched her to a post. She gave Amy water and wiped her down.

As Sam and Agatha turned to leave with Abby following closely behind, Amy noted the brand on Abby’s flank.