Weekend Camp-out
by MasterCowboy

She was told to make sure that weekend was totally free. Also, she was instructed exactly what to pack in her backpack. He took care of the rest of the packing.

The morning dawned into an exquisite sunrise. The temperature and weather conditions were favorable for his plans. Dressed appropriately for a long hike, they donned their packs and started their adventure.

After hiking for some time, they came to a spot he had previously found - a secluded glade a short distance from the trail. The glade was not visible to anyone who might be walking on the trail. Now he could put his plans into action. She was instructed to remove her clothes then help set up camp. She felt a little embarrassed to be totally exposed out in the open, but relaxed when she realized that no one could see them.

Once the camp was set up, she was instructed to reach into her backpack and pull out the bag on top. In it was her 'outfit' for the next two days. Taking the items from the bag she placed her collar around her neck and then cuffs on her wrists and ankles. Now he was going to love her latest additions. Her nipples and clit had been pierced and were adorned with rings. (That change represented a major turning point in their relationship). Chains were then run from her collar and attached to the rings. Another chain went around her waist. From this one another chain ran from front to back and pressed against her pussy lips. This had a dual purpose. Besides the stimulation from the chain, it also held a vibe and butt plug in place. He held the remote control for the vibrator. Also now exposed for his pleasure were the tattoos that were strategically placed on her butt and breast. He was really going to enjoy this weekend trip.

He took her wrists and locked the cuffs to either side of the chain around her waist. He then attached a leash to her collar. Walking her over to a big tree he attached the loose end to a branch high above her head. Smiling as he admired his work he said, "I need to go get some firewood."

A look of surprise flashed across her face. 'He is going to leave me like this?' is all she thought.

As he reached to walk away he quickly turned back saying, "I almost forgot this." Reaching into his pocket he pulled out a red ball gag. Placing it in her mouth he secured it behind her head. "There, that's better," and off he went disappearing into the woods.

A cool breeze came up and caressed her naked body as she stood there wondering how long he would be gone; she was also wondering if anyone would come along. She knew her location was secluded but there was always a chance. She had no way of even covering herself the way he had secured her. And, with the leash being too high even to sit down, she was helpless.

The way the vibe was stimulating her she was getting extremely wet. Also, the manner in which he had connected all the rings, well, just moving pulled and caused more stimulation.

It seemed like hours had passed before he came back with an armload of wood. He looked at her to see how she was doing. Satisfied with what he saw, he went to work building a fire.

She began letting out small moans as the vibe did its work. Finally he looked up and pulled the remote from his shirt pocket. Pointing it at her he pressed a button and the vibe sped up. She did not know how much more she could take before she came all over the silver plastic.

He now went back to what he was doing. When he had the fire going he walked over to her. Looking at her face, seeing her eyes closed and hearing her moans louder, he again reached for the remote. At that point he turned off the vibe leaving her so close but yet unsatisfied.

Detaching the leash from the tree he led her back towards the fire. He unhooked her cuffs and reattached them to the chain running between her collar and her clit ring. He then attached a short chain between her ankle cuffs. Satisfied with his changes, he told her to start making lunch.

It wasn't easy being hobbled and chained like as she was, but she did her best. He sat on a chair watching her and tending the fire. Once lunch was ready he made her sit on the ground, attaching a chain from her ankle chain to her wrists. He then removed her ball gag and fed her. They both took their time eating. When they were done he reattached her chains as before and made her clean up. While she was doing this she noticed him tossing a long rope over a high tree limb and began wondering what he had in mind for her now.

As she was finishing up, he came over to her and told her he was going to take a nap. Leading her over to the rope hanging down, he unhooked her wrists from the chain and secured them to the rope, pulling it up so as to position her arms high above her head.

He then attached a spreader bar between her ankles spreading them far apart. At this point he replaced the ball gag in her mouth. Sliding her crotch chain over, he removed the vibrator and butt plug. She let out a long gasp as he did; their extended period of confinement was becoming a little uncomfortable for her. Lastly he put a blindfold over her eyes, enclosing her in darkness.

He patted her on the ass as he walked away. She was now more exposed than before and the way he had the rope she couldn't even lean against the tree.

She heard 'click, 'click'. He must have been taking pictures of her, ones to help serve as a memory of this weekend. Silence. Nothing but silence then.

She could not tell how much time had passed but it had to have been hours. Her wrists and legs were beginning to ache. She heard him stirring and coming toward her. She felt his hands trace over her body. Slowly over her breasts and then tugging on the chain attached to her nipple rings.

She inhaled deeply when he did this, it hurt but also it excited her. His hands slid down over her belly teasingly; then ran up and down her thighs. When he got to her pussy he barely touched it but the feeling made her jump. His other hand reached for the chain attached to her clit ring and pulled her back. A sharp pain came from the area, but it also almost made her cum.

He continued to toy with her lower lips for a while. Exciting her then slowing, making her excitement grow but never quite reaching the top.

Turning her around, he began caressing her cheeks. 'Smmmmmmmmmaaaaaacccckkkkkkk' she jumped feeling the pain of the blow. 'Smmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaacccckkkkkkkkkk............ ssmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaacccckkkkkkkkkk'......... several more times causing her to move and jump around. 'It had never been this hard before' she thought. Her ass was really hurting now and surely must have been a bright shade of red too.

Then she heard 'click...click...again, more pics of his trophy.

He removed the spreader bar and her legs could finally relax bit. Next he lowered the rope and unhooked her wrists from it. They hurt from being up so long.

He then carried her over to a blanket on the ground. Next, he removed her gag and blindfold; she was almost as free as when she had started.

He leaned down and kissed her deeply; her arms wrapped around him pulling him close. He returned her kiss just as deeply.

As her hands began roaming his body she realized he was naked too. He climbed on top of her with his hardness pressed against her lips. Finally it slid deep inside. 'Finally he is going to make me cum' she thought as he moved faster and faster.

In... out... their rhythm matching each other. Faster... harder... deeper... it had been a long time since they had made love like this. In... out... her body began to quiver then... aaagggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...... they both came in an unending release of passion.

Slowly they relaxed with him still lying on top of her.