by Marcís Wife

We arrived at the University Hospital and got out of the cab. We were facing large stairs going up and into what we had been told, the university hospital. I paused for a moment and grabbed my husbandís arm. He looked at me and it was written all over his face what he was about to say: "Don't tell me you have second thoughts now!! We are here now." Before he had a chance to say it I assured him that it was just a little overwhelming and I needed to take a deep breath.

While doing that it was like a movie in front of my eyes. I saw all these young students and doctors in white coats moving up and down the stairs. I felt a sudden weakness; a feeling of this is it. Once I entered the building, there was definitely no turning back. Not that I wanted to, but part of me was terrified. I felt like I was split in two: part of me wanted to turn around and leave and the other part wanted desperately to go through this experience. It would probably be a kick of a life time for me and thinking that, I push my husband along and up the stairs.

Getting inside the building, things just started to close in on me and my husband had to find our way to the nurse station. We had to take an elevator and go several floors up. Doctors and students (or students only I couldn't tell) came in and out. Somehow I questioned every face I saw whether they were going to be there? My husband noticed that I was totally quiet and I had a feeling that he also was checking people out.

We arrived at the floor and he led me to the nurse station. NOW HE WANTED ME TO DO THE TALKING and I was not ready!!!! Somehow I felt very small and wished to be able to not have to say anything at all. The nurse appeared to treat me like any other patient - how could she? She must have known that I was doing this for the kick, I mean being a woman herself!!!! After filling in a mountain of paper work (again, my husband had to do it.) My eyes were flying nervously through the floor, from door to door. I was searching for the "place" where it was all going to happen. And I was looking at each person passing me asking myself whether they were going to be there. I started to really feel like a guinea pig.

Would I agree to being shaved? The way that you describe it, it sounds like I more or less would be asked to do it and in that case I wouldn't mind if the nurse was a guy. I couldn't imagine any better way of being prepared. (Also I would mind a female doing it).

I imagine a nurse showing me to a room and give me a gown and asking me to undress. Somebody would be in to prepare me shortly.

It felt like very long minutes and finally a young guy in a white coat knock on the door and asked to come in. I had my knees tight together and felt a tickle between my legs. He asked me to lean back on the bed and relax. I would do just that but had a hard time relaxing my legs. Finally I did and the lucky guy could do his job. I felt warm and soaking wet and I stared straight at the ceiling, knowing that I could not hide my kick.

When he was done, I was taken to the auditorium. You could say that I was prepared all right. Not only did I feel extremely naked, my pussy felt almost swollen of excitement.

It was not until the door opened and I was led on the stage that I really felt fear!! I felt little and helpless but at the same time driven by the magic it would do to me, being able to have all these guys looking right between my legs. I didn't really see any faces; my eyes were just flying from one thing to the other, never stabilizing long enough to focus.

When asked to get in the chair, I felt my whole body go weak. It was like all my feelings just centered right in my lower body. Like a flow going toward my pussy. I felt soaking wet, laid back and knew that the whole crowd were watching my deepest secret. I felt overwhelming and great. I felt like playing with my cherry but couldn't but just thinking about it, felt great.

After a while, I was to have the internal ultrasound and in a way it felt like being fucked right in front off all these guys. I was so ready to receive the probe and when the professor carefully touched me to open me up, I imagined the crowd looking deep inside of me. I was so ready to come and when he pushed the probe in I wanted to move!!!!! I wanted that thing to move in and out of me.

Shortly after, students were asked to come up and redo the exam. At this point, my legs were very relaxed and very far apart, and my clitoris was standing straight up. The guys were very carefully inserting the probe but a couple would accidentally touch my clit at the same time and it just triggered me. They must all have watched and seen how I was enjoying it because they all tried their best to do just that.

That was the climax of the whole thing and getting down from the chair, I felt drained, relaxed, sensitive and humiliated all at the same time.

After getting dressed my husband showed up in my dressing room, he took me outside the building, turned me so I faced him and said: "What a high!!" I couldn't have agreed more. I was still flying.