Lisa: Life With My Beloved
by Midwesternmaster2b

"Honey, how long am I am going to have to stay like this?" Lisa asked me. Groaning with frustration, my wife of five years glared at me from across the kitchen.

"Well it depends on how long it takes for dinner to be ready," I replied. "What's the matter, are you getting a little tired?"

"Let's just say that this is not the most comfortable I have ever been."

"I don't know why not. You look quite cozy to me," I said grinning. "I told you to get out of the way and let me cook. Too many chefs in the kitchen just get in the way. This is my way of keeping those nosy fingers under control. Maybe next time you'll learn."

"You just wait until its your turn to get it. Revenge will be sweet!!" Lisa growled with as much conviction as she could muster given the situation. I had to admit that given her circumstances she was being pretty darn convincing. Unluckily for her "my turn" was still several weeks away. Tonight was her night and I intended to milk it for everything it was worth.

Smiling to myself I turned back to the stove and checked the pasta. The noodles were not sticking, but they were taking forever to cook tonight. Of course, if I had turned the stove up higher than its lowest setting that probably would have sped up the procedure, but that would have defeated the point of the whole exercise. Satisfied that the food would be okay for just a moment I gazed back at Lisa and just savored the sight.

Lisa's wrists were held behind her back by coils of white rope that extended all the way up to her elbows which were drawn tightly together. As an aerobics instructor she is extremely flexible and she has no trouble staying in positions that most other women would not be able to deal with even for short periods of time. A longer rope extended from her wrists, passed between her legs and was tied off around her waist. The crotch rope was cinched much tighter than I normally tie it and was causing her a great deal of obvious frustration. Her ankles and knees were tied as as well and a short rope drew her into an extremely tight hogtie. Just returning from a friend's shower, Lisa was dressed in a suit, with a silky white blouse and dark blazer and skirt. Her clothing and hair were disheveled, she was panting and had a slight sheen of sweat covering her body. All in all she was a beautiful sight and I thanked God that I was married to such an intelligent, exciting and lovely woman.

Her hogtie had already lasted about half an hour ever since I had found her poking around in the kitchen trying to figure out what I was making for dinner. Simply tying her hands behind her back had not stopped her playful mischief, so I had ended up binding her feet as well. I deposited her bound hand and foot on a dining room chair but she hopped back into the kitchen right after me. Sometimes she seems like she's just trying to get tied up. Ultimately there was no alternative other than to place her in a hogtie on the kitchen floor and proceed to tickle her mercilessly. This I did for several minutes until the noodles started to boil over and Lisa got a much needed reprieve.

Part of the reason that I consider myself such a lucky man is that I am blessed by a wife whose tastes so incredibly match mine. I accidentally discovered on our second date that Lisa is incredibly ticklish. We were at the movies, I was reaching for the popcorn, and accidentally poked her in the ribs. She let out a squeal, jumped and managed to toss popcorn all over the couple in front of us. From that point on she has had no escape. Anytime that we are cuddling, driving in the car or even sitting in church it is easy to threaten her with tickling. As time passed our mutual love of tickling and being tickled blossomed slowly into romantic bondage games where the object is not the submission or humiliation of one's partner, but rather the exquisite extended agony of teasing, touching and tickling. Lisa and I have been playing these games for years now, and the trust and intimacy that come from these games have allowed our marriage to grow stronger than it would ever been able to be otherwise.

After drinking in the sight of Lisa struggling endlessly with her bonds, I knelt down beside her. Rolling onto her stomach, Lisa tried to protect herself as best she could in her hogtie from the tickling she knew was inevitable. She went rigid as my hands moved near to her.

"What's a matter, dear? Don't you trust me?" I asked as innocently as I could.

"Yeah, right! How long have we been married? I know you better than that."

"I'm hurt. I really am."

"Well get over," she smiled at me as she jerked from side to side trying to avoid my hands which were poised on either side of her exposed back and rib cage.

"You never know, I could just be trying to do something nice and gentle. Something like this," with that my hands moved in and started caressing her shoulders and hips. I massaged her gently and sensuously. Bound as she was there was nothing for Lisa to do except savor my touches. Rather than having to pull away from the tickling touches she feared, my wife was beginning to lean toward my hands and cooed softly to herself as my hands explored her body.

Lovingly I rolled her onto her side where I could kiss her lips. We kissed and I held her in my arms for several minutes until the sauce also started to boil over. Lisa groaned as I walked away from her mid-kiss to take the food off of the stove. Kissing is her favorite part of making love, and I love to play on that fact as often as I can. Pausing mid-kiss, or placing my lips just out of reach when her hands are tied means that she is completely unable to pull me closer and the frustration often drives her mad with anticipation. This is the situation that I left her in as I walked over to the stove, got the pasta primavera dished up and placed it on the table.

Once the table was set I went back to Lisa and asked, "Should I leave you like this, or do you actually want to eat?"

"Well, it all depends on how bad you want revenge to be! We didn't eat very well at the baby shower, just lots of finger food. I'm starting to get pretty hungry."

"In that case, I suppose that I can have a little bit of sympathy." With that I bent down and undid the knots forcing her into the hogtie. "Besides, I did go to all that work making dinner. I'd hate to do all that work for nothing."

"Of course, I wouldn't want you to feel unappreciated. It's all about you, after all," she smirked as she stretched her limbs for the first time in almost an hour.

"That's right. It's all about me. I AM the man of the house!" No matter how hard I tried, I could never keep a straight face when I said that.

"Yes, dear, whatever you say dear." Being the "man of the house" was a running joke between the two of us because our marriage is anything but the stereotypical picture of the man in his castle with a dutiful housewife responding to his beck and call. Lisa and I both had good jobs outside the home and share the housework. Games like this are the only time that we are anything other than complete equals, and even this situation reverses itself from time to time.

I took her in my arms and she returned my embrace. We kissed deeply. "Sweetie, as the man of the house I do think that you are wearing far too much clothing. I would hate for the pasta to spill and mess up this beautiful suit."

"What do you propose I do about it?"

"Why don't you slip that off and let me see if you are wearing your birthday present underneath it."

Smiling to herself Lisa slowly removed her top and the skirt she was wearing. Sure enough, she had on the black bra and panties set that we had picked out together from Victoria's Secret on her birthday last month. It was supposed to be her special day, but I think that I'm the one who enjoyed the present the most. Women truly are incredible creatures.

"Well, do you approve?" asked my beautiful wife.

"Honey, you are more beautiful every day."

"This doesn't seem fair, though. Here I am practically in my birthday suit, and you're still wearing a coat and tie. I think that I need to change that."

"Well, if you insist"

"I do," she said as she moved to loosen my tie and shirt buttons..

"Not so fast! I think that you need a little bit more challenge," at that I pulled a pair of handcuffs out of the chest pocket of my suit. I slipped them on her wrists in front of her. Then I placed leg irons on her ankles and ran a restraining chain between the two, that way she was unable to raise her hands above her breasts. "There now, that's better. Let's see how you do this way. Remember to hurry, the food's getting cold."

"You're just nasty!"

"That I am," I replied, gasping to myself at the sight of my wife in handcuffs loosen my belt, unsnap my pants and lower them to the ground. She knelt down, awkwardly, untied my shoes, removed my socks and pants one leg at a time. Her chains clinked as she kissed and caressed my legs slowly from bottom to top, starting with my ankles, passing behind my knees, and then paused with her hands brushing up the inside of my silk boxers, her lips merely an inch away from my rapidly swelling erection. I hoped beyond hope that she would just take me there and then. She caressed me there long enough to raise my excitement to fever pitch and then suddenly let go and undid the remaining buttons on my shirt. The teasing definitely works both ways.

"Now you're the nasty one!" I gasped out of frustrated anticipation.

"I figure two can play at that game," she chuckled as she undid my shirt. I bent over to aid the process of her slipping it over my shoulders because her hands had only limited movement. "After all, you said you didn't want the food getting cold."

"We do have a microwave, for that I would have been willing to reheat."

"Well, I like my food fresh," Lisa said as she kissed my chest, neck and lips. "Let's eat. Are you going to let me out of these for dinner?"

"Originally I might have, but after that sort of treatment I don't think so. I'll just let you stew for a while that way."

We sat down to dinner, Lisa in her handcuffs, leg irons and lingerie and myself clad only in silk boxers. The food was excellent (if I do say so myself), the conversation stimulating, but the part that I truly enjoyed about the meal was watching Lisa eat in her handcuffs. The restraining chain would not allow her to bring her fork all the way to her mouth, and she was forced to lower her head slightly with every bite. Just simply watching her eat was powerfully erotic. It is amazing what the presence of bondage does to the most ordinary of human activities.

At long last dinner was finished and she pushed her plate back. "Thanks honey, that was wonderful. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go to the bathroom." She held her hands out and waited expectantly.

"Yes, what seems to be the problem?" I teased.

"Aren't you going to let me out of these so I can go?"

"I don't think so. You did eat dinner in them just fine. Going to the bathroom ought to be a piece of cake. Besides all that, I want to see you walk down the hall like this."

"Uughh! Men!" With that she turned and shuffled down to the bathroom.

While she was gone I cleared the table and quickly rinsed the dishes. Neither one of us were in a mood to wash anything that night. Given the circumstances they would do just fine sitting until morning.

Lisa returned just as I was finishing up. "Honey, are we still going to have time watch our movie tonight?"

"Of course, you don't think that I would forget something like that, do you?"

Lisa and I are both grade B movie buffs. Every time that a cheesy monster flick from the 1950's come on we watch it together laughing at all of the cinematic blunders, idiosyncrasies and just plain bad movie making that some people are willing to put out. More than anything, however, it is an excuse to hold each other in our arms, kiss and make out on the couch just like we used to do back in high school.

"Well, it's starting soon, let's get in there."

"Okay, okay, I'll be right there. I just have get a couple of things from the closet." I turned and headed for the bedroom closet. It is the place where we keep all of our toys. I came back with several lengths of rope, a ball gag and a couple of long pheasant feathers.

"What's all that for?!? I thought we going to watch a movie," Lisa asked.

"We are, I'm just going to make it a little bit more interesting. Come here, my love." Although she liked to play the unwilling victim, the truth is that Lisa loved these games even more than I did. As an instructor she is in charge of other people all day long, and this provides her an opportunity to just relax, let go and enjoy whatever sensations I am willing to provide for her.

Lisa shuffled in her chains over to me and I unlocked the handcuffs and leg irons. We kissed for several minutes before I turned her back toward me and bound her wrists once again with rope. I then made a rope harness above and below her soft lingerie-clad breasts and finished off by running a rope from the bottom of the harness, through her crotch and back up to her hands behind her. Properly secured, Lisa then curled up into my lap as we sat down on the couch just in time for the opening credits. Throughout the movie I held her bound form close to me, caressed her small but perky breasts and ran my fingers through her hair. When the movie started to get a little dull in places I would stroke the inside of her thighs and groin. Commercials were spent kissing, and to my joy the only place that her hands could reach was right between my legs. Again and again she caressed me to near climax, and then would back off right before I had an orgasm. It was sweet, sweet agony and I admit that my attention to movie wavered from time to time.

The movie was the typical monster disaster flick. Giant iguanas were demolishing downtown New York and people were running screaming in every direction. Of course the victims who seemed to be having the most trouble were the most beautiful women who had the uncanny ability to fall down repeatedly right in front of the giant iguana. After listening to cinematic scream after cinematic scream, Lisa couldn't take it any more. "Oh, come on! How bad can this movie get? If they just took off their high heels they could run so much faster and nobody would have to get eaten!"

"But, that's the whole point. If nobody got eaten, the movie would be over in twenty minutes."

"It's just so stupid. No one in real life is that dumb."

"Honey, I love you, but if you're not going to be able to just sit and watch the movie, I'm going to have to silence you."

That, of course, was the whole point. By playing the obnoxious or unwilling victim Lisa was daring me to up the bondage a level. It's all part of the game.

"It's so bad. I can't believe that we're watching this drivel. Change the channel and see what's on Lifetime," she teased.

"Fine, that does it. If you can't be quiet by yourself I'm just going to have to shut you up."

"You wouldn't dare!" she yelled in mock horror as I pulled the ball gag out and placed it her mouth. The straps were drawn back tightly under her hair and she snuggled up sweetly against my chest as nuzzled me with her head in the closest approximation to a kiss that her current bonds would permit.

"There now, that's better. Now, please let me watch the rest of the movie in peace."

Despite all my "warnings" she proceeded to groan through her gag and complain every time one of the movie characters did something outrageously dumb. Given the caliber of the film we were watching, that happened quite often.

Finally a commercial came and I decided to try and rectify the situation. "That's it, no more disturbing me. I don't know about you, but I'm trying to watch a movie." I rolled her over on her back and placed my legs over her to hold her in position. I grabbed the long pheasant feathers and said in my most menacing voice, "maybe this will teach you!"

With that I laid into her sides, her neck and neck, tickling every inch of exposed flesh. She squealed in laughter and tried to buck me off, but to no avail. I was merciless and continued systematically attacking every place I could think of. I would go in spurts, and then back off. She would go rigid, and then try to slide away from the feather as best she could. However, she was securely bound and with my legs holding her in place there was not much that she could do. The torture continued far past the commercial break and the movie was well under way when I stopped to allow her to catch her breath. She panted through gag and glared at me as I could tell she was plotting her revenge.

"Now, look. You made me miss even more of the movie." She simply rolled her eyes as I sat back on the couch and pulled her close to me once again and kissed her neck. The rest of the ultra-low budget movie was a complete waste of television air time, except for the fact that throughout the remaining half an hour I steadily, but very lightly, teased her with the end of one of the feathers. She would be fine and then all of a sudden would twitch from the workings of the feather. The whole time she and I were both getting more and more aroused and silently I was praying for the end of the movie to come soon. I wasn't sure how much more of this I could take.

That's the trouble with being the one not tied up in a bondage situation. Restraint, if you'll pardon the pun, is extremely difficult to practice when there's nothing holding you back. At least Lisa was able to just sit back and enjoy the ride. Meanwhile I was working as hard as possible to not simply make love to her right there during the movie. It would have been good but waiting until later just made the ultimate finish even more worthwhile.

At long last the final credits rolled and Lisa turned to me longingly. It was finally time to retire to the bedroom. I helped her up, steadying her as she walked. In the bedroom I placed her gently on the middle of our four poster bed and just sat for a moment looking at her. She was the most incredible person I have ever met, and there she was giving herself entirely to me with no questions asked. How did I get so lucky? She returned my gaze and I could tell that she was thinking similar thoughts.

Unable to control my passion any longer, I took her in my arms and began to caress her breasts, her shoulders and her legs. I kissed her on the neck, the face and the hair. Running my fingers through her gorgeous hair I was more inflamed with excitement than ever before. She was feeling it too, but with her hands bound behind her there was nothing she could do to return the favor. She just melted in my arms. I needed to be able to kiss her, so I removed her gag and buried my lips into hers. What little remaining structural integrity she had in her spine simply vanished. She was a rag doll in my arms and she began to pant and between gasps she simply said, "you're killing me."

Without a word I undid the crotch rope which had been plaguing her throughout the movie and removed her extremely damp panties. Then I took her in my arms, slipped out of my silk boxers and slid into her with a hunger that neither of had experienced in a long, long time. After tying, teasing, and being tied and teased in one way or another for nearly four hours there was little need for any extra effort. After two thrusts we both completely exploded in raw passion, time and time again. It was a climax unlike any orgasm I had ever experienced. I was spent and the energy just drained from body as I felt the warmth of her juices, sweat and passion envelop me.

Lisa on the other hand was not simply drained, she was comatose. After finally being able to climax after hours of teasing and restraint she had slipped into that place that up until that point I had only read about on bondage websites. For the first time ever in our relationship Lisa had entered "subspace". It was momentarily frightening to see her unable to move a muscle, to have her not respond to her own name, and not return my kisses. Once I figured out what was going on, however, I simply kissed her on the forehead, took her in my arms and again thanked God that I was so blessed. I held her that way for what seemed to be an eternity, until eventually she began to stir slightly.

At that moment I said the only thing I could think of, something I felt more at than moment than I had at anytime since the day we first walked down the aisle together, "honey, I love you." She had no energy to respond, but simply answered with a whimper, buried her head into my chest and went promptly to sleep. I too, knew that I was loved.