Hacker’s Punishment Continued
by MOF

Part 11

Chapter 15 Melanie’s Eighteenth Post to Leviticus

I was on my knees, naked. Looming above me was MOF. As he laughed saliva and snot from his left nostril dribbled over his chin. His dirty greasy hands were tightly gripping my hair and my hands were fumbling with the fly of his filthy jeans. Unzipping it, an enormous prick fell out. Even that was dirty and on it’s tip was a drop of snow white cum. MOF was slowly forcing my head forward and my mouth was open to be filled. I was weeping but I knew that this was something I had to do. Just as the filthy thing was to enter my mouth Donald Duck (not the one who signed my card but the real one) came waddling up. As he unintelligibly quacked at me he laid his white gloved hand on my breast. I stroked his orange beak (I have no idea what happened to MOF) and felt a burning desire to bury my head in his downy feathers.

“Again?” I heard a voice mumble. “You’re fucking insatiable.”

I woke with Jen’s nipple in my mouth and my hand pressed down between her legs. Jack stirred and spooned himself against my backside. Jen sort of pressed her hips against my hand and her cunt became wet and slippery.

“I’m not even awake,” she mumbled.

Jack was nibbling on my ear and pushing his hard prick between my legs from behind. I doubled up a little, did a wiggle and he found his target. We gently moved and squirmed for a while and our breathing became heavier. Soon we were moaning and saying very witty things like “Yes, Oh Shit and Fuck.”

The three of us simultaneously came in a languid, very pleasant orgasm. We were developing into a real team. I wonder if the Olympics has a sport called synchronized fucking.

During our fooling around we had managed to kick the covers off and the three of us were laying in the bed, on our backs, naked. My right hand was holding Jack’s and my left holding Jen’s.

“It’s official,” I said. “I’m a nympho.”

I rolled over Jen, managing to kiss her on the lips in the process, and headed for the john. As I sat on the toilet peeing I could hear them talking.

“I think she’s right,” said Jack. “She’s a nympho.”

“All I know is that she’s wearing me out. And to think that she comes three or four times for every one of my orgasms. It’s a good thing there are two of us. One of us would never keep her satisfied. I don’t know how she does it.”

The three of us rose, peed, brushed and eventually were sitting around my kitchen table drinking coffee. Jen and I were, as usual, naked and Jack was in his boxers.

“Why are you so modest, Jack?” asked Jen.

“Because I haven’t pissed off a certain Levi yet,” he replied. “Besides, what’s the fun in seeing a naked guy walking around?”

“Oh, I don’t know,” I said. “Sounds like fun to me.”

“Yeah. Me too,” said Jen.

“I thought you liked girls,” said Jack.

“Just one girl. And I happen to be madly in love with her. But if you HAD to be naked like Mel and me... I think it’s the enforced part that makes it sexy. I have no idea why but it does.”

“Whatever. Speaking of enforced, isn’t Mel supposed to be introducing you to the neighbors?”

“Yeah. Thanks for reminding me.”

I was looking forward to it. I had to meet them on my own and making Jen go through the same embarrassment kind of excited me. “Why don’t we do it now and get it over with,” I said.

“Oh, shit. Now, huh? I suppose we have to do it sometime. You want to come, Jack? Strip off those jockeys and we’ll make it a threesome.”

Jack said no thanks. He’d watch from the kitchen.

I took Jen by the hand and we walked out the patio door and toward the three houses back of mine. I wondered which house to go to first but Martha made the decision for me. She came striding out to greet us as Herb hung back and stared.

“Hello, Melanie,” she said with a bright smile. “It’s good to see you.” She giggled. “And I mean really see you. When I see you I see all of you. And now you have a friend. Oh, how nice.” She turned to Jen and offered her hand. “My name’s Martha. And you are?”

“Jen,” she said, shaking Martha's hand.

“I’m so pleased to meet you, Jen. You’re such a pretty girl. Just like Melanie, here. I think it’s just wonderful how the two of you can be so free and so uninhibited and I’m sure that Herb thinks so, too.” She giggled some more. “Herb, come here and meet Melanie’s friend, Jen. Herb’s not usually shy he’s just a little intimidated I think, because, you know, you don’t have any clothes on. Here’s Herb.”

Herb had ambled up and was giving the two of us a very careful once over. When Martha paused to take a breath he stuck out his hand and said, “Hello, I’m Herb.”

If he had more to say he never got a chance. Martha was back at it. Jen and I stood, hand in hand and naked as jay birds, while Martha rambled on and Herb checked us out. After several minutes of smiling and nodding I interrupted her and said that I wanted to go over and introduce Jen to our neighbor Cora.. Martha smiled sweetly and invited us over for coffee or wine or anything at all.

I thought about asking her about “anything at all” but thought better of it and we took our leave. Still hand in hand we trotted over to Martha’s next door neighbor and knocked on her door. Cora opened it with a knowing smile and invited us in. I didn’t want to go in. Outside I felt safe. Inside her home I felt even more naked. Jen and I sat side by side on her appropriately named love seat still holding hands. Cora sat across from us and although she was smiling she was giving us a hard look.

“So, Melanie, now there are two of you. And who is your very pretty friend, here?”

“Uh, hi Cora. This is Jen.” I felt awkward and kind of foolish. Cora was making me feel that way and I could sense that Jen had the same feeling. Her hand in mine was sweating.

Cora looked at Jen and said, “Hello, Jen. I think that it’s very nice that the two of you have the same life style and have managed to get together. Are you staying with Melanie?”

“Uh, yes. I’ve moved in for the time being.” There was a pause as Cora looked at Jen as if she expected her to go on. Jen looked back and, blushing a little, said, “I guess we’re roommates for now.”

“And lovers?” asked Cora.

Jen looked at me and I sort of shrugged my shoulders and said, “Yes, Cora. We’re lovers.”

“I thought you might be,” she said. “You look like a young couple in love. I was in love once but times were different then. So who is that young man I see every now and then. You may think I’m just a nosy neighbor and you would be absolutely correct. No where near as nosy as Martha, though. You’d better be careful of Martha. She talks. I don’t talk but I’m still curious.”

I was blown away. It never occurred to me my life would be of so much interest. A matter of gossip.

“Jack’s a friend,” I said.

“A friend,” she said with another knowing smile. “Just a friend, Melanie?”

I was getting nervous. Cora was being way too intrusive. Jen must have thought the same.

“Cora,” she said. “Why are you being so nosy? This isn’t any of your business.”

There was a long thoughtful pause before Cora answered. “You’re right dear. It’s not. I’m just an old maid who’s envious of you young things. I never had the courage to be so open and unconcerned about what others thought. And, like I said, times were different.” Her eyes were beginning to water. “Our years pass faster than we think and all we are left with are our regrets. And then I see Melanie, here, taking advantage of life and sucking out of it all that it has to offer and I just want to vicariously live that life with her and get what enjoyment I can from it.” Tears were running down her cheeks by now and mine were damp, also. “ I know I’m just your nosy neighbor and I’m so sorry that I’m being so rude. Please forgive me.”

I had gone from nervous to sympathetic. I squeezed Jen’s hand and said. “Jack’s my lover, too, Cora. I’m fortunate to have two people in my life I love very much and who love me enough to put up with this crazy complicated situation. And any time you want we can talk and I’ll tell you all about my nutso life and how wonderful it really is.”

I looked at Jen and smiled and she smiled back and my hand got another squeeze. She looked at Cora and said, “You’re still a pretty woman, Cora, and who knows what might happen. I think we’ll all be good friends.”

Cora, smiled back. She wiped her cheeks dry with the back of her hand and said, “We’re getting way to maudlin, here. Let’s lighten up. Can I get you some coffee or tea?”

We declined. I told her that I wanted Jen to meet the Smiths and that we probably should get going. Before we left Cora thanked us for putting up with her and gave us each a hug. A hug where she had her clothes on and we didn’t. It felt strange but under the circumstances it was okay. It seemed like the three of us were going to become good friends.

So once more we were hand in hand, bare naked, making our social rounds. As we walked through the Krasny’s back yard to the Smith’s we talked about what Cora said about Martha and her big mouth. I’m not sure either of us cared too much. A month ago I would have cared. The only thing I cared about now was where my next orgasm was coming from. (Not really. I just threw that in to be cute. I think.) Herb was sitting in his usual lounge chair with his usual beer and we got his usual inspection.

“Hi Herb,” said Jen.

“Hi Herb,” said I.

Herb just smiled and inspected.

Mollie must have seen us coming and she and Grace came out to meet us. Grace ran up to me and gave me a naked hug. Naked because she too, as usual, was naked. After hugging me she turned and stared at Jen. I introduced Jen to Grace and Molly and the four of us sat around her patio table. Grace sat her plump little bottom on my lap and after about thirty seconds of squirming she was off to check out the worms in the garden.

We talked for a while. Strangely, Molly never mentioned that Jen was as naked as I. It was as if naked people were becoming as common as clothed. It made me feel more comfortable. But Andrew took care of that. He joined us and his eyes were all over Jen and me. I noticed it, Jen noticed it and Molly noticed it. Every time someone addressed Andrew his eyes would zip from a pair of naked boobs or a hairless snatch to the eyes of whoever was talking to him.

Finally Molly said, “Andrew, why don’t you just take a good hard look and be done with it.”

“Here,” I said and I stood and pirouetted around for him to get his fill.

“Sure,” said Jen and did the same.

“Me too,” said Grace and followed suite.

Everybody laughed and after Jen and I sat down we all felt more comfortable.

“So what’s up?” asked Andrew. “Is this part of a new naked people cult? Is it girls only or can I join?”

I laughed. “You can join,” I said. “We have an initiation, though. You have to go naked for a month. You can wear clothes to work but we get to choose them. Still want to join?”

I was being reckless. What if Andrew knew someone where I worked. But Andrew laughed and declined.

“Grace might want to join, though,” I said. “Are you guys okay with this, though? I’m sorry if I ... If Jen and I are encouraging behavior that you don’t approve of.”

“No, it’s fine,” said Molly. “Sometimes I even join her. After all, I have to do something to keep Andrew’s attention. Actually I like it. I just wish I had the courage to do what you two do.”

“You can join us anytime you wish,” laughed Jen. “We’d enjoy the company. You, too, Andrew.”

We went on in this vein and had a pleasant conversation. Eventually Jen and I made our excuses and I gave Molly a hug and turned to Andrew. He got a look from Molly and said, “That’s a hug that’s not going to happen.” We shook hands, said our good-byes, and we headed back toward my house aware that our backside were being admired as we made our way.

“So you met my neighbors. What did you think?” I asked Jen.

“I think Martha talks too much, Herb’s a dirty old man, Cora’s very sweet but messed up, Molly’s a closet nudist, Andrew’s a horny stud who would like to jump on his two naked neighbors and Grace is very sweet.”

Jack was on the patio talking with Katy. She must have showed up while we were meeting our social obligations. Jack had donned a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. His modesty knew no bonds.

The four of us talked about the neighbors, yesterday’s task and my insatiable sexual desires. Katy drank it all in with a sense of wonder sprinkled with occasional “oh my gods.” I opened my laptop hoping to learn about my final task and the end of my torment. No such luck.

Dearest Melanie,

You got off to a good start with yesterday’s task. I feel that Mr. Paulson was correct in requiring your absolute nudity. But you did not follow my directions. I specifically said that you were to approach and strip for students. Mr. MOF is not a student. He does odd jobs for the school.

This afternoon you are to rectify your error. You’ll find Mr. MOF working in the East classrooms, the building that was formerly a Junior High School. Locate Mr. MOF and return the five dollars. In addition you are to give him your dresses. Dresses is plural. Jen has chosen to participate in your adventure so today she shall accompany you. You must transact your business with Mr. MOF where you find him. Since the college maintains a full schedule of classes on Saturday the building will be open.

If you successfully complete this task you will receive your instructions for your final task after you do your exercises this evening.

Enjoy your afternoon.

With all my love, Levi

I read the e-mail aloud as my friends listened. When I had finished I looked at Jen and she looked at me and we both shrugged our shoulders.

“It looks like I finally get to have some fun,” she said.

“Yeah, right. Running around a campus on a busy Saturday afternoon while stark naked. Some fun.”

The four of us ate our lunch and Jen and I headed for the campus. At one of my usual semi-secluded places we put on our sun dresses. I wore the same blue dress I wore yesterday. I figured that I may as well give it to MOF just to make sure that I wouldn’t have to wear it again. We figured that we better remain barefoot, not knowing if that was implied in the instructions or not.

I had no trouble finding the building that Levi indicated. There were a few people around but not a lot. I figured that we’d strip for MOF and run like hell. I left my car keys in the visor for a quick getaway. Jen and I looked at each other, smiled, kissed and got out of the car. Barefoot and scantily dressed we drew a lot of stares and a few cat calls.

When we entered the building the cold floor felt strange under my bare feet. I never quite got used to the feeling of wearing no underwear, particularly when the only other thing I was wearing was a short, abbreviated dress. It made me feel vulnerable. And horny. Some of the classroom doors were open and we could see classes in progress and the students were paying more attention to us walking by than the lecturer. The next time those kids saw us we’d be stark naked and running like hell.

Two girls were approaching us and looking at us like we were crazy.

“Uh, hi,” I said. “We’re looking for a guy named MOF. He’s a handyman type guy. Fat guy. He’s supposed to be in this building somewhere on a job. Have you seen him?

She laughed. “Yeah,” she said. “He’s upstairs painting lockers. He’s a real sweetheart. You’ll have a good time. Don’t catch anything.”

Her friend laughed, also. “You guys lose a bet, or something? Have fun.”

Laughing, they proceeded down the hall. In front of us were the steps that went up to the second floor. Half way up the steps there was a landing where the steps made a u-turn and continued to the second floor. Once we got there we spotted MOF at the end of the hall scraping and sanding the lockers in preparation for a coat of paint. As we walked toward him he saw us and his face lit in a bright smile.

“Hello, missy. You look better than ever. And you brought a friend. Does she want to earn five dollars, too?” As he said this he reached in his pocket and brought out a handful of bills,

“No, Mr. MOF. In fact I, uh, made a mistake yesterday. I wasn’t supposed to take your money. In fact, here, I’m giving it back to you.”

I shoved the five dollar bill in his hand with the rest of the money. He looked hurt.

“Also,” I said, “we have to give you our dresses.”

I looked at Jen and she looked at me. With a nod we both peeled off our dresses and dropped them at his feet. “We’re sorry to have bothered you,” I said as we turned and started running. We got no more than five feet when the bell rang.

“Shit,” I said. We started to hear voices and chairs scraping. Looking around frantically we headed for one of the lockers, pulled open the door and squeezed in, pulling the locker door closed behind us. For a school locker it was fairly large. For two naked girls, not so much. It was a tight squeeze. With our bodies pressed together we heard the students a foot away from us talking and laughing. We heard a locker open and slam shut. The noise sent a bolt through our bodies and we stiffened as one. Then it got strange.

Our heads were side by side and I felt Jen’s lips on my neck. Her hand slipped between us and into the cleft between my legs. Her fingers caressed me and entered me. I responded in kind. In less than a minute we were squirming and caressing our naked sweaty bodies against each other. I had considerable practice in suppressing my moans and groans but Jen wasn’t as experienced. As I shushed her she crushed her mouth against my neck and shoulder. As our passion raised the hall grew quieter. The bell rang and we came. As our passion ebbed I began feeling the discomfort of being squashed in the locker. And it smelled. It smelled like sex and sweat. Our sex and our sweat.

“How do we get out of here?” whispered Jen.

The two of us were frantically running our hands over the locker door trying to find some kind of latch. No luck. The doors were to be opened from the outside. Not by two naked idiots on the inside. I was getting claustrophobic. In a small voice I called out for help. MOF answered from the other side. It sounded as if he was two inches away from the locker.

“You want me to open the door?”

“Yes, please, MOF,” I answered.

He did and we popped out looking around wildly. No one else. Just the three of us. MOF was grinning and holding our dresses.

“Hmm. You smell good. Did you two have fun in there?”

“Yeah, MOF. It was a blast. You should have been there.”

As I said it we turned and bolted for the stairs. On the landing were two guys were climbing toward us. I scooted by them on the right and Jen on the left. All I heard was, “Holy shit!”

Did we smell that bad? Another guy was at the bottom of the stairs just starting up. He stared as we ran toward him, boobs bouncing. As we shot by him I got a smack on my bottom.

“Thank you,” I yelled behind me as we headed toward the door. As we went out a girl was coming in with an “Oh my god” on her lips. Once outside we ran for the car as several students stared. We were in the car and down the street before we had our seat belts buckled.. I was excited. My adrenalin was pumping. Then Jen started giggling. Then laughing. Hysterical, unrestricted laughing. I started in and had to pull over. We were out of control. I grabbed a dress from my wardrobe on the back seat and shoved it between my legs. Were laughing so hard I peed. If anyone drove by or walked by they saw two naked, hysterical girls sitting in a car and laughing uncontrollably.

Finally, with tears streaming down my face, I got myself under enough control to finish the drive home. All the way Jen would break out in a fits of laughter and that would get me started again. When we arrived home we were both exhausted. Jack and Katy were waiting for us. Apparently Katy stayed and kept Jack company while we were gone. Hmmm.

We were sitting around in my living room filling Katy and Jack in on our adventures. Jen continued to occasionally break out in giggles. Practical Jack wanted to know why we didn’t chooses two separate lockers to hide in. With that Jen began giggling again and Katy gave Jack a withering look as if to say “How dumb are guys?”

Katy wanted to know if we had fun. Strange question. Jen and I agreed that in retrospect it was fun. But it was adrenalin pumping, heart stopping fun. There was always the fear of getting caught, being arrested. Being carted off in the back seat of a police car with a ratty blanket thrown over our shoulders to cover our lewd nakedness. Fun with an edge.

Levi told me that after our exercisers I’d hear about my last task. Everyone wanted to hang around to hear about it. We drank some beer and ordered pizza. When the pizza guy arrived I answered the door. I always got a kick out of answering the door in the nude. The pizza guy stared and then said, “I love my job.”

Being quick, he said, “You didn’t order the special. You want the special?”

“Okay,” I said. “I’ll bite. What’s the special?”

“Extra sausage. But please don’t bite.”

“Ha, ha.” I took the pizzas and paid him off. With money. No extra sausage for me.

Neither Jen nor I worried about eating too much. We were looking forward to about thirty minutes of vigorous exercise. And then, hopefully, an end to a month of enforced nudity, extreme embarrassment, humiliation and more orgasms than I could possibly count.

Seven o’clock rolled around and our usual fan club showed up. I gave the kids credit for not telling anyone. Somehow they knew that if they did and crowds began showing up that would put the kibosh on the whole thing. I also wondered what their parents thought when the boys came home every night about 7:30 and spent the next ten minutes in their bedrooms. Oh, well. Boys will be boys.

The exercises made me horny and they made Jen horny and they made Jack horny and I strongly suspect they made Katy horny. But sex wasn’t what was on my mind. My last task was what was on my mind. It was quite possible that by this time tomorrow I’d have my life in enforced nudity behind me.

Directly after the exercises the four of us gathered around my laptop.

Dear Melanie and Jen,

It appears like you enjoyed your afternoon and I’m sure that MOF enjoyed it also. It pleases me to know that I bring so much joy into the world.

And now for your last task. You will complete the task by yourself, Melanie. Your friends may accompany you and watch but they must keep their distance. Tomorrow morning there will be a package at your door that will contain some necessary items and further instructions. After you complete your task I will notify you and tell you if I am satisfied. If I am, Melanie, you will have paid your debt for illegally interfering with the entertainment of the Leviticus universe. I believe, also, that your life will have achieved a new, rewarding and satisfying dimension.

Have a wonderful evening.

With all of my love, Levi.

So that was my day, Leviticus universe, whoever the hell you are. I hope that you enjoyed reading about my embarrassments, humiliations and orgasms. The truth is, there is some kind of need in me to write this post honestly and in an entertaining way. I don’t know why I feel that way because I have absolutely no interest in entertaining you perverts. Maybe it adds an additional degree of humiliation to my experience. As I’m sure you have all discovered by now, I find this humiliation arousing. At least it’s what I’ve discovered. Levi seems to think that all this shit has added a new dimension to my life. Maybe. I know it sounds trite to say it but I have never felt more alive. Is it the constant nudity? Always being afraid that I’ll be discovered.? There are different kinds of humiliation. Being humbled because you are bad at sports or because you have a pimple on the end of you nose is one thing. But being humbled because you are the only person naked and knowing that every one is looking at and evaluating your naked body... That’s another thing. That’s arousing. At least it is to me.

So. Am I a pervert? How about you guys? Are you perverts? Wanking off as you read about my humiliations? And, since we’re talking about perverts, is it necessarily a bad thing? Who says perversion is bad? Out of the ordinary? Yes. Bad? I guess, like most things, that depends on the point of view of the evaluator.

I’m getting way too introspective here. The bottom line is that the next post you read may very well be the last.



End of part 11

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