Hacker’s Punishment Continued
by MOF

Part 10

Author’s note - I hope that someone out there finds my literary efforts entertaining. You may have noticed that the time between my posts is getting considerably longer but I received encouragement from one fan and it was enough for me to plow on. I think that there will be only one more chapter. It’s time for Melanie and me to part ways. Send your comments to Mofwriter@fastmail.fm

Chapter 14 Melanie’s Eighteenth Post to Leviticus

I woke this morning sandwiched between Jen and Jack and it was a great feeling. On one side was warm soft Jen and on the other was strong hard Jack. Emphasis on hard. Why do guys always wake up with a woody? I like to think in Jack’s case it’s because he spent the night dreaming about me. But enough about that. I had to get to work. I crawled over Jen, waking her in the process, and headed for the shower. Later, while having my coffee, she wandered in, naked and luscious. She gave me a kiss and got her coffee. Next came modest Jack wearing his boxer shorts but no woody. Another kiss and another coffee. I was pleased to see that he also gave Jen a kiss and she accepted it. It was just a peck and I shouldn’t have been surprised. After all, about nine hours earlier he was coming in her mouth.

As Jen sipped her coffee she became increasingly conscious and asked when I was going to introduce her to our neighbors as instructed by Levi.

“Tomorrow, I guess. Why? Are you looking forward to it?”

“No,” she replied. “I’m terrified of it. I don’t know why I should be, though. I did the yard in your whore clothes and I did the exercises with you and, after all, you’ve sort of broken the ice with them. But still it scares me. I’m beginning to better understand what your life has been like this past month.”

“Aren’t you supposed to hear about a task today?” Jack asked.

“Yeah,” I responded. “Number eleven. I’m almost there. I’ve been naked or nearly naked so long I can barely remember what it’s like to dress like an ordinary person. My underwear drawer hasn’t been opened in a month. I wonder if my libido will ever return to normal.”

“I hope not,” my two lovers simultaneously responded.

“Ha, ha.”

But sex was the dominate thing in my life and it did concern me. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy sex. I’d have to say that I enjoyed every orgasm I ever had and lately that’s been a lot of enjoyment. But there must be more to life than sex. Isn’t there?”

Enough ruminating. I had to get to work so I could expose my naked body to a couple of middle management lechers. I had to amuse the rest of my co-workers with my obvious lack of clothes. I had to masturbate, twice, for the amusement of the world’s number one asshole. And I’d get to learn, hopefully, about my next-to-last task.

The day went pretty much as expected. When I performed my AM masturbation I video taped the act and used it for my PM pleasure. I was building quite a library of tapes entitled “Melanie Masturbating”. I wondered what I’d do with them. I imagined Jack, Jen and me sitting around the computer monitor some evening drinking wine and watching me masturbate. What a cozy picture.

All day long I continually checked for e-mails from Levi so I could discover what my next humiliation was going to be. Shortly after I came for the second time I got my answer.

My Dear Melanie,

The high point of my day is watching you pleasure yourself. I guess you’ve figured out how I manage to see you. It appears like you are enjoying it more every time. I believe that I have done you a great service in helping you learn the joys of sex. I don’t expect any thanks at this point but in the future, when you can look at this time of your life in a more objective light, I hope that you will better appreciate the new dimension I’ve brought to your existence.

New dimension, hell! He’s turned me into a fucking nymphomaniac.

I imagine you’re wondering about your eleventh and penultimate task. For this one I would like you to leave work about an hour early. I’m sure that if you ask David nicely (while displaying your lovely charms) that he will be more than happy to acquiesce. By leaving early you’ll have time to complete the task and still have time to do your exercises with Jen. I wouldn’t want to deprive your fans of their evening entertainment.

Upon leaving work you are to change into your blue sun dress.

My blue sun dress. I only wore it once and swore I’d never wear it again. I got it too short. It didn’t have straps and after I altered the top modesty became a very precarious thing. All I had to do was move and I’d expose a butt cheek. The one time I wore it I grabbed the hem to pull it down a little and both my boobs popped out. I was walking from the car to the store when it happened and I ran back to the car, tucked them back in and drove to a spot where I could change into another dress. I also had a good cry. The only reason I didn’t throw the damn thing out is that I liked the dress before I altered it and figured I could make it decent again after all this crap is over with. That was the only time I wore the dress. I can’t believe that Levi saw me. The son-of-a-bitch must be everywhere. I bet I’ve seen him a hundred times without knowing who he is.

You won’t need any footwear for this task. Barefoot is fine. After donning your blue dress I want you to drive to Jefferson Community College and when you’re there you’ll have the opportunity to make some money.

You’ll make three 3x5 cards. On each card you’ll write, “I saw this young lady completely naked and for the privilege I paid her five dollars”. You task is to get a signature on each card from one of the students. The student must see you naked for at least five seconds and he (males only) must pay you the five dollars. Of course, you may keep the money.

Good luck.

Love, Levi.

Five bucks? That’s all I’m worth? Five dollars? Fuck you, Levi.

Sitting at my desk with the e-mail in front of me I tried to imagine how this stupid task was going to work. I’d have to find a guy by himself and he had to be someone who didn’t look like he’d rape me on the spot. Then the offer, then the money, then I’d drop my skimpy dress and then the signature. Humiliating! Like a cheap whore. But doable I guess.

I called David and asked him to come in. Taking Levi’s suggestion I stood so that he’d get the “full monty” and I made my request for early departure. He said ok and then hung around while I dressed. After buttoning my three buttons he asked why only three. I gave him my best coquettish smile, said bye, have a nice weekend, and left.

I found an appropriate place to change and headed for Jefferson Community College. When I reached the campus I drove around looking for a likely prospect. I found a semi-secluded parking lot behind the library with three cars in it.. The library seemed safe, not the kind of place where rapists hung out. I sat in the car hoping that a likely prospect would show up. Some stranger in front of whom I could totally humiliate myself. I wondered how I could go through with it.

A couple came by and got in one of the cars. I thought maybe a couple could work. Levi said guys only but I’m sure he meant just the signature. But the thought of a girl watching would double my humiliation. What kind of slut wanders around a campus so she can show her naked body off for five bucks? What would she think of me?

The car drove off. Next came a distinguished looking guy in, maybe, his fifties. A teacher? Way too risky.

Then I hit pay dirt. A guy about twenty came by. Average size, average looking. With my heart in my throat I got out of my car. When my feet hit the hot pavement I thought what an idiot I must look like in my bare feet and skimpy dress.

I went up to him and sort of smiled.

“Look,” I said. “I lost a bet and you can help me out. Will you, please?”

“Uh, yeah, I guess so.”

“Here’s the deal. You give me five dollars and I let you see me naked for five seconds. You have to sign this card to prove you did it. Okay?”

He looked at me like I was crazy and didn’t say a thing.

“Oh. And no touching and no pictures. Come on. I’m not that bad that you can’t stand looking at me for five seconds,” I pleaded.

“You’re serious?”

"Yeah. Five bucks. But let’s hurry. Somebody might come along.”

He smiled and pulled out his wallet. Looking in it he said, “I only have a ten. Do you have change?”

All I had was the card and pencil in my sweaty hand.

“I’ll tell you what,” I said. “For ten dollars you get ten seconds. Okay?”

He smiled, looking at me. “I have a twenty. How about twenty seconds?”

“Come on. Ten dollars, ten seconds. Please?”

“Okay,” he said as he handed me the ten spot. Hooking my thumbs over the top of my dress I slid it over my breasts and it fell to my ankles. I stood and he looked. He looked at my boobs, he looked at my bald twat and he looked at my dress bunched around my bare feet and he looked at everything in between. The only thing he didn’t look at was my face.

As he devoured my naked body with his eyes I counted. “One-thousand-one, one-thousand-two, one-thousand-three...”

When I had reached one-thousand-nine his eyes shot up and he looked directly into mine.

“You’re beautiful,” he said.

“Th- thank you,” I replied. I handed him the card and pencil but kept the ten. Then I bent to pull up my dress and cover my nakedness.

“Could you sign that, please?” I asked.

He laughed and signed the card. I scurried for my car, hopped in and sped off with my heart racing. In the rear view mirror I saw him smiling and shaking his head. When I got to the other side of the campus I pulled over and slowly calmed down. Checking his card I found that he had signed it Donald Duck. One down and two to go.

Slowly I drove down the street looking for my next victim and I found what appeared to be the perfect guy and a perfect spot. He was kind of preppy and had a slightly arrogant look. Maybe not so perfect but the spot was good. There was no one around and if I stood next to some tall shrubbery I couldn’t be seen from the street. I jumped out of the car and approached him. He looked bemused. Of course he looked bemused. I was wearing absolutely nothing but a skimpy excuse for a dress. Not even shoes. I gave him my most winning smile and went through the same routine that I did with Donald Duck. He looked a me like I was crazy. Then he shrugged and with a smile he said okay.

“I gotta have the money first or I won’t do it,” I said. I wasn’t sure I trusted this guy.

“How do I don’t know you won’t just take the money and run?”

“Look,” I said. “It’s just five lousy bucks. It’s part of the deal. Five bucks, five seconds, stark naked. Do we have a deal or not?”

He smiled and reached for the money. Handing me the five spot he said, “Okay, earn your money.”

I did not like the guy. I was tempted to spit in his face and run but I swallowed my pride. What I really wanted was to get the damn task over with. I handed him the pencil and card and with the money in my hand I slipped the dress over my boobs and over my hips and exposed my naked body. I counted the five seconds. When the time was up I bent to reach for my dress that was bunched around my feet.

“Oh no,” he said. “You said stark naked. Your feet are covered with your dress.”

“You have to be kidding. It’s my feet for Christ’s sake. I’m naked. What more do you want?”

In return I got a snarky smile. “A deal’s a deal,” he said. “Five seconds naked. Stark naked. That was the deal.”

All this time I was standing naked in front of the jerk while his eyes explored my body. Every inch. I figured by now he owed my at least a hundred dollars.

“Fine,” I said as I stepped out of my dress. “Enjoy my feet.”

Again I counted to five and said, “Happy now?”

“You’re not bad,” he said.

“Yeah, thanks,” I replied as I stepped back into my dress and pulled it up. “Could you sign my card please so I can go?”

With the same snarky smile he signed and as he handed it to me he said, “We should get together. Call me.”

On the card he had written his name, B. H. Paulson, and his phone number.

“Okay. Sure,” I said.

With the pencil, card and five dollars in my hands I ran for my car. Yeah, B.H. I’ll call you. In your dreams I’ll call you.

Two down and one to go. My adrenalin was pumping. I was excited. I was humiliated. I was aroused. I was a fucking basket case. I began cruising the campus for my last victim. I knew of two guys who would be jerking off tonight. Now to find a third.

I cruised the campus looking for the right spot and the right guy. I found the spot in a fairly private grove of pine trees. Walking toward the grove was a heavy set guy. He was wearing a hoodie and I couldn’t see him very well. I wondered about the hoodie but decided to take a chance. Leaving the car I walked swiftly toward the grove and waited. When he was close I got his attention.

“Hey mister, you got a minute? I have a favor to ask.”

He looked up, his hood fell back and my heart leaped to my throat. It was Fatso from the Triple X Emporium. When he saw me his face brightened into a gap-toothed smile. I think he was wearing the same t-shirt that I saw him in at the sex store.

“Hello missy,” he said. “Have you been missing me? I sure been thinking about you. How’s that vibrator that you bought been working? Need any help with it?”

“Uh, hi,” I said. “Uh, no. The vibrator works fine.”

Works fine!? What was I thinking? I was having a conversation with the guy from “Deliverance” about vibrators. Wearing a handkerchief size dress. And nothing else. Absolutely nothing. I could never, ever, strip naked in front of this deviate.

“I, uh, have a favor to ask.”

I must have been crazy. Stark raving mad.

“But you aren’t allowed to touch me,” I said. “If you try I’ll scream. Okay?”

“Sure, missy. I don’t want to hurt you. I love you. I think you’re the must beautiful girl in the world. I’ll do anything you want.”

“Do you have five dollars?”

“I have five dollars,” he said as he reached in his pocket and pulled out a fistful of bills. “I have lots of money. Here. Are you sure that’s all you want?”

I took a five from the wad in his greasy hand. “You see, what I got to do is take my dress off and let you see me naked for five seconds. Then you have to sign this card.”

I held the card and pencil out to him. He took them with a quizzical look. He said, “Are you funning me? I’m not too smart. What are you trying to do?” He took a step back.

“No, listen. Please. This is something I got to do. I lost a bet. It’s important. Please help me.”

I was getting desperate. All I wanted to do was get this over with.

“Well, I guess that I’d sure like to see you naked. Are you sure it’s okay?”

“It’s okay. Okay?”

He nodded and I dropped my dress. Before I started counting I stepped out of it. I was taking no chances. Fatso just stared with a gap-toothed stare.

“Now you have to sign the card,” I said.

He looked from me to the card in his hand and back to me. For some reason I hadn’t moved. I was still naked.

“Turn around,” he said.


“I need your back to put the card against so I can write on it.”

“Oh. Okay.”

My mind must have stopped working. Maybe because I was so used to being naked all the time it didn’t occur to me to put my dress back on. I don’t know what I was thinking but I turned and showed Fatso my naked backside. He must have taken a good look because it was several seconds before I felt the card against my back. He held it in place with one hand and I could feel the pressure of the pencil as it slowly moved.

“Okay. I’m done. Here.”

I turned and took the card and pencil. His mouth was closed and he had a proud smile like he had just accomplished some great achievement.

Just then I heard someone yell, “Hey, look. She’s naked.”

I grabbed my dress and ran for the car.

“Hey, wait,” someone yelled.

I didn’t wait. Naked, I jumped in my car and drove. Fast. Toward home. As my heart slowed and I calmed down I slowed the car to a legal speed, scrunched down and headed home. I didn’t see much sense in getting dressed just to undress again when I was close to home. On the way I glanced at his card. All he had written were three large capital letters. They looked like they were written by a child. MOF. That’s all it said. MOF. What the hell’s a MOF. Code for moron?

When I arrived home naked Jen was working on her computer. She smiled at me, said hi, and then took a second look.

“Wow. You look... I mean you look like...”

“Yeah, yeah. I know. I look like a horny slut which is exactly what I am.”

I grabbed her by the hand and dragged her to the bedroom. As we walked I said, “Please help me, Jen. I need it. I need it now. I’ll tell you all about it later but right now I need you really, really bad.”

“Hey. Whatever you want. I’m here for you.”

We hit the bed and her hand slid down and into my wet slippery crotch. God, it felt good.

“Let’s hurry,” I said as I thrust her head between my legs using her hair as handles.

To paraphrase W. C. Fields “Handy is dandy but lick her is quicker.” You probably don’t get it but it amuses me and since I’m writing this that’s all that matters. Anyhow, beneath her busy fingers and busy tongue I exploded. I set the world record for achieving an orgasm. I came and came.

When we were done I lay on the bed exhausted and told Jen about my day. About the embarrassment and humiliation and the unexplained arousal. We talked about the arousal. It was becoming clear that my constant naked and semi-naked humiliation was doing unexplained things to my libido. Jen wondered if it would be the same if I did all of these things voluntarily and I didn’t think so. The embarrassment and humiliation would still be there but somehow the part where I was being forced to do these things made them more erotic. All I know is that I masturbated twice at work and then achieved a record shattering orgasm several hours later.

Jack arrived from work and the three of us ate dinner while I described my day for a second time. I could see that as I talked Jack was responding from my description. Less eye-to-eye contact and more eye-to-boob contact. My boobs and Jen’s boobs. I imagine that it’s not easy for a guy to eat dinner with two young, attractive, naked females while hearing first hand accounts of masturbating and public humiliation and record breaking orgasms. Finally he had to ask.

“Is there anything left for me?”

We laughed. I told Jack to clean up the dinner dishes while Jen and I entertained our fan club. All I had to do was think about doing my naked exercises and I knew that there would be something left for Jack. And Jen.

And there was. We did the train thing. Jen on her back with her legs spread and me kneeling between them with my face buried in her sex. Jack knelt behind me and did an excellent job of thoroughly fucking me and helping me achieve my forth and final orgasm of a very busy day.


End of part 10

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