Hacker’s Punishment Continued
by MOF

Part 9

Chapter 13 Melanie’s Seventeenth Post to Leviticus

I woke in Jack’s arms but something was nagging me. Something was wrong. Something about last night. That’s when it occurred to me. My exercises. With all of my concerns about Jack and Jen and everything else going on I totally forgot about my exercises. What new torment would Levi impose on me? More tasks? No! Absolutely not. After number twelve I was through. What then?

It felt funny to actually get out of bed and put some clothes on even if it was only a dress with a hem too high and a neckline barely covering my boobs. I talk like I am used to the way I have to dress. Not true. You never get used to being so close to naked when you’re in public and bunches of people are around. And you have to be very careful. If I’m at the store and reach for an item on the top shelf I go up on tip-toe and stretch my arms up. That raises the dress and anyone looking gets a nice shot of my bare butt. It’s happened. I’m sure that my bottom has straightened a number of pricks. If I need something on the bottom shelf I have to be careful how I reach for it. Bend at the waist, bare bottom and straight pricks. It’s humiliating. And then there’s the top. The only thing between me and a wardrobe malfunction are two thin straps over my shoulders. If a strap slips a boob and a little, brown, erect nipple expose themselves. If I’m not careful in the grocery store I have a posse of men following me around when I shop. But there’s another problem with walking around in a skimpy dress and no underwear. It makes me horny. Which might help to explain all of the orgasms I manage to achieve.

In addition to all that, I’m always aware of the fact that I don’t have panties on. I just feel naked. All of the time. No matter where I am. In a store or walking down the street or in a restaurant or a shopping mall. And, of course, if I’m not dressed and feeling naked I actually am naked. Naked Melanie. Naked me. Enough about my dress and lack of.

Before I left for work Jack and I had a chance to talk over coffee about missed exercises and my crazy life. I invited him over for dinner tonight with me and Jen and he accepted. I reminded him that Jen and I would both be naked. He still accepted. Imagine that.

On the way to work I found a place to change into my work clothes. Arriving at work I said my obligatory “Hi, how are you's, entered my office and promptly took them off. With trepidation I opened my e-mails to find out my punishment for missing my exercises.

Dear Melanie and Jen,

Levi had used both of our e-mail addresses. I wondered why Jen was included. I quickly learned.

The two of you have truly become a team. I think that it’s wonderful for you, Jen, to do Melanie’s exercises for her. But since I didn’t approve this arrangement there will naturally be consequences. In this case the consequences will be simple. The two of you will simultaneously perform the exercises each night. I know of three young men who should be delighted with this solution.

You’re eleventh task will be tomorrow afternoon, Melanie. You’ll learn all about it then.

By the way, your twice-daily performances have been very entertaining. I hope that you are enjoying them as much as I. Have a pleasant day.

Love, Levi.

So Jen filled in for my exercises and now we do them together until this is all over. Two more tasks and one of them is tomorrow. Then just one more. Then no more naked exercises and masturbating all the time (is that a bad thing?) and no more of these humiliating tasks. God, I can’t wait.

It was time to work but there were the usual interruptions from Robert and Zeke and it was hard to concentrate. My mind kept drifting back to imagining Jen performing naked in front of my fan club. Then I’d think of the two of us doing it together. And, of course, I had my first fling of the day with my 10-Speed Clitoral Vibrator to look forward too. By the time 10am rolled around I was wet and ready and I’m sure you’ll all be happy to hear that my first orgasm of the day was a rousing success.

Masturbating was becoming disturbingly routine. First I turned on my computer and went to Nakedmelanie.com. Then out came the vibrator and I went to work. I knew just where to put my fingers and the vibrator and, more importantly, I knew where to send my mind. As I watched the video of me masturbating for Levi’s entertainment my mind pictured all of the naked, embarrassing, and humiliating things I had done during the past month. The video was getting kind of stale but my active oversexed brain made up for it. I wondered if I could make a new video of me masturbating this afternoon. It’s absolutely amazing how all of my thoughts and actions have evolved into one thing. Sex. Being continually naked and being ogled by a bunch of horny men helped focus my brain on sex. What a life.

At 2pm I moved my chair back from my desk so that my computer’s camera could view my entire body. Switching on the video I closed my eyes and went through my erotic thoughts. The difference between my erotic thoughts and your erotic thoughts is that mine aren’t fantasy. Ten minutes later I had a new video of naked slutty me doing the feel good dance. I didn’t look at it. I thought I’d save it for tomorrow morning for my 10am party. I’m aware that the world’s biggest asshole will see it but he has seen so much that what’s one more shot of naked Melanie doing the dirty. Besides, I don’t think of Levi as a real person any more. He’s a disembodied evil presence sent by God to torment me for my transgressions. And an asshole.

After my mid-afternoon finger fuck I managed to get enough work done to keep my job. And then it was dress, get part way home and undress. You know the drill.

Upon arriving home naked Melanie greeted naked Jen. We hugged, we kissed and it was all we could do to keep from heading to the bedroom but we managed. We talked about exercising and I thanked Jen and told her what a jerk she was for involving herself in my perverted life and that I loved her. She said she loved me and we talked about the two of us entertaining the three boys.

I told her about Jack coming over for dinner and we began to prepare it. While she was chopping onions she asked me about giving Jack a blow job.

I laughed. “Are you still serious about that? I don’t get it.”

“I don’t either,” she responded. “It’s just something I think about. You know, sort of wonder what it’s like to have a hard cock in my mouth.”

“And the cum? Do you wonder about that?”

“Yeah. I wonder about it. What it’s like. What it tastes like. I know it’s gross and everything but... So what do you think?”

“We’ll see how it goes, Jen. I’m still feeling my way through this threesome stuff. And so’s Jack. Maybe you’ll get your blow job and maybe not. Do I get to watch?”

“Sure,” she said as the doorbell rang.

“Speak of the devil,” I said as I went to get it.

When I opened the door Jack's face lit up. “I’m not used to being greeted by a pretty naked girl,” he said.

I laughed. “It gets better,” I said as I invited him in and gave him a hug and a kiss.

Jen came in from the kitchen and Jack’s eyes lit up a second time. He had obviously never seen her in the nude before and appeared to enjoy the sight. They stepped toward each other to hug and then stopped, not knowing what to do.

“Hug each other you idiots. You’re not going to melt or make a baby or anything,” I said.

They laughed and gave each other an awkward hug. Things got more comfortable after that. We had a beer and talked while dinner was cooking. Jack had the look of a kid in a candy shop. We told him about Jen and the exercises and that he’d get a chance to see us both perform tonight. He seemed pretty pleased with that idea.

During dinner Jack had a difficult time keeping his eyes still. I also noticed that occasionally he had to sort of readjust the organization of his crotch area. Pants too tight?

After dinner it was a quick cleanup and time for the Mel and Jen show. The kids and Jack were all in place and Jen and I proceeded to our spots. We stood side by side and just barely had enough room to extend our arms without touching. The fan club was wide eyed and so was Jack. I looked at Jen and gave her a smile of encouragement which she returned. With our arms extended, legs spread and naked twats displayed we began our windmills. Left hand to right toe, right hand to left toe. Each time we stood upright I saw three bright faced youngsters admiring our naked bodies. Our boobs, our nips, our tummies, our legs and, of course, our hairless vulvas, open for inspection.

Jen kept looking in my direction and she had this smile on her face. Was she covering her embarrassment and humiliation? Or was she, god forbid, aroused. Or all three. They all seemed to go together, the embarrassment, humiliation, and arousal. Her nipples were hard and erect and her sex glistened. Like me, she was aroused. Jack watched us and I wondered what he was thinking. Probably thinking with his dick like any normal guy.

We made it through our windmills without any street traffic. After a short breather we began to run in place and bounce our boobs. The boys seemed to like that. A car drove by and tooted. After passing my house he must have thought that we were worth a second look for he backed up and stopped. This was the tough part. A perfect stranger was parked on our street watching us display our bodies like a couple of pole dancers. But pole dancers get paid. And besides, they’re sluts. What were we?

We ran in place for four minutes and took another breather.

“These burpee things are a bitch,” Jen said. referring to our next exercise.

“Yeah, I know,” I replied.

As we talked we bent over with our hands on our knees and recovered. The driver must have found that boring since he drove off. Not the boys though. They were die-hard fans. Besides, they knew what was coming.

Like Jen said, the eight-count-burpees are a bitch. I counted the cadence and I tried to keep the pace as slow as possible. Every time we got into the push-up position we disappeared from the view of the boys but not from Jack. He got to watch our bare buns as we struggled through the push-ups. After four minutes of those things we were absolutely exhausted, Jen more than me. She was new to this fairly rigorous exercising.

We were tired and the sit-ups were a struggle. The boys saw only our heads and maybe some of our boobs but they were waiting patiently. Jack, of course, saw it all. He saw two panting naked females struggling through their exercises.

Next came the jumping jacks. I started counting. “One and, two and, three and...” With each number we hopped, spread our legs and raised our arms above our heads. When I said “and” we returned to our original position. Our boobs simultaneously bounced twice per cycle. Our naked twats opened once per cycle. Our pace was slow. It had to be if we were to keep it up for five minutes. We did about four and used the final minute to catch our breath. I’m proud to say that Jen was breathing harder than I. Four minutes of jumping jacks isn’t easy no matter how slow the pace. Try it sometime. There was no traffic during our jumping jacks.

Time for our next set of windmills facing away from the window and facing Jack. Jack was staring at us intently with his mouth half open and a bulge in his pants. I looked at the bulge and I looked at Jen.

She smiled and said, “I think he’s ready.”

We began our windmills. Each time I touched a toe I pictured my cheeks spread open showing my bum hole and my damp swollen labia. With my head upside down and looking between my legs I saw three boys looking back, mesmerized. About halfway through our windmills a car screeched to a halt. In it was a guy with a look on his face like he’d just seen bigfoot. A girl was leaning around him staring and mouthing the words “oh my god” over and over. Each time I touched a toe I looked between my legs and saw them staring at my naked rear. After several repetitions my eyes made contact with the girl’s eyes. After that I looked onto her eyes each and every time I touched a toe. At first she just stared and said “oh my god.” Then a smile came over her face and then she began laughing. Laughing at my naked butt and exposed asshole and, worst of all, my swollen, wet and aroused cunt. I didn’t know the girl but if I ever see her again I’ll recognize her. I’ll look at her and think about what she was seeing this evening. I could only pray that she wouldn’t recognize me.

After the final windmill I bolted for the bedroom and Jen followed with Jack right behind. I sat on the bed with my head in my hands, crying. Jen sat beside me with her arm around me and saying “It’s all right.” Jack stood in the door and watched his naked lover being consoled by her naked lover.

“She saw me,” I said to Jen through my tears. “She saw my face. I’ll see her on the street and she’ll recognize me and she’ll think there’s that crazy naked girl showing off her cunt and her asshole and... And she saw how wet I am and how horny I am and ... Oh god, Jen, what am I going to do?”

Jen hugged me and kissed my tears and said, “She can’t recognize you, Mel. You were upside down and your hair was all messed up and, besides, she was looking through the window and you can’t see in as well as you can out. Don’t worry, dear. She’ll never know you.”

I had wrapped my arms around her and started feeling better. So there we were, two naked girls, one queer and one half queer, embracing and kissing while the half queer’s other half looked on... Well, you get the picture.

Jack cleared his throat and said, “I can leave now.”

I leaped to my feet and said, “No, don’t go. Jen and I have something to ask you.” I took his hand and led him over to the bed and sat him down between Jen and myself. “It’s a favor, kind of. But I think you’ll like it. Don’t you, Jen?”

I looked at Jen and she looked at me quizzically and then smiled and said, “Uh, yeah. I think you will, Jack”

He looked at Jen and looked at her boobs and then decided that that wasn’t very polite and so he looked at me and said, “Okay, what’s the favor? I’m all yours.”

I laughed. Right. All ours. I plunged in. “You see, Jack, as you know, Jen likes women. Me in particular. But she, uh.. She kind of wondered what it would be like to, uh.. Well, you know, to feel what it would be like to, uh...”

“Huh?” said Jack.

“I want to give you a blow job,” blurted Jen.

“Huh?” said Jack.

“A blow job,” I said. “Nothing else. Just that. It’s kind of a sensory thing,” I said trying to make sense of it all.

“A sensory thing?” said Jack.

“Yeah,” said Jen. “Just your cock and my mouth. Nothing more than that. I just want to know what it’s like. Will you do it?”

“Well, uh...” Jack looked at me.

“It’s okay,” I said. “I mean it’s only fair. I mean if I get to make love with you and get to make love with Jen, then Jen should at least be able to give you a blow job. I mean it’s only fair. Really, it’s okay.”

Jack said, “Well, yeah, I guess. If it’s okay with you. Sure.”

What he meant was “Holy shit! Let’s get on with it!”

I stood and said to Jen, “He’s all yours.”

“No, no,” she said. “You have to get him warmed up, first. You know. Get him ready. Hard. Ready to go.”

I smiled and looked at Jack’s crotch. “I think he’s ready,” I said. “But if you want him warmed up I can do that.”

I pushed Jack on to the bed so that he was on his back with his legs falling over the side. I knelt on the bed with a knee on each side of his tummy and leaned over and planted a long languorous kiss. Jen said, “Wow.”

While kissing him and teasing him with my tongue I unbuttoned his shirt and slipped it off. My lips and tongue traveled down his bare chest. I kissed his nipples and took them between my teeth and gave them a tug. I nibbled at his tummy and licked his belly button. When I got to his belt buckle I got off the bed and knelt between his legs. First the buckle then the snap then the zipper. Jack lifted his hips and I pulled his shorts down to his ankles. I pulled his feet from his shorts, threw those aside and went for his boxers. When I pulled them down his hard prick sprung loose and stood at attention. It definitely got my attention. I kissed and licked and tasted it. I kissed and licked each testicle. Jack was very good about keeping his balls and prick free of hair for my oral enjoyment. As Jack groaned I looked at Jen and said, “I think he’s ready.”

“Oh,” she responded. “I think you’re right.”

All this time Jen was sitting beside us on the bed and paying very close attention. We both stood and I rearranged Jack so that his feet were on the bed and he was lying lengthwise. I pulled his legs apart and, looking at Jen, I patted the space between his thighs. Jen knelt where I indicated and looked down at Jack's hard penis. She looked at me and quietly said, “Don’t go, please. Stay right here,” and she pointed to the bed.

I sat on my heels next to Jack’s tummy and took one of his hands in mine. Jen lowered her head to his penis. Tentatively her lips touched the head and slowly encircled his knob. They remained there for several seconds as she tasted him and then she withdrew her mouth and looked at his penis that was glistening with her saliva. Again she lowered her head and as she took him in her mouth I could see that her tongue was busy caressing him. Jack put his other hand on her head and she flicked it away. As far as Jen was concerned this was a blow job and just a blow job. Nothing more.

I was holding Jack’s hand and my free hand very quickly found its way to my very wet and very aroused cunt. Already my hips were twisting and gyrating. Jack’s hand, still holding mine, also found it’s way down to my sex. Three busy hands and fifteen busy fingers were rubbing and poking and caressing as I squeezed them with my thighs. Jen’s head was bobbing up and down and each bob brought Jack’s hard prick deeper into her mouth. Eventually there was a slight gag as he hit the back of her throat. She pulled her head back with saliva dripping from her open lips. She looked at me as if to ask “How am I doing?”

“His balls,” I said. “He likes his balls sucked.”

She looked at the two testicles hanging down from his upright prick and sort of shrugged and then lowered her mouth to them. With her nose against his shaft she kissed and licked one and then the other. Following that she took one in her mouth and caressed it with her tongue. Jack was panting and groaning. As I watched my own arousal grew. Jack’s fingers were in me wiggling while my own were massaging that feel-good place and driving me nuts.

For a second time Jack put his hand on Jen’s head. It’s what guys do. They want to caress the head that’s sucking their cock. Again, Jen brushed it away with an irritated motion. With her tongue Jen pushed a testicle out of her mouth and returned her attention to Jack’s hard prick. As her head bobbed my arousal increased. My hips gyrated, Jack’s hips gyrated and Jen’s head bobbed. I groaned, Jack groaned and Jen’s head bobbed. Faster and faster. I came, Jack came and Jen’s head bobbed. Her mouth filled and she took it like a trooper. Meanwhile I was arching my back and saying very witty things like “Uh, uh uhhh.”

Jen slowly drew her lips up trying not to let any of the semen escape her mouth. When she reached the top she kept her lips closed and looked at me with a triumphant expression. Her mouth was full of cum with just a drop or two dribbling down her chin. She looked at Jack and poked her tongue at him. Then she looked at me and swallowed, sort of rinsed her mouth with her own saliva and swallowed again.

“That didn’t taste so bad.” she said and she trotted off to the bathroom to rinse, gargle and brush. Twice. Jack and I rearranged ourselves and when she returned we were both on our backs on the bed. Jen joined us and we lay, tired but happy, shoulder to shoulder, hip to hip and with me in the middle, one of their hands in each of mine.

“How did I do, Jack?” asked Jen.

“You did great, Jen,” he replied. “What did you think. Did you like it?”

“It was okay. Now I’ve done it and I know what it’s like.”

“Think you’ll ever want to do it again?” I asked.

“Maybe. If it’s okay with you and Jack.”

“It’s okay with me and I don’t think you have to ask Jack.”

“Nope,” said Jack.

“How about you, Mel?” asked Jen.

“How about me what?”

“Come. Did you come? I heard some moaning and groaning from your direction although it was hard to tell with all the noise Jack was making.”

“Yeah,” I said. “I came. I had a wonderful little orgasm. I always come. I’m a regular machine. Don’t you know that by now?. But how about you? All you got was a mouth full of cum.

“That’s all I wanted.”

“Oh, come on now. Are you going to let me believe that you aren’t just a little bit horny?”

Jen smiled at me. “Well, maybe a little bit.”

I rolled over and kissed her. I caressed her breasts and then lowered my hand to her sex where I discovered that she was a lot more than a “little bit” horny.

We kissed and fondled and caressed and shortly I was kneeling between her legs with my butt up in the air and my face buried in he warm, wet sex. I glanced over at Jack and he was on his side watching and smiling and fondling his hard prick. I looked in his eyes and nodded over my shoulder toward my butt and said that maybe, with a little rearranging, we could all three, sort of, you know..

Jack caught my drift and stood at the end of the bed behind me and, grabbing my hips, he pulled my butt toward his waiting woody. As I slid back I pulled Jen with me. Very quickly he was in me pumping away. I groaned into Jen’s vulva and she thrust her hips hard into my face. It seemed like the more I groaned the harder she thrust. Maybe the sounds that I made moved my tongue and lips in a certain erotic way. All I know is that Jen was going mad with passion.

As for me, I had Jack’s dick pounding into me while every breath I took was sucked between my lips and Jen’s lips. Her nether lips. I tasted her and breathed her sex. She was in my nose and my mouth and my brain. Jack drove hard into me, his loins smacking loud against my bottom. I could picture what he saw. My naked back and my head buried in Jen’s crotch. He could see Jen’s breasts bouncing as she drove her hips into my face. He could see her fingers that had a death grip in my hair and were driving my face harder into her. And he could see the animal lust on her face. We cried and yelled and the three of us came. Panting, groaning and swearing, we came. Finally Jen and I collapsed in a heap on the bed. Jack crawled on and joined us in a tangle of limbs.

It took me a while to recover but when I did I crawled out and cleaned up a little and now I’m sitting here, typing away for you ass holes. Don’t you ever get tired reading about it? Don’t you want to go out and just do it? Whatever. Jen’s on one side of the bed and Jack’s on the other. In thirty seconds I’m going to be in the middle.


End of part 9

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