Hacker’s Punishment Continued
by MOF

Part 7

Chapter 9 Melanie’s Thirteenth Post to Leviticus

Sunday morning and naked as usual. Maybe I’d go to church this morning. I could wear my skimpy little skirt and my peek-a-boo blouse and give the deacon something new to pray about. On the other hand maybe church wasn’t such a good idea.

Coffee, breakfast and some more coffee. Pee, shower and pee again. Too much coffee. It was time to restock the larder. After going through the usual routine of getting the car out of the garage while naked I drove to a secluded spot and chose a dress from the selection I kept on the back seat. Slipping on a pair of flip-flops, I was ready to grocery shop.

Did you know that grocery stores are cold? Really cold when you’re wearing next to nothing? Has anybody ever told you that it’s not true about cold air making a girl’s nipples erect? Well, they lied. There are about five male shoppers and a couple of stock boy that will attest to that. One smart-ass asked me if I was smuggling marbles. I told him to try the liver in the meat department (only those of you who have read Portnoy's Complaint will get it. The rest of you will have to use your imagination, or Google. “Portnoy's Complaint - Wikipedia”)

After putting away the groceries I did some cleaning and the laundry. Laundry didn’t take long. One dress. I can’t remember the last time I opened my underwear drawer.

Shopping done, chores done and I didn’t want to mow the back yard until 2 PM because I wanted to fire up Andrew for the entertainment of Molly. I was naked, alone and bored. I needed something to perk me up and I got it. The doorbell rang. When I opened it there stood a mousy looking guy in a brown uniform. On his excuse for a chest was pinned a plastic covered identification card that read “Water Department.” Under it was his name, Stanley Kazinsky.

When I threw open the door and stood there in all my glory he must have jumped a foot.

“I, uh, I mean I, uh, ... That is, I’m from the uh, ...”

His eyes traveled everywhere but kept darting back to the various parts of my body. But when they arrived at a specific part they darted away again. His face was beet red.

I gave him my brightest smile and said, “You’re Stan and you’re from the water department, Right?”

Stan stammered some more. “I, uh, ... Look, I can come back when, uh...”

“When I have some clothes on? Not going to happen, Stan. If you come back later or tomorrow I’m going to be dressed exactly like I am now. That is, not at all. So you may as well get if over with now. What’s up?”

“I’m, uh, doing this survey for the, uh, water department and,”

A car passed behind him and tooted his horn as the driver yelled out his window “Looking good!”

Stan jumped, whirled around and turned back to me with a look on his face like he just got caught doing something nasty.

“Happens all the time,” I said. “Now about this survey?”

“Oh. Yes. Uh, are you the owner of this house?”

“It’s all mine. Next question.”

“Uh, how may people live here?”

“Just me, Stan. Next?”

“Uh, how many bathrooms are there?”

“One and a half. Would you like to see them?”

“No!” He didn’t say it, he squeaked it.

His eyes were getting more steady and spending more time on my boobs and on my pussy. I thought he was getting too comfortable. I leaned against the door jamb and crossed one leg over the other and gave him my “come hither” smile.

“What else do you need to know, Stan?” As I said it I began playing with my nipple, rubbing my finger over it and squeezing it.

“I gotta go,” he said and turned and stumbled away.

“Don’t you want to know about my hot tub?” I called after him.

It was fun teasing Stanley but it occurred to me that I was getting way to comfortable being naked. I was looking forward to mowing my back yard in the buff and turning Andrew on for his wife. It didn’t bother me a whole lot that Herb would be ogling me. The whore clothes and Levi’s tasks were, of course, a different matter. Levi, sadist that he is, designs his tasks to humiliate. Stan was a stranger and I wasn’t humiliated showing him my baubles but I was in the comfort and safety of my own home. It’s different out in the cold cruel world, being absolutely naked in front of a stranger. And the fact that I was made to do it. Somehow that added to the humiliation. Was it just humiliation? I’d think about that some other time.

I had some lunch and talked on the phone for a while with Katy. Then I talked with Jack who said he was returning Wednesday. Cool. I needed Jack.

At two I raised the garage door and had just enough time to scurry to the back of the garage and hide from a pair of passing pedestrians. Once they were by I quickly pushed the mower around to the back and began mowing. Just me and nature. None of those bothersome clothes. Shortly after starting Molly, Andrew, and naked Grace were all in their yard doing stuff and watching me. Particularly Andrew. Molly smiled and gave me a thumbs up. Lucky her. I had to wait until Wednesday. Shortly after they appeared Martha and Herb came out. There was nothing subtle about Herb. He just sat in his lawn chair and stared while sipping his beer.

I liked mowing in the nude. It felt good. I could see the attraction of nudist resorts and wondered if I could convince Jack to try it. Nudism could be okay if everybody’s nude and without the sadistic tasks and requirements imposed by a certain asshole.

After mowing I visited with Martha and Herb for a while. It killed time as Martha droned on and Herb ogled. I also got a free beer which tasted good. For the rest of the day I putzed around and sat on the patio and read. Every hour or so I’d check for an e-mail from Levi as required and got nothing. Maybe he got run over by a truck. Wouldn’t that be grand?

Ate dinner, watched some TV and it was show time. The three kids were waiting patiently. At least the audience wasn’t getting any bigger. I did notice that they were getting closer to my window, though. Pretty soon I’d be cleaning their nose prints of the glass. During my exercises a couple cars slowed and one paused for a while. Only the kids hung around to watch the grand finale. Sooner or later someone was going to call the cops and tell them I was corrupting minors or something like that. I wasn’t corrupting them. I was educating them. I’m pretty sure they were already corrupt. After all, they were boys, weren’t they?

Exercises finished and I got the e-mail.

Dear Melanie,

You will be delighted to hear that I have decided on a tenth task. By the time you go to bed tonight you will have only two to go.

Number ten is very simple. Remember that magic wand that you purchased during your delightful shopping trip the other day? Have you used it yet? I hope that you haven’t, because if you have you did not mention it in your post and that would be a punishable infarction. You’re going to have the opportunity to use it this evening.

Your task is this. You are to place your laptop on a table so that the camera will view all of your lovely body while you are sitting in a chair facing the computer. An armless kitchen chair will work because then you’ll be able to spread your pretty legs over the sides. At nine PM sharp I will initiate a Skype session and you will accept. When that occurs you’ll have the opportunity to experience the exquisite pleasures provided by the Magic Wand.

I’m looking forward to witnessing an orgasm but I appreciate the fact that you may find it difficult to achieve one under the circumstances. If you find it necessary to “fake it” you must be totally convincing. If not, you will repeat the performance.

One more thing, Melanie. I guarantee that no one will ever see your performance other that you and me. You may not have the highest opinion of me personally but you will have to admit that I have not misled you or lied to you. I have information and pictures that can compromise you but I have not and will never use them as long as you cooperate with me.

I understand that you may find this task overly objectionable and if you should refuse I have prepared and alternative task that involves another, more prolonged shopping trip to the Triple X Emporium.

If you should choose the first task mentioned task I hope you enjoy your Magic Wand and I know that I shall enjoy the show.

Love, Levi

This was too much. This was over the top. He wanted me to perform a sex act for his perverted enjoyment like I was a whore or something. I ran into the bedroom and buried my face in my pillow and cried. I’d never do such a thing. Then I thought about that horrible store and the leers and smirks on those perverted faces and I cried some more. I was in that porn shop for fifteen of the worst minutes of my life and he wanted me to do it again for even longer. Fuck, fuck, fuck!!!


I cried and watched the bedside clock tick its digital way toward nine. At 8:50 I resignedly took my laptop and placed it open on the kitchen table. Across from it I put a chair and sat down with my legs spread wantonly. In my hand was the vibrator with the cord trailing from the end and into a socket.

I figured about fifteen minutes should do it. After about five I’d start moaning and groaning and after ten I’d act like Meg Ryan in “Harry Met Sally.” After fifteen I’d yell “Yes, Yes, Yes,” and that should do it. That’s what I figured. I figured wrong.

At nine exactly my computer received a request to Skype. With a shaking hand I accepted and a blank screen appeared with a small window in the corner. In the window sat naked me, legs spread. I figured that Levi somehow blocked out his own image. He started speaking, his voice coming through the tinny computer speaker.

“Good evening, Melanie. I’m glad to see that you chose this for your task. I don’t believe that you are emotionally prepared for a return to the Triple X Emporium, no matter how stimulating you found the experience.”

I must say that you look absolutely beautiful this evening, although a little distraught. You haven’t been crying, have you? Ah well. It’s not always easy having to accept the consequences of our misdeeds, is it?”

My mind had become numb. I listened to his hateful voice as he droned on. All I could see was that little square in the corner of the computer screen with me in, looking like a totally dissolute slut, ready to entertain the world’s most disgusting man.

“Well, Melanie, are you ready to begin pleasing yourself?”

“Fuck you,” I responded and switched on the vibrator. I jumped a little at the buzzing sound that it made. Closing my eyes I slipped my free hand between my legs and was surprised to find myself wet. Just the simple touch of my hand aroused my swollen inner labia. My brain felt nothing but disgust. Disgust with Levi and disgust with myself. My body on the other hand was ready to party. I put the vibrator to work and it felt good. God, how it felt good. I moved it down between my legs and I moved it up. I massaged to the right and I massaged to the left. But mostly there’s that one spot and that’s where the rubber ball on the end of the Magic Wand spent most of its time. My free hand traveled my body, caressed my breasts, squeezed my nipples and slid down between my legs to accompany the vibrating ball. When I opened my eyes I saw a small picture of a lascivious, naked body twisting and gyrating. I was moaning and saying all those stupid things that Meg Ryan said except I meant them. I wasn’t faking. I wrapped my feet around the chair legs and gripped the edge of the chair with white knuckles. My belly contracted. My toes curled. My butt cheeks squeezed tight. And with an “Oh, shit,” and an “Oh, fuck,” I came.

The vibrator slid from my hand and fell to the floor. I reached over to the computer and reversed the picture so that the entire screen was filled with me staring back at me and the little box in the corner was blank. My arms hung by my sides and my body was covered with a sheen of perspiration. My feet were still wrapped around the chair legs and on my face was a look of pure lust. Lust fulfilled. It occurred to me that Levi was still watching. I closed the computer and did my best to regain my composure.

Then I began typing this post. Hope you like it. Actually, I couldn’t care less if you like it or not.


Chapter 10 Melanie’s Fourteenth Post to Leviticus

I rose, peed, showered and sat in front of my computer. There was an e-mail from Levi.

Dear Melanie,

You are a profound disappointment to me. I gave you the opportunity to enjoy yourself last night and you most obviously did. It was a wonderful display, by the way. But there are rules and you broke an important one. You are to share with us, your fans, any significant occurrence that you experience. Last night, after you went to bed, you had such an occurrence and it was so significant that you immediately wrote about it. What you wrote made it very obvious that you did not intend to share it. I want you to enter the exact entry that you made last night.

There will be a punishment for your infraction and you will be informed of it later.

Love (tough love,) Levi

The son-of-a-bitch has even invaded my computer. He stalks me in my home, he stalks me when I’m out and he stalks me at work. Now he even stalks my computer. You are breaking an awful lot of laws, Levi, and I surely hope that you pay for them some day.

I’m sure all of you deviates want to know what it is that I wrote in the middle of the night so for the titillation of your perverted pea brains, here it is.

I can’t believe it. I just had this dream. I was sitting on a stage in front of a huge audience. I was sitting on a chair just like I did for Levi. I was naked, of course, and I had the vibrator and I was just beginning to use it. The crowed started applauding. As I became more and more aroused they started cheering wildly. Just as I was ready to come I awoke. The arousal part wasn’t a dream ,though. I was horny as hell. Even while I was half asleep it didn’t take long to finish myself off. The orgasm woke me and now I can’t sleep. The past three weeks kept running through my mind. Being naked all the time and showing myself naked to strangers in the park and naked at work and with my neighbors. All of these incidents kept flashing through my mind. And the whore clothes. Mowing the lawn and visiting the porn store. The t-shirt showing my breasts and the zipper coming down and showing my pubic hair to complete strangers.

Lying in bed just after an orgasm I was thinking these things and I didn’t feel humiliation or even embarrassment. I felt a kind of thrill or arousal. I wasn’t really aroused because I just had an orgasm but I had the feeling that it would make me aroused. I don’t understand it. Maybe writing it down will help. So here I am typing this. God help me if Levi should read this. Maybe I can get some sleep now. I have to work tomorrow and let the guys at the office see me naked. What a life.

So there it is. Another degree of humiliation for the enjoyment of Levi and a bunch of perverts. I was in a fog when I wrote it and as I read it now it doesn’t make any sense.

I did manage to get some sleep after that and I wasn’t too groggy this morning. I had my breakfast and left for work. Arriving there I got the usual smiles, “how was your week-end” stuff and, of course, the guys checking out the gaps in my two button blouse.

Entering my office I, as usual, stripped naked. On my desk I noticed a small box wrapped in brown paper. I sat down and opened it. The brown paper covered a gaudy pink box with the words “10-Speed Clitoral Vibrator” printed on it. There was also a note that said, “Check your e-mail, Love, Levi.”

Great. Just what I needed. A “10-Speed Clitoral Vibrator.” I didn’t think I was having any trouble in that department.

There was a knock on the door and I shoved the package into the top desk drawer as Zeke entered. He was all smiles and happy talk and then mentioned a package that came via courier for me. Did I get it? I said yes and that it was a present from a secret admirer. Where did I come up with this shit? He smiled and asked what I got and I coyly told him that it was none of his business. He told me about his week-end and I lied about mine and he said he had to get to work and I said the same and finally he left. I had to find out why I needed another vibrator and what Levi’s punishment was going to be. I was pretty sure the two were connected and I wasn’t looking forward or reading his e-mail. Or was I?

Dear Melanie,

I’m looking forward to seeing your nocturnal mea culpa in your next post where your public can read and enjoy it. You seem to show such an interest in masturbating that I’ve decided to help you enjoy the sport.

I’m sure that you have received my little present by now and that you are anticipating your punishment for your blatant infraction of my rules. Your punishment is this. At your 10 AM break go to nakedmelanie.com on your personal computer. To get into the site you will need a password, leviiisGREAT. There’s a video there that will aid you during your punishment. You are to use your new present to help you masturbate. This is an on-going punishment. You will repeat the procedure at your 2 PM break and twice every day until you complete your twelfth task.

Same rules as before. If you have to fake it, fake it well. I can always add additional times and places if I’m not convinced. Enjoy.

With all my love, Levi.

About what I expected. I’d either come or do a good job pretending. Otherwise my dream from the night before could very well come true. Well, not exactly but I was sure that Levi would find a time and place considerably worse than my office.

As I contemplated my mid-morning masturbation I wondered how Levi would know what I was doing. It was pretty obvious that he had a spy camera in my office but where? I looked around and when I got to the ceiling I noticed one of those little black domes that are used for security purposes. Was that it? As I wondered there was another knock and Robert entered. I should mention that they always knocked first but never gave me a chance to respond before pushing the door open. If I happened to be mid-orgasm there would be no hiding the fact. I suppose I could lock my door and think of some excuse. As long as I was naked those to guys would buy anything.

Robert went through the same kind of pleasantries that Zeke and I covered earlier. Then I tried for some information.

“Is that thing in the ceiling a security camera?” I asked pointing toward the dome.

Robert laughed. “It was,” he replied. “But don’t worry. That system has been down for years. If it worked I’m sure you’d be on You Tube by now.”

I laughed back and told Robert that I was behind in my work and that I wanted to work through break and not be disturbed. He said, “Sure.”

I didn’t get much work done before ten. All I could think about was that stupid camera, the thing in my desk drawer and masturbating. I’m ashamed to say that all that thinking was raising my libido. I was looking forward to it. I wasn’t sure that I’d bring it off but I was thinking the chances were better than when I first contemplated the act.

At ten o’clock I locked my door and then opened my laptop and entered nakedmelanie.com. The site came up with nothing but a box for a password. I entered leviisGREAT with my heart in my throat. I had a good idea of what I was going to see and I wasn’t disappointed. It was me, staring at the camera. My hair was messed and my eyes were puffy from crying and, of course, I was naked. Our voices were suppressed. As I watched myself bring the vibrator to my crotch I heard Ravel’s Bolero begin. Cute. I gave the security camera the bird and reached in the drawer for my new vibrator. I switched it on and it began buzzing. Either it came with batteries or Levi generously provided them. As soon as the thing touched my wet twat I entered another dimension. All that existed was the feeling between my legs. I knew immediately that this was one orgasm I wasn’t going to have to fake. I thought of Levi watching my wanton display through the security camera and for some unexplained reason I became even more aroused. With supreme effort I managed to keep myself from moaning aloud as the orgasm coursed through me. It seemed like the entire episode took half a minute but when I looked at the clock it took ten.

After recovering I dressed and headed for the bathroom. I got some stares and wondered if the look of lust was still on my face. Once in the stall I used some tissues to clean myself as thoroughly as possible. While I was washing my hands another girl entered and gave me a rather disgusted look.

You should have seen me ten minutes ago, lady.

Back in my office I stripped and tried to get some work done. My mind kept drifting back to my morning masturbation. I thought of how wanton and erotic I looked in the movie. The whole scenario reeled through my mind. I was masturbating while I watched myself masturbate. I should have been disgusted with myself and maybe I was a little bit. But just a little. I wondered about this afternoon. Would I come again or would I have to fake it? How many orgasms did I have in me?

My reverie was interrupted just before lunch by Robert. He informed me that he had an account that we had to work on and we’d work through lunch. We’d send out and he took my order and thinking ahead I asked for some moistened wipes. Another naked lunch with Robert. It seemed like they were becoming more and more frequent.

The day passed and by 2 PM I was pretty certain my afternoon orgasm was going to be real. I had been thinking about it since my morning orgasm and it seemed like I kept becoming more and more aroused. Eating lunch while Robert ogled my body didn’t seem to help. What was the matter with me? I was turning into some kind of nymphomaniac. My whole life seemed to be revolving around my orgasms.

At two I set up my laptop and entered nakedmelanie with my handy 10-Speed Clitoral Vibrator at the ready. I was looking forward to the next ten minutes or whatever it would take. I was turning into a slut. I dressed like a slut, when I dressed at all, and I acted like a slut. God, what a life.

After coming I cleaned myself with the wipes and made a trip to the john. The rest of my day at work passed without incident. When I pulled in my driveway I was naked and would be that way until tomorrow when I was off my street. Shortly after arriving Jen showed up. She brought clothes and a bunch of stuff and she was moved in. The clothes and stuff went in the spare bedroom and until her furniture was moved with Jack’s help she’d bunk with me. Naked me. My bed was a queen so we’d have plenty of room. She did most of the work. I was exhausted. Can’t imagine why.

After that we sat and had a beer and I told her about last night. I told her that it was terrible and she empathized but I also told her about today and how I somehow not just anticipated masturbating but was almost looking forward to it. I tried to explain how watching the video of last night’s humiliation while masturbating actually increased the sexuality I was feeling. And when I imagined Levi watching me that also increased my arousal. As I talked about it and relived it the arousal began to return. But I squashed it. We had to eat and then there were my exercises.

During my exercises there were no cars that slowed and no pedestrians. Just three boys and Jen. I think that Jen paid even closer attention than the three boys. As she watched I saw her hand occasionally drift to her crotch and then she’d jerk it away. Somewhere I had seen the look in her eyes. It was in the face that stared at me while I masturbated in the office. It was the look of lust that I had seen in my own eyes. I’m sure you can see where this is going.

Jen, Katy, and I were best of friends and we shared all our secrets. Except for one. As I mentioned earlier, Jen sort of fell out of the dating scene after high school. Whenever Katy or I brought the subject up she’d change it. Katy and I were pretty sure that she was either gay or leaning in that direction but since Jen didn’t seem inclined to discuss it neither did we. Maybe tonight we’d discuss it.

After my exercises I was tired and sweaty. I collapsed in a chair across from Jen with my arms hanging loose and my legs spread. I was tired. I wasn’t trying to arouse my friend or anything. Was I?

Neither Jen or I said anything. We just looked at each other with half smiles on our faces. Her eyes drank in my body. To understand how I felt at that moment you have to try to imagine what I’d been going through for the last twenty four hours. For almost the entire time I was naked. I was continually ogled by my boss and a fellow employee. I masturbated once for my own amusement. I was forced to masturbate three times while being watched by a pervert. While masturbating I watched myself masturbate. And I had just showed every intimate part of my body to three adolescents and my best friend, Jen. Maybe you think that after all that I’d be through with sex. I’d be exhausted and disgusted with myself and would want to do nothing but go to bed and sleep. But that’s not how I felt. My body was glistening with perspiration and my sex was glistening with desire.

Slowly I rose and walked to Jen’s chair where I knelt at her feet and laid my head in her lap. She stroked my hair and quietly said “Melanie.” We looked into each other’s eyes and the deed was all but done. I rose, took her hand and led her to the bedroom. Soon we were both naked and lying next to each other. In the next hour my lips and my tongue became very familiar with Jen’s body. Familiar with her lips and tongue. Her neck.. Her breasts, nipples, tummy. I kissed and licked her thighs, both inside and out. And that hollow spot behind her knees and even her toes. But most of all I became familiar with her sex. Her warm, moist, wonderful sex. Unlike me, she had no hair down there and my mouth and lips and tongue luxuriated in the smell and taste of her. Everything I learned about her wonderful body she learned about mine.

I had my fifth orgasm in twenty-four hours and it was my very best one. I’m proud to say that Jen had two. At least I think it was two. It may have been more.

When we were spent we lay on the bed on our backs and we talked. Jen suspected that even in high school while she was dating boys that she was a lesbian. But she never had the nerve to declare herself. Since high school she had a couple relationships but neither Katy nor I knew anything about them. She said she was sexually repressed. That she always desired me and it was like a boiling pot of water with the lid clamped on tight. Sooner or later the lid would blow off and tonight it did. She said she loved me and I told her that I loved her. I told her that what we had just done was right and that it was good and that it was truly wonderful.

There was just one problem. Jack. Because, you see, I also love Jack. Sex with Jack is also right and good and wonderful. It was all very confusing. Jen and I talked and talked. Finally I told her that I had to write all this down and send it to Levi. She doesn’t know that Levi would then post it for the world to read.

It takes at least two days before my posts appear in Leviticus. Before that happens I have to get together with Jack and talk. Losing Jack would be devastating. Losing Jen would be devastating.

I’m going back to bed. Good night.


If you try nakedmelanie.com you will be disappointed. You might try http://xhamster.com/movies/4363846/trembling_torture.html instead.

End of part 7

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