Hacker’s Punishment Continued
by MOF

Part 6

Chapter 8 Melanie’s Twelfth Post to Leviticus

Last night I left you in the arms of my lover (Me. Not you, you idiots.) This morning he left early for several days at a construction job he was working on. As a result I had the morning to myself. In the kitchen I made coffee and kept eyeing the brown paper bag lying on the kitchen table where I had tossed it after my trip to the porn store. I couldn’t even touch the damn thing.

It was a pleasant morning and I enjoyed my coffee on the patio. I no longer cared if my neighbors saw me or what they thought. Evidently, at least one neighbor wasn’t too concerned.. Molly decided to join me and crossed our yards to my patio with Grace in tow. Grace was naked as a jaybird. I invited Molly to sit and fetched her a cup of coffee.

“It seems that Grace has decided to join you,” said Molly.

“I’m sorry,” I replied. “I didn’t intend to influence her.”

“Oh, that’s okay. She’s our little nature child now. We don’t mind. In fact she’s much better with the potty when she’s naked.”

I laughed and we had a friendly neighborly chat. I wasn’t entirely comfortable with my nudity but it didn’t dominate my mind like it did originally.

“I think Andrew’s looking forward to the next time you mow the lawn,” Molly said. “He’s hoping it will be this weekend so he can watch. Don’t worry about it, though. I’ll be just as pleased as he will be. After watching you at your dinner party he got pretty hot and I had a grand time cooling him off.”

Mowing the lawn made me think about doing the front in my whore clothes and that made me feel shitty, ruining a perfectly good morning coffee with my neighbor. I hate you, Levi.

“I don’t think the grass is going to need mowing for a couple days yet,” I replied. “But if you want I can mow the back some time tomorrow.”

Molly laughed. “That would be great. About two. Then we can have a little afternoon delight during Grace's nap.”

Strange, I thought. I mow the lawn to heat up the sex life for my neighbors. I laughed in response. “I’ll see what I can do.”

We heard the doorbell and I got up to get it.

“You’re going like that?” asked Molly.

I shrugged. “My house. I can dress the way I want.”

I kind of liked opening the door naked. It gave me a thrill. Would I be embarrassed? Humiliated? Amused? This time it was Jen and I was none of the above. Just pleased to see her. I invited her in and we joined Molly on the patio. We gossiped for a while with Grace sitting on my lap. I liked the feel of her plump little bare butt on my naked leg. I guess it brought out the maternal instincts in me. After a while Molly excused herself and Jen got down to why she wanted to see me.

Jen lived in an inexpensive apartment in a part of town that was being gentrified. In the process, her building was going condo and she needed somewhere to stay until she could find a new place. I, of course, encouraged her to move in with me. I had a spare bedroom and would enjoy the company.

“You don’t mind having a naked roommate, do you?” I asked.

“That’s the best kind,” she laughed.

We made plans for her to move her clothes in on Monday after work. When Jack got back from his job he could use his pick-up to help her move what little furniture she had. I liked the idea of having her for a roommate. I’d have less time to feel sorry for myself and I’d have someone to talk with and commiserate with.

We went out for lunch and she drove. I grabbed some clothes and dashed for her car and dressed when we were off my street. After lunch I went through the reverse returning home.

We talked girl stuff and naked stuff and Levi stuff and then she left for her apartment. We agreed to meet at the usual bar with Katy after my naked exercises.

Then I got the dreaded and anticipated (just three more tasks) e-mail from Levi. His fucking e-mail ruined my day.

Dear Melanie,

It appears that you had a wonderful time at Triple X Emporium. You’ll be delighted to hear that I’m working on your tenth task but you’re going to have to wait. First things first. I’ve noticed that you’re getting sloppy concerning your dresses. They are way to long and you’ve been warned once. For punishment, here are the new dress rules:

You may substitute sun dresses for the skirt blouse combination. I think that’s generous, don’t you? Your current sun dresses do not show any where near enough cleavage, though. I want no more than one inch between the top of your dress and your nipple. Your nipple. Not your pretty brown areolas. And I want to see some cleavage. A deep v-cut so that the world can see some more of your pretty breasts. I’ll accept strapless or spaghetti straps.

Speaking of your pretty breasts I’ve decided that the number of buttons you may use on your blouses is to be reduced to two. If you continue to ignore my dress rules you’ll remove all of your buttons.

As for length, all of your skirts and dresses must be no more than three inches below your crotch. And for footwear, flip-flops and open-toed sandals only. Sandals or flip-flops with a skirt and blouse or sandals or flip-flops with a sun dress. That’s not too complicated is it, Melanie?

And just one more thing. Hang on to that vibrator that you bought. You might need it.

Love, Levi

You’re a miserable human being, Levi. What do you mean I’ll need the vibrator? You want me to use it to mix whiskey sours?

You’re not happy that I go out half naked? You want me to look like a slut all the time? I can’t keep this up, Levi. I just can’t. The constant humiliation is wearing my brain out. I’m crying because I was so throughly humiliated yesterday and now I have to face more humiliation every time I go out. I’ll be naked all of time except when I’m so slutily dressed I may as well be naked. Let’s get this task stuff over with. Please!

After I had a good cry I grabbed a couple skirts and three sun dresses and went to work. Fortunately I’m pretty handy with a sewing machine and I figured I could do this without buying any new clothes. Not that I’d find any clothes that would meet Levi’s demented requirements.

First I grabbed a ruler and stuck the end of it against my twat to see where the skirts and dresses should come and then I made a mark on my leg with a marker. I couldn’t believe it but I actually had a dress that met the requirements. A dress that I never wore because it made me look like such a slut. It was tough getting the hems right because I couldn’t try the clothes on. I fooled with the dress tops and hoped for the best. I threw the lot in the car and drove to a reasonably secluded spot where I could try them on. I had to make a few adjustments to get within an inch of my nipples. Until this shit was over I was going to have to be very careful walking and sitting and moving in general or someone was going to see my nips or my pussy.

Back home I made the adjustments and then put the entire wardrobe on the back seat of my car. I also threw in two pairs of flip-flops and two pairs of sandals. I figured why should I keep them in the house when I couldn’t even put them on until I was a block away. I’d take the clothes in when they needed laundering. My life as a nudist was becoming quite simple. Embarrassing, humiliating, and tiring, but simple.

My next step was to try out my new, sluty attire in public. I drove to a strip mall not too far from my house (not the one where I humiliated myself in the rain). I didn’t even bother dressing until I got there. I drove the whole route naked because I didn’t feel like making the extra stop to dress. A SUV gave me a pretty emphatic toot on the horn but at least he didn’t turn around. After arriving I slipped on one of the sun dresses and a pair of flip-flops. I felt naked. I walked down the mall and past the stores. Some people stared and one asshole asked for a date. This was what it was going to be like until my next three tasks were done. Constant humiliation. One hundred percent of the time.

As I passed the stores I could see my reflection in the windows. Lots of leg, a little bit of a dress and a nice pair straining to escape and see the light of day. I turned to see myself from the front. From one point of view I thought I looked very sexy. Of course, there’s always the other point of view. I looked like a slut. The asshole was wandering back in my direction and glanced in the window.

“Looking good,” he said.

He was obviously coming from the second point of view. I gave him the finger and walked back to my car trying very hard not to break into a run or burst out sobbing. Constant humiliation. One hundred percent of the time.

I drove to the park and stripped off my dress and put on a skirt and blouse. Two buttons. I got out and walked around. A few stares and a few more surreptitious looks from the guys but nothing too blatant. The short skirt got their attention and then it was peek-a-boo time. It was impossible to keep my blouse from gaping as I moved. At work I was going to have to go with the skirt and blouse combo. The sun dresses were too casual. Every guy in the office was going to be looking for a chance to see my nipples. Men were such jerks. Monday at work was going to be a tough day and I prayed that Robert would be afraid to say anything for fear of screwing up the naked-Melanie-in-the-office thing.

I had had enough and getting back in my car I stripped naked and drove home thinking the hell with the honkies.

For the rest of the afternoon I did some gardening in the back yard and improved my all-over tan. After that I just sort of hung out, had a light dinner (watching the old waist line, Levi) and read until it was time to entertain my adolescent friends and whoever else happened by. My fan club had an addition this evening. The two kids had brought along a friend. The three of them sat on the front lawn waiting for the show to begin. They simply stared at my front picture window making sure that they didn’t miss a thing. At seven o’clock sharp I started in with my windmills.

It wasn’t long before my new fan, sitting cross legged, had his hand between his legs and his mouth hanging open. He didn’t last long. When I was doing my sit-ups he was covering his crotch and his mouth was closed. A couple cars slowed, paused, gawked and moved on. While I was doing my jumping jacks so that the three boys could watch how nicely my boobs bounced a car that I recognized pulled up and stopped. It was Katy and Jen. Katy was driving and she sat and stared with a strange expression on her face. Jen was leaning around her and also watched but I couldn’t see her face very well.

I didn’t understand where they were coming from. Did they get a kick out of watching me humiliate myself as I lewdly showed my body to three adolescents? Katy looked like she was enjoying it. No, not enjoying it. Like, she was turned on by it. By my pain and humiliation. I began crying as I did my final show off routine. Showing my audience my cunt and my butt hole. I’m sure the boys liked it. But Katy and Jen? My two best friends? Supposed best friends? By the time I had finished my backward windmills they had left and only the three boys remained. And they took off when I left the room. Other than that it was an ordinary nude exercise session with naked Melanie.

It was time to go out, dress like a slut and meet my supposed two best friends. At an empty parking lot I chose a dress from my back seat that I hoped wasn’t to revealing and slipped it on. A pair of sandals and I was ready for my night on the town. When I got to Banana Joe’s it took all the courage I could muster to enter the place. The length of my dress was almost acceptable. It was the top that concerned me. There was just too much boob showing. I turned a few heads as I walked to the table where Katy and Jen were sitting. All I said was hi.

“What’s the matter, Mel?” asked Katy. “You’re pissed because we watched you tonight, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I’m pissed. What’s the mater with you guys? I’m humiliated when I get up, when I go to work, when I’m at work, when I come home and when I see my neighbors. I’m naked and I eat my fucking dinner naked and then I have to show a bunch of kids absolutely every fucking part of my naked body and then I got two guys who are supposed to be my two best friends gawking at me like I’m a goddam nude dancer or something.”

I whispered my rant so other people in the bar wouldn’t hear. I started to cry and I didn’t want anyone to see that either. Stifling my sobs I stood and headed for the door. I’m sure the patrons wondered.

In the parking lot Katy and Jen joined me. They both hugged me and kept repeating over and over. “I’m sorry, we’re sorry. So sorry. Sorry, sorry, sorry. Oh god, Mel, we’re so stupid,” and stuff like that.

Katy said, “Mel, we’re so dumb. We just don’t know what you’re going through. I mean we know what you’re going through but not what it’s actually like to be you. Please forgive us. Please.”

I did and I told them I did and we hugged and cried. The contact felt good and comforting. We reentered the bar once we dried our eyes and got ourselves back in control.

Katy tried to explain. “We just stopped by out of curiosity and when we stopped and saw you and watched it was... I don’t know. Sexy or something. Erotic. We were just so stupid. We didn’t realize how terrible this all is for you. I know we should have, but we didn’t. We’re terrible friends.”

Jen kicked in. “Honest, Mel. We didn’t mean to dis you or anything. It’s just that when I saw you doing those exercises and I know that you didn’t want to. And the fact that you had to humiliate yourself and you looked so vulnerable... I don’t know, Mel. It’s so stupid. It’s that it made me so... Never mind. I don’t know what I’m saying.”

I pressed. “It made you so what. Horny? You got off I my humiliation? Is that it?” Jen looked miserable. I had pressed too hard. “I’m sorry, Jen. I know you didn’t mean any harm. Let’s talk about something else.”

“Yeah,” said Katy. “Let’s talk about something else. What’s with all the skin? Is this something new with Levi, or what?”

“Yeah,” I answered. “A new dress code. Levi decided that I’ve been wearing my dresses too long and as a punishment I’ve had to alter all of my dresses to show more leg and more tit.”

I felt like a kid explaining why I was being spanked.

“Jesus,” said Jen. “Actually, you look great. I mean, I know that’s way too revealing and everything but, Jesus Mel, you look good enough to eat.”

There was what is a called a pregnant pause while the double meaning sank in. Katy saved the moment by asking about my new dress code. I explained and they commiserated.

For the rest of the evening we talked about me and what it was like being naked. Then some guys would join us and check me out as I squirmed under my skimpy dress, the only thing between their eyes and my skin. When we got rid of them the conversation reverted back to my life as a nudist. Jen contended that seeing me naked was erotic partly because I had no choice. I was forced to be naked and that made it more erotic. It made me wonder about my own feelings. How did this enforced naked life style make me feel. Beyond embarrassment and humiliation. Was I in any way aroused by it. The thoughts were fleeting. I wasn’t sure I wanted to go there. All I wanted was to get this whole naked/task thing over with. Three more tasks. Let’s get on with it, Levi.

That’s my Saturday. My twenty-second day being naked most of the time. Not much happened today that will get your perverted juices flowing. Too fucking bad. There’s always tomorrow. And three more tasks.


End of part 6

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