Hacker’s Punishment Continued
by MOF

Part 3

This story is a continuation of B.H. Paulson’s “Hacker’s Punishment.” When I read Mr. Paulson’s story I got a kick out of it. I was disappointed, though, that it ended after the sixth task so I thought that I’d try to finish the story. Mr. Paulson made this difficult by leaving poor Melanie totally humiliated and she still had six tasks to go. The problem is how do I create six more tasks, each increasingly more difficult and humiliating, without getting Melanie arrested?

If this story is going to make any sense you should read “Hacker’s Punishment” under B.H. Paulson’s name in the “Enforced Nudity Section.”

Chapter 4 Melanie’s Eighth Post to Leviticus

Big day. First I get to go to work and talk my boss into allowing me to strip naked while in my office. Stark naked. Naked as a jay bird.. Birthday suit naked. And, of course, he and the marketing manager get to wander into my office any time they want so they can ogle my naked body. According to Levi the pervert I will have to continue working in the altogether until I’ve finished four additional tasks. Five if you count tonight’s task.

After a day of humiliating myself at work I get to come home and do it some more. Entertain my five neighbors, they with their clothes on like ordinary people and me naked like an idiot. Naked so they can continually check out my body. My breasts. My nipples. My tummy. My ass. My legs, feet, and, of course, my well trimmed bush. They’ll look, they’ll evaluate, they’ll criticize and I’ll entertain as if I don’t care.

I care, Levi! I fucking care! You want to embarrass me and humiliate me and you’re doing an excellent job so I hope you’re fucking happy!

So that’s my day. My nineteenth day of being naked the majority of the time.

I began it as usual. Naked.. By the time I got to work my heart was in my throat. Was I really going to ask Robert if I could spend the time in my office totally nude? He could fire me on the spot. And what if he said yes? I’d be bare naked most of the day. When I passed his office his door was open (something mine never was for obvious reasons.) I said hi and asked if I could see him for a minute. He said sure and followed me into my office closing the door behind him. I didn’t mean immediately but what the hell. Robert was pretty sure he knew what would happen next. He was right.

The first thing I’m supposed to do when I enter my office is take off my shoes and skirt. I ‘d been bottomless in front of Robert many times but I had never taken my clothes off in front of him. Somehow I found this to be rather degrading but I had no choice. Turning to him I shrugged and gave him an embarrassed smile as I stepped out of my shoes and unzipped my skirt while wondering what he thought about my lack of panties.. Stripping my skirt off I hung it on the hook behind my door. Instead of sitting behind my desk I chose a chair across from Robert. No sense in playing modest when I planned on revealing even more.

Robert didn’t say a thing. He simply looked and slowly shook his head. Finally he spoke. “So here’s the deal, Melanie. I’ve told the rest of the office that you have some very important marketing work to do and that I don’t want anyone bothering you without checking with me or Zeke first. I’d hate to have someone barge in inadvertently with you being half clothed. I gotta ask, though. What’s up? Not that I mind or anything. You’re brightening my day. Considerably.”

Robert was making things even easier. I was concerned about my fellow employees once I was totally nude. My desk would no longer provide adequate protection.

“About the nude thing, Robert.” I responded. “I’m into a self awareness program that involves total immersion in the cosmic being of self.” I couldn’t believe the words coming out of mouth. What a load of bullshit.

“I thought that not wearing clothes in the office would forward me toward the existential goals that I had set,.” I continued. “I made what I considered to be an acceptable compromise with myself by leaving my shirt on.”

“I see.” said Robert.

I couldn’t believe that he was buying this crap.

“Well, if you feel that wearing a shirt is unacceptable in achieving your, uh, goals I don’t see how that would affect your work. I mean you’re mostly nude already anyway.”

“You mean it would be okay if I didn’t wear my shirt either?” I asked.

He was almost salivating. “I guess that would be all right,” he responded, as if he actually thought about it.

I smiled at him and said, “Thank you so much. Your support means a lot to me.” That’s what I said. What I was thinking is what a hypocritical old goat you are.

I stood and unbuttoned the remaining buttons on my blouse. As it slipped off my shoulders Robert had to do some wiggling in his chair to rearrange his male components. Evidently his prick was pointed in the wrong direction when it decided to get hard.. I walked behind my desk and sat on the cold slippery leather.

“Thanks again,” I said as I smiled at him. “Is there anything you need?”

He shook his head. “No. Nothing now.” And he left. No doubt to talk with Zeke about the additional entertainment that their nutso employee was providing.

During the course of the day I saw even more if them (and they saw more of me) than when I was bottomless only. As the day wore on their excuses to come into my office became more and more lame and I think that even they realized it. Finally I managed to get some work done.

I left early to prepare for my dinner guests. On the way home I stopped at the local deli/grocery store and got enough prepared food to feed them and also a couple boxes of wine. One red and one white. This damn dinner was going to cost me. Fortunately it was going to get me one task closer to completion.

My house has a nice patio in the back. It faces north so the house shades it from the afternoon sun. There’s a patio table large enough to accommodate six people without too much squeezing. Surrounding the patio was a bed of carefully tended flowers and shrubs. Carefully tended by me. In the nude.

By the time I got my food warming in the oven and the snacks on the table my guests began to arrive. First was Cora with some cheese and crackers and a bottle of white. Then the Kraznys with a couple bottles of red. Lastly came the Smiths with chips and another bottle of white. Apparently my neighbors were a party kind of people.

We sat and drank and chatted and drank and nibbled and drank. I became more and more relaxed and it seemed like everybody had gotten used to my nudity. When I stood to replenish the snacks or drinks I felt more naked and on display but that was the worst of it.

I learned that Cora taught at the local high school but retired when she lost her job. Lost her job? Huh. I learned that Herb was a mailman and that Martha worked in the dry goods section of the department store. What the hell’s a dry good? Any better than a wet good? And Andrew works in personal finance. He evidently does pretty well since Molly stays home with Grace. I gave them the usual bullshit about why I was naked all the time. I’m not sure they bought it but they seemed satisfied. We worked our way through dinner and started in on the brownies that I made for dessert (actually, I bought them but I forgot to mention that.)

The doorbell rang. As I got up to answer it Martha said, “You answer the door like that?”

I looked down at my naked self then back up at her and said, “Sure. Remind me to tell you about the Mormon guys who stopped by last week.”

When I opened the door I didn’t feel so cocky. It was Katy and Jen. I stared at them and they stared at me. Finally Katy said the obvious. “Mel? You're naked!”

“Yeah,” I replied. “Let me tell you about it later. Right now my neighbors are here for dinner. I’ll introduce you. Pretend I’m always like this. Actually I am. Don’t look surprised. Okay?”

My two friends simultaneously said, “Oh my god.”

I grabbed Katy’s hand and dragged her to the patio in the back of the house. Jen followed along. When I got to the patio I thrust them forward and said, “I’d like to introduce my two very best friends.”

Then I went through all the introductions adding all kinds of tidbits about my friends and my guests and by the time I finished Katy and Jen managed to recover and act like everything was normal and of course their best friend is naked, because, as we all know, she’s a certifiable nut case and should actually be in a strait jacket.

My neighbors were very gracious and decided that it was getting late. I got hugs from the three women and the way Martha and Molly looked at their husbands I definitely wasn’t getting any hugs from them. We all agreed that it was a wonderful time and we should do it again. As they trailed across my lawn they tossed thank you's back to me and Katy and Jen were whispering to me, “What the fuck’s going on?”

“First some wine.” I said as I refilled my glass. “Help yourself.”

They did.

“Now be quiet and let me tell the whole story without you guys butting in. Okay?”

They both nodded yes and I launched into my tale of enforced nudity. I told them that I had done something wrong and a guy named Levi - Yes you, you mother fucking pervert! - threatened to blow the whistle on me and that it could cost me my reputation, my job, and maybe even my freedom. I told them about all the rules and tasks and naked-at-work and even my exercises for my juvenile fans (which were past due.) And I told them that at the end of each day I had to send Levi a detailed account of my day. I didn’t tell them about Leviticus or the fact that Levi posted my accounts for the entertainment of a bunch of Internet pornophiles.

When I was finished it was Katy who had all the questions. I assured them that I didn’t do anything that hurt anybody and that it was just a stupid immature thing and that I’d tell them all about it when this was over.

Jen just sort of sat there absorbing everything. But I didn’t have time for questions. It was past eight and I was way late for my exercises. Jen and Katy followed me into the living room and sat off to the side where they couldn’t be seen very well from outside. I planted my naked self in front of the window as usual and my fan club was still there waiting patiently. They were laying on my lawn fooling around.. As soon as I appeared they sat up with their legs crossed like Indians, elbows on their knees and their chins on their hands. I got closer attention from those two boys than I ever got from any of the guys in my life.

I began with my windmills while facing the boys. At first Katy and Jen didn’t say anything. I suspect that they were still absorbing my bizarre situation. But then Katy started getting with the program. “You know, Mel, you really do have a cute butt.”

“Nice butt hole, too,” said Jen who was sitting where she had I nice view of it. “Too bad your fan club can’t see it.”

“That comes later,” I replied while panting.

“Oh my god!” they said in unison.

I finished with the windmills and began my five minutes of jogging.

“Nice boobs. Doesn’t that hurt?” asked Katy.

“I get used to it,” I said, panting harder.

“Those kids get to see it all, don’t they,” said Jen.

“They will.”

While I was jogging in place a car drove by and as it passed the driver slammed on his brakes. He backed up and a respectable middle aged man sat and stared. He turned his hazard lights on. Apparently he was there for the duration.

Next came the burpees and the sit-ups. These two exercises offered some time below eye level and the cars that passed by either missed the show or didn’t care. The one driver stuck it out, though.

The burpees and the sit-ups tired me out. By the time I got to the jumping jacks I was sweating like a pig and panting like a dog. But my juvenile fans seemed to enjoy them and evidently, Katy did too.

“Holy shit!” she said. “You know, you really look good, Mel.”

“Yeah,” was Jen’s only comment.

Time for the final humiliation. I did a one-eighty and began my windmills. With each touch of my toes I could actually feel my asshole expose itself. I couldn’t decide which was worse. Showing them my butt hole or my cunt. No matter. I showed them both. Now I had the added humiliation of letting my two best friends watch me flaunt my naked body in front of a bunch of perverts outside my window. It made me angry.

“Now how good do I look, Katy?”

“I think two kids and somebody’s dad think they have just died and gone to heaven,” she replied.

I finished my exercises and walked out back to the patio. I had to get out of my living room and away from my voyeuristic fans. I collapsed into a chair, exhausted, leaning back, legs splayed and sex prominently displayed. Katy and Jen followed and sat across from me.

“Jeez, Mel, how can you do that?” Katy asked.

“You do what you have to do.”

“Before you go to bed tonight you have to write all this up and send it to Levi?”


They both agreed that it was a terrible thing and that Levi’s the one who should be in jail and that I was very brave and blah, blah, blah.

We talked for a while about my predicament and what it was like to be naked and everything and I cried a little and they consoled me and after it was all over I felt better and I told them so.

They left and here I am at my keyboard reliving every embarrassment and humiliation of my day for the entertainment of you dick heads.


End of part 3

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