Hacker’s Punishment Continued
by MOF

Part 2

This story is a continuation of B.H. Paulson’s “Hacker’s Punishment.” When I read Mr. Paulson’s story I got a kick out of it. I was disappointed, though, that it ended after the sixth task so I thought that I’d try to finish the story. Mr. Paulson made this difficult by leaving poor Melanie totally humiliated and she still had six tasks to go. The problem is how do I create six more tasks, each increasingly more difficult and humiliating, without getting Melanie arrested?

If this story is going to make any sense you should read “Hacker’s Punishment” under B.H. Paulson’s name in the “Enforced Nudity Section.”

Chapter 2 Melanie’s Seventh Post to Leviticus

Monday morning I checked my e-mail. Nothing from Levi, but there was a message from Jen.

Hey Mel. Fun sat nite. I love the new you. Let’s talk. Love, Jen

Interesting. But I had to get to work. I’d think about Jen later. I went through the usual routine. I was naked until I pulled into my usual dressing place, a vacant gas station. I put on my usual skirt and blouse combo making sure that only three buttons were buttoned. I had almost gotten use to guys taking surreptitious peeks at my button gaps. Almost. Arriving at work I made my way to my office. Next to my office was Robert’s office. Robert was my boss. His door was open and he and Zeke were in close conversation. As I walked by they both nodded and gave me a hard look. Not good. I was sure it was me they were talking about. Me running around naked and acting like an idiot. I thought to myself that if I lost my job I was going to hunt Levi down and personally castrate him with a very dull and rusty knife.

Entering my office I closed the door and stood there thinking. First of all I knew that somehow Levi was watching me. The rules were that I was to remove my skirt and shoes, put them behind the door, and then sit at my desk naked from the waist down. According to Levi, if I didn’t he’d blow the whistle on me and that would be the end of my job and much worse. If I stripped as directed and Robert or Zeke discovered me it would be the end of my job and total humiliation, but I’d avoid the 'much worse'. Fuck it! I stripped and sat at my desk with my bare ass on the cold leather of my chair.

First thing I did was check my e-mail to see if Levi had any new torture in store for me. Nothing. Then I got to work. It wasn’t long before there was a knock and Zeke entered. I dreaded this. After Saturday’s fiasco I knew that there would have to be some kind of explanation or something and I had no idea of what I was going to say. Zeke opened the conversation.

“Look, Melanie, I don’t know what’s going on with you but I want you to know that if there’s anything I can do I’m here for you. I mean it’s not that I didn’t enjoy the view Saturday. In fact, I loved it. Robert feels the same way I do. About being here for you, I mean. We have both noticed the, uh, unusual way you’re dressing for work. Robert said that you’re an excellent employee and he wants to keep you and if your recent strange behavior doesn’t interfere with your work then it’s ok by him.”

Zeke paused and I guessed it was my turn. I smiled and did my best to appear nonchalant while my heart was racing. “I’m sorry if I upset you Saturday, Zeke. For a lot of reasons this is something that I have to do, I mean dressing like this and running around nude the way I did on Saturday. I really appreciate your support. I’m not being made to do it or anything it’s just, well... please accept it, ok?”

Of course I was lying through my teeth and I suspected that Zeke wasn’t being entirely up front, either. But I was relieved. I just might get through this with my job intact. “So you’ve been talking with Robert,” I continued. “ Did you tell him about Saturday?”

“Well, yeah. I had to, Melanie. I mean he’s our boss and, anyway, he mentioned to me about they way you were dressed and being barefoot and everything. I’m just wondering what’s going to happen. I mean with the way you’re dressing. Like the short skirts and the blouse with the unbuttoned buttons. Jeez. I mean it’s great. Like I said, I’m enjoying the view. And I hope it continues.”

Zeke was torn. He didn’t want to look like a dirty old man but he sure liked the peek-a-boo blouse and he hoped it wouldn’t go away.

I smiled. “Yeah, it’s going to last a little longer if I manage to keep my job.”

“Look,” said Zeke, “like Robert told me. If what you wear doesn’t get any more, uh, risque, then he’s ok with it. I mean he said that if the naked stuff, strange as it is, stays private, well, then, he’ll go along.”

I was thinking that Robert would like to see some of that naked stuff himself. It occurred to me that now might be a good time to make my week a little easier. I was terrified that I’d get caught bottomless. What if Zeke and Robert knew that I was naked from the waist down? Then I could stop worrying about it and my heart wouldn’t leap to my throat every time one or the other came into the office. I was beginning to suspect that not only would Robert not have any objections but he would be for it. It was a risk but I thought that it was a risk worth taking.

Still smiling I said to Zeke, “ What if I told you that right now the only thing I’m wearing is this shirt?. That from the waist down I’m stark naked?”

I almost laughed at the way his eyes bugged and his jay dropped. Almost.

“Come on, Mel. Don’t mess with me. You’re kidding me, right.”

“Maybe,” I said. “What would Robert say?”

Zeke laughed. “Robert wouldn’t say a thing. Believe me.”

I had a feeling that Robert and Zeke’s dreams were coming true. I had one last issue. “But you know, Zeke, if I am, like I say, naked from the waist down and if you and Robert knew about it who else would find out?”

“No one,” he replied quickly. “We’re both married guys. And Robert’s got his job to think about. We’re not dumb.”

I wasn’t sure about that but I didn’t say anything.

“And you know, Zeke, what I’m doing has only to do with me and what I wear. I’m not extending any invitations or anything. Like they say, 'Look but don’t touch'.”

“No, no, Melanie. I completely understand. But I gotta know. Are you or aren’t you?”

This was almost fun. I just sat and let the tension build. Slowly I slid my chair back and very slowly I stood and stepped from behind my desk. Zeke gawked.

“Now you know, Zeke. I don’t know about you, but I have work to do,” and I briskly sat down and began working at my computer. Zeke left, shaking his head.

Not long after there was another knock and my new visitor was not a surprise. Robert came in carefully closing the door behind him and sitting in a chair across from my desk.

“I’ve been talking with Zeke,” he said. “I guess you’re embracing this new life style or whatever it is to the hilt. Look, Melanie, that’s ok with me as long as it doesn’t interfere with your work. I don’t think anyone should know about this except for Zeke and me. Are we in agreement?”

Of course we were in agreement. This was what I wanted. To get the pressure off. Now that Robert delivered his little speech I was wondering how he was going to get me to show him my charms.

“Yes,” I replied. “I know this doesn’t make much sense to you but it’s something I have to do. Like you say, as long as it doesn’t interfere. And thank you for being so understanding.”

It was getting pretty deep in my office.

“Good,” he said. “Then as far as I’m concerned, business in this office hasn’t changed. If your new, uh, lifestyle has you going around bottomless so be it. Now that we’ve got that out of the way I’m going to need some files. For starters I need the Abernathy and the Trainer files. Could you get those for me, please.”

He needed those files like a hole in the head. What he really wanted was to ogle my naked ass and my naked crotch while I moved around the office getting them. He got what he wanted. I stood and went to the files on the opposite side of my office giving him a nice shot of my rear. Abernathy was in the top file drawer and I had to stand on tiptoe to reach it. I’m sure he liked that. To get the Trainer file I had to either bend over or squat. I chose squat. I didn’t think he was ready for a shot of my asshole yet. After retrieving the files I turned and walked over to him so that my crotch was three feet from his face. I handed him the files as he tried mightily to look me in the eye. He failed. Robert took the files, thanked me, and left.

So that was that. For Robert and Zeke I had no self respect left. To them I was simply a couple minutes entertainment during their workday. 'Hey, I think I’ll check out Melanie’s ass. Haven’t done that for a while. Let’s see, what file do I need now'. They had no interest in why I was naked. All that concerned them was that I WAS naked.

I got some more work done before I finally got an e-mail from Levi. More torment and humiliation.

Dear Melanie,

I think it’s wonderful how you’re adapting to your new lifestyle. Your solution to your predicament at work is brilliant. And you’re starting to bond with your neighbors. I think that’s great and I want to do all that I can to help you in your endeavors.

To that end I have two new tasks. The first is work related. Now that you’ve established a good working relationship with Robert and Zeke I think we should raise the bar. Tomorrow morning I want you to ask Robert if you can do away with your blouse. In other words, spend your time in your office stark naked. I don’t think he’ll have a problem with that, do you? To make this a task worth the name I also want to extend your naked time in the office until you’ve completed your tasks. If everything goes according to plan, you’ll be done a couple weeks from now. Isn’t that great?

Your second task is going to be just as enjoyable. I want you to invite your neighbors, the Smiths, the Krasnys and Cora Tobin over for dinner Tuesday evening. You might start with cocktails, say about 5:30. They’re all usually available by then. I’d like you to deliver the invitations in person.

After you complete these there will be just four more tasks, Melanie, and you’ll have to admit, these two aren’t too bad.

By the way, your exercises were very entertaining. I know of one young man who particularly liked them.

Love, Levi

Both tasks were going to be terribly embarrassing and humiliating. Not too bad? Fuck you, Levi.

The rest of the day was ordinary except for the sudden interest in files on the part of Zeke and Robert. By the time I dressed to leave the office they were both very familiar with my bare ass and my naked beaver. For about fifteen minutes I got to wear a shirt, a skirt and a pair of shoes. Then they came off again, not to be put on until tomorrow morning after I left the street that I live on. I figured I’d do my invitations after dinner.

Another stiff drink and I found the courage to visit. I thought I’d start with Cora and end with the Smiths. As I made my naked way to Cora’s I felt that my neighbors were watching my progress. I crossed into Cora’s yard and knocked on her back door. When she opened it she said, “Well, well, the neighborhood nudist has come to visit.”

I smiled sheepishly and said, “Hi Cora. I just stopped by to see if you can come over for dinner tomorrow evening. I’m also inviting the Kraznys and the Smiths.”

I felt like an idiot. Just stopped by? In the nude?

Cora laughed. “You’re a trip, Melanie. Of course I’ll join you. I wouldn’t miss it. I’ll even bring some dip and a bottle of wine. All it takes to get this neighborhood to party is a very pretty naked girl.” She laughed again and invited me in but I said that I had to finish delivering my invitations. She wished me luck.

When I knocked on the Krasny’s door Herb answered. The poor guy was struck dumb. I made my invitation and he stammered, “Uh, yeah, uh, we, I mean, we’ll, uh, let me get Martha.” He paused for a minute checking me out pretty carefully and turned on his heel. Martha replaced him and, of course, started talking without pause. Eventually I got my invitation in edgewise and she thought that it was very nice that I was making the effort. She and Herb would love to come.

Next came the Smiths. Andrew answered the door. “Hi, Melanie. What’s up?”

Your dick, probably. But I just thought it. I didn’t say it. I told him about my little dinner party and he said that it sounded like fun but I should talk with Molly. Evidently wives are in charge of dinner arrangements. Men must be in charge of... huh, what are they in charge of? They can’t even control their dicks.

Molly said great and that she’d leave Grace with her grandmother.

So that was it. Naked Melanie was going to entertain her new friends. The guys were going to ogle and the girls were going to wonder. Molly would be comparing my naked body with hers, Martha would be talking a mile a minute and Cora would be... I’m not sure what Cora would be doing.

By now it was time for my exercises. I checked the front window and there was my fan. And he brought a friend along. Great. Now I was going to entertain not one but two post-pubescent perverts.

I went through my routine as they watched. A few cars slowed but there were no other pedestrians.

The exercises were hard work. I’m sure that my fans enjoyed my sweaty body as I worked through them. Finally I got to the last one. Windmills with my back to them. I could just hear the first kid telling the other one what a treat he was in for. Well here it is guys. Ass hole and cunt. Stand. Ass hole and cunt. Stand. Ass hole and cunt. Stand. And on and on. You get the idea.

When finished I left them to their fantasies and took a shower. After that I spent the remainder of the evening watching TV but mostly thinking about getting completely naked at work and entertaining the neighbors in my birthday suit.

Just think, perverts. You can read all about it tomorrow.


End of part 2

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