Pet Text
by M

Part 1

Iím not really sure what time it was when I woke up but I think it was the stickiness that finally aroused me. I could see it was daylight, perhaps early morning time. I rolled over and I could still feel them on my ankles. I was completely naked except for the cuffs. Perfect leather cuffs on my ankles and wrists. Snugly secured with little stainless steel locks, shiny and silver. And my collar, leather, also locked with a bit bigger lock for safety. I rolled and attempted to sit up. The slight rustling of the chain brought me around faster.

Attached to my collar, a stainless steel chain about 15 feet in length rolled with me and I could see its other end securely attached to a large ring at the top of the metal bedpost on the top left corner of the bed that was also securely bolted to the floor. I sat up and looked around the room. The grey satin blanket I was wrapped in hung loosely around my waist as I looked around me. Everything was gone. The whips and chains, the leather gloves and rubber devices... he had used this time... I quietly laid back stared at the ceiling... then at the door across the room. Not sure how many days it had been since I came here... not that it made a difference but, still wondering what was to come... I never knew from day to day through this whole journey.

Since it began he always had so many surprises; and I wondered when he was gonna come again for me, use me and then vanish again into this enormous house. I sometimes could hear others here but not close enough to even make out their voices, or make a noise that they could hear. Why would I anyway? What would I say; Iíd come here of my own free will, following my instructions exactly to a t, just the way I was ordered to and here I was. I guess in someoneís opinion I could be seen as a prisoner but I didnít feel like it. I was fed and cared for, coveted like I always wanted to be. He wasnít abusive really; I was born to serve and the cuffs just set me free. When I could offer him my submission it made me complete -- when he accepted it.†

The more the days passed I knew that this was where I belonged. I thought back to when it started online; all the conversations; all the long nights; the instant captivation, he knew exactly what I wanted to hear, and more than that he knew me. He knew how I felt, the ways I was born and my true nature to submit. I couldnít believe some of the things; it was like he'd walked beside me in my mind the whole time even before I knew of his existence. And then, months later I remember the instructions he gave me: the key to the room I was to finally appear at; the blindfold and the way it made me feel the first time I put it on; all my other senses. It was like they shut off and the only thing I could hear after that was the sound of his voice, the only need I had was his instructions commanding me to come, kneel or get ready, be silent or speak freely. I wondered if I would ever get to really serve him, not just sexually, if I would ever be allowed to cook for him, clean (or even just see the rest of this magnificent house), do his laundry, sleep beside him even chained to the bed it would be ok. I loved the collar. It made me feel safe and coveted, owned, how could any of them never understand what I meant by that when I always talked about how I really felt inside; how could they all be so spineless when it came to taking me and making me; leaving me powerless over my own free will , not with the chains or ropes or fear or dread but with my own passion, my submission, and not use it as a tool against but inspiring it to grow for him?

The payoff could be endless. I always said that but never knew exactly what I meant. Never been here before for real in a healthy way, but was this healthy, waking up chained to a bed. Days, maybe weeks or months of it, being taken nearly every night and made to perform, sweat and sometimes even cry; but the tears didnít come from the pain they came from the limits -- discovering them, defeating them. He found them always and when I felt like I couldnít come any more, couldnít take anymore he drove me on. And I did it some more for him; and in the end was so overwhelmed with the emotions that it brought all I could do was cry tears of joy... no... tears of completion. Finally making it to a driven destination -- always changing -- every day there were new things.

But what I loved more than any part of it was when he kissed me. He didnít for weeks it seemed. But now, as I felt his affection for me grow and he couldnít hide it, he did and he would hold me and when his big arms were about me, even when I was totally restrained in the single glove sleeve and the leather hood was on, I could feel the affection generating through it all. Thatís what made me grow. Thatís what I was driven for; and to every day I spent here a little more of it surfacing and by now this was my world even if he removed the cuffs and the collar that kept me safe I wouldnít leave and the sadness and loneliness without them would come back.

To be continued...