by Lizard (aka CousinGoob)


Chapter One

The moon was high as I looked out over the balcony, listening to the waves crash against the beach, feeling the soft summer breeze blow against my delicate skin.  Hearing the faint sound of music coming from the distance, I kicked off my shoes and went walking in the soft sand, feeling the coolness upon my feet.  The sound of the music seemed to get louder as I made my way down the beach.

The music was haunting, drawing me nearer to a pile of large boulders.  Tying my ankle length skirt up high, I climb to the top.  I peer over, not to be seen, watching a small gathering of people.  My eyes widen as I look in the center of the crowd.  I see a girl, her body glistening, as the fire and moon shine upon her naked body.  Her eyes seemed closed as she leans against a long pole.  She seems to be tied to the pole, her arms held high over her head.  The music got louder and stronger as the people around her started moving closer to her.  Their hands were touching her naked body all over.  She was squirming, trying to hide herself from these people, but with little success. Her body seemed to shiver, her lips pressed tightly together, as gentle moans seemed to carry over the water.  I cannot tell if they are moans of pain or pleasure.  The girl doesn't seem to be part of this group.

I lay back upon the rocks, watching with interest.  I lift my skirt up higher still, letting my fingers gently graze over my heated flesh.  Eyes closed, I listen as the sound of her moans and the music seems to draw me into some unknown world.  Fingers drifting over my heated sex, feeling the warmth and sensation growing stronger.

There is a sound.  I open my eyes.  Looking up, I see the shadow of a man standing over me watching me.  I bite my lip, shivering softly, not knowing what is going to happen now.  Another man joins him and I suddenly feel so self-conscious with my skirt high on my legs.  I quickly try to lower my skirt, but then I remember that I tied it to make my climb up the boulders easier.  "No need to worry about your skirt now", laughs one of the men.  "It looks like we have another spy, Bryan", says the first man.  "Good", says the man called Bryan, "this one will go nicely with our other captive".  The two men bend down and lift me up under my arms and each of them grasps me by an arm.  "Right this way, spy girl", says Bryan and both of them laugh at me.  The two men drag me through the sand and as I look up I see the rest of the crowd turn around to watch what is happening.  I am led to the center of the group and they all circle around me.  "Oh, please", I say, "I didn't mean any harm.  Please let me go and I'll just forget that I was ever here".  This causes the group to all laugh.  "Not a chance of that happening now, you belong to us", says Bryan.  You see that there are four men and four women around you.  You glance at the naked girl bound to the pole.  Her head is bowed and it seems as though she is crying.  "This one will go nicely with our other captive", says one of the women.  I feel so humiliated now, in the center of these strangers, my skirt tied up high over my knees.  "Let's take a look at this one", says one of the men, "take off your dress now".  I can't believe what I am hearing.  All I have on underneath my dress is a pair of white string bikini panties.  I can't take off my dress.  "Please, no, don't make me do that", I plead.  This causes much laughter from the crowd.  "Out of that dress now, or it will be ripped off of you".  I reach behind and unzip my dress, letting it fall to the ground.  I feel so exposed now, standing in front of these people with just a pair of panties on.  "Very nice", says one of the women "now the panties".  I can't believe what I have gotten myself into.  I look at all of them and I see that there is no way I can talk my way out of this.  Bowing my head in shame, I slip out of my panties and stand before all of them completely naked.

"A completely shaved woman", says one of the men "doesn't she look nice this way".  I wish now that I didn't shave myself completely, it makes me feel even more naked now.  "That will save us the trouble of shaving her", says one of the women, "the other one needs to be shaved before we get started with them."  The other girl looks up in panic.  She has a very nicely trimmed bush, it is obvious that she takes care of her appearance down there.  "Oh no, please, not that" she cries.  'Shut up", yells one of the men "or you will be gagged".  She meekly bows her heads and I hear a whimper come from her.  "Back to you", says Bryan, "what is your name?".  "Gayle, Sir", I say.  "From now on you are to be called "slut gayle" is that understood.  I am horrified, how can I call myself this?  "Yes, Sir" I quietly mumble.  "You will call any Man Sir" or "Master" and any Woman "Ma'am" or "Madam" is that understood?'  "Yes, Sir".  "Take slut gayle and tie her to the pole with slut pamela", says Bryan, "while we decide what to do with these two".

I am lead over to the pole by two of the women and my hands are tied tightly by the wrists in front of me.  One of the women stands on a chair and lifts my arms high over my head and attaches my hands to a hook in the top of the pole.  I am standing in the moonlight, completely nude, spread out so that I can't hide my nudity.  I am so humiliated now.  How could I have gotten into this mess?  The two women leave and join the others.  The other girl, called slut pamela, has her back to mine.  We can't see each other, but our butts are gently rubbing against each other's.  "Who are these people, pamela?" I whisper.  "They are part of a biker gang" I hear her say.  "How long have they had you?", I ask.  "They captured me about 30 minutes ago.  I've been here like this since then.  I don't know what they were going to do to me when they all got distracted seeing you coming down the hill."  "No talking, you two", says a very gruff female voice.  "Time for your shave, slut pamela".  I see two of the women coming up to us, with a pale of water, some scissors, a razor and can of shaving cream.  "Please, be careful" I hear the poor girl plead.  "Be very still, we wouldn't want to slice that lovely little clit" laughs one of the women.  I stand here silently; at least they're leaving me alone now.  "Slut slave girls are always free of their pubic hair, I guess slut gayle knew that", they both laugh.  "All done with slut pamela, we should check out slut gayle, just to make sure she did a good job on herself".  They are both standing in front of me now.  "Spread those legs, slut", one of them says.  I have to obey so I open my thighs widely.  I feel their fingers roughly examining my most private area.  "Not a bit of stubble anywhere on this one", says one of them, "what a good little slave girl she's going to turn out to be".  I feel so humiliated now.  I've never been abused like this by anyone, especially a woman.  "These two are going to be so much fun, aren't they, Hazel".  "Yes they are, Dutch, two little feminine beauties for us to use in what ever way pleases us."  Dutch looks me straight in the eyes, "When we get through with you, you'll be begging for us to give you back to the men".  "A woman knows another woman's body so much better than a man does".  "We know the spots on this lovely body that will bring you much pain and the spots that bring you much pleasure".  "Once I'm finished with you, you'll be a good little pain slut".  "Yes Madam" I say through my tears.  OH, what is going to happen to me?


                                    Summer's Night…..Chapter Two - The Preparation

I don't know how long I've been standing here, completely nude, my hands tied high over my head.  Many times, someone has come over here and explored our bodies with their eyes and hands.  I have been felt, poked, stroked, pinched, and manhandled so many times that I've lost count.  It's like I don't have any privacy left at all.  They're all coming over here now.  Oh no, what is going to happen to me?

The six captors all stand around the two girls.  They all seem to be smiling.  Bryan, the obvious leader of this group, speaks,  "These two slaves had the audacity to spy on our gathering.  We caught one of them sneaking a look from the side of the house, and this one was up on the rocks, masturbating herself as she watched us.  That is typical slut behavior that always results in a punishment.  Both of you belong to us now.  You will be kept here for the next several days to be trained as proper slave girls for the six of us.  When we leave this place, we will take you with us.  At some point, you both might bring us a very nice price at a slave auction.  By that time, you will be well trained as sex sluts.  Take them inside now, Hazel, Dutch, and Madge and get them cleaned up and real pretty for us".  The three women untie our hands from the pole but leave our wrists tied in front of us.  They attach our wrists to a single rope and begin to lead us inside the house.  I feel like a piece of cattle being led this way.  I can’t believe what is happening to me.  A sex slave sold at auction?  How can this happen in the USA?

We are led up the stairs and into a large bathroom.  Our hands are finally untied.  I see that pamela is crying softly.  I feel like doing the same thing, but I'm afraid that will only cause me more grief.  "Time to get you two cleaned, inside and out", says Dutch.  "Down on your stomachs on the floor, right now!"  I do as told and so does pamela.  "Breasts and knees on the floor, and butts high in the air!" barks Dutch.   I assume this position quickly, not sure what is going to happen now.  I feel something entering into my private bum hole.  Oh no, they're giving me an enema!  This is so humiliating!  I hear pamela whimper as her ass is violated in the same manner.  "Start the water, Madge" I hear Dutch say.  I feel myself filling up inside quickly with cold water now.  Oh no, how much are they going to put inside of me?  They are talking among themselves as the pain and cramps seem to be growing stronger inside of me.  Oh, I wish they'd stop the water now.
"Are the quart bags empty now?" says Dutch.  "Yep, do they need another one", says Madge.  I feel someone press on my sore belly, causing the cramp to start badly now.  "This one is pretty full".  "Stand up, both of you, and don't let anything spill out of you".  I struggle to my feet, feeling my body ready to explode.  We are both doubled up, not able to stand up straight.  Madge pulls my shoulder up causing me to straighten up.  She pats me hard on my swollen belly, causing much pain inside of me.  "Does that hurt, slut?" she says.  "Yes, Madam Madge, very much".  She lets me bend over again and does the same thing to pamela.  The girl shrieks as her stomach is patted.  "I think they're ready to be emptied now," says Dutch.  We thankfully get to eliminate all this water from our bodies, while all three of them watch us.  How utterly humiliating this has been.

"Into the shower now", says Dutch.  We quickly go into the shower and they tie our hands, attaching them to a hook high over our heads.  The three of them take off their clothes and come into the shower with us.  They all have incredibly good bodies.  It's obvious that they work out.  Each has firm breasts and a nicely trimmed pubic patch. They are soaping us up all over, just like if we were animals.  My ass is spread and soaped up thoroughly.  My pussy lips are spread and soaped up.  My underarms are felt thoroughly by Madge.  She runs her hands up and down my legs and then the final indignity; she spreads my labia and feels between my legs.  "This is one is completely smooth, absolutely no stubble anywhere", she announces to everyone. "You must have shaved just before we caught you", she laughs. They point the showerhead at my body and rinse me off.  I have lost all my dignity.  They unhook us and dry us off.  "I won't let Bryan go here" I hear Dutch say as she roughly spreads my ass to dry it off.  "It's nice to have these two sluts here to use for that", she laughs at us.

Once we are dried, they tell me to get on a scale.  "Slut gayle weighs 125".  They make pamela get on it.  "Slut pamela weighs 127."  They measure our height.  Slut gayle is 5' 4" and slut pamela is 5' 5".  "Nicely fit sluts, I must say", Dutch says.  "Take their measurements now".  They make us raise our arms as they take a tape measure around our bodies.  They make us lower our arms and they measure across our breasts.  "Nice measurements on these two", Hazel says, "slut gayle is 34B, 23, 34 and slut pamela is 34C, 24, 35".  "God, I feel like a piece of meat now", I think to myself.  They make us sit down on barber chairs.  "Time to pretty you two up", says Dutch.  "Hazel is a hair stylist so she'll be doing up your hair, nothing to worry about, when she's done with you, you'll think you've been to the finest hair salon".  Hazel begins working on my hair first as Dutch and Madge begin doing pamela's make up.  After some time, the process is reversed.  Pamela has very nice blonde hair and I can see that Hazel is doing a very nice job on her hair.  I hope she was as good on my brunette hair, which I take so much pride in.  After they're done, they make us stand in front of a full-length mirror.  "God, they're beautiful," says Madge.  I have to admit I look like I'm ready to go to the finest ball for an evening out.

They put some fur-lined leather cuffs on each of our wrists and tether our wrists together in front of us.  They put a chain on the cuffs and cuff us together, and then they lead us out of the bathroom, down the stairs into a living room.  Once there, we are unhooked from each other.  "Make sure that each of the boys have all the beer and snacks that they need, sluts", says Dutch.  We scamper into the kitchen and get a six pack of cold beer and some chips and salsa.  The three men, Bryan, Spike, and Mick are sitting around the living room.  "May I offer you a beer, Sir Bryan? I ask.  "Yes, slut Gayle, thank you", he says.  We offer beer and snacks to the women as well.  Once they are all served, they make us stand together in front of them.  "You will be trained to be proper slave girls while we have you here", says Bryan.  "I feel that the best way to reinforce your training is to show you immediately how severely you can be punished for any disobedience, obstinance, snotty behavior, or anything that displeases any one of us".  "That's what we're going to start with right now".  Our hands are raised up to a hook in the ceiling as we stand side by side in front of all of them.  Oh Gawd, what is going to happen now?

                   Summer's Night….Chapter 3….The Training Begins

"You three ladies of ours may take over the training of these two", says Bryan "We'll just sit back and enjoy their suffering".  "I was hoping you'd let us take over", says Dutch, "it will be our absolute pleasure to torture these girls".  I shudder thinking about what these three women have in store for me and pamela.  I hear pamela sobbing next to me and I am ready to start crying for mercy.  Deep inside though, I suspect that if I did, that would cause even more suffering for me.  "Both of you spread those legs wide apart", says Dutch.  Hazel stands in front of me and reaches around and spreads my ass cheeks so wide apart that it hurts me.  I feel something penetrating me there.  "Just relax, slut gayle, it will go in easier that way", says Madge.  I feel something slide into me and it finally stops, thank God.  "Your turn now, slut pamela", says Dutch.  The poor girl shrieks as she is penetrated in the some way.  "These 4 inch butt plugs will help spread you out there, for when that opening is needed", laughs Dutch.  It feels so uncomfortable having something penetrating my body in such a degrading way.  "Close your legs and don't allow the plugs to fall out of you", says Dutch.  I see Mick loading up a camera and shudder to think what they might be thinking of taking pictures of.  He stands in front of us and begins taking pictures of us, trussed up this way.  "These will be a good advertisement for what we have for sale later on", Mick says.  I feel totally humiliated now, tied up like this, completely naked, with my picture going out to who knows where.

They turn us each to the side so that we are now facing each other.  Our bodies are only a few inches apart now, and I see that pamela has a fear in her eyes, much like I feel in mine.  Dutch brings out two chains about 5 inches long with some kind of clip on each of the ends.  She opens up the clip and puts one of the clamps on my left nipple, letting it close on me.  "Ouch", I cry.  This doesn't stop her from attaching a clamp from the other chain on my right nipple.   I flinch as these clamps now tightly enclose my nipples.  Dutch attaches the ends of each of the chains to pamela's nipples across from me.  "That hurts!" she cries.  We now stand just inches apart from each other, our nipples sore from the clips.  "These clips are an ingenious invention of mine", announces Dutch, "as you can feel right now, they are quite uncomfortable on your sensitive nipples."  She puts her hands on each of our shoulders and pulls us further apart.  "OWWWWW", we both squeal.  "As you can see, when the chain becomes taut, it causes the clamps to tighten even further, so as to not fall off.  Once the chain is loose again, they go back to the original pressure on your nipples". She pushes us back together and the relief is quite nice.  As bad as these clamps are right now, the tightening is so much worse.  "It's up to you two to stay as close together as possible during your whipping so as to not make the chain tight", says Dutch to us.  They wrap a rope around our waists, forcing our bodies together down lower.  I can feel pamela's pubic bone pressing against mine.  "Have you ever been whipped before, slut gayle", asks Dutch.  "No, Madam", I reply.  "And how about you, slut pamela?"  "No, Madam, please don't do this to us."  "Enough of your begging, slut", she says.  "As long as your bodies don't flinch too much while being whipped, the nipple clamps will be bearable, move around too much, and you'll both have very sore little buds on your breasts by the time we're finished with you."  I look over at the three men and they are just sipping beer, watching us go through this, I don't expect any help from them.  "It is good that you haven't been whipped before, if you had, you might enjoy it, and we wouldn't want that, would we?"  They all laugh now.

"Use this whip on them, Dutch", says Bryan.  "It will cause a harsh sting where it lands on their bodies, but won't mark their bodies up.  We wouldn't want to have damaged goods for any auctions."  Dutch gets what looks like a long, black, single strand whip from him.  "Oh no, she's not going to use that on us," I think to myself.  "I'm really going to enjoy this"; Dutch sneers at both of us.  With that she stands to the side of us and begins to whip us mercilessly.  The searing whip is torturing every part of the back of my body.  We can't help but move our bodies and every time we do, the nipple clamps tighten.  It is unbearable.  She lands the whip on my back, butt, and the back of my thighs.  The poor slave pamela is crying uncontrollably.  I am biting my lip to try to keep from bursting out in tears.  Dutch hands the whip to Madge and she starts in on us once again.  We are trying so hard not to move and tighten the nipple clamps, but it is hopeless.  I am just about ready to scream for some mercy when Madge hands the whip over to Hazel.  She starts whipping us again.  She has an even harder stroke, if that seems possible.  "Mercy, please!!!!" we both cry out at the same time.  Thankfully, Hazel stops the whipping.  We are both crying now, our backsides are on fire.  Our nipples feel like hot pokers are burning them.  Dutch comes over to us and says, "Did that make an impression on both of you".  "Oh yes, Ma'am", we both cry out.  "Good, what did that teach you, slut gayle?"  It showed me what will happen to us anytime we displease any of you, Ma'am."  "Very good, slut.  And you, pamela, what can you expect to happen to you when you make us angry?"  "I will be tortured just like this, Madam".  "Two very smart slaves we have here, Bryan".  Bryan gets up and comes over to us.  "Let me be perfectly clear to the two of you.  This is what happens to you when you get punished, but if we need some amusement at any time, this will happen for that as well".  "Yes Sir" we both nod.  I feel him cup his hand under my right breasts.  "Such a sensitive part of your body, isn't it, slut gayle?"  "Yes, Sir, very much", I clench my teeth as I resent being violated so much by these people.  Bryan looks at Dutch and says "How long should we leave the two of them like this do you supposed, Dutch?"  She circles around us, looking at the damage she and the other two have done to our bodies.  "Not too much marking on these feminine forms from the whip.  I could tell it was quite painful, however.  That should make you happy, Bryan".  "Oh yes, Dutch, I don't want these bodies getting scarred before they are sent to auction.  That will diminish their value to us."  "Oh please, kind Sir, can we please be freed from our bindings", I beg.  "Are you uncomfortable, slut?, he asks.  Yes, Sir, I don't think I can stand it much longer".  "Take the clamps off of their nipples, Dutch", he says.  "With pleasure, Bryan, watch these two jump when the clamps come off" She removes one of the clamps from my left nipple and my poor nipple feels like it is on fire as the blood comes rushing back to it.  Oh gawd, that hurts.  She takes the other one off and I can hardly stand the pain.  She removes them from pamela's nipples now and she cries out in pain.  I feel so sorry for her.  Dutch unties our waists from each other and turns our bodies around so that we are now side by side.  Bryan puts his hand between my legs and forces two fingers inside of my pussy.  "This one is a little wet now, she's going to turn into a fine pain slut in not time".  I feel totally humiliated that my body betrayed me in such a way.  He does the same thing to pamela.  "Not as wet as slut gayle, but she will be in due time".  "These two look exhausted, I think that's enough for one night.  Take them to their rooms and tie them to their beds so that they don't escape during the night.  Be sure to lock them in their rooms, Dutch", Bryan says.  I feel the plug inside of me slowly sliding out of my body.  The three women take us down from the ceiling and hook us back up together and lead us upstairs.  I get put into a small room and my hands are tied to the top of the bed.  "You had a busy night, slut gayle, more tomorrow, I assure you", says Madge.  They turn off the light and close the door.  I hear the door lock behind them.  "I must escape from here, but how?" I think to myself.  "It seems like we're always tied up, and when we're not, there's always someone around us".  I try to get comfortable in the bed, with my hands tied up over my head.  I drift off into a nightmare filled sleep.

                   A Summer's Night…..Chapter Four…..The Girls Have Some Fun

This has been a hellish day so far and it's only 2:00 PM.  My day started by being rudely awakened from a nightmarish sleep.  I was unhooked from the bed and allowed to relieve myself in the bathroom.  My hands were once again tied in front of me and I was led out of my locked room where pamela was waiting, also nude and tied.  We were tethered together once again and led down the steps to the kitchen.  We were untied from each other and our hands were freed and we were told by Madge that the others will be getting up shortly and breakfast better be ready for them when they come down.  Between pamela and myself, we managed to cook up a very nice breakfast just as everyone arrived.  We had to serve everyone, naked still, and when they were finished eating we were allowed to have what was left over.  Our ankles were tied to the chair legs so that we couldn't leave our chairs while we ate.  This has been so humiliating for me.

After we cleaned up the kitchen, the three women led us to the gym they had in their house.  We were forced for one hour to work out hard under their guidance.  We were allowed to wear gym shoes and socks, but otherwise we were still naked.  If we didn't go fast enough on the treadmill, one of them would whip us a few times to speed us up.  They made us lift weights, telling us that we had to firm up our bodies for potential buyers of our bodies.  I still can't imagine in this day and age that two young women could be sold like cattle, but it seems that they intend to sell us some time.

When we were finished with our workout, they took us out by the pool and tied our hands and ankles to chaise lounges.  They rubbed suntan lotion all over our bodies and then they went inside.  After a short time, the three women came out in their bikinis and started swimming.  That pool sure looked nice.  After 30 minutes, they turned us over on our stomachs and retied us, spreading lotion on the back of our bodies.  They told us that they wanted to eliminate the tan lines we had on our bodies from not sunning in the nude.  I felt like a greased pig being cooked for their pleasure.  Once 30 more minutes had passed, they unhooked us both and told us to go inside and make them some margaritas.  It's a good thing that pamela had bartended for a time, because I had no idea how to make one.  We served them and miracle of miracles they told us we could go swimming for a bit.  We jumped into the pool, feeling the cool water all over our bare skin.  The three guys came out and watched us for a while and then it was time to make them all lunch.  Once again, we had to make it, serve it, and then get the left overs.  At least they're letting us eat.  Once, I forgot to call Mick "Sir" and I was hung up in front of the others and given a whipping by him.

After lunch, the three men said that they had a meeting to go to for about three hours.  That made my skin crawl. I know that the three women can be more brutal than the men.  As soon as we heard their bikes roar off, Dutch says, "Let's have a little fun with our slut puppets."  I can only hope that this won't be as bad as last night.  They bring us inside and tie our hands behind us.  Hazel attaches our bound wrists to two chains coming down from the ceiling.  They raise the chains up so that our arms are pulled back and up, and we are bent over at the waist.  Oh gawd, what are they intending to do us?  We're standing side by side and our heads are bowed down from being in this position.  I feel something prying around my exposed ass.  "We can't let these cute butts go unnoticed", Dutch laughs and I feel something penetrating me.  This is even worse than the butt plug I had to wear last night.

"We wouldn't want to miss this opportunity to stretch out those little bum holes", Dutch says, "This is a six inch butt plug and it's a bit wider as well."  I feel so filled now, this is going to be a long afternoon, I think to myself.  Our breasts are hanging straight down, and Madge puts nipple clamps on both of my sore nipples.  I beg them not make me wear them again, but it falls on deaf ears.  It looks like there's something on the bottom of the clip and sure enough it was a magnet.

"I am going to attach one ounce weights to the clips, one at a time", announces Dutch.  I can't imagine what this is going to feel like.  I bite my lip as she puts the first weight on each of my nipples.  She puts six weights on each of our nipples, causing our nipples to stretch out from our breasts.

"You both look so cute now", chuckles Hazel.  I am biting my lip in pain, and I can hear pamela next to me moaning softly.  I can see the women taking off their bikinis now and I am fearful about what might be happening next.  I feel my hair being pulled up and my eyes are looking right at Dutch's pussy.  She is a stunning woman, with a well-toned body.  Her light brown pubic hair is cut very short and her bikini line is trimmed very far back so that she has but a narrow strip of hair covering her pussy.

"Have you ever sucked a woman before, slut gayle?" Dutch asks me.   I whimper, "No Ma'am".  I hear pamela going through this with Hazel and she hasn't done this before either.  "Let me give you both some advice then, imagine yourself in my position with a slave girl ready to lick your pussy.  Lick me the way that you would like to be licked.  That should make it easy."  With that she shoves my face in her pussy and I am forced to begin licking her clit up and down.  I am thinking about what might feel good if this was happening to me, so I speed up my tongue on her clit.  I enter inside of her pussy with my tongue, and I can tell that this is making her very excited.  Her juices are starting flow rapidly now, and I must admit I do like the taste of her.  I hear her moaning in pleasure and suddenly she begins to buck and weave to my touching.  I can tell that she is cumming and that makes me happy that perhaps she won't be so mean to me anymore.  She lets go of my hair and my head falls down again just as I hear Hazel scream that she is cumming.  Madge says it's her turn now, and I realize that we aren't finished yet.

"Let's have a contest!" Madge says.  "Each of us will get licked by each of these sluts, and then we'll vote on who was the best.  The winner gets to whip the loser."  "What a great idea," the other two chime in.  All of the sudden, Madge is in front of me and Dutch is in front of pamela.  "Get going, sluts", Madge says and we have to go through this again.  We each finish our third Mistress and we are both spent from all this work.  My nipples hurt so bad that I've forgotten about the plug up my ass.

"They were both very good", Dutch says, "For their reward, we'll take the nipple clamps off them now".  I scream as each of them is removed from me.  That hurts so bad when they are finally removed.  I hear pamela cry out in pain next to me.

"Let's vote now, who was the best?" Dutch asks.  They each write down a name on a piece of paper.  "Let's count them up, kind of like Survivor, isn't it? Dutch says and they all laugh.  "It looks like slut gayle is the winning pussy licker.  2-1 the slut gayle wins".  Then I realize that means that I'm going to have to whip my friend and fellow captive.  They slowly remove the butt plugs from both of us and untie our wrists.  They tie pamela's wrists in front of her and hook her back up to the chain, raising her arms high up over her head and stretching her out so that she is barely touching the floor.  "Whip this slut, and make it a good whipping, or you will receive double from each of us", Dutch tell me as she hands me the thin, long, black leather whip.  "I have never whipped anyone before", I plead.  "You're learning many new things, aren't you slut girl."

With that I stand back and begin to whip her back, butt, and thighs with the whip.  I can see her body writhing in pain with each stroke and I feel so bad that I have to do this to her.  "I'm sorry, pamela," I whisper to her.  With tears in her eyes she shakes her head to let me know that she understands.  After five minutes of this torture, they tell me to quit whipping her.  I run up to her and hug her and beg her to forgive me.  "I know that you had no choice", she tells me.  They take her down from the ceiling and Dutch says that since we were such good sluts today, our reward is that we can take a nap now.  "You both will have a busy night tonight and we want you to be well-rested", she says.  They take us both up to our rooms and tie us up to our beds.  I am so exhausted from all this that I fall asleep right away.

             A Summer's Night….Chapter Five…..The Guys Turn to Have Fun

I was awakened from my nap by Dutch who told me it was time to get me ready for the evening's activities.  She said that the guys would be home in about an hour and a half and they would expect their dinner to be ready and their slave girls prepared.  I wasn't sure what she meant by the last part, but I was sure it wasn't good news for me.  I was led into the grand bathroom alongside of pamela and we both were administered another humiliating enema.  The three of them get delight watching us buckling over trying to hold all the liquid in while they torture us by tapping on our filled bellies.  After they let us eliminate, they hung us up in the shower by our wrists and shaved our bodies.  Since my body didn't need any shaving last night, I escaped this humiliation, but not tonight.  I felt like a piece of meat, having my labia probed and stretched so that I could be completely free of any stubble.  Our legs and underarms were shaved as well, and then it was time to clean us off and wash our hair.  I can shower myself, but the three of them take great fun in stripping down and coming in to the shower with us and washing us.  Even my puppy dog at home doesn't get tied up to be bathed the way we are.  After we were dried off, they once again did up our hair and make up.  I must admit, as I looked at myself in the full-length mirror when they were finished, that I was a very attractive woman.  The other slave, pamela, looks great too.  Her long blonde hair coming past her shoulders, and her pert body.  I must try not to get attracted to her; we are both slaves in this predicament.

We had to prepare dinner for everyone and once again, we got to eat what was left over while having our ankles tied to the feet of the chair.  After we were finished cleaning up, Dutch tied up our hands in front of us once again and led us into the living room.  "Tie the two sluts up", barks Bryan.  "Gladly" says Dutch and three women attach our bound wrists to a two separate chains and tighten up the chains so that our arms are high over our heads and our feet are struggling to stay on the ground.

Bryan, Mick, and Spike come over to us and begin to examine our bodies.  They run their fingers over our underarms to make sure we are smooth.  They cup our breasts with their hands to test for firmness and pinch our nipples to see what sort of reaction they get from us.  We both shriek when our nipples are pinched, since it was just hours ago that we had to endure those weights on our nipples.  "That's a strange reaction," says Bryan "I would think your nipples wouldn't be quite that sore from your initiation last night".  All of the sudden we here Mick say, "Look at this one, Bryan".  He is standing behind pamela and the other two go back to look at her.  "Fresh whip marks on the backside of this slave, how did they get here?" he asks Dutch.

"We were playing with the two slaves and had slut gayle whip her", says Dutch.  "Did I tell you to do anything to these girls while we were out?" he angrily asks her.  "I thought it would be all right, Sir, sorry if you are displeased".  "The three of you get out here immediately and strip, right now!"  I've never seen him so mad, and I think to myself that it would be best for me right now to just remain very silent.  Our three tormenters take off their sundresses leaving them in just panties.  "The panties too, right now" he bellows at them.  They immediately strip off their panties, leaving them completely nude. Tie the three of them together in the center of the room, back to back to back", he tells Mick and Spike.  The three have their wrists tied together in front of them and then all of their wrists are tied together and attached to a chain.  Bryan turns all of them so that they are in a triangle, with their butts touching each other's.  He then ties a rope very tightly across their bellies, tightening it so that they are smashed together, all three looking terrified.

"These two slaves belong to the three of us, not to you bitches", he tells them.  He tells Mick to bring him a whip.  "Make it the tails", he sneers.  The three girls look at him and plead, "Not the cat-o-nine's, please Bryan".  He only laughs at them and takes the wicked looking instrument from Mick.  "This will teach you to take matters into your own hands", he says as he begins to whip the three of them across the front of their bodies.  I would ordinarily feel sorry for any woman who is whipped in front of me like this, but deep inside, I'm glad that they are getting this.  They have made our lives hell since our capture.  He shows no mercy on their bodies, whipping their thighs, bellies, pussies and breasts.  Each time the whip lands on a girl, she bucks wildly, causing the other two to lose their balance.  All three of them are crying loudly and begging for mercy.  Mick stops the assault by going up to Bryan and telling him to stop now.  Bryan looks at Mick and for a moment I think they are going to fight.  Spike gets between them and calms both of them down.  The three girls have their heads bowed and they are crying.

Bryan goes up to Dutch and grabs her hair and lifts her head up so that she is looking at him.  "I suppose you had my slaves service your bodies too, didn't you?"  "Yes, Sir, I'm so sorry about this, please have mercy on us".  "Untie the two slaves", he tells Spike.  I have no idea what he is going to do to us now but it feels good to be let down from the chain.  He tells me to lay down on my back on the floor and spread my legs apart.  I quickly do as told and then he tells pamela to lay across me on her stomach. They position her so that she is across my body like we are making a cross. "I want your pussies touching each others", he barks at us.  We shift our bodies so that I can now feel her smooth pussy rubbing hard against mine.  "Both of you spread those legs apart", he yells.  We do as we are told and lay there wondering what is next.

I see them untie the three girls and then he says,  "Since the three of you like having your pussies licked so much, let's see how good you are at it."  Dutch will lick slut gayle's pussy and Hazel will do slut pamela."  "Now get down there between their legs and start licking."  I can't believe what is happening to me now.  Dutch is kneeling down between my legs and licking my clit and pussy with her tongue.  It feels so good; she knows just where it feels the best.  I can feel pamela wiggling about on top of me and I know she is feeling good herself.  "The two sluts are not allowed to cum until I give them permission.  If they do, they will spend the entire night tied up here in the living room being whipped".  I don't know how I can keep from cumming.  I can feel pamela's pussy pressing against mine, and suddenly Dutch is really starting to lick me well.  I think she'd love to see us punished for this.  I try to think about anything else except the pleasure in my body right now.  I am tensing up my body, trying very hard not to cum.  "Oh please, Kind Sir, let us cum", I hear pamela beg.  "This is a good test of your self-discipline, sluts, a bit longer".  I don't know how I can keep from cumming now.  My body needs to be released.  "Oh please, please, Sir" I beg.  Tears are coming down my cheeks; I must have my orgasm.  "You now have permission to cum, sluts", he says.  I feel my pussy explode in waves and waves of pleasure.  I can feel pamela's body above my bucking up and down.  We both moan and moan with pleasure.  I have needed this so badly.

"That's enough, get up Dutch and Hazel" we hear Bryan say.  He reaches down and rolls pamela off of my body, placing her on her back.  We now lie side by side, completely spent.  Bryan looks down on us and says, "Bring me two of your dildos, Madge".  She leaves the room and quickly comes back with two eight-inch dildos.  He gives one to pamela and one to me.  "Since you're both such pleasure sluts, entertain us with these", he tells us.  "Masturbate yourselves until you cum.  Make it fast or I might lose my patience with you".  I've never done anything like this in front of anyone.  How utterly humiliating this is.  I put the dildo inside of me and begin to pump in and out.  I close my eyes to hide my embarrassment.  I can feel my pussy responding to the dildo.  Maybe if I just block out that I'm being watched, everything will work out.  I can feel myself getting closer and closer to a climax.  I can hear pamela moaning lightly as she is doing the same thing that I am.  Suddenly my orgasm starts.  I can't stop sliding the dildo in and out of me as I explode inside.  I hear pamela scream lightly so I know that she is cumming now too.  I now realize what I have been doing.  I take the dildo out of me and drop it on the floor, horrified at what I've become tonight.  I have never been with a woman before, yet tonight I had a woman lie on me, I had one give my pussy a licking, and I masturbated in front of six people.  I start crying with shame and I hear pamela doing the same thing.  The three men begin clapping their hands.  "Very good performance", says Mick.

I feel so humiliated now.  I am a good girl who would never think of doing anything like I've just done.  They help us to our feet and bind our wrists together once again.  "Take these two to bed and then come back down here" he tells Dutch and Madge.  They bring us up stairs and Dutch throws me down on the bed and ties my hands over my head to the headboard.  "Because of you two, I got in a lot of trouble tonight.  I won't forget this".  "Please Ma'am, don't be angry at us.  We didn't tell on you".  "All the same, you were the cause of it.  I can hardly wait until Bryan gives me the chance to torture you again.  I live for that day".  With that she closes the door and I hear it lock behind her.

Oh, what is going to happen to me?  I hear the screams from the three women echo down the hall and I know they are being punished further.  I drift off to another night of captivity.

      A Summer's Night…….Chapter Six……………The Training Intensifies

This has been an absolutely hellish day for us.  I can tell that the three bitches are very angry with us for what happened to them last night and are hell-bent on taking it out on us.  After eating the breakfast that we once again had to prepare for all of them, we were again taken to the gym for an intense workout.  The treadmills were set a bit higher and a few more pounds added to the weights.  I could tell that the bitches were being careful not to mark our bodies with the whips, since we weren't being whipped to go faster.  They verbally abused us throughout to motivate us on to greater heights.  After spending a little over an hour in the gym, they took us out to the pool and tied us spread-eagled to chaise lounges.  They lathered up our fronts with suntan lotion, putting a strong sun block on our nipples and the lips of our pussies.  At least they aren't putting us through the torture of being burnt in our most sensitive areas.  After 30 minutes, we were rolled over and our back got lathered up.  All I could think about during this was how nice that pool looked, and the three bitches made sure to rub it in by playing in the pool, laughing and having a good time, the whole time we roasted.  They weren't going to let us cool off in the pool when we were done, like yesterday, until Mick came out and told them to let us.  What a relief that was!

After lunch, we had to spend the rest of the afternoon cleaning up the house.  I am getting so tired of being nude all the time.  I'd love to put on anything right now, no matter how skimpy it might be, but I don't dare ask for any clothes.  It was so humiliating going around the house cleaning it with no clothes on.  It's like being on display for the whole afternoon.

We cooked up a nice dinner for everyone and then Bryan told the bitches to take us upstairs and get us ready.  I hate it when I hear that.  I know what it means and it isn't pleasant.  Sure enough, Dutch made sure the enema bags had a little more water in them than the last two nights, and I know there were ice cubes in the bags as well.  It was soooo cold going into me.  They made us stand there after we were filled for a longer time tonight as well.  I was just about ready to pass out from the cramps and the cold when they finally let us relieve ourselves.

It is so humiliating to be hung up in a shower by your wrists and being shaved by two other people.  They made sure to pull the skin real tight to give us a real close shave everywhere on our bodies.  They very roughly handled our delicate pussies as they spread and pulled every inch of our bodies down there.  Being sprayed down like a horse is not too much fun either.  They take a perverse delight in humiliating us as much as they can.  Our make-up and hair look very professionally done as we are led down the steps and into the living room where I know that our living hell is about to begin for another night.

We are made to stand in the living room, with our hands tied in front of us, while Dutch fetches some drinks for all of them to enjoy while they plot what they are going to do to us tonight.  Once everyone is settled, Bryan gets up and comes over to us.

"There are two schools of thought on the best way to get a slave girl ready for sale.  Most Masters and Mistresses who will be interested in buying you two sluts, wish for a girl to be very orgasmic at all times.  They feel that is the best way to keep the girl under control.  The two schools of thought on how to turn the girl into a slut is either to withhold any pleasure from her during training or to allow her to have multiple orgasms at any time when she is being trained.  I subscribe to the second thought.  It is my feeling that if you equate pain or pleasure with your climaxes, then you will turn out to be a good and proper slut.  I know that Dutch would love to train you by withholding any orgasms from you during your stay with us, but I don't think that would be productive.  Are there any questions from either of you before we get started tonight?"

I shudder to think that if I ask anything that it might get worse for me, but something has been eating away at me since I got here, so I ask.  "Please tell me, Master Bryan, I don't understand about being sold, could you explain that to us, please?"  "It's really quite simple, slut gayle, there is a slave auction scheduled about two hours away from here in a few days.  You will both be transported up there where you will be put on display along with some other sluts for sale that evening.  The highest bidder will write me a check and after paying a commission to the Auctioneer, you will be taken away with the winning bidder."

I can't believe what I am hearing!  This doesn't sound like anything that could be happening here in America, but he seems so serious.

"I will send both of you there, properly trained in how to address a Master or Mistress, how to act around them, and most importantly, you will be turned into perfect pleasure sluts, willing to do anything to get that precious orgasm that you will need so much.  Your bodies will be perfectly trim and tanned by the time of the auction.  All three of your body openings will be trained in the proper ways to give pleasure to both men and women.  You will learn to accept the whip as an instrument of both punishment and pleasure.  In short, you will be ready to go to a new person who will own your body for whatever they might want to do with it."

My whole body shudders at the thought of this.  Oh, how could I have been so stupid to go walking alone on the beach that night?  If only I would have stayed home, I'd be free and happy.

"Prepare them the way I instructed you now, girls", he says as he looks at the three bitches.  "Gladly", says Dutch and we are led over to a desk.  They hook our wrists to the back of the desk so that we are bent over at the waist.  "Put those breasts on the desktop and your knees will be touching the front of the desk", Dutch says.  We both do as we are told and I know that my butt is sticking up in the air, completely vulnerable to anything.

Bryan comes over to us and shows us what looks to be a long, thin stick.  "This is a rod and it is an especially useful device to use on a slave for discipline.  It will cause a nice red streak on your butts wherever it lands which will go away in about 24 hours.  I assure you that you'll know when it lands on you.  You will each receive seven strokes from the rod and after each of them; you will call out the number of the stroke and thank the person who gave it to you.  You will then ask for another stroke using your new name in your request."

Oh great, in addition to the pain, I have to humiliate myself like this as well.  These people are sick and devious.  "I'll let Dutch administer the first two strokes on each of you".  That sick bastard, he knows she's going to hit so hard.  Dutch takes the rod from him and stands to the side of me.  She taps the rod a few times on me and then hits me very hard right on my ass.  I grasp onto the back of the desk as the pain goes searing through my body.  "One, thank you Madam Dutch, may slut gayle have another one, please?" I say through my tears.  She taps me a few times and then lands it on another spot on my ass.  My body explodes in pain.  "Two, thank you Madam Dutch, may slut gayle have another?"  I can't believe I am debasing myself like this.  "Not right now slut gayle, it is slut pamela's turn now", she says.  She goes through the same thing with pamela now.

After our humiliation of asking for more strokes, we finally have the seven that Bryan requested.  My ass is on fire right now.  I feel something soft on my burning ass and someone is rubbing something soft and furry on my ass.  "Does this feel better?" I hear Mick ask me.  "Oh yes, Kind Sir, this slut thanks you so much", I say to him.  Of the six of them, he's the only one with a bit of a heart.

I am hoping that is it for tonight, but for some reason they are leaving us here at the desk, tied up like this.  They all come over and begin to examine our asses.  I feel my butt cheeks being spread apart by someone and they are talking about using that area of my body tonight.  "Are you still a virgin in this area, slut gayle?" I hear Bryan ask.  "Yes, Sir, I am, please don't use me there."  "It will be best for you to lose that virginity here.  How about you, slut pamela, same thing?"  "Yes Sir," I hear her whimper "I've never had that happen to me either."  "Well tonight is your lucky night it would seem", Bryan laughs.  "I know that Dutch would love to take away some sluts's virginity tonight, wouldn't you Dutch?"  Dutch raises up and says; "I would love to, Bryan, may I?"  "You may take slut gayle, Madge, you may take slut pamela."

With that they both get up and take off their clothes.  They each strap on a dildo that looks to be about seven inches long.  "I have been wanting to use this on someone for so long," Dutch says, "It has this knob that rubs against my clit while I'm fucking her, this should give me quite a nice time as well."  I can't believe what is about to happen to me.  I feel someone spreading my cheeks apart and then I feel something starting to enter me.  "I don't want either of them hurt in that area, that would diminish their value," Bryan says  "Take it nice and slow and easy going into her, Dutch,"  "Relax, my little fuck slave, it will feel much better if you do." she tells me.  I try to relax my body as best as I can as I feel the assault on my bum hole beginning.  She is deep inside of me and is pumping me very hard.  If I relax, it doesn't seem so bad.  For some reason, my clit is beginning to give me a great sensation.  I hear her behind me yelling and shrieking, I know that she is about ready to cum.  I feel the same way, oh how can this be happening to me????  Just as I hear her scream, I too have a mind shattering orgasm.  I hear pamela next to me screaming out in pleasure as well.  What have we turned into?

Dutch takes the strap on out of me and I slump down on the desktop completely spent.  "It's my turn now" I hear Hazel say.  "Of course it is, Hazel dear, put on your strap on, you may have slut pamela's ass for yourself now.  I am going to use slut gayle's pussy for my own".  I feel a cock entering inside of me now, just the way nature intended.  It feels so good, I hate to admit.  He is pumping me hard and once again; I feel my pussy responding to this abuse.  He cries out wildly as I cum in waves and waves, two orgasms come to me, one right after the other.

As soon as he pulls out of me, the other two say that they want to fuck us as well.  I have never done anything like in my entire life.  Only in my fantasies did I imagine it, but I never though it could ever happen.  I feel a cock entering into my bum hole again.  It isn't so bad this time.  I can sense the pleasure from that part of my body going into my pussy.  It can't be happening!!!!  I'm going to cum again!!!  My body goes into convulsions from all the pleasure down there.  Two more orgasms as I am entirely drained now.  I turn my head and look at pamela.  She has sweat streaming down her brow, with a far away look in her eyes.  "Are you OK, pamela?" I whisper.  She opens her eyes and looks at me, "Oh yes, gayle, I can't believe I just did that."  I smile weakly at her.

They unhook our wrists from the back of the desk and stand us up.  Dutch leads us into the downstairs bathroom and let's us get cleaned up from all of that.  "You two did very well tonight, you're turning into good sluts," she tells us.  "Thank you Madam," I catch myself saying to her.  Oh gawd, what am I turning into?

"Take them to their rooms now.  Lock them in, but no need tie them up tonight," Bryan says.  "Oh thank you, Kind Sir," we say in unison.  Madge takes us upstairs and locks us in our rooms.  I lie down thinking about what my life has become.  Two days ago, I was a very nice girl, with dreams and aspirations.  Now it seems as though I am turning into a slut, being used for the sexual pleasure of others.  I begin to cry.  I am getting so depressed.  I seem to have no shame left in my body.  I have never, never been taken anally before in my life.  I always felt that was disgusting.  After tonight, I don't know what to think of myself.  Have I debased myself so much now that I have become a complete slut for these people?  My body betrays me.  I derived sexual pleasure from being humiliated and abused.  I never would have done anything like this before these people captured me.  And worst of all, I am thinking more and more about this life I am being sold into.  Is it something that I've always desired; yet repressed?  I am so tired; my tears have soaked the pillow.  I drift off to a long and deep sleep.

                        A Summer's Night….Chapter Seven….An Awakening

I slept better last night than I have since being abducted.  Not being tied to the headboard certainly made a difference.  There has been a change around here since last night.  For some reason, the three bitches are being nicer to both pamela and me.  We had to use the gym as usual this morning, but they weren't as strict and demanding as they have been previously.  We once again had to sunbathe out by the pool, but this time we were allowed to do it without being tied to the chaise lounges.  Being tied that way made me feel like I was a basting turkey on the barbecue.  After our sunbath, we got to swim and play in the pool for over and hour until lunchtime.  I sure am starting to like pamela a lot.  She has been a comfort to be going through this with me, even though neither one of us had a choice in the matter.

We still had to make breakfast and lunch for everyone, but we got to eat at the table with them when they did.  Our feet weren't even tied up, but we were kept naked.  I haven't worn any clothes for days now.  It would feel so good just to put something on.  After lunch, they let us go back by the pool and relax in the shade.  Mick came out with his camera and we had to pose for him, but at least we weren't tied for this like we were the last time.  I've never had my picture taken in the nude, but I was starting to feel sexy while he was taking his pictures.

Dinner came and went with no problems.  After we were finished cleaning up, Hazel took us upstairs to prepare us for this evening's activities.  I'm kind of looking forward to it tonight.  After last night and all the orgasms I had, this isn't turning out so bad after all.  We had to take our enemas again, but at least the water was warm, and I think they cut down on the water.  Either that or I'm getting used to it.  We were tied up by our wrists in the shower though, so that we could be shaved.  At least my skin wasn't pulled tight by one of them while the other one shaved, like last night.  It felt kind of good having my underarms and legs shaved by someone else.  I hope that I wasn't getting wet while Hazel shaved my pussy.  I don't want them to think that they've turned me into a complete slut.

While looking in the mirror after our hair and make up was done, I saw that both of our bodies had lost any traces of tan lines.  I have never looked so beautiful as I do right now.  My body is free of any hair.  I am tanned completely.  My body is starting to show that the workouts are working.  And I have to admit; Hazel and Madge do know how to do up hair and make up.  Both pamela and I look fantastic.

Our hands are tied in front of us once again and we are led into the living room.  I see that everyone has a cocktail by them and they are all sitting there waiting for us.  Deep down inside, I hope that tonight will be as sensual as last night.

"Tie their hands over their heads" Bryan says.  Dutch comes over and hooks my hands to the chain and raises it up so that my arms are high over my head.  She then does the same to pamela and leaves the two of standing there side by side.  Bryan gets out of his seat and comes over to us.
"Tonight your bodies will learn how to mix pain with pleasure.  Before you are sold, your bodies will begin to respond sexually to the whip on your body.  Tonight will start that process.  Put the vibrators inside of them now, Dutch."  Dutch gets out of her seat and comes over to me and tells me to spread my legs far apart.  I do as I am told and she begins to play with my clit, making me start to get wet.  She then slides an egg shaped metal device into my pussy and tells me to shut my thighs around it.  I feel the coolness enter inside of me and close my thighs around it.  "Don't allow the vibrator to fall out of your pussy, or you will pay dearly for it," she tells me.  "No Ma'am, I won't," I say to her.

She does the same thing to pamela and now we are both standing there with something inside of us, our legs clamped tightly shut not to let it fall out.  Bryan goes over to the wall and comes back with the long, black, one strand leather whip.  "Oh shit, they're going to whip us," I think to myself.  He hands the whip to Madge and tells her to begin whipping us.  Suddenly, I feel the thing inside of me start to vibrate slowly.  It is causing a very pleasing sensation inside of me.  I see that Mick has some sort of remote control device and he must be controlling the vibrator.  All of a sudden I feel a sharp pain across the front of my thighs.  "Ouch," I cry out.  She is alternating the whip between pamela and me.  She is concentrating on the front of our bodies and it hurts so much.  I feel the vibrator inside of me vibrating faster now.  It is causing my pussy to send signals to the rest of my body that it is getting excited.  The whip lands across my breasts and pussy with some force, as Madge is an expert on where it hurts the most on a woman's body.  The vibrator is turned up even higher now as I feel like I'm going to cum  "This can’t be,"
I think to myself, "I feel the pain from the whip, yet my body is ready to cum."  She is landing the whip across our backs now, as I can't hold it back any longer.  My pussy explodes in waves.  An orgasm that I've never experienced quite so intensely.  I can't help myself from screaming out in both pain and pleasure.  OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, I moan and I hear pamela screaming next to me.  I know she must be feeling the same thing that I am.  Madge quits whipping us now, but the vibrator keeps going on inside of me.  I feel it coming on once more.  OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, I cry out.   "Please, I can't take it anymore," I cry out.  Poor pamela is crying out for them to stop.  The poor girl is being held up by just her arms now, she is slumped down so low from this abuse on our bodies.  I feel the vibrator slowing down now until it finally quits.  Dutch comes over and tells me to spread my legs.  I obey her and she takes the vibrator out of me.  She takes pamela's vibrator out of her as well.  I can feel myself crying from both the pain and the pleasure I have just endured.

"Untie them", I hear Bryan say and Madge and Hazel come over and take us down from the ceiling.  "On your knees, sluts", Bryan says and we both get down on our knees quickly.  "Knees spread out, hands behind heads, breasts sticking out," he shouts at us.  We get in this position quickly and he looks down on us.  "You will be put through this torture a few more times before you are sold.  When you leave here, your bodies will respond this way to being whipped sometimes without the vibrator inside of you.  So far, we have used two of the three openings that a woman's body so generously allows us to use.  Your mouths are tonight."  With that, he lowers his pants and takes off his shorts.  "Gawd, he is huge," I think to myself.  Spike comes over and takes off his pants too.  Spike is in front of pamela and Bryan is in front of me.  "Take these cocks into your mouths and give us the best blow job we've ever had."  I open up my mouth and take him deep inside of me.  I am pumping my head up and down, taking care not to touch him with my teeth.  I take a chance and bring my hands down and begin to play with his balls as I service his cock.  "Swallow every last drop, sluts," Bryan says and then he explodes inside of my mouth.  I feel the hot cum from his body hit the back of my throat and I furiously swallow it as I continue to slide his cock across my lips.  I feverishly swallow all of him until he steps back from me.  Spike finished with pamela a bit sooner and both men look down on us.  "This slut was excellent, Spike, how was yours?" Bryan asks.  "Excellent as well, Bryan," Spike answers.  "Dutch and Madge, it's your turn to use these sluts mouth now," Bryan says.  I look over and Mick is fucking Hazel right there on the floor next to us.  I can't believe what is happening.  Dutch lies down in front of pamela and Madge lays down in front of me.  They both spread their legs in front of us.  "Get started, honey," Madge tells me.  I lay down on my stomach and begin to taste her pussy.  She doesn't have much hair, just a bit around the opening.  I am rubbing my tongue across her clit and then put my tongue deep down into her pussy.  I can feel her hips swaying back and forth underneath me.  I can hear both of them moaning with pleasure now.  Suddenly, Madge screams out, "YYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSS" she yells.  I hear Dutch screaming out as well.  Madge grabs my hair and pushes me closer to her as she finishes her climax.

Both of them get up, leaving us lying there on the floor.  I struggle to my knees and so does pamela.  I look over at her and she looks at me.  She looks absolutely gorgeous to me.  She has such perfect breasts, perfect legs.  She is such a nice girl.  I look in her eyes and all I can think about is how much I want her right now.  I look in her eyes and all I see there is lust.  I know she is feeling the same thing that I am

"It looks like the two sluts want to get it on for us," I hear Dutch say.  "I might let them if they beg me properly.  The way a slutty dog in heat might ask," says Bryan.  "Oh, may slut gayle fuck slut pamela for your enjoyment, please," I say, not believing these words are coming from me.  "Please, Sir Bryan, may I fuck slut gayle until she screams for me to stop," pamela says.  "Go right on, sluts, this might be fun to watch," he says.  With that we wrap our arms around each other in a huge embrace.  I can't keep my hands off her breasts and she is manhandling mine as well.  We lie down on the floor.  She rolls onto her back and spreads her thighs apart.  I immediately turn around and lay down on top of her.  My mouth is on her pussy and her mouth is on mine.  We both feverishly begin to eat each other out.  I am so horny right now, I could scream.   It doesn't take long at all before I feel the first of four orgasms begin in my body.  My body is one mass of nothing but pleasure now.  My pussy is exploding, I can feel pamela underneath me, writhing around.  This is the most incredible feeling I've ever felt!!!  I can't take it anymore and I roll off of her.  Both of us are lying on our backs in the middle of the living room floor.

"That was amazing," Mick exclaims.  I feel a bit embarrassed now, having never put on a sexual performance for a crowd before.  "Take them to their rooms now," Bryan says and with that we are put in our rooms.  They don't tie us up once again, and I close my eyes, wondering just what I have become.

                   A Summer's Night………Chapter 8………..A Decision

This has been the strangest day of my life.  Once I awoke this morning, I realized something.  I am in love with Pamela.  Maybe it's just that the two of us have been thrown into this nightmare together, or maybe somehow, deep inside of me, I always loved women.  I don't know what it is right now, but I must do something about it.  I don't like the sound of this slave auction that Bryan told us about.  It sounds like it might mean that the two of us will be separated, and I couldn't stand the thought of that happening.  My body is betraying my puritanical beliefs.  I actually crave the whip now.  I crave being abused by the six people who captured me.  I love being used as a sexual toy by all of them.  I feel proud to have my body put on display by them.  I know I look good, and I'm no longer ashamed to be seen naked.  This is such a change of my personality since I was abducted a week ago.  I don't know what these people have brought out of me, but I am a new person.  If I were to be bought by someone and turned into a slave, the only reason it would bother me is if my lover, Pamela, is not with me.  I must do something about this feeling I have for her, or she will be lost from me forever.

Just as Bryan promised us last night, we were indeed put through the experience of the vibrators and the whips.  The particularly difficult aspect of this training was that they first tied us up to the ceiling by our wrists, and then they placed the vibrators inside of our pussies.  They then turned us toward each other and tied a rope around our waists so that our bodies were crushed against each other's.  I was crazy with desire having Pamela's breasts pressed tightly against mine.  But I couldn't do anything about it!  Mick controlled the speed of the vibrators inside of us while Spike whipped our bodies.  I actually loved being whipped!  The feeling of Pamela's body next to mine and the vibrator humming in my body made the whip seem like a pleasurable experience.  I came over and over during the first experience this morning and I could see in Pamela's eyes that she was enjoying this as much as I was.

After we sunbathed and swam after we were whipped, we all ate lunch.  They allowed us to sunbathe without being tied to the chaise lounges, just like yesterday.  It was everything I could do to keep from looking over at Pamela's nude body and attacking her once again.  I am so attracted to her.

After lunch, we were once again tied up in the living room and they tied us together back to back this time.  Once the vibrators inside of us were turned on, Madge began whipping the front of our bodies, while Dutch controlled the vibrators.  Feeling Pamela's soft butt pressed next to mine, along with the vibrator inside of me, made me cum even harder than this morning.  The strange thing is that I don't feel bad about what I am turning into.  It seems like I have this incredible urge to be used in any way anyone can think of.

They brought us up to our rooms after we were whipped and locked us in for a nap.  I must think of a way to either escape with Pamela or to at least make sure that we are sold together so that we won't be separated.  I didn't sleep much during my nap.  I must figure out a way out of this predicament.
While we were making dinner tonight, I thought that I might have come up with a plan.  I always felt that Mick was the kindest of the six people who captured us.  All of them are slime as far as I'm concerned, but it does seem like he's the one with a bit of a heart.  While Pamela and I were fixing dinner in the kitchen, Mick came in to get a beer.  I decided that might be my only opportunity and if I was wrong then I was ready to suffer the consequences.  I came up to Mick and said "Kind Master Mick, may this slut please have a word with you, if you would allow her?"  He was taken aback for a bit but finally said it was all right if I spoke to him.  "Please, Sir, tell me, since we are going to be sold, would it be possible that the two of us could be sold together, so that we could stay together?"  He put his beer down and thought about this for a moment.  "I'm not sure if Bryan would go for that, sluts, it would diminish the price he could get for both of you separately.  If a bidder was forced to bid for two slaves, the price might not be as high as if it was only for one slave."  Pamela came over, feeling a bit bolder since I took the first move.  "Please Sir, could you try to keep us together, we have been good girls while we have been here, haven't we?"  She asks him.  "Yes, you have, although I don't think you had much choice.  I can see that the two of you are attracted to each other, and the amusement aspect of having two slaves like that might appeal to someone.  I will speak to Bryan about it, but don't get your hopes us, now get back to your work" he said.  We both bowed down to him and thanked him profusely for allowing us to speak to him.

During dinner, Bryan was particularly nice to us, for some reason.  After we were finished with dinner, he addressed us in front of everyone else.  "I understand from Mick that the two of you have developed an attraction towards each other and would like to be sold as a set."  We really didn't know how this was going to turn out, but both of us lowered our heads and nodded.  "The problem is that a new owner wouldn't want to pay double for two of you.  If that owner was willing to buy the two of you together than he would want some sort of discount.  You are more valuable to all of us if you are separated."  This is a terrific blow to both of us.  "Therefore, we will just have to see how the auction turns out, but I wouldn't get my hopes up that the two of you will stay together.  Now clean up this mess and then have Dutch and the girls prepare you for tonight."

I feel like I've been shot.  Such a heartless bastard, only thinking about his money.  The three women put us through the routine once again, enema, tied up in the shower, shaved completely by them, then hosed off like a horse.  Once our hair and make up were nicely done, we were led down to the living room and we stood in front of all of them, our bodies naked and our hands tied.  We were tied up by our wrists to the ceiling, awaiting what was surely to become another whipping, the third of the day.  Suddenly, the doorbell rang.  Who could this be, I wonder?  Dutch goes to the door and greets the people at the door with a warm greeting.  Oh shit, she's letting them in.  It looks like about 15 people come through the door, both men and women.  Dutch leads them over to us and tells them that these are the slaves that they will be selling in two days.  How humiliating this has become now.  I am being stroked, probed, felt, and pinched all over my body.  I lower my head to try to hide my shame, and a very pretty woman raises my head up by my hair.  "Aren't you a pretty one", she says.  "Thank you, Madam," I whimper.  "And what is your name, pretty girl?" she asks me.  "I am called slut gayle, Ma'am" I reply.  "And what is this girl next to you called? She asks.  "She is slut pamela, Ma'am" I tell her.   "Come over here, Roger, " she says, "wouldn't they make a lovely pair in our mansion."  I can't believe what I'm hearing; this sounds too good to be true.  The man she called Roger begins to inspect me up and down.  Then he does the same to Pamela.  "Yes they are, dear, I'm not sure I want to spend that much money on two toys for you and your friends though" he tells her. "Oh honey, they would be valuable around the house too.  We could fire the cleaning service and the cooks too. You know your friends would love to see these lovely creatures waiting on all of you during your football games," I am beginning to feel that my feelings don't even matter any more.  "Let's see what is available at the auction before we decide on anything, dear" he tells her and they go off to get a drink.

I can't believe this.  There is a party going on around us and we are left hanging here in the middle of the room, completely exposed to everyone, and helpless to do anything.  Bryan comes over to us and silences the room.  "Ladies and Gentlemen, these two sluts are going to be sold at the auction in two days.  We have trained them very well and I have invited you here tonight to get a preview showing of these two.  I think they are beautiful women that will attract a high price at the auction.  Some of the Arabs that will be there have deep pockets for American girls.  The Japanese used to buy up the American girls before their economy went south."  Everyone laughs at this.  "There are many wealthy Americans, like yourselves, that will be at the auction.  I am going to demonstrate how well these slaves have been trained now.  Dutch, get them ready please."  With that Dutch came over and turned us towards each other.  I looked in Pamela's eyes and she in mine.  As much as we like looking at each other, we had no idea what they had in mind for us now.  Madge brought over a long, curved double dildo.  She told me to spread my legs and I did as she said.  She slid one end of the dildo deep inside of me.  Then she told Pamela to spread her legs and she placed the other end inside of her.  Dutch pushed our bodies close to each other's and tied us very tightly around the waist.  My body is going crazy now.   Our breasts are touching each other's and our pussies are tight against one another's with a big dildo holding us together.  I am ready to cum right now.

Hazel comes over and begins to whip us.  She is using more force on the whip than we have ever felt before.  My body is screaming out in pain, yet my pussy is throbbing with pleasure.  I can't hold it in any longer.  My body explodes in an orgasm like I've never experienced before.  Pamela is moaning so loud next to me, that I know she is cumming violently as well.  Our bodies are bucking together on the chain above us.  Hazel stops whipping us and both of us slump down, totally exhausted, from what we have just gone through.  Somewhere in the background I hear many voices cheering and talking.  I can't even concentrate on what they are saying.  Dutch unties our waists from each other and slowly slides the dildo out of each of us.  Normally, I would be humiliated beyond belief, but it just doesn't matter any more.  I look in Pamela's eyes and all I see is the same love that I have for her.  I must do something, I think to myself.

Bryan tells Madge and Dutch to untie us.  They do as they are told and he comes over to us.  "Let these two sleep together in the same room tonight.  They put on a good performance tonight."   Inside, I am smiling, but I dare not show it.  Dutch leads us up the stairs and puts both of us in my room.  "Sleep well, my lovely sluts," she mockingly says to us and then locks the door behind her.

We look at each other and break down crying.  We hug each other tightly, crying the whole time.  I finally say to her "Pamela, we must figure out a way out of here."  She composes herself and we both sit down on the bed.  "Let's think this out," she says.  We agree that it will be difficult to try to escape because there is always someone around and we are either tied up or locked in at all times.  "If we take our chances at the auction, we may never see each other again" I say to her.  She agrees that that will not be the wisest option for us.  "I have some money," I say to her, "I'm afraid if I let them know that, however, they'll take the money and then sell us anyway."  She nods in agreement.

Something hits me like a bolt of lightning.  "I have an idea" I excitedly tell her.  " I don't want to talk about it anymore tonight.  It might put you in too much danger if you know about it, but I think it might work."

We both look at each other and the look of love that we both have is unmistakable.  We put our arms around each other and begin to kiss each other passionately.  The night of lovemaking we have this night rivals anything that I have ever experienced before in my life.  I hold her tightly in my arms as we both drift off to sleep.

                        A Summer's Night……Chapter Nine…….A Pact is Made

The light was just beginning to stream in through the windows as I awoke with Pamela's nude body snuggled close to mine.  She looked like such an angel lying there asleep.  I took the opportunity to pull back the sheet that was covering her to gaze again at her nudity.  Her body is absolutely perfect.  Her gorgeous breasts are just the right size for her delicate body.  They look like small mounds on her chest going up and down as she breathes heavily, deep in sleep.  She has such cute nipples, very pert and pinkish in color.  My eyes travel down to her shaved mound.  She looks so nice this way.  I must talk to her about continuing to keep herself this way after we are free.

I snap out of it quickly, realizing that we are still very much captives in this house.  I have a plan in mind, but it could be very dangerous to both of us if anything goes wrong.  I must speak to Pamela about it now, because we may never have a chance to plan this out if we are around our captors.  I kiss her softly on her lips and she moves her head just a bit.  I hate to wake this precious creature, but I must.  "Pamela, darling, please wake up" I whisper in her ear.  She opens her eyes and a smile creases her lips right away as she sees me.  "Oh Gayle, my lover, all I could dream about was our love-making last night" she whispers back.

"It is still very quiet out there," I whisper to her "they must have stayed up late last night partying after they sent us up here."  I pull the sheets over our heads and put my finger to my lips, "we must be very quiet about this, Pamela, if they find out what I am about to tell you, there is no telling what they would do to us."  She nods affirmatively, "what is it, Gayle, my love?" she whispers.

"I realize now that I am so much in love with you Pamela.  It is my fear that if we are taken to the slave auction that we will never see each other again, and that would be worse than anything that could happen to me as a slave.  That rich looking couple seemed interested in purchasing both of us, and that would be fine with me.  The woman was very pretty and seemed nice enough, and the man was obviously much older than her and looked quite wealthy.  But I don't think I want to take a chance that they will purchase us."

Pamela is quietly listening to me as I go on.  "I think we better try to escape from here today.  I know the auction is tomorrow night, and if we wait much longer we might never have another chance.  We should look for any opportunity today to try to gain an advantage and get out of here.  If all six are here all day, then we don't have much chance.  But if the men leave like they sometimes do, then we should try to overpower the three women by surprise and escape.  I feel the best opportunities are when we are in the gym or at the pool.  If we have any chance at all of hitting them over the head with something and knocking them out, then we should do it and take our chances."

"Oh Gayle, what if we aren't successful?" she asks.  "Then we will suffer grave consequences, I'm afraid" I tell her.  "I think it's worth a shot though, how about you?" I ask her.  "I think you're right about everything, Gayle, I'm certain that if we get sent to the auction, we will never be together again.  I am prepared to try anything that you want to assure that we can stay together."

"Let's look for a chance today to knock two of them out and then overpower the third.  If you see me nod at any time, pick up the closest thing available and smash it into the head of the closest one" I begin.  "They seem to be getting lax about watching us.  They don't seem to be that concerned anymore that we would try to escape.  I think they feel that we are such sluts that we have to have all this sex to survive."

Just then we hear some shuffling in the hallway and we take the sheet off of our heads and play like we are sleeping.  Dutch comes in and gets us and doesn't even take the time to tie up our hands before leading downstairs.  She stands behind us and gives us a shove.  "Move it, sluts" she barks at us as she follows us down the stairs and into the kitchen.  "Start making breakfast, girls, the others will be up soon.  It's a busy day, the auction is tomorrow and we have some things to take care of before we fly you to the auction" she says.  She gets herself a cup of coffee and sits down on one of the stools and watches us cook the breakfast.  "You both have such cute bodies" she says as she looks at us, "I'm sure we're going to get a good price for both of you.  Come over here in front of me, both of you."  We scamper over to her quickly.  "Hands high over your heads and spread those legs for me" she scowls.  We do as we are told and she begins to stroke our breasts and pinch our nipples.  "Let's get those nipples hard for the boys when they come downstairs" she laughs.  "Very nice bodies, get back to work now" she says.  After that humiliating experience we leave and go back to cooking breakfast.

During breakfast, Bryan says something about the three men going to the airstrip to make sure that the charter flight is ready to transport us tomorrow.  We glance at each other, knowing what the other is thinking.  I think to myself that this might be our only chance to get out of here.  We had to clean up after breakfast, as always, while they all took their showers and got dressed for the day.  When Bryan was in charge of watching us, he told us to come over to him.  We came over together and he told us to get in that same position in front of him.  It's one thing to open up your body in front of another woman, but in front of a man is doubly humiliating.  He took his time looking over our bodies.  He must have taken about 15 minutes feeling us, stroking us, pinching us, probing us.  "It looks like all the marks from the whips have left your bodies.  That is good.  I didn't want any markings on your bodies when you are being looked over by the bidders" he says as he pinches both of my nipples very hard.  "Just stay like that for now, sluts, until I tell you otherwise" he says as he gets up to get another cup of coffee.  He can be so cruel at times.  My shoulders ache from having my arms up like this, and I feel like I just have to close my legs.

We stood like that for another half hour until all six of them came down to the living room.  Bryan finally told us that we could relax and to sit down on the couch.  We hurried over to the couch and sat down, wondering what was next.  "There was some interest by Roger Johnson last night to buy both of you for him and his wife.  He is an attorney in New York City, and you could tell that Sylvia Johnson was his trophy wife.  He wanted to take another look at both of you today and possibly make an offer for you.  I personally think that I can get more for you by selling you individually, but if he comes up with an offer that I can't refuse, than I would be willing to sell both of you to them.  Dutch, I want you to make sure the sluts have their workout this morning, and then set them outside for their tanning.  Allow them some time to swim today as well.  I want to make something perfectly clear to the three of you.  If these girls are abused while we are gone, like they were a few days ago, you will suffer much more than you did at that time.  I don't want to see any markings on their bodies when I return, and believe me; they will be thoroughly inspected by all three of us when we get back.  Have I made myself perfectly clear? He asks.

"Yes, Bryan, you have," says Dutch.  "When are the Johnson's coming over to look at them? She asks.  "Around 4:00 this afternoon.  I'm sure they'll both want to test out the merchandise as well when they are here.  That's fine with me, but they won't get to mark up their bodies in any way.  Unless they write me a check first." He laughs.

"We'll be back in about two hours, these two sluts will have to be cleaned up inside and out very thoroughly by 3:30 this afternoon" he says as the three of them walk out the door and lock it behind them.  We are left sitting there together in the living room, wondering if we should take our chances that the Johnson's will buy us or if we should try to escape.

                A Summer's Night…..Chapter Ten……Now or Never

I am completely torn up inside now.  Should I try a daring escape?  Should I hope that the Johnson's do indeed purchase both of us?  Do I put both Pamela and I in danger by a failed escape attempt?  If the Johnson's do buy us, will they keep us together forever or eventually separate us anyway?  What if the life of a slave wears on me after some time? Am I truly a submissive sex slave now?  I now crave being whipped and abused with all of it leading to my body being used in any way by anyone.   I have become so attached to Pamela now; will I ever be able to be separated from her?  If I don't like being a slave, will I be allowed to walk away from it, or possibly buy my way out of it?  Somehow, I think I know the answer to that last question.

If only I could have a few moments alone with Pamela to discuss things with her, perhaps we could come to a mutual decision, but the way we left it this morning was that it was my choice and my initiative that would begin any escape attempt.  If it was just me, I would go for it, but if we fail, I would feel so guilty at what might happen to my dear sweet Pamela.

We are brought down the stairs into the gym for our daily workout shortly after the guys leave.  As always, we were allowed to put on gym shoes for our workout.  These are the only clothes I've had on now for at least a week.  I am losing track of time.  The pain and pleasure that my body has undergone since I've been here has transformed me into someone I don't really recognize anymore.  I had such a good life before all this.  A good job, a nice place to live, my puppy, all things in the past now.

It comes to me in a flash.  I cannot allow myself to go down without putting up a fight.  If we are caught, then we will just have to try to get through anything that they do to us.  The more I think about it, Bryan is so concerned about us having perfect bodies, maybe they wouldn't hurt us too bad after all.  Of course, with his temper, they might kill us and leave us for the rats.  I can't concern myself with that now.  I must act and try to save us both.

We always have to start out with at least a half-hour on the treadmill.  Sometimes they turn it up faster than usual just to make it harder on us, but today it is back to normal.  They probably don't want us worn out for what the Johnson's have in mind for us later today.  We have to do our weight lifting after that.  I keep looking for an opportunity to at least cut the numbers down to two on two, but so far, all three of them have been watching us.

We are doing our arm curls with ten pound weights in each hand while sitting on a bench together.  They tell us this is to build up our breast tissue to make them firmer.  I'm not disputing that with them, my boobs are looking great now, and so do Pamela's.  Dutch says she's thirsty and wants a water and asks if the other two need one.  They both say yes.  To my surprise, she even asks us if we'd like one.  "Oh yes, please, Madam Dutch, if we sluts may please have one" we both say together.  "Haven't these sluts been taught well, girls?" Dutch asks the other two.  "The whip usually can turn a woman into a slut in no time," Madge says and they all laugh.  Dutch goes up the stairs and I know this might be our only chance.  I sneak a quick look over at Pamela and she nods lightly without anyone seeing her.  I know that she is thinking the same thing that I am.  Madge and Hazel are both lifting weights, with Hazel spotting for Madge.  Madge is lying down on the bench lifting weights and then Hazel reaches down and helps her put the bar back in place.  We both leap from the bench and I hit Hazel square on the side of the head with one of my weights.  Pamela smashes hers into the forehead of Madge and they both go out like lights.  Hazel made some noise when she hit the floor and I thought that Dutch might have heard her upstairs.  We quickly go to the doorway leading into the gym and stand on either side of it; both of us have our arms cocked with a weight ready.  We hear her coming down the steps and as soon as we have the chance, we both jump in front of her and hit her on either side of the head with our weights.  Dutch hits the floor like she was shot, with five water bottles hitting the floor with her.

We both look at each other, our eyes wild.  My heart is beating so fast that I think I'm going to choke.  "We better tie them up before they come to," Pamela says.  "That shouldn't be too hard to do in this place," I say and we both have a soft laugh.  "Let's drag this bitch over by the other two," I tell her.  We each take an arm and start dragging Dutch across the carpet to where the other two are lying.  "Let’s strip them before we hang them up," Pamela says with a sparkle in her eye.  I'm starting to like the way this girl thinks.  It doesn't take long to slide all three of them out of their sundresses, leaving them in nothing but panties.  "These too!" she gleefully says and off come the panties.  I run up the stairs to get another pair of cuffs since there were only two pairs in the gym.  Pamela has two of them cuffed by the wrists in front as I come down with another pair.  We quickly get Dutch cuffed up and then we bring one of the chains down from the ceiling and hook up Madge and Hazel together.  I bring down the second chain and hook up Dutch and then we start the wheel that raises the chain up.  Oh, we both know the sound of the chain rolling up so well by now, it happened to us so many times.  We watch as our three tormentors are raised to their feet with their arms high over their heads.  "How high should we bring them?" Pamela asks while smiling.  "Stretch them out, the way they liked to do to us," I answer her.  Pamela stops the wheel as the women are stretched out so much that their toes are the only things on the ground.  "Stuff their panties in their mouths so when they wake up they won't start screaming," I say.  We pull their jaws open and shove a pair of panties in each mouth.  Pamela grabs a roll of tape and tapes the panties into their mouths.  "You know something Gayle", she starts, "I'd love to get the enema bags and pump about a gallon of water into each of them right now."  "I would too, Pamela, but we better get out of here, I don't want to be here when the guys get home," I tell her.

"Here, take a sundress and put it on, I'm sick of being naked," I say to her as I hand her Hazel's dress.  It feels so good to have something on for a change.  I feel the touch of the cotton sundress next to my skin and it feels divine.  "My beach house was about half a mile down the beach," I say to Pamela.  "I think mine was farther away then that," she answers.  "I don't think there are any phones in this place, all I ever saw was a cell phone and Bryan usually had it," Pamela says as we start up the stairs.  We look around the living room and don't see any phones anywhere.  We go to the front door and find it locked from the outside.  "Damn, let's try the patio door," I say to her.  We get there and it's locked too.  "We can't get this far and then be trapped in this house," I say with just a bit of panic in my voice.  "Let's break the patio door," Pamela says as we start to look around for something to break it with.  "Here are their golf clubs, let's try this," I say as I hand her an iron.  We both stand back and take our hardest swing at the center of the glass door.  It explodes in a sea of glass chips.  "Are you OK?" I ask her.  "Yep, how about you?" she answers.  "Let's get the hell out of here.  We'll get to my beach house and call the police.  We decide to use the beach side instead of the street side and we run down the sand, our hearts beating so fast.  Tears are streaming down my face.  I am free with my lover.  I look over at her and she is crying too.  We both stop and look at each other.  Our arms wrap around each other in a warm and tender embrace.  I kiss her softly on her lips and tell her that we better get to the house.  We start running again and I can see the house coming up.   I wonder if any of my stuff is even still there.  When I left the place on that fateful walk, I didn't think I'd be leaving it open for over a week.

We get to the patio door and go inside.  It looks as though someone had been in there and looted the place pretty well.  At this point, that doesn't matter to me.  I pick up the phone and call the police.  I tell them to please send some officers to my place so that we can tell them this incredible story.  I ask that at least one of them be a female officer.  While we are waiting, I find some of my clothes that hadn't been stolen.  It must have been guys who came in and helped themselves.  We both put on some fresh clothes and wait for the cops.

When they arrive, we briefly tell them what had happened to us.  We say that the three men will be back any minute and they were the ringleaders.  They call for some more help and about 8 cops go over there and wait for them.  We look at each other and kind of snicker, thinking that the three women should be awake now and how the police were going to find them.  The female officer stays with us and we continue to tell her our story.  She is flabbergasted that something like this was going on in their small Florida town.

We hear the roar of motorcycles coming down the street as we are talking.  "That's them!" Pamela says.  We look out our window and see the three of them riding by on their way to their beach house.  After about fifteen minutes, we hear many sirens coming down the street.  "Can we go out and watch, officer?" I ask the policewoman. "Let me go out their first, ladies, I'll signal you to come out if I think it is safe," she tells us.  We watch out the front window and then she waves for us to come out.  We rush out the door and look down the street.  We can see the three men being led out of the house and into a paddy wagon, followed by the three women.   "It looks like they let the three bitches put something on, that's too bad," I say to Pamela.  We both snicker a little bit.  We watch as the paddy wagon takes off, taking a piece of my life with it.

                A Summer's Night……Chapter Eleven…………One Year Later

We talked things over before we left Florida.  Pamela decided to move back to Chicago with me and find another job here.  It didn't take her long to find a job in advertising in this city and after I told my public relations firm why I wasn't at work for a week of unscheduled vacation time, they took me right back.  Pamela moved into my apartment on Lake Michigan.  We have such a wonderful life together.  Between the two of us, we're bringing in almost $200,000 a year.  We're saving up some money to eventually buy a house together.

We had to go back down to Florida for the trial to testify against the motorcycle gang.  It wasn't a pleasant experience, but it was necessary.  Seeing those six people again brought chills to my spine.  I sometimes have nightmares about what might have happened if we weren't successful with our escape.  The three guys got 20 to 30 for kidnapping and assault.  The women got 10 to 15 as their accomplices.  We are pretty sure that they will never find us here in this big city when they get out.

My experience as a captive changed me, I know.  I am such a sexual woman now.  The lovemaking I have with Pamela is absolutely fantastic.  We give ourselves completely to each other and that was always a difficulty for me before.  We both still love BDSM games though.  I am usually the Domme when we do this, but Pamela is beginning to more and more assert herself into that role.  Being tied up in front of her, my body naked and ready to accept the whip, is one of my greatest thrills.

We found a real nice man, named Michael, who listened to us one night tell him about our different life style, while we got a little too drunk.  He said that we were the answer to his dreams.  He now comes over at least once a week, and we are both His slaves.  He is the answer to our prayers.  Both of us still like the sub role more than the Domme.  He uses us in all the ways that we came to love when being held captive.  I can't explain why it happened to me, but it did.  I am a subservient woman now with my subservient female companion.  Maybe it was something that was always deep inside of me, but whatever it is, I am so happy now.