The Contract
by lichelmek

Chapter VII: The Way to Become a Chatelaine (part one)

No words were exchanged during an uneventful trip back home, except by the two men who absolutely wanted to help seat a blushing Nadine in my car when we left Adrienís shop.

At home I asked for her shoes, and I got a pretty interesting show of those lovely normally hidden places when she bent and squirmed to unbuckle the excessive number of straps on her shoes.

Her left labia was swelling, it was definitely the time to apply some soothing cream. I asked her to recline on the patio couch and started rubbing the cream onto her painful labia. She was first biting her lips before starting to moan and interfere with her hands in my working place. I didnít need her help, thus I took my belt and made a loop with it and trapped both of her wrists before attaching the end of the belt to one of the couch legs. The swollen area was mine again. From time to time I added some fresh cream because I wasnít sure that I wasnít rubbing only her juices into this place. She started to buck her hips and suddenly I found myself flat on the floor knocked there by a very aggressive knee. She obviously had no belt on her I could use, thus I took two curtain strands and by tightly attaching her ankles to two couch legs I now had a nicely spread Nadine. Her tummy was heaving and her clitoris throbbing when I resumed my massage. I didnít know if the swelling was vanishing because now her right labia was as fully engorged as the left one. She was moaning, grunting even screaming with her toes and fingers dancing some kind of a samba on their own.

An hour and an empty tube of cream later, she still hadnít reached her peak. It was my fault, every time she was close to it; I started to do something else to let her calm down. She was screaming her frustration when I started to finger-fuck her ass. There was no need for a lubricant as her juices were now freely pouring onto my fingers. One finger, then two, then three before I started sucking like a mad man on her throbbing clitoris. Time stopped. Silence. She was rigid, arched at the maximum she could reach within her restraints. A long moan escaped her lips, eyes closed, tears on her cheeks, a distorted mouth, she was climaxing, a terrific orgasm, all of her muscles were shuddering before she passed out two minutes later. I released her, took her limp body into my arms and dropped her gently onto her bed before going to mine.

A fresh and smiling Nadine awaited me at the breakfast table the next morning.

I really donít do mornings, Iím a night bird. Therefore she was keeping the conversation going, abruptly changing subjects like only women can do. I just nodded or shook my head in response to what she was saying about the cool Nice weather, the house, the gardens, the maids.

Not a word about her piercing. I had to know.

Nicole entered with two espressos. I asked her to fetch the antiseptic cream in my bathroom and to pour some on Nadineís piercing.

Nadineís smile disappeared. I grinned.

When she returned, a puzzled Nicole asked me where to pour the cream. I showed her the place. A bending and grinning Nicole was gently spreading a mute Nadineís legs when Chantal appeared wearing a bright pink leotard with black sheer see-through stripes placed evenly along the leotard. Nadine was gently blushing as she felt the avid gaze of my maids at her piercing. She didnít have the time to answer the staccato of questions my maids were asking about the piercing, when I asked Chantal and Nadine to start their exercises.

They started with some limb stretching under a very hot sun. She was not tanned enough to stay outside. I started to rise and to ask her to protect her skin when Nicole and JoŽlle came out on the terrace with hands full of different suntan lotions. The exercises were interrupted to let a beautiful recreation take place. The lotions were cold and Nadine was trying to avoid my maidsí probing hands. A squirming and laughing tickled Nadine was held by Chantal during the time the two giggling maids poured oil into every nook and cranny of Nadine. A flushed and sticky Nadine resumed her exercises.

When the two sweating women stopped, I asked Nadine to come in front of me in order to redo the 4B exercise. (4B means bouncing breasts, bouncing buttocks. You know the exercise where she is on her tip toes, legs apart, arms too and by only using her chest and back muscles she makes her assets bounce). Now that Iím closer, less than a meter away, I should rename the exercise: 4B-TCN (throbbing clitoris and nipples). She closed her eyes, the movements mesmerized me; like in a dream I saw my thumb and forefinger grabbing and gently squeezing her clitoris. Her reaction was abrupt: first she screamed, second she bent over my hand, third she collapsed into a pile on the terrace having another storming orgasm.

My three maids were standing still and agape by the intensity of her climax. But soon they were patting her all over her body and then dragging her to the closest bathroom.

They just disappeared when a hurrying and concerned Amandine came onto my terrace.

Her face relaxed a bit when she saw me grinning from ear to ear. Sheíd heard Nadineís scream and was worried, but some explanations and a small strong Italian coffee later we were chatting about Nadineís duties in my home.

"Iím not sure that Nadine is ready to hold a social event in your home, at least not in her current state of enforced nudity. Therefore Iím proposing to take her to my home several hours per day in order to teach her what she should and will do. In brief what should be the chatelaine role she would assume for you in terms of both how to act and behave. Of course everything will be done with your knowledge. I also think that she should be dressed a bit, something like heels and a necklace..."

I was nodding and grinning at the same time, just imagining the face of several of my friends when met at my door by Nadine only wearing a smile, a necklace and shoes.

But Amandine had two topics to discuss with me.

The second one was about the venue of an American student in one of the houses in our compound. A couple left for a year and they were renting their home through Amandine. In fact Amandine wanted to know if my maids could help this student to move crates into the different rooms and also help Amandineís daughters with the cleaning.

As I was helped a lot by my neighbors when Iíve moved in, it was certainly not something I could refuse. In addition, I wanted to send Nadine just to see how sheíd adjust in front of a foreigner.

"Amandine, Iím okay with your proposal and as soon as Nadine and my maids are ready Iíll send them to you."

At the word Nadine, Amandine gave me a wink (I love it when a woman winks at me!).

Amandine had just left when a still wobbly Nadine appeared on the terrace followed by three grinning maids. I told them the news and asked them to get ready for the tasks awaiting them.

Of course, Nadine was already ready and she just had to wait for my three maids. I asked her to pour some suntan lotion on her body as I didnít want a roasted Nadine for lunch.

The spectacle was perfect, the sight of this beautiful woman rubbing suntan lotion onto her skin, moving gracefully on the ochre terrace with a background made of the blue Mťditerranťe (in French we call it "la belle bleue" or "la grande bleue") and the light green of the medlars and the pomegranates, mixed with the strong one of the laurels and the palm trees. I could see that she was happy, enjoying both the warmth of the day and the view. She was lost in her own world and thatís when it hit me: I loved this girl.

My maidsí and Nadineís journey to Amandineís house was also a sight I followed from the terrace. A naked, glowing Nadine surrounded by three very light dresses. I was mesmerized by four swaying bums making their way through the vegetation.

I was so affected by the events of this morning, that I knew I could not start doing any computer work.

I only had two ways to get back into my corporate envelope: (1) I could go down the road to see Virginia; (2) I could prepare a meal.

Two hours before lunch, it was time to get my hands out of my pockets. After a quick call to Amandine to learn how many people were in this house, and to let her know that my participation for this student move would be the lunch, I was in JoŽlleís territory or Kingdom, in brief my huge kitchen.

First a "caviar díaubergine". I roasted some eggplants. When the eggplants skin was burned, I pealed them. I then mashed the flesh and part of the burned skin (the small beads of burned skin gives the name of the plate: caviar), with salt, pepper, garlic, basil and olive oil.

Next I made "hummus" of mashed cooked chickpeas with garlic, salt, pepper and olive oil.

And last but not least I put together "taboulť", sliced parsley and tomatoes with couscous beads, salt, vinegar and oil.

I finished my Lebanese salads. I started with the meats: fried minced chicken breasts with light spices and fried minced lamb with strong spices.

Looking at the plates, I wasnít sure that l had enough so I quickly added another one: sliced tomatoes and mozzarella, basil, lemon juice and oil.

Bread, water, wine and the plates in the Audi and I was soon delivering a meal to nine famished girls.

The student was an American girl named Suzi who was spending some time in France. She was a cute girl in her early twenties. At the size of her bun I could tell that she had very long blond hair. A stunning figure, I guess an 85-50-90 (for those using the ancestral measures: 34-19-35), long legs and stars in deep blue eyes. And she perspired intelligence.

Three of the four Amandine daughters were here (the youngest ones) wearing skimpy bikinis (if 20 grams of fabric can be called bikinis).

We all took seats in the patio and quickly started to enjoy a welcomed lunch.

I noticed that Nadine didnít look happy. In fact she was fuming and started to verbally fight JoŽlle when the latter was applying more antiseptic cream onto her piercing. My maids were eagerly doing the piercing aftercare by applying cream every fifteen minutes. It started to get on Nadineís nerves. She was being fully aroused four times per hour and left frustrated. In addition, three curious teenagers were asking her a lot of questions about the piercing. I learned later that probing had been scheduled for the teenagers.

Nadine was just a millimeter away from a huge explosion.

My presence helped her settle down a bit.

During the lunch, I learned that Suzi was doing her doctorate in psychology and was also making some money in the editing business. She also wrote novels and she was already gaining some fame. One of her bestsellers was "Rope Dreams". I started to understand how Amandine knew her.

I was just completely agape when Amandine asked her about her PhD. Iíll tell you just the title, "New ways to heal womenís frigidity through different patterns of spanking". The aim at the end of her doctorate was to build a spanking device that could be used by women to reach an orgasm. The business plan said that it could be a two billion dollar market over the next four years.

The explosion happened exactly at the second when Chantal grabbed the tube of antiseptic cream. I saw flying bites of tomatoes and mozzarella landing exactly on Suziís breasts before I heard her screams due to the coldness of the stuff.

Nadine was barking unintelligible things to my maids when I jumped to my feet, fetched a napkin, poured some water onto it and started to unbutton Suziís blouse in order to clean the mess. At this point I can state several things: she had a half-cup light blue leather bra, pink areoles, erect nipples and her tits were not fake.

I gently brushed her breasts with the back of my hand, while cleaning the front of her blouse with my other hand and the napkin. She was lightly blushing. Pink is the best color for a girl, donít you think?

Suzi was buttoning her blouse (like Claude Nougaro a well-known French singer says: the biggest problem for a man is to separate 50 kilos of pink flesh from 50 grams of nylon and not the opposite) when I gently told Nadine that I could understand why she was upset and angry, but I couldnít accept her violence, nor her outburst and not her insolence. Therefore we would have to deal with it that night.

Of course an American girl is first a girl and like all girls she was curious, and with the grin of a cat in front of a bowl of cream, she asked about tonightís events.

I explained to her that orgasm was not a problem for Nadine but that spanking was still an issue.

Now she had the smile of the same cat before eating the canary. She asked if she could come.

"Of course as you are one of the offended here, there is absolutely no reason for you not to come. It will be handled at eight oíclock sharp, just before dinner. You are also invited for dinner."

Amandine was helping me pack, while the girls and a green Nadine were resuming their moving tasks. (You can see here that for me a girl is mainly pink or green. It comes from my studies in chemistry when we have approached the molecule WO2, also named "woman" which is bright pink when found in natural state and which turns green with envy when facing a superior specimen.)

At eight oíclock, Amandine, Suzi, my maids, me and of course Nadine were standing on the patio.

Suzi was inspecting both the nurse chair and the leather paddle. Sheíd never seen a chair like that, which seemed normal to me. How could someone with less than two hundred years of history know something about chairs used in Europe for the last seven hundred years?

She was explaining to us that the chair was giving her some ideas about her spanking device, and that we should punch some holes in the leather paddle in order to have a better effect.

I eagerly fetched a punch in my basement and started making one-centimeter holes in the paddle. Suzi was bent over my shoulder and gave me instructions about where to punch the holes.

JoŽlle fetched a rubber apron (sheíd had enough of being showered by Nadineís juices) and was already seated on the nurse chair. I helped Nadine onto her lap while Amandine explained to Suzi the spanking rules in this house: the number of blows was irrelevant as we measured the predicament by the redness and the soreness of the bum.

Nadine had her knees and elbows on the floor and her head was hanging. I was pinning her arms on the floor while Chantal was doing the same with her legs. The first blow hit its target. Nadine was looking straight into my eyes, mouth open in a silenced scream. It seemed that the punched paddle was a lot more efficient.

She started to sob at the fourth blow, she sobbed and moaned at the eighth one, I couldnít see her ass cheeks but I could already feel the radiating heat. She moaned and sobbed at the twelfth one; now I could smell a strong musky odor. At the twentieth she was swaying her hips on the rubber apron; I needed all my strength to maintain her in the position. At twenty-four Nadine was only grunting, eyes closed, her climax was coming.

"STOP!" Suzi shouted.

Except Nadine, who was lost in her inner world, we all looked at Suzi, who professionally asked us if we could let Nadine cool down. Because she was such an interesting subject, it would be great for her if she could get some scientific data from Nadineís predicament for her thesis. Who were we to not oblige Science?

But to get a girl close to climax to cool down was not really an easy task. Amandine had to grab one of Nadineís legs in order to help Chantal spread Nadine; and Nicole was helping me spread Nadineís arms while Suzi was rubbing a chilled bottle of wine on Nadineís ass.

Nadine was now spread-eagled in mid-air with just her tummy lying on JoŽlleís lap. She was screaming like mad until she cooled down, weeping and totally frustrated.

Suzi was explaining that the orgasm must be prepared and in order to be a good one (translated "terrific" for Nadine) it was a lot better when the guinea pig didnít reach it straightly, thus the idea of a pattern of mixed spanking time and cooling time. (I would like to be several months in the future just to have a look at her spanking device. It will not be something lightweight as shown by the energy we all had spent to stop Nadine just before her orgasm. I also tried to imagine the cooling system...)

Suzi added that we should maintain the subject in this spread-eagle position in order to prevent the subject from reaching her climax by rubbing her clitoris on the apron. Also for the second spanking time, JoŽlle was to leave more time between blows.

The spanking was resumed in this nice position. I regretted that Iíd chosen to handle her arms instead of her legs. At the second blow Nadineís eyes were pleading for mercy; at the sixth she was screaming so loud that it started to be unbearable. We had to stop at the eighth one. Nicole went to get a ball gag from her room and when Nadineís mouth was stuffed correctly the spanking resumed. With her screams muffled we could listen to Suzi who was explaining why the pitch of Nadineís voice was much higher now than during the previous spanking. That was a very good test about the quality of the orgasm the subject was going to reach.

At blow number twenty, we were all arched to maintain Nadine on Joelleís lap. Nadine was bucking so hard that she was flying between the blows.

At twenty-six she was shuddering. It was going to be a monstrous orgasm.

But the scientist was not about to let that happen. Suzi suddenly grabbed the bucket full of icy water (the one used to chill the wine) and poured it liberally onto Nadineís ass.

The result: we were all wet; JoŽlle was sputtering; Nadine was in a tetanic state; and Suzi was exultant.

Time passed. Four girls and a man were looking strangely at Suzi. I just thought that we are quite close to swapping time and experimenting with Suziís methods on her.

She sensed the change in the atmosphere (I told you that she was perspiring intelligence) and started immediately to apologize, saying that Nadine was such a great subject that she got carried away. And it was for Nadineís sake that we should start the third spanking pattern. She was not afraid -- just eager to collect more scientific data. She was also wet.

Nadine was still and weeping after this terrific shock. Except for JoŽlle who was seated, we were all doing some stretching exercise in order to get some blood back into our muscles.

We exchanged places, I took the left leg, Nicole the right one and Amandine and Chantal took care of Nadineís arms. Suzi was asking JoŽlle to spank the subject without any set rhythm this time and to give a series of breathtaking blows when the subject was at her higher-pitched voice.

I lost the count of the blows; now JoŽlleís lap was free of Nadineís belly. Nadineís voice was so high that I had the impression of a baby crying. I couldnít see the length of Nadineís clit, but it must have been the size of a boyís dick; it was purple and throbbing like mad, her labia were flapping like butterfly wings and she was spitting her juices at Nicole and me.

Eventually she reached her climax. I donít have enough words in my vocabulary to express my feelings and Richter scale is too small to measure the intensity of her climax. In brief, it was close to an earthquake and it lasted for at least four minutes before she passed out.

I did not know that spanking could be such a strenuous effort. I was sore like after running a marathon.

I took Nadine in my arms and dropped her gently onto the patio couch, her glowing red ass in the air, while Chantal covered her with a blanket.

We all needed a shower and a change of clothes before going to the dinning room.

JoŽlle loaned some clothes to Amandine and Nicole to Suzi. During the meal we all chatted about the events and I even proposed to Suzi that she add in her thesis that spanking was also good for dieting because Nadine was skipping her dinner.

We were still laughing about the jokes weíd made about poor Nadine, when Amandine and Suzi left for their respective homes.

I just took a look onto the patio to see how things were going for Nadine. The first impression was that someone had lit a furnace. She would not be sitting comfortably any time soon.