The Contract
by lichelmek

Chapter IV: The Sentence

Except for our naked passenger the trip was uneventful. She tried to hide her nudity from passing cars by squeezing herself into the seat.

"Back home!" Iíd heard a sigh from the front seat.

As soon as our driver stopped, I climbed out of the car to open the doors, first for JoŽlle then of course for Nicole (I didnít want to miss her getting out of the car; wouldnít you too?)

With JoŽlleís help, Nicole climbed out of the car giving an impressive view (donít forget that her hands were bound in the small of her back) of her inner light pink labia, her clitoris that was at least two centimeters long, hard and engorged like a small dick (yes, she had some kind of hard on). It glowed from her juices; and when she was standing one could see the small puddle sheíd left on the maroon leather seat.

I didnít want to obviously ogle her, after all, she is my maid and I didnít want her to feel ashamed every time we met in my house. But that didnít mean that I wasnít drinking in her beautiful nudity.

As I still had some work to do, I proposed to my three maids to use the swimming pool as much as they wanted; and then I went directly to my office.

Every time I had a look through my officeís window, I could see a blushing, naked Nicole bringing sodas and suntan lotions to two gorgeous maids in bikinis showing a maximum of skin to a warm sun.

The next morning, a smiling, dressed Nicole prepared my coffee.

I got a nice massage from Chantal, which took longer than normal as evidently Chantal had to tell me her thoughts about the events of yesterday.

I wasnít listening carefully (sorry Iím a normal man and I canít do two things at the same time), but it seemed that sheíd found the situation very VERY interesting indeed.

Before 5 pm, Nadineís room was ready and Chantal was on her way to the railway station in Nice.

At 6.30 pm, Chantal and Nadine were coming into the house carrying four huge suitcases. Nadine was wearing slacks, jacket and a haughty look.

Before anyone could say anything I barked, "Nadine, Iím disappointed. All the women in this house are expected to be dressed. Therefore you have ten minutes to turn your heels and get properly dressed outside before coming in again."

She was beet red from rage, but without saying a word she was outside with one of her suitcases.

I should have said five minutes because if you say ten minutes to a woman she always takes twenty. But twenty minutes later a properly dressed Nadine came back with dark eyes shooting daggers at me.

I paid no attention to her attitude; now she knew who the boss was, and I welcomed her and introduced the four women.

I then took an hour to show her the house and to tell what I expected from her: including her duties, insisting on my high standards of cleanness and tidiness. There was only one room she was to never touch, and that was my office. Then we went into the garden and I explained to her my standards for that area.

During the hour and a half we were together, she could not speak a word. She was definitely angry, and she was certainly a lot more so when I announced that I was leaving right now for two or three weeks, as I had an appointment in Stockholm the next morning.

I give my goodbyes to my maids and then left with Chantal for the Airport.

I can count on my fingers the number of times a customer has called me before upgrading a full system. Generally they call me when everything is wrong. My Stockholm trip was a planned one with a customer who wanted to do a giant upgrade in both hardware and software. I was to be his project head.

It was a great job, everything went smoothly. I had time to visit several museums (the Vasa one is incredible) and do some shopping.

During my stay, I called several times JoŽlle just to ask about what was happening in my house.

During the first week JoŽlleís news was good, she was telling me jokes and laughing at the same time.

During the second week JoŽlle was fishing for confirmations about what Nadine had asked her or one of the other maids to do.

The last week she seemed first stern, then anxious and then upset.

During the last call I had with her, just before leaving for Nice, I knew that the French revolution was back, knocking at my door.

The French revolution was in fact awaiting me at the arrival terminal of Nice Airport.

I could see my three maids looking sternly at me.

They surrounded me. The revolution was on its way.

In five minutes of an incredible show (there are now certainly people in Nice who will cross the street to avoid meeting me) they wanted to resign, no, they wanted me to fire Nadine, no, they wanted me to kill Nadine, no, they wanted me to boil Nadine, no they wanted me to torture Nadine to death, no, they wanted me to hang Nadine by her feet and call Hitchcockís birds, no, they wanted me to send Nadine to hell (the only thing I WANTED was just to undress her for a long period of time).

I waited, standing in the middle of my three maids without saying a word, until they calmed down.

"OK girls, I see that itís punishment time!"

Three wide, very very wide, grins from ear to ear resulted.

It was one pm, I was hungry so were they. We went for a nice lunch at the Nice flower market; a very nice place where you can buy flowers for your women and eat nearly at the same time.

I was back, they were happy. They ate like three ogresses.

During this time Nadine was stewing in her juice knowing that my three maids went to fetch me at the airport.

It was three pm when the French revolution and I met Nadine in the patio.

I calmly took a seat at the coffee table. Nadine was standing on my right, she was pale. On my left I had my three, now stern, maids facing Nadine.

"Nadine, it seems that every time I meet you I am disappointed by your behavior."

She tried to say something but I just held my hand up and continued.

"Nadine, we are now living in the 21st century and you have to like it. You canít consider my maids as slaves or bark at them or even slap them (Iíd learned that sheíd slapped Nicoleís face). Iím not going to fire you (how could I fire her, I own her!), because I need you but I also definitely need my maids and in addition Iíve got to say that I love them and before your venue I was always very happy with them. Now what do you have to say?"

Itís incredible, Iíd known her for nearly a month now but Iíd never heard her speak.

She has a beautiful hoarse voice, like Lauren Bacall when asking Humphrey "Do you have some light?" (I think itís in Key Largo).

She was trying to explain herself; it was not her intention to be mad with my maids, maybe she was a bit rough, but the house was so huge for only three people...bla bla bla....

I was just mesmerized by her voice, I wasnít really listening to her words, and I was hearing the melody. When Iím focusing like that Iím like a dead corpse, you canít see me breathing, itís like Iíve voluntarily stopped my heartbeats.

She completely misunderstood my attitude, she was losing her countenance, and she started to be incoherent.

"You first have to apologize and beg my maids pardon!"

She stopped talking, openmouthed. She was registering my command. I could see her brain wheels working. She was reaching the decision point.

"Yes Sir, I apologize for being rough, I beg your pardon. I will improve my attitude towards the maids"

The French revolution is not on the way to forgive her and certainly not on the way to let her go so easily.

"I will make sure that you will improve your behavior and not only towards the maids."

"JoŽlle, I know that you were a naughty little girl, can you tell me how your mother dealt with your teenaged behavior?"

JoŽlle was blushing (I already knew the story about her motherís education, who was herself educated by an old British nurse).

"I donít know if my motherís education is reproducible, but I was frequently spanked and my mouth was washed with soap until I learned my lessons. Oh, and I recall that I had to spend a full week naked when I was fourteen, because I was fighting with my younger brothers. I can tell you that week definitely improved my general behavior."

Nadine was really pale now, staring blankly at JoŽlle.

I turned to my three maids and asked them if they would continue to work for me, under Nadine thumb, if Nadine was punished for her past behavior and if she promised to improve her attitude in the future.

Three nods.

"Nadine, I definitely want you to improve your behavior and I will give you an incentive to do that through the punishment Iíve concocted. We just have to find out how long it will be as every punishment must have an end. It canít be too long but it must be long enough to let you improve."

"Nicole, would you please go to my office and fetch my dice tray and dice?"

Nadine was white as a sheet. No words were exchanged.

Nicole returned with the dice. I gave one to each of my maids and asked them to throw their dice.

5 -- 3 -- 4 made twelve.

"Nadine, in order to improve your general behavior, you will spend the next twelve weeks in the nude while of course continuing your duties. To make sure that this sentence improves your attitude, you will have no right to modesty, which means that you are not allowed to cover or hide yourself. You have to let all doors open even when you are in your bathroom or toilets. Of course the sentence can be extended if you show no improvement or still have a bad attitude. To make sure that you are taking the right path we will review your day every evening. Each dayís attitude and all your errors will be considered. I will choose the right punishment daily in addition to this sentence."

She was panting, opening her mouth rhythmically without making a sound. She was shocked.

"Nicole, you will go to Nadineís room and take all of her clothes to the storeroom. You will also take her comforter and replace her bath towels with smaller ones."

Nadine was trying to catch her breath, to calm down; she was close to passing out.

"Nadine, would you please give your clothes to JoŽlle?"

JoŽlle was moving towards Nadine. Nadine was walking backwards until her back was against the patio windows. She was trying to protect herself by extending her arms towards JoŽlle.

I shouted, "Nadine, STRIP RIGHT HERE; RIGHT NOW!"

JoŽlle was unbuttoning Nadine blouse, when I stopped her.

"Please JoŽlle donít help her; she has to accept her punishment in order to prove to us that she really wants to improve her behavior."

It took forty-seven minutes for Nadine to get undressed. She didnít say a word, but she was weeping, crying, sobbing, squirming, taking off one piece of clothing, then putting it back on, and then taking it off again.

Iíd already seen her naked during the auction, but this time she was in front of me less than two meters away. She was definitely stunning, pert breasts without sag pointing straight with large areoles and nice nipples youíd die to suck, long shapely legs with a space between her legs, elegant and thin joints, small feet, long fingers, flat but muscled belly, narrow waist, round hips, long labia, her pubic bush nicely bikini-trimmed and she was the kind of woman with their clitoris completely hidden. Her skin was like porcelain but soft like silk.

We just had to wait until she was completely naked. Then she was frozen in place with her back still against the window. JoŽlle, Chantal and I went out, leaving her alone.

I came back ten minutes later she was still in the same position, staring blankly at some point on the wall across from her. I gently touched her shoulder. She shivered. I whispered to her that she had to take care of the dinner and she was needed in the kitchen to give her commands.

She walked out of the patio like an automaton, bearing the world on her shoulders.