The Contract
by lichelmek

Chapter II: The Auction

Two weeks later, I was again working on a tough problem for a customer, but this time I was working at home. When the phone rang, it was Emilie.

I was still focused on my problem when answering, but after ten seconds Iíd forgotten everything about computers, and I was ready to listen carefully to what she was saying.

"Michel, I met Nadineís mother and she is ready and eager to sell you Nadine. Therefore Iím calling to explain to you how the sale will be done. First, you have to transfer one million Euros in equivalent French francs to my account. You also have to open an account for Nadine and transfer the same amount of money into this account before you come to the auction, which is scheduled at the end of April; in fact itís the last Saturday in April. All the girls are sold through an auction; but in your case, as you will be the only bidder for Nadine (remember she is too old to be a pony girl), I will propose the bid and say that you are the only buyer. The auction will be at the end of a party Iím holding. Tuxedo is mandatory and you should come around eight oíclock. Nadine, like the other girls I will sell during this auction, will not know until nine oíclock that they will be sold to rich men in order to fulfill their fantasies (talk about volunteering!). At nine oíclock sharp, Nadineís mother, like the other girlsí mothers, will tell her what will happen and with the help of my staff will prepare her for the auction. After they have been prepared, all the girls will be on display for probing until eleven thirty. Then the auction will start. Can you make it Michel?"

I had to swallow hard three times, before finding my voice again.  "Emilie, first let me thank you for the good news. I will do exactly as you said, and Iím eagerly looking forward to seeing you at the end of the month."

"Michel, I still need some explanations about what you will do to her, and how I can help you to prepare her? How do you want her to be delivered? Do you want me to train her as a pony girl (which would humiliate her the most, as she is presently the trainersí supervisor in the Resort)?

I looked blankly at my computer, this was all going too fast, I had absolutely no idea how to proceed. Iíd just learned that I was "buying" an unknown woman who would fulfill my enforced nudity fantasy.

Fortunately, Iím trained to think and act fast. Iím not a compu-raider for nothing! I have to tell you that I live in a quite large house (1000 square meters) and Iím the proud employer of three maids. The first one, JoŽlle, is my cook, she is a little younger than me, she is fit, she has black hair and the look of a south France woman. The second one, Nicole, is a young woman, with a submissive look, a Gypsy character and I suspect her to be JoŽlleís lover and, now that Iím more educated in BDSM matters, also JoŽlleís slave. Nicole is the real maid of the house. The third and last one, but certainly not the least, Chantal, is only part-time with me. She is a very athletic woman, in her early thirties, she is an absolutely perfect masseuse. Donít take me wrong, there is nothing sexual with her. I just think that itís a must when you are wealthy not to show off with expensive cars or jewelry, but it is vital to have your own masseuse at home. Being rubbed by an athletic woman is just something I canít miss. She is also a professional licensed driver for mountain rallies There are a lot of narrow zigzagging mountain roads north to Nice. The three maids live with me. The only missing person I could need is the house mistress, someone who would take care of the house and garden, giving orders to the maids, organizing the parties at home, etc... Thatís the position I will propose to the "volunteering" Nadine.

"OK Emilie, what I propose is that after the auction, you tell Nadine, that the man whoís buying her is in the desperate need of a house mistress and then she will have to occupy this position for the next four years. You will then let her go to her parentís home, prepare a luggage and then you will put her into a train directly to Nice. You will just rent a seat for her and definitely not a bed."

At that time I was suspecting that the auction preparation of Nadine would certainly upset her a lot. And going back to her normal life for a while in addition to an awfully long trip by train would render her as bitchy as possible, when she finally arrived in Nice.

"Michel, I donít understand, but you seem to know exactly what you want, therefore I will act accordingly. I still have to warn you that Iím the supervisor of the contract she will sign with you, and I can drop any time at your home to make sure that Nadine is well. Do you read me, Michel?

"Oh yes, dear Emilie, and you will be always welcomed at my home. I propose to write a diary of whatís happening to Nadine during her stay at my home, so you will be able to understand a harmless fantasy like enforced nudity, and you will see that your pupil is safe with me."

"Thank you Michel for this good news. I look forward to seeing you at my party. Bye now."

The train is to make Nadine angry. However, I flew to Paris the last Saturday of April and I arrived at eight oíclock sharp for Emilieís party (my mother used to say that being on time is the kingís politeness).

The party was held on the top floor of the castle, in an even bigger lounge then the one I was in during my first visit to the Resort. In this lounge there were a lot of sofas, I counted around thirty, also small tables and several seats arranged in such a way that a group of twenty people could share a conversation without bothering the other groups.

There were already a lot of men in tuxedos and women in long beautiful dresses. I was welcomed by Emilie herself and I walked to a small group where I met Marc. Marc was also buying his pony girl tonight. There also were a lot of maids all dressed or undressed. In fact they were dressed, but there was always something missing in their dresses. In fact, what should have been hidden was largely on display. Eventually, in disbelief, I found out what that shiny metallic thing was where their sex should have been. They were chastity belts (thanks Marc, Iím still learning). Some were terrific. One maid was pierced several times in both her outer labia and around her clitoris hood, and a metallic wire was somehow sewing the small rings she had on her sex. I was just thinking that the preparation to fuck this girl would take an hour or two, under the condition that you did not want anal sex.

All the maids were in some sort of bondage, some heavy, some light like just wrist cuffs connected with a long chain. Some were hobbled, some had collars with or without a leash; one had a very strange collar, very heavy, sturdy and impossibly large, (a posture collar, thanks again Marc). She was looking at the ceiling while carrying a tray with her arms locked behind her back into an impossible fish net of leather straps (Now the $100 question, how could a girl without arms can carry a tray filled with 12 glasses of Champagne?, The answer is easy for you kinky folks: the tray was attached to a waist belt, and also attached with two small chains to her nipple rings and the latter being attached also with two small chains to a ring on her collar. Itís maybe easy to answer, but it was definitely not to carry the tray. I have to add that she was hobbled three times, one at the level of her ankles, one at the level of her knees and the last one at mid thigh. The last chain hobbling her was also attached by its center to her clit ring (yes, this one was not wearing a chastity belt, but had a big padlock going through two holes in her outer labia). She was also corseted (in fact the corset was the only garment she was wearing), I should have said incredibly tightly corseted. She was also gagged with the famous napkins and black ball gag. She also had that strange look with dilated pupils. Can you guess why?  (If not, ask President Bush, sorry thatís the second time, but Iíve laughed so much, that I canít resist). In fact, except for seven maids, they were all gagged.

Back to business, it was nine oíclock and I was trying to find my prey: Nadine.

She was sitting between two older women and chatting with them, one was obviously her mother. She was sometimes smiling but always with this disdainful look. Suddenly one of the ungagged maids was standing behind her with some odd-looking devices in her hands. At the same time her mother was taking both Nadineís hands in hers, I think in order to get Nadineís attention, and was telling her something. I could imagine what Nadineís mother was saying, as I could se the blood vanishing from Nadineís face. She was becoming transparent. Did I tell you that she has this porcelain skin with these beautiful blue lines made by small veins at her temples? The lines were no longer blue, they were gray. She was having problems with her breathing, she started to become green, she wanted to stand up, but the maid behind her locked a collar around a throat, and the two older women brought Nadineís hands to her back, where the maid cuffed them into wrist cuffs attached by a chain to her collar. She opened her mouth to scream, but the maid was quickly putting something black into her mouth. Another gag, I thought. The maid was locking straps behind her head under her bun and the other woman was taking something dangling from Nadineís mouth and then started to pump. I could see the bulges her cheeks were making. She was suddenly afraid and I could see her eyes widening and her pupils starting to dilate, her navy blue eyes becoming black.

She was no longer trying to stand up, and her mother was certainly whispering soothing words into her left ear, because I could see Nadine calming down and breathing more easily.

The other woman was starting to unbutton her dress while Nadine was looking desperately for help around her. Under the dress she wore a laced guÍpiŤre with garters, smoked stockings and a white laced thong and a half-cup white lace bra. The bra was unhooked by her mother and while the maid released one wrist at a time the other woman was taken out of the bra and the dress. Within seconds she was standing topless, and in less than the time needed to say it the maid stripped her completely leaving her only in her bonds and sandals. Her mother then hobbled her with two ankle cuffs joined by a spreader bar. The spreader bar had a length of 50 cm, therefore when Nadine started to walk she had to really sway her hips in order to parade in the lounge.

During the meantime, six younger girls were also in the same predicament as Nadine. Some were crying, but none were fighting.

Nadine made only a few steps with the help of her mother, when she was surrounded by several girls, all mocking and laughing at her. One, I learned after the event, was Rťanne, and she was known to be Nadineís best friend. She started to pinch her, to fondle her breasts, to twist her nipples and to put fingers into her pussy and rear entry. Another one added a leash to Nadineís collar and started to carry her through the crowd. Nadine was really crying at this time. I could see her tears going along her cheeks, and then falling down to her breast. Some drops were held by her nipples until they fell to the floor.

Her "friends" were definitely not gentle with her. At that time Nadine was certainly thinking about a well known French saying, "God take care of my friends, I take care of my enemies." She was soon red from small bruises, and she was attracting a lot of people around her. When one of the girls brought a whip, Emilie asked all of them to stop and let Nadine parade in her predicament alone in the lounge.

Rťanne, then took Nadineís leash and almost gently led her to a small podium where the other six girls were already standing.

In the meantime, Emilie asked me to come with her to her Boudoir where I met Mr. Blanc, notary, who held two sheet of papers: The Contract.

It was a very simple one: Nadine was mine to do what I wished I could do to her for four years, starting today, under the financial conditions Iíve above mentioned. I gave to the notary the bank papers I had, and started to read the contract articles. Namely, I had to take care of her (physically and mentally), I could not prostitute her, I could not permanently injured her (branding and tattoos were mentioned as permanent injuries), Piercing was authorized under the conditions that they were normal (Tell me kinky reader, whatís normal and not normal with piercing? I made a mental note to ask Marc). She had the right, and of course I had the duty, to see her parents at least twice per year. Emilie was mentioned to be the supervisor of the contract and she had all rights to do anything (including breaking the contract, without refund of course) if she was to find evidences that Nadine was badly harmed.

I signed. The auction could begin.

There was a rush of bidding for a cute redhead girl, who was sold for 2 million.

Two men bid for a while a lovely little brunette with childish curls. She closed her eyes and remained like that until the younger bidder got her for 1.4 million. She was then smiling.

The three following girls were sold to one of my customers (I did not know that I had such kinky customers). The three girls were gorgeous, large breasts (not the kind I like, I prefer a handful of breast, I like to have enough not too much), large hips, tiny waists, very round bottoms. They were naturally-tanned blonds. Iíll augment my fees the next time Iíll work with him, he is definitely wealthy as he got the three girls for 3.7 million.

Marc got his very long blond haired prey for 1.2 million (her mane was so thick, bushy and long that she could hide herself completely behind her hair up to mid thigh). I was guessing how Marc would hide this mane under the pony hood.

I became the proud "owner" of Nadine.

I left just after the auction, not letting Nadine know who her buyer was and flew back to Nice to prepare a plot for Nadineís venue with my three maids.