Linda’s Change
A Cronenville story

by Lia Anderssen

Chapter 8

As the man pushed open the door of the cubicle, Linda found herself shrinking back once more, knowing she would have to face Anne again, and knowing what the senior girl would think of her. And there was no denying what she had done. The thick sperm that had ejected from the man’s cock was all over her face and body. There could be no doubt that she had been spunked over, and the gob that ran down her fingers was proof that her ejaculation n had been caused by her.

Anne was reading the notice outside one of the film booths, and when she turned to face Linda her jaw dropped.

“Shit, did he really have that much spunk in him? You’re covered, you little slut. What did you do?”

Linda didn’t answer, her cheeks glowing as she thought of how she must look.

“I-I need to go back in that room and clean up,” she muttered.

“Too late. Mister Patli keeps that door locked. C’mon, back into the store.”

“But I can’t.”

“Where else you gonna go? Can’t stay here.”

Even as she spoke one of the cubicles opened and a middle-aged man emerged. He stopped short at the sight of the naked youngster.

“Shit. Didn’t know Patli offered a jerking off service. Wanna do me?”

Linda shook her head, shrinking back as the man’s eyes took in her spunk-covered body.

“See what I mean?” said Anne. “You stay here you’re gonna end up jerking off men all afternoon. Still, I guess you’ll enjoy that won’t you?”

She turned to the man Linda had brought off.

“She any good?”

“Sure.” The man grinned. “It’s been quite an experience. Gotta go, though. I’ll see you around, sexy.”

He gave Linda a slap on her bare behind. Then he was past them and heading out of the shop.

“I have to clean up,” Linda said again.

“C’mon then,” said Anne.

She led the humiliated youngster back into the sex shop. Once again Linda was in for a shock. Whereas it had been almost empty before, now there were at least a dozen customers, all men. As they caught sight of her their expressions told her their desires, their eyes hungrily devouring her breasts and sex, nudging one another and laughing as they realized that her body was splattered with fresh sperm.

Linda looked for the door to the kitchen. It was shut and, when she tried the handle, she found it locked. She looked about herself in despair. Mister Patli was on the other side of the store, clearly busy with customers.

“Come on,” said Anne impatiently. “We gotta get going.”

“But look at me!”

“I’m looking. So’s everyone else, you silly bitch.”

“I have to get cleaned up.”

“Look, there’s a public toilet in the square. You can go in there.”

“You mean walk down the street like this?”

“You can stay here if you want. I reckon you’d be pretty popular.”

Linda looked about her. She was the center of attention now, as the men who had been browsing the pornography eyed the naked teenager hungrily. Some of them were moving closer, suggestive grins on their faces.

“All right,” said Linda. “We’ll go down to the square.”

Anne grinned broadly, then held open the door for the humiliated youngster.

As Linda stepped out into the sunshine again she was more conscious than ever of the sight she must have made. Being stark naked, her bouncing breasts and shaved pussy on open display was bad enough, but now she was spattered with fresh semen, that trickled down her face and body, feeling cold and slimy as she walked along. The street was still busy, more and more eyes turning in her direction as she walked beside Anne, her cheeks bright red, her nipples standing out stiffly.

“Shit, look at that.”

“What a shameless bitch.”

“She’s showing everything.”

“She’s been having sex. Look, she’s covered in spunk.”

“The little whore.”

Linda tried to close her ears to the comments as she walked along. She could see that Anne was thoroughly enjoying her humiliation. Yet, even now, in this totally shameful state, she could still feel a surge of arousal bringing a new wetness to her cunt. A wetness that was beginning to leak onto her bare sex lips.

The walk to the square seemed to take forever, but at last it came into view. The public toilets were on the far side, and they needed to cross the road to get there. To Linda’s dismay the traffic was heavy, and they had to walk down to a light-controlled crossing, joining a crowd of people waiting to cross. As they stood there, more people crowded about them, many of them giggling and pointing at the naked teenager as she stood there, her arms at her sides, her body on open display.

Suddenly Linda felt a hand on her bare behind, squeezing the smooth, soft flesh. She turned to see a man about thirty years old standing right behind her, his hand caressing her pert bottom.

“Please,” she said.

“Hey babe, just admiring your body.” He slid a finger down the crack of her bottom, seeking out the tight star of her anus. For a moment she felt his finger penetrate. Then the people in front of her moved and she realized with relief that the light had turned green. Pulling away from the man she hurried after Anne, hearing the laughter of the man as she escaped from him.

“Come on,” said Anne. “I thought you wanted to clean that stuff off you. It’s just around here.”

They rounded the corner, then Linda froze. The Ladies toilet door was shut, a notice on it reading ‘Closed For Renovation’.

“Oh God!”

Anne surveyed the notice, a smile playing on her lips.

“Looks like you’ll have to find somewhere else.”

“But where?” Linda was becoming panicky now as she felt more eyes upon her. There was a narrow alley just off the square and she scuttled into it. It was scarcely shelter, but it felt better to her than standing in the busy sidewalk.

“Hey Anne!”

She heard the voice, but couldn’t see who it was who was greeting her companion, standing as she was in the alley. Still she found herself shrinking further back as the other girl turned and smiled.

“Pete, Andy. How are you doing?”

Linda felt a shiver go down her spine as she heard the words. Pete and Andy were two boys from the local school. She had known them well before being sent to Cronenville. In fact, she had long suspected that Pete had a thing for her.

“Hi guys, come see Linda.”

The panic stricken girl shook her head, but Anne was already pointing at her and Linda gave a little moan of despair as the two boys rounded the corner and came into sight.

“Hey Linda I… Oh wow!”

Pete was eighteen years old, slim and still not very mature looking. His pal Andy was of similar age, quite a good-looking boy with a slim, athletic figure. Both stopped short at the sight of the beautiful, naked teenager who stood before them, her arms at her sides, her charms on open display.

“Shit, you’re naked,” said Andy. “Where are your clothes Linda?”

“She lost them. You know the rules at Cronenville,” said Anne with a laugh. “What do you think?”

Both boys just stood and stared. Linda could see the lust in their eyes as they examined her shaven pussy and swelling breasts. Then Pete’s jaw dropped even further.

“Is that spunk on you? My god it is. Some guy’s come all over you!”

Linda’s cheeks burned. “I… I need to get washed up,”

“Who was it?”

Anne laughed. “Some guy in the sex shop. She took him out back and jerked him off. I guess she liked him. What was his name, babe?”

“I-I don’t know.”

Pete shook his head in wonder. “You’re walking around town naked and jerking guys off that you don’t even know? Shit, Linda, I always thought you were a modest sort of girl.”

Linda clenched her teeth. “Look guys, I need to find somewhere to clean up. The Ladies is closed.”

“There’s the Gents.”

The words were spoken by Andy. Linda stared at him.


“The Gents. It’s right over there.”

“But I couldn’t go in there?”

“It’s the only place you’ll find tissues and water.”

Anne laughed. “Not embarrassed are you? Not after the way you’ve been flaunting your tits and cunt all afternoon? Now give me that bag and get moving.”

She snatched the yellow bag from the young beauty.


“Come on Linda,” said Andy. “We’ll come in with you.”

He took hold of her hand and began to pull her out of the alley, with Pete following close behind.