Linda’s Change
A Cronenville story

by Lia Anderssen

Chapter 9

As the naked teenager accompanied the boys back into the square she was only too aware of the new eyes all around her feasting on her lovely young body. Once again crude comments assailed her ears as she walked down the crowded sidewalk, her nakedness made worse by the obvious streams of semen all over her bare flesh. She knew the boys, too, could hear what was being said, and she could tell that her humiliation was amusing them as they took her down the street.

As they came to the entrance to the Gents lavatory, she held back once again. Never in her life had she imagined entering such a place, and she glanced about herself, wondering what people would think when they saw her entering with two boys. Still, she knew she had to get cleaned up, and that there was nowhere else she could go, so, with reluctance, she allowed herself to be led up the steps.

Inside, the building smelt of disinfectant. Unlike the Ladies that she was used to, this was a stark place, the walls lined with tiles, the floor bare concrete. On one side was a row of white urinals, some of which were occupied. To her relief nobody was looking in her direction.

“Go on, in there,” said Andy, indicating an open cubicle. Linda didn’t need telling twice. She scuttled into the small toilet and began closing the door. But Andy stopped her.

“We’re gonna help,” he said.

“No. I can do it myself…”

But the two boys had already pushed their way into the small room and closed the door behind them.

Linda moved as far back as she was able. To avoid the toilet bowl she was obliged to spread her legs, a movement not missed by the two boys, their eyes fixed on her bare sex. Then Pete reached for the toilet roll and tore some off.

“Let me clean your face,” he said.

Linda stood stock still as he came close to her. She wanted to turn away and hide her shame, but he placed a hand on the back of her head and began wiping the sperm from her hair. He did it gently, his eyes fixed on her face and, once again, she remembered how he had seemed to be attracted to her in the past. She wondered what he must think of her now as he removed another man’s semen from her bare flesh.

Then she gave a start of surprise as she felt another hand on her. This time it was running over the soft flesh of her bare breast. Andy had torn off another strip of paper and was cleaning her. She bit her lip as she felt his hand move across her swelling mammaries, aware that his touch was causing her lovely brown nipples to swell to tight buds as he touched them. Andy seemed to sense what his touches were doing to her, his hands running the thin piece of tissue back and forth over her naked breasts, his eyes fixed on hers as she felt her desires begin to grow once more.

To Linda it was the most extraordinary situation, standing here naked whilst these two boys touched her, only a small piece of paper between their probing hands and her naked flesh. She closed her eyes, trying to blot out the sensations that their touches were bringing out in her.

“What’s going on in there?”

The voice brought a sudden start of panic to Linda. It was very close. In fact she could see the man’s legs in the gap at the bottom of the cubicle door. She could tell that the boys, too, were disturbed, as they snatched their hands from her body, their faces a picture of guilt.

“I said what’s going on? Open this door!”

“We’re doing nothing,” said Andy. But the strain in his voice was unmistakable.

“Open this door.”

“Look, you can’t make us…”

“I’m the attendant. This is my lavatory. Now open up.”


“Right. If you won’t, I will.”

There was a clicking sound and Linda realized with a start that the attendant had a device to unlock the door from the outside. Moments later the door swung open and the naked youngster found herself staring at the man.

He was black, in his mid-forties. He was heavily built, his chest swelling against the vest he wore. Below was a pair of scruffy jeans. He stared at the teenagers in surprise.

“What the fuck…”

“Listen Mister, we weren’t doing nothing wrong," said Andy.

“Keep quiet you.” He stared at Linda, his eyes running over her curvaceous body.

“Where your clothes, missy?”

“I… I don’t have any.”


“She’s a pupil at Croneville,” put in Pete.”

“Crone what?”

“The girls school. In the next town.”

“Oh yeah. I read about that.” He eyed Linda with renewed interest. “I heard about girls like you.”

Then his eyes narrowed. “What’s that stuff on you. You been jerking these guys off in here?”

“No,” said Linda. She lowered her eyes. “It was someone else.”


“Sure,” put in Andy. “We’re just cleaning her off in here. The Ladies is shut.”

He eyed them suspiciously, but said nothing.

“C-can we go please?” asked Linda.

“How you gonna get cleaned up?”

“I’ll find somewhere. Please?”

“You come with me.”


“You want me to call the cops?”

Linda’s jaw dropped. “No. Please…”

“Then come with me.”

He stood aside. Linda gave a gulp, then she stepped forward, past the boys and out of the cubicle. It was only then that she realized that the commotion had attracted the attention of others. There were at least ten other men in the building, and all had their eyes fixed on the naked girl as she stepped out of the cubicle.

“Over here.” The attendant led the way across the room toward a door on the far side. The men stood aside to allow the naked youngster to pass, grinning and nudging one another as they eyed her private parts and watched her bare breasts bounce deliciously with every step. The boys followed on behind.

The man unlocked the door and gestured for the three of them to enter. Nervously Linda stepped inside. It was a small room. With mops and buckets stacked in the corner. Against one wall was a kitchen cabinet with a sink.

But what caught Linda’s eye, and those of the boys, were the pictures on the wall. All about were photographs, clearly cut from magazines, of naked women. Some were in pairs, many performing lesbian acts upon one another, wielding dildos and other sex toys. The other thing that was not lost on Linda was the fact that all the pictures were outdoor shots. She couldn’t help thinking of her own dilemma as she cast her eyes over the naked beauties.

The attendant closed the door, then moved up beside her. “You like the pictures?”

Linda said nothing.

“See? Like you these girls go around naked outside. It turns them on, just like it turns you on.”

“What? I…”

“Sure it turns you on. Your teats are standing out like knobs. I can always tell when a girl’s horny.”

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“Yeah you do. You fancy the photos? Perhaps you’ll pose for one? Those sure are pretty tits and cunt. They’d look good on my wall. Still, we’d better get that spunk off you, shameless. Sit up on the unit.”

Linda glanced at the sink unit. It was quite high, with a plastic-covered surface beside the sink.

“Come on, get up there,” said the man.

Slowly Linda turned to face the boys, who were staring at her expectantly. She reached behind to grasp the edge of the top, then lifted herself up. The surface felt cool and hard against her bare behind, making her shiver slightly.

Being up on the unit she felt as if she was on display, and was suddenly more conscious than ever of her nudity.

“Lean back,” ordered the man. “Spread your legs.”

She looked at him. “Do I have to?”

“Sure. You’re not shy are you? Of course not. Otherwise you wouldn’t be walking the streets with no clothes on. C’m on now.”

Reluctantly Linda leant back, so that her hips were pushed forward. Then, her cheeks glowing, she opened her legs. She heard a murmur from the two boys as they fixed their eyes on her open vagina.

“That’s better,” said the man. He moved across to the sink and picked up a cloth. He let it soak for a short time under running water. Then he moved over to the naked youngster.

Linda gave a little shiver as he ran the cold, damp cloth over her bare flesh. He did it in easy strokes, beginning with her breasts, kneading them in his strong hands so that, once again, the nipples puckered to hardness under his touch.

He went on running the cloth over her, his eyes fixed on her nudity as he worked. His touches continued to have an unwelcome effect on the lascivious youngster, her lovely body tingling as he wiped away the spunk. Linda’s arousal wasn’t helped by the gaze of the two boys who were clearly fascinated by seeing their beautiful friend on open display, her legs spread, the wetness on her vaginal lips plain to see.

The man’s hands slid lower, wiping across her bare belly, then moving down toward her crotch.

“Shaved cunt, eh?” he said. “You like guys to see that?”

Linda didn’t reply, but once again she could feel the heat in her cheeks increasing.

His hand moved lower, the cloth running over her pubic mound. Then it brushed her clitoris, bringing a sharp intake of breath from the young beauty, a sound that was not lost on the man, who glanced at her face, a slight smile playing on his lips.

He began to wipe hr inner thighs, his hand running the cloth smoothly over the soft, creamy flesh. Linda felt her embarrassment increase as she realized that it was not spunk he was wiping away but he own vaginal fluids. His caressing of her young body had caused her perverse nature to come to the fore once again, and her sex had been weeping its arousal more than ever.

He moved the cloth higher, and she tensed as it ran over the thick lips of her sex. Then, almost before she knew it, he dropped the cloth and his fingers returned to the center of her desires.

Linda gave a gasp as she felt his two thick fingers enter her vagina, pressing hard, thrusting deep into her hot sex.

“No!” she whispered, glancing across at the boys, whose gazes were riveted upon her naked body, watching in fascination as he fingered her open cunt, seeing how she involuntarily thrust her pelvis up against his hand, as if willing him to thrust deeper into her.

“Boy, you’re real wet in there,” he said, his rough fingers twisting inside her, brining fresh gasps of desire from the young teenager.

Linda could scarcely credit what was happening to her. Naked in this scruffy room full of pornographic pictures, her body writhing as this stranger fingered her open pussy. And all the time the two boys were looking on, watching her shameful dance of lust as he masturbated her.

She came suddenly, a cry emanating from her lips as the overwhelming pleasure of yet another orgasm swept through her naked body, her hips thrusting lewdly upwards, her lovely breasts quivering deliciously as she surrendered to her desires. The man grinned down at her as she writhed beneath him, her moans echoing about the room, her backside tensing and releasing as her cunt muscles tightened about his fingers.

The passion of her orgasm lasted almost a full minute. She knew the boys were watching her every move, and that she was behaving shamelessly, but somehow, being watched as she came was making it even more exciting as she writhed and gasped under the black man’s intimate caresses. At last, though, she could take no more, the tension draining from her as she slumped back against the wall, her legs still spread wide.

He slid his fingers from her. They were shiny with her juices as he held them up for the boys to see.

“Looks like you’re clean now, little exhibitionist,” he said.