Lindaís Change
A Cronenville story

by Lia Anderssen

Chapter 6

They went through the door into a small parlor and kitchen behind the shop. It was sparsely furnished, with a large table in the middle. The man indicated the table.

"Sit on there," he said to Linda.

"Look, Iím not sure," began the nervous girl.

"Oh for godís sake get on with it," said Anne. "Canít you see these guys are doing you a favor? Get on the damned table."

Linda moved forward to the edge of the table, then turned round. She hesitated a moment longer, then pulled herself up, so she was sitting on the edge, the rough wood feeling cool against her bare behind.

The man moved up beside her, placing the dildos on the table.

"Now lie back and spread your legs," he said. "Letís see that wet pussy."

She stared up at him. His lips were spread in a broad grin, his eyes fixed on her shaven crotch. Her cheeks burning, she parted her knees slightly.

"No," said Anne. "Spread them wide. You ainít embarrassed are you? These guys have seen a cunt before."

Linda bit her lip. Then, slowly, she spread her legs, aware of the perfect view she was giving of her vagina.

"Shit, she is wet," said the man. I guess sheís enjoying this more than sheís letting on. Which one shall I start with?"

"This, I think," said Anne. She picked up the smooth tube and handed it to him.

"Yeah," he said. "Iím told the great thing about this one is the vibrations."

He leaned over the naked teenager and, reaching out, ran the tip of the object over Lindaís nipples. The girl stiffened at the contact, avoiding his eyes as he gazed down at her.

"You see, it doesnít do much switched off," he said. "But take a look at the difference when itís on."

With that he twisted the base of the dildo, and at once it emitted a harsh buzzing sound.

"Here, Mister Patli, he said, passing it across the table. "See how it works on her tits now."

The Asian took the buzzing object and glanced down at the youngster. Then he reached out, running the tip of the smooth vibrator across Lindaís nipple.

This time the response was immediate, the beauty giving an involuntary moan as her nipple stiffened to full erectness at once. Again she bit her lip, trying to blot from her mind what would have been an exquisite sensation had she not been in such a shameful situation.

"There you go," put in the man. "See how hard her nipples are? Youíre loving that, ainít you baby? Here Mister Patli, do the same to the other one."

It was all Linda could do to stay still as her left nipple was now rubbed by the throbbing tool, sending another thrill of arousal through her. A thrill that was as unwelcome as the first. She couldnít believe the recalcitrance of her young body, the way it responded to this totally unwanted attention by the men.

"Itís the same with the cunt," the man went on. "I think her teats are as stiff as theyíre ever going to get. Pass it over here."

The grinning shopkeeper gave him back the phallus, and he twisted the base again, turning it off. "Now watch the effect," he said.

He moved the tube down between Lindaís open thighs. The girl stiffened, determined not to show any emotion, just wishing they would leave her. She suppressed a gasp as she felt the cool plastic pressing against her sex lips. Then he pushed, and her vagina was suddenly filled. She closed her eyes, her cheeks glowing even redder as she contemplated the sight she must make.

"See, itís inside her, but nothing much of a reaction," the man said. He gave a little laugh. "Maybe sheís used to having something up there."

The others laughed too. Linda wanted to cry out, to deny that she would normally be allowing her body to be exploited in such a way.

Then he turned the vibrator on.

Linda gasped aloud as she felt the object begin to throb deep inside her vagina. It was like nothing she had ever experienced before, her body stiffening as the waves of pure sexual pleasure drove through her lovely young body.

"Looks like sheís enjoying that," said Anne. "What do you think, babe?"

"Yeah," said the man. "How do you like it?"

"It-itís..." Linda couldnít find the words. She dare not tell them how much pleasure the dildo was giving her. She was already totally ashamed at what was happening to her.

"Okay, letís try the other one," said Anne.

The man slid the vibrating object from Lindaís vagina, bringing a fresh gasp from the naked youngster as his fingers brushed her open sex. She fought to keep her bottom from writhing as she tried to regain her composure.

"Now this oneís a bit different," said the man, holding up the long, thick false penis. "The vibrations are softer but the thing itself is rough. Iím told that gives more of a sensation. Letís see."

As Linda watched in trepidation, he twisted the base of the dildo and it began to emit a low hum.

"Keep those legs apart," he said. Then he moved the black tube down between her open thighs.

Once again the teenager was unable to suppress a gasp as she felt the throbbing tip rub against the lips of her sex. Unlike the previous tube, this one was rough and rubbery, bringing new thrills to the girl as he pressed it against her.

"This oneís a bit harder to force inside," said the man. "Itís a good thing her cuntís so wet. See, I just need to twist it as I push it up her."

Linda bit her lip as she felt the thick, rubbery dildo slide deeper and deeper into her vagina. The roughness was extraordinary as it ran over the walls of her sex. She fought to retain her control, hating the way her body was responding to this humiliating treatment. She could hardly believe that such shameful behavior could arouse her, yet the sensation of having a sex toy pressed into her was extraordinary. Even more extraordinary was the way her nakedness was arousing her. Normally she would have expected herself to be overcome by shame, but somehow, having people see her bare breasts and sex was turning her on in a way she had never imagined possible.

"Sheís enjoying this one," said the man. "And watch what happens when I move it back and forth."

He began to pump the vibrating dildo up Lindaís open vagina, bringing new sensations of sexual pleasure to the girl. She was losing control now, her hips thrust upwards against the object, her breath coming in short gasps as the virtual fucking overcame her.

"Then thereís the final advantage of this one," said the man. "See, when I push it all the way in, the clitoris teaser starts to do its stuff."

All at once he was twisting the instrument and pressing it harder. Then Linda gave a muffled cry as the knob at the hook at the base of the phallus came into contact with her swollen clitoris.

It was like nothing the young beauty had ever experienced, the thick, throbbing object filling her cunt deliciously whilst the very center of her desire was being stimulated in an extraordinary way by the hard protrusion. She as almost out of control now, her hips gyrating as she thrust her naked pelvis up against the manís hands, her breath coming in short gasps, her bottom slapping noisily against the table.

She came with a shout, her cries echoing about the room as her whole body shook with desire, her breasts shaking, her legs spread wide, her juices flowing freely and dripping from the base of the dildo. It was an extraordinary climax and somehow, the eyes watching her naked body brought an increased excitement to the gasping, naked teenager.

She came down slowly as he continued to thrust the object into her vagina, her movements becoming less frenzied until she was done, her breasts rising and falling with her gasps as she stared up red-faced at the grinning trio.

"Well," said Anne. "It looks like the little slut preferred that one. Weíll take it!"